This story takes place in one of the resorts near Moscow, which went under permits from the union of a Moscow high school students. They were all of the same group. But it was not a serious relationship. Dimon Only my friend a couple of years met with Tamara. Such visits were a great booze. No more. Sometimes it happens any bang, but rather by accident.
I was invited to come for a couple of days it was Dimon. If it is not lit, you can now relax and without permits. With some of the group I met at a birthday party Dima. Of the group I knew Tamara, Mariana and Lida, and some of the guys.
The rest does not count. They're boring.
And I, in the absence of his wife (it was a business trip), I decided to come off. About sex and not thinking. But:.
I arrived in the middle of the first night. Meeting and the meeting was stormy. I have a colorful appearance. A former athlete, tall, heavyweight boxer, but a little out of shape. View threatening, but my friends know that the shirt-guy. In short, I began booze and fun.
After drinking, I realized that it is not enough. Not bad to someone and pull out! The blessing was from whom to choose. But with this I decided to determine at a disco. We'll see who is weak on the front. After 15 minutes I dance, and a new friend Mary walked into the room.
under the pretext of "For water and vodka". Although we know what we want! It was not a supermodel, but not ugly. Of medium height with a plump ass and thighs. Small breasts.
On the way, the excitement grew. Upon entering the room, we started kissing passionately. I took off her shirt and began to knead her breasts.
All this time she stroked my shoulders and head. I took her hand and put it to long protruding, his fly. Masha deftly undid my jeans and freed my cock. She began to caress his arms and crush the eggs, it makes me even more excited. He pushed her onto the bed, I took off her pants and wet lace panties. They smelled it with grease. She remained in the same bra. I ran his hand between her legs, about how there was hot! Unable to stand it any longer, I stuck my cock to its full length. We froze for a moment, enjoying this moment, and I began to fuck her at a furious pace. Mary writhed beneath me like a snake. Soon she began to breathe harder, and her moans grew louder. She finished very abundant, strongly squeezing my cock. It was bliss !! I continued to move at the same pace, but in a narrower hole. I was approaching orgasm. At the last moment, I pulled out a member. Cum splattered Masha on his stomach and chest.
Exhausted, panting, we lay on the bed, stroking Mary unnerved member and flexing testicles. At that time I rubbed semen on her stomach and chest in a lovely lilac bra. Catching his breath, we went into the shower, where began to wash each other. She paid special attention to my egg wash. She liked to fondle them a soapy hand. About me I'm not saying. Enjoying her caresses, I soaped her body, moving from the chest to the neck and back. Hands down below, I squeezed her ass and ran his hand between the two halves. And then I got the idea: "It should be planted in the ass". From this idea, and in anticipation of the cock began to rise. Masha could not help but notice it. She began to drive on it his palm, which he swelled even more and faster. I introduced her finger into the anus as far as he could. She squeezed it and protested. She said it was a perversion, and probably painful. I replied that I should try and do it gently. Kissing, I hauled her cancer spread his hands buttocks and said not to strain, and it will be harder. Directing member, I began to enter it. Hole resisted with difficulty. I do not have a big dick, only 15 cm, and I was confident of success. When prick disappeared, Mary swore vengeance, saying that it hurt, and I'm a weirdo. I took a little member, and she thought, I stepped back. Yeah, what else! I stuck with the power of her dick for the most eggs, she cried out in pain, I stopped whatever hole it used to. I started to fuck her, constantly increasing pace.
Pain in Masha passed and she started me podmahivat. It was unforgettable, so narrow, undeveloped ass. I finished quickly, later, at the back of this bitch. Having "Thank you"I stepped out of the shower. I drank half a glass of vodka and sat down at the table to wait while Masha wakes up and out of the shower. She came wrapped in a towel, very offended. I took her hand and sat on his knees by force. He said not to take offense, kissed her lips and offered a drink. After drinking, we started chatting about any nonsense, Masha quickly thawed. We kissed, and I said that sex was now as dinner, ie first the first and then the second, and pick up only dessert. She understood what I mean, and said that I was restless pervert. She kissed me and sat me on his lap and kissed me, still weak member. She crumpling my eggs and the licking member who caresses quickly took firing position. It is sucking it skillfully, then lightly biting the head, slowly and deeply swallowing member, strongly pressing his lips and increasing the pace. When I thought that I finish now, she paused, licked and sucked eggs to prolong my pleasure. I was in seventh heaven, Mary was a good pacifier. I finished it in her mouth, she swallowed all the sperm and licked a long time already limp dick.
Maria admitted that she likes to suck dick, try men's sperm taste and is better than what I did with no soul. We drank and bringing himself up, went to the guys.
I was completely satisfied, and further decided to just plump and merry. When disco was over, everyone was drunk and went to bed. AND I??? Tours at me was not, and sleep where it is necessary. By Maschke I lost interest, and it was the last option. As before, the most drunk Marian. She was a pretty, thin, petite girl (it turned out), flat-chested and sexy little ass. She was very modest and shy. I knew that she is cute, drunk and she did not mind that I'd spent the night with her.
The room is, without undressing, I lay down on the bed and passed out. I undressed her before the goal, and began to admire her body. Small sisechki and pussy girls, even with adult hair, small size and fragility of her body aroused me. I introduced her to a schoolgirl, and rude fizruk. It seems to me somewhere hidden pedophile! "But necrophiliac"- I thought. To fuck heifer, which lies a corpse - it's not for me. I completely undressed and lay down beside him and went to sleep, thinking that tomorrow is the wiser. I woke up on the morning of the riser and action Mariana, who was trying to free himself from my embrace. Hugged her tightly and pressed her to him, I rested a member in her leg. She blushed and began to deny it. I said that I really like, and putting his hand on her thigh, he began to move higher. She said she was still a girl, and asked to stop. I promised that everything will be fine. But it's still unlocked, and escaping, ran back into the corner of the room and sat down on a chair, his knees pressed to his chest. She was embarrassed of his body. I realized that this is a dead issue and decided to play with it and teach it. I got out of bed and podrachivaya member, went to her side. She did not know what I would do, and looked at me with big eyes of fear. "No, Stas", - she said. "I should, and I want someone to fuck, and if you are afraid, will have to masturbate. And you will look"- I replied. She wanted to get up, but I held her back by force, while continuing to masturbate. I brought dick to her face and said she could help me.
"I can not! Do not!"- It is unlocked, pushing my hands. I grabbed her hand and squeezed over her head in his hand. "Do not deny it. It's not scary. Imagine that it is candy"... - With these words, I poked a dick in her mouth. Fear gave way and she opened her mouth wrapped around the trunk of his lips. I began to move, and said he would be a good girl and sucked. She closed her eyes, and I continued to fuck her in the mouth. Sucking is bad, but the situation itself and the kind of girl schoolgirl excited me to the limit. I thought of it would make a good slut. And it's good that I'm not a school teacher. I finished it in her mouth, she jerked her head, and sperm flowed down his chin, and the remnants of I splashed her breasts with children papillae. Mariana began to wipe his face with his hand, and I am pleased sat on the bed. "Well! Are you afraid"- I said with a smile. "Freak!"- Marian said, and ran into the shower. I opened a bottle of beer, and relax.
Marian did not come out for a long time, came out of the shower sobs. I got dressed and went to wake the others. All zasobiralis for breakfast, went home, and I said goodbye. I pulled on the full, and the second day was going to be boring, because the company was not so. I've already got everything you wanted then. I was told that when I remembered the group Mariana blushed, and withdraws into himself. I was invited and then, but circumstances did not allow. Is it good or bad. Who the hell knows !!

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Chapter 1
He came out of the house. After another sleepless night terribly headache. He walked down the street and cursed his worthless life. The world's population of almost 6 billion and nevezёt to him. Why? He did not know. Yes, and I did not want to know. Why the extra disorder? He nevezlo from early childhood. He lived all his life a failure and has long been resigned to the idea that failure and die. But the most unfortunate was the fact that he has brought grief to others in his life. That is why he had few friends, and he still was not married. He tried to fix it, but it was all in vain. He was a good kind man, but unlucky. It was quite beautiful, but pathologically unlucky. He was 28 years old, he had a flat car, and were carried out moolah. It would seem that more could you want? But he wished good luck and wish very much. He was surprisingly sociable man, he quickly got on with people, but still faster he parted with them. One day a friend said to him: "Peter, do not you vpisyvaeshsya in this world. You do not know how to live in it. You need to change." And he tried to change but could not. While, on the other hand we can say that he liked this kind of life, he just got used to it. I'm used to this life full of failures and setbacks. Most recently, he led a solitary lifestyle for three months he did not talk to anyone. Neither friends nor her friends, nor the seller in the store or to the postman on lestnitse.Za three months, he did not utter a word. For three months he was in a state of melancholy.
He walked down the street and thought. But he still had to do? Just to think, and to think about his unfortunate fate. One time, he even thought of suicide, but not plucked up the courage to make zadumannoe.On thought and in that moment, when I saw a sign: "We help all. HELP AND YOU" He hesitated. He did not know what's behind that door, but intuitively chuvstvval that it is necessary. Different thoughts came to him in Glowe. They tore apart my head. We must go ... what it will have to try ... ... throw it out of my head ... but it could be a chance to go somewhere ... ... I walked. He stood for a couple of minutes, once again looked at the sign, then stepped forward and pulled the door handle.

Chapter 2

The door creaked open and light, he found himself in a large room, which smelled some spices. The atmosphere was very comfortable: a couple of armchairs, a coffee table, two cabinets with books and bufet.Na floor was thick fluffy kover.Vsё it is not looked like an office or something like that. He thought that a sign is likely to become obsolete, and new tenants it is not removed. He thought that he mistakenly walked into someone's domi has turned what would leave when he called out.
- No, no, do not go. You do not oshiblis.Imenno here and I help people. Good afternoon. My name is Christopher Milne Robin.Kak in a fairy tale.
- Very nice to meet you, my name is Peter Reyd.- they shook hands. Mr. Christopher Robin just like Peter. He was almost as tall as Peter himself, can an inch or two nizhe.Pochti bald and glaza.Piter fascinated looked at his eyes: they were attracted sinimi.Ego glance and from a distance zavorazhival.Piter felt his strength and uverennost.Dazhe and it is not surprising that after a three-month abstinence words of Peter flew with ease.
- Seek happiness - said the interlocutor of Peter.
- Y-yes! But how did you know? Is it written on my face - Surprise Peter was impossible to convey in words.
- Almost da.Obychnye people do not notice it, but I can see.
- And you that extraordinary man?
- Well, it depends on how you understand these two words. Any therapist would skazad you the same thing.
- Ah, so you're a therapist?
- No. I am the one who helps people. I can help you, too.
- And Menno's why I'm here and gone. But I'm interested in the financial side of the question: how much will it cost?
- Do not worry, I understand that you have four months are not working, so I'll help you for free.
- But how do you know that I do not work - surprise Peter grew and grew.
- I just see it. Let's sit down and begin.
- O `Okay .- only and was able to tell Peter
They sat down in the chair, but Peter began to overcome somneniya.Ego thoughts split into two camps. One camp urged Peter to jump, run away from this room, go home and three months with no one to talk, while the second camp of thought, a more reasonable, urged to remain poprobovat.I ostalsya.On Peter really wanted to be a normal person.
- Now -Start Christopher Robin, I will-speak, and you show signs of head. If you say a word prortsess fail. Did you understand?
Peter was about to say " Yes"But time caught himself and nodded. It is already beginning to amuse.
- Start looking for your happiness. To do this, simply close your eyes and wait.
Peter smiled, the way it was his first smile of the month or even more, but closed his eyes and waited. He heard the rustle of pages and realized that it was a book. Then the rustling stopped and Peter uslyshl whisper. In my head again climbed bad thoughts. Soon I stopped and whispers, Peter heard a voice.
- Open your eyes, Peter.
Peter opened his eyes and opened his mouth in surprise: he was already not in the room ... and on the beach. On the shores of the ocean. The bright sun was shining, blue-green water lapping, orange sand was unbearably hot. Around we walked, ran, swam, sunbathed and played beach volleyball people ... STOP !! Then to Peter finally realized that he feels the heat of the sand. The shoes? Peter looked at his feet. They were bare. Bruck was not there. It did not have any clothes except heats. Then Peter finally fell into a shock- front melting so stood out that it was not necessary even to look at them to determine the size penisa.Pri further considered by the body's own surprise, Peter grew exponentially. He was covered hillocks myshts- even now Mr. Universe contest. Peter really wanted to look at myself in the mirror, although he knew that there would see: a surprisingly handsome face, strong chin, a handsome Roman nose, light stubble, hair, little kororche than normal female hairstyle but slightly longer than the normal male hairstyle as well as an unusually soulful and unusually blue eyes.
Why did Peter know that? Because his body was as he had often represented him in his dreams, therefore, a person must be a person of his dreams.
"Dear!"- Said a female voice from behind and lay down on the shoulder of Peter female hand. Peter turned and saw the most beautiful creature of the female sex, but even without turning around, he could describe this creature. Because Peter had already realized that everything here looks like in his dreams, therefore, it is woman-the woman of his dreams. Height 178 cm, chiselled figure, black hair to the shoulder blades, high elastic chest and awesome long and beautiful legs, in general, everything is like a goddess, although Peter vague idea look like a goddess, but guessed that they look the way you did them yourself idea. Before him stood what was often in my dreams. A real girl of his dreams ... but I'm sure it The girl every man dreams, and if you show me a man who does not agree with me, I accused him of lying, a call to a duel, and God will judge us.
Peter once again through the eyes of a section for a Woman, though it was wearing only a bathing suit, and then their lips have merged in a hot kiss. Peter was stunned with delight, so it was nice, and closed his eyes in pleasure. Opening his eyes, Peter saw a beautifully furnished room with a chair and sitting in it Christopher Robin.

Chapter 3

Christopher Robin carefully studied even looked at Peter and said,
- This is something that you so crave? This is your happiness, or not?
Peter shrugged. He did not know. He doubted. What he saw could well be his happiness, but it could not be. Peter was torn. He is both wanted and did not want to. He overcame the desire to nod and slowly turned his head from left to right and then from right to left. This meant "no". He again remembered the kiss, woman, ocean, it was gorgeous, delightful, charmingly, but it was not his happiness.
- So, this is not your happiness - said Christopher Robinson! ^ Peter nodded Let's try again - Peter nodded again.
He wanted to find happiness.
- Okay, close your eyes.
Peter closed his eyes and heard the rustle of pages, again heard a whisper, and then a voice: "Peter, open your eyes." Peter opened his eyes and saw the car fat, likely limousine. Elegant interior, leather plus tree. He looked at himself: a suit, probably Italian, shoes from "Gucci"On hand gold " Rolex". Peter did not see, but knew that his body and face are the same as in the first dream. And of course, though a number of his goddess sitting. But Peter was not surprised, he has become accustomed.
So, the limo, expensive clothes, a gold watch, krsivaya woman: Is this happiness? Peter did not know.
He turned to the companion. Again, the same passionate lips, searing kiss. At this time, Peter decided not zakryat his eyes, he wanted to enjoy the fact that in real life it was not available, because the man always tends to forbidden desires and ill.
Peter knew that in real life he could never have, and come close to such a woman. He could never sit in a limousine. And why? Yes, because he is a loser. And he longed nasladditsya unavailable now, even if it a hallucination or a dream come true, Peter did not know what to call it. What he could not afford the modest bank clerk in the real world, he could afford to Peter of dreams and dreams.
Meanwhile, a kiss on the seat of the limousine has grown into something more. Hands Peter has fully investigated the body of your partner, and her hand slipped into his crotch and began stroking it. Such excitation Peter had not experienced for a long time, he was already looking forward to the joy of sex in the seat of the limousine, his imagination painted an enticing picture, so he sighed and closed his eyes ....
, Opposite Robin Krestofera When he opened them, it was sitting in a chair.
- Well, Peter, you decided? This is your happiness? You want it - Peter nodded Are you sure? This is exactly what you need - Peter nodded More raz.- Well, I will give you a few minutes to think. Think and decide finally.
Peter was alone with his myslyami.On dumal.I he did not know. He really wanted that a moment ago saw did and felt. He longed for it and the body, and soul. After all, this was the limit of his dreams, but also doubts tortured his soul. You could even say that a good half of Peter denied desire to experience it again, he liked it so much, but the dark half aspired to it. It was almost an unsolvable dilemma. How to proceed? What to do? He did not know. Peter really wanted back in the limo, but in the depths of the subconscious knew it was not. Reasonable Peter said within him: "Come on, winding head, what the hell do you have surrendered all this? Live as he lived and try to change their lives for the better, not prbegaya to help some fucking magic. Do not be silly, Peter." But there was inside him and the other Peter, not too intelligent. He said something quite different: "Come on, Peter, nod, and everything will be fine. You will bathe in luxury! You will have a cool zhenschinmi! You're going to fuck them every laziness, many times a day, because there you will be doing this! There you will take a bath of champagne, where you'll be a man! Come on, Peter, nod!"
Peter gathered his will in a fist. He decided. Let his life is disgusting, but he got used to it. Peter drowned out the voices inside and shook his head violently.
- No - he heard the voice of Christopher Robina.- You refuse from it all? Unique people! I am often people come in search of happiness, but they choose the luxury and wealth, expensive cars and beautiful women. You're the only one to refuse it. I already do not know how to help you. Although there is another way. You can also try. Do you agree?
Peter nodded. What if you're lucky a third time, because three is kind of like a lucky number.
- Okay, close your eyes. We will try.
Peter closed his eyes, but this he did not hear a rustle of pages, no whisper, no voice, pronouncing "Peter, open your eyes." He just started to see with your eyes closed.

Chapter 4

The first thing he saw, it was himself. But he was already thinking that today had seen all the miracles and wonder has nothing. But he saw himself. No miraculous conversions were not. He looked the same as always: a little round-shouldered, slightly unshaven. He was at home, but the house is somehow changed, become cleaner or something. Yes, he was convinced, was not typical of his apartment easy mess.
Then the front door opened the door and he saw her. No, not the fairytale beauty of the two previous hallucinations, dreams awake or even mirages. It was Jennifer. He broke up with her half a year ago, quarreled over nothing and everything, the end of the novel. Peter tried to wave her hand, but I could not move a muscle. Peter continued to stare.
Jennifer kissed Peter's number two on the cheek and went into the kitchen, and number two, Peter sat down at the computer. ABOUT! He bought a computer! Monitor and Peter lit number one, a minute later saw the patched ... Writer !! A few minutes later, Peter's number one could smell the food is prepared. Peter continued to look one omer. Then he saw that on the ring finger of his left hand at number two Peter something shiny.
Peter should be the number one was not even stare. Seeing the glint of gold, he understood everything. And closed his eyes.
Opening them, he found himself not in an easy chair Christopher Robin, and on the street, in front of a door with a sign " We help all. HELP AND YOU" Peter went to the door and pulled the handle, but the door did not open. The door was locked. So, all this was just a hallucination, a confused vision. No, not stupid. Peter had already walked down the street and I knew that today would make the evening. He calls Jennifer and ask for forgiveness, ask to return to it. Peter realized that he knew where his happiness, he realized that without the help of magic or sorcery, as in visions.
Peter flew dancing down the street ... and the window of the second floor it looked blue, Attracting-soothing eye. They smiled ....

March 14, 2004

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And slowly better ...
My wife had to come tomorrow.
I had to spend another night alone.
I went to the store and bought a bottle of beer. Using the fact that the street is warmer, I started drinking beer on the street, slowly puffing a cigarette. Since I have not had dinner, quickly I felt pleasantly dizzy head, and I thought that would be prepared for the arrival of his wife.
I decided that buying a bottle of champagne, make her a bath with essential oils and bath after a massage. Then he remembered, as seen on TV erotic massage, and it was used for the cream that would be easier to hand slipped.
He went to the pharmacy and bought butter with the intriguing title EROS and the promise that after this oil be sensitive erogenous zones.
I was in a certain excited anticipation. I had never stayed so long without his wife ever since I started to live with her regular life.
For 4 years I got used to the fact that I can immediately satisfy a desire arose, and several times I have deliberately refrained from lovemaking in the evening, that would not irritate his wife and not start to what would be the next day to want more.
And this time 10 days ... It seemed to me that I finish one touch to his wife, I remembered the sight of her plump white outstretched legs, and overgrown curls of blond hair of her plump lips shameful, between which barely peeking pink folds ... I wanted to immediately throw all my clothes at home and take off this burden desire masturbation, but why it was a pity to part with so excited, with the desire of the woman.
The next day I started with cleaning the house, washed the bathroom and prepared obed.Zatem I went into the shower, rinsed with pleasure. I also shortened the pubic hair and gives hair shape with a razor strip, removing vegetation from the crease between the abdomen and bedrom.Nastroenie was solemn, as happens when you are ready to go to someone to visit.
Finally she came! I hugged her, and immediately started to kiss neck, inhaling the scent of native exhilarating. Hands, I stroked her shoulders and waist. I would unceremoniously pulled off her jeans, tilt and immediately enter into it, but I kept feeling that I get more pleasure if I do not hurry.
Then it's time to hug and kiss with his daughter, who went third year, and which jealously watched as I embrace my wife.
The next 2 hours have passed in the usual hectic - lunch bags analysis, preparation of the crib to day bed daughter, stories about where they were and who had seen. All this time, my wife and I looked at each other, as if silently knowing what we want, and waiting for the moment when we can do each other a thorough ...
Finally the daughter put to bed, I was put to sleep a child, and wife went to the bathroom to take a shower. Finally the daughter was asleep, I went out and shut the door to the nursery.
A minute later came out of the shower wife, wrapped a towel.
I sat on the couch and watched quietly televizor.Ona came up to me and stood between my legs. I grabbed her by the waist and pressed his cheek to the lower abdomen. Then I slowly laid her on the sofa, and sat down at his feet. A moment I admired her legs, slowly look up the thigh, and then began to stroke their hands. She closed her eyes and relaxed. I pulled off her towel and I opened her chest, rounded and warm. I began to stroke them, taking care not to touch the nipple and not looking up from his eyes. As my body went in waves some languor of anticipation, making me stretch. I approached her and began to kiss her lips. As I have long wanted this! I alternately sucked then lower, then upper lip, tugging at them with his tongue, then took them together, and stuck his tongue between them, catching them the tongue of his lover. Sweet Lips. I quickly began to kiss her neck, run from the chin to the bottom of the tab, and getting to the back of the head. The language played a little with the lobe of her ear, holding his breath, then short kisses I went down to the collarbone, and moved to the shoulder, a little bite him. I saw that the little legs of his wife as if trying to push the involuntarily, and her breathing uchistilos. Taking his hand chest, I grabbed a nipple with his lips and sucked it a little to himself, touching the tip of his tongue. She immediately leaned forward and groaned, his hands grabbed my head and slammed hugging her. I know what she likes and what makes her lose her head. The same thing I just did with the second breast.
One leg of his wife has moved back on the couch, and in the narrow slit of her pussy flashed moisture. When I see it - my and the already standing member tightens even to a little painful condition, but I do not want to finish quickly, I continue to kiss her tummy, hands gently massaging her thigh on the inside, I kiss her mound, tongue go down the hollow between the pubis and thigh, and I reach her sweet slits, which is already completely filled with juice.
I'm a little sponge fingers parted, revealing a pink shell, and see that the folds above the entrance in the same place a little bit together, and act.
From this picture, I lose my head, and begin to pull the language of the pearls, she moves already involuntarily, to meet me, and begins to twist her hips, I hear a moan, bed thumb on her clitoris, and begin to lick all the juice, as if drawing a language community all the folds, and moving up and down, from the place where the lips come together, and coming down to the anus roses. My wife is already groaning constantly, her eyes screwed up badly. I am getting the head of his cock to her entry, and slightly bathe it in this humidity, tickling the clitoris. Finally, I slowly presses, and falling into a burning cave. I go to his wife, she grabs his feet my hips, and I miss her hands under her ass, clutching her round buttocks and start to move slowly, then pulling member so that only the head remains in it, then closing the in on her so much, not many can.
My wife shakes firmly pressed against me, whispering incoherently: "what ..... you ....."And biting my neck. I feel dizzy, I start softly growling, my movements a little accelerated. Index finger, I find a small hole in the ass of his wife, she was wet from the dripping grease. I'm starting to press down on it to the beat of his movements, and finger easily begins to fall into shallow. Stone's wife goes into a ragged cry, my finger all the more insistent and deeply massaging a magic ring, and now her body is bent sharply, lips breaks "ah!"She feels an orgasm, and now I am slowly pull your finger, grabs her ass hard, and violently and rhythmically attracts her to him, nothing can stop me in the abdomen increases the voltage, and together with my hoarse sigh from me breaks and beats in the wall of her vagina strong pushes hot cum, it covers my dick cave, and bring me to the loss of status due to an event ... I can not open any time the eye, we lie and restore breathing ....
...In the evening, when my wife went to lay her daughter to bed, I turned on the water in the bathroom, and put the champagne cool. Then I took two warm woolen blankets, bedding them on the floor, covered a large clean ironed sheets, and scattered all the pillows in the house and on the edges of the pads "nest". I also turned on the heater, that would be the room was warm and comfortable ...
...My favorite was lying in the bath, I sat on the edge, looked at her ... and watered from the palm of her shoulders warm water. Then she began to paddle, while I opened the champagne, put and lit room 2 large candles. Then I went to the bathroom to rinse, too, while his wife was drying her hair. And here we are reclining on the floor, poured on the crystal light from candles, quietly playing "Cafe del Mar". We drink champagne and admire each other, sometimes kissing. I set aside the glass, and turn your favorite belly. Sam sat down at her feet, pour a little oil on your back, and start massaging. I do not miss a centimeter of her skin, apply pressure with your fingers, gently pinched and stroked her body. After finishing with the back and ass, massaging and stroking her legs. When I reach her little feet, kiss each finger, and then spend the language between them. It gets its great, recently opened, and this time it responds to a sigh. I turn it back on again, pour a little oil, and massage since shoulders, stroked his chest, tummy.
The hands glide over her body without obstacles, bringing pleasure to both. I nearly parted her legs and began stroking the thigh, slightly squeezing them from the inside. Wife totally relax, she covered her eyes, and probably cream produced some action, because soon on what I just stroked her, she began to breathe more often, and to bend, lifting the pelvis. She wanted me, now. I do not force myself to wait, and parked between her legs, starting to kiss her already wet pussy, play with the language of her clitoris. Then I turn around and get up on all fours over her so that her head is between my legs, and I continue to caress her tongue. She greedily grabs my cock lips, and I feel what her hot mouth. It begins bliss hot wet bliss. When I start to feel that soon I finish, I move away from her mouth, which is not really want to let me go.
I was a little a breath, standing next to her on her knees, with one hand stroking her crotch. One finger, I started teasing, shallow to enter into it. Then she went for the first time his unwillingness to touch him, she began to fondle himself in front of me, I just dreamed about it. I have long wanted to see how she caresses herself. Believe me - it's beautiful. I've been casually had offered her finger on her clit, but she drove it a couple of times from left to right, and then pressed to her my hand. But today she did not try to pass the initiative to me, and fond of a more and more, her fingers flying on the disclosure of the bosom, drawing circles, zigzags, then it died away, but began again, picking up speed, then push hard in kakoy-nibud point, then broke away and gently I hit. I looked at her adoringly and helped - caressed her thigh, moved apart laterally large sponge, stroking his stomach, took her nipples with both hands. a little squeezed them, twisting and delayed - it liked everything! I entered in her two fingers, and began to massage the front wall of her vagina. That was awesome! She moaned and writhed. I have added fuel to the fire - drew one finger out of it, it was covered in grease it, and began a circular motion to caress her anus all the closer to the center. Then a little more pressure and pushed a little finger in the ring, I became as if to screw it on until it is completely back together. After a short while, I just stuck a finger, and pressed again. Her ass began to relax, and soon I began to move his arm, with her two fingers in both holes. That she has not been able to endure, she began to scream, strongly arched and had finished, I stopped moving and I felt like both of my fingers in her bowed and released muscles in the rhythm of her moans, she could not calm down, and a few seconds continued its peak before her buttocks again fell to the floor. After giving it a little breath, I turned her on her stomach and asked to get up and put it under her pillow. For a moment, I admired the sight: the body of the couple were relaxed, legs spread, ass raised, her cave revealed in all its glory and calling my boy. I put it to a hot damp sponge and a single movement went into it to its full length.
Accompanied by a grateful sigh was loved. I started to love her unhurried deep and energetic movements, then changed the rhythm: 3 times often come in only her head, and on the fourth time to the very end, sharply. Then I tried the 4 short and 2 long. My wife felt that I was playing with it, and by this extraordinary pace it healthy plants. Sensing the approach of an incredible orgasm, I stopped to separate short and long, my body is itself carried my stick and stick her pussy on my phallus, I gripped her waist, I reveled in the spectacle of the incoming and outgoing of her my piston, followed by pulling and its small sponge. From growing tension I closed my eyes, completely switching to my senses an approaching bliss, and that's the last time I pulled him her ass, and with a muffled growl spilled into it, it is strongly squeezed her eyes shut and tightened, and then her lips broke a long moan, she smiled without opening his eyes.
I'm not leaving her lay down on her back and clasped his hands, gratefully kissing. A minute later, we have slept. I woke up when my dick, weakened, jumped out of her, and I felt cool. According to her thighs dripping semen trickle, I grabbed a napkin and wiped cooked, then I gently rubbed her womb with all the moisture dry, picked up the sleeping princess in his arms and carried her into the bedroom on the bed. Pressed against her ass belly and hand hugging his wife so as to take in the palm of her chest, I fell asleep ...

  • 60
All facts given here has been really, but the names have changed.
I am a 20 year old student of St. Petersburg University, but the thing is that I come from the province. My parents are both engineers from Bryansk and was considered one of the greatest achievements in life is to get a higher education. I went to a prestigious university in the prestigious profession and educated at public expense 2.5 years. But then I met an interesting guy, and this affair has prevented studies. I got a low valuation in the session and was forced to go to a paid department. The parents of such money, which is $ 700 per semester there. I knew it for sure. Hiding is for this reason from the parents what happened, I took the money for the first semester have girlfriends and decided that I could make them. But income does not work. All I could find is a few firms to spread perfume, but as it turned out I just threw. What to do next I do not know.
Arriving in a depressed mood, I accidentally collided with the woman, apologized and wanted to go on, but she held my hand and began to stare into my eyes. It was a woman 30-35 years. Look hard and overbearing. The woman obviously looked after himself and was slender, tall and dark-haired. She was dressed very elegant and it is in my heart made me respect and even some envy.
- You're not sick, she asked.
- No, I said, but my voice was trembling.
The woman took my hand carefully once again looked into my eyes and suddenly said she wanted to meet me. I have no definite answer, but agreed to go with her to a cafe and have a cup of coffee, as have the luxury I could not in my position. The charm of a woman slowly began to envelop me. I thought that maybe it's a lesbian, or sutenerka Western brothels, but in any case I will hear her chest, pleasant voice, good popyu organic coffee, and if you begin to stick with the proposals on a trip to "work" abroad politely send them where you want. The woman for some half an hour to find out from me all my problems and somehow quietly offered me a job. Highly paid work!
My heart began to pound, but I immediately said that nothing related to the intima, and I do not want to listen to. Elvira, and this is how her name, said that it is not sex, but with men related to, but more broadly. I wanted to give up, but in my position. We parted with my promise of tomorrow to call on mobile Elvira. Of course, I phoned the next day. And I was invited. Behind me on the way Elvira drove the French car and drove to the office of the company in which I had to work, but rather to learn. We arrived at the very beautiful and ancient mansion on the banks of the Neva, the gate is automatically opened and we drove in the middle of the court. The guards, healthy guys, respectfully stepped aside letting us inside. Inside one of the deluxe rooms we were met by elegantly dressed man of about 50, I looked long after the presentation at me and said good fit. I was taken home. In the morning I was picked Melis, a 25 year old very lively and cheerful girl. She said she will now take care of me. First, she went with me to the dean's office and issued me the absence of a month, under the guise that I needed urgent treatment in a sanatorium. And then, traveling by car on the newfangled boutiques Melissa, I was very well dressed and sent to live at this time in some country house in Zelenogorsk area.
Student income. Private resort.
It was a nursing home. It lived something of the order of 20 or 30 girls. Each had a 2-bed room, very nicely decorated. At first I worried that it all seemed like a road, but still a brothel, but no one other than the protection of the men did not come, and the girls will not taken and the direct question I was assured that sleep with me without my desire, no one will . Bypassing with me all stressed polite and courteous. But there was one unpleasant circumstance. In this mini sanatorium was a very tough schedule. Compliance, which followed a series of very strict views on women age 30. In the morning all the girls raised their loud music and forced to quickly be on the toilet, and then taken out to the yard where for 40 minutes forced into charging. Later washing and delicious breakfast. Then exercise in the fitness room, and so on until the afternoon. Lunch, afternoon tea and dinner were very tasty and plenty of fruits and vegetables. After lunch, massage and other treatments. And in the evening there were 2 hours of free time before dinner. In 22 hours all were forced to go to bed. I refused the next day after breakfast today to obey the daily routine, and I immediately sent to a room on the 4th floor which was Elvira. With unconcealed irritation she invited me to sit down.
- What you here do not like the girl, she asked rude voice and intonation.
I began to ask why I'm here, what I will work, and why do we need this routine. After half an hour I realized that I should be nice and fresh look. And my question: "What for?"It suddenly came to me, stroked her hair and asked if I needed the money badly. Having my affirmative answer, she explained to me that there is a rich, even very rich people willing to pay for their own pleasure. I immediately recalled that a prostitute will not. Elvira smiled and said that I sleep with anyone I will not. But something I really did not like this smile, felt some sort of rigidity. Suddenly she asked, flogged me as a child or not. I said no, and that this is not going to do and leave today. And how then will pay for the university, said Elvira softly. I wondered. And she began to tell that they have a small club for very wealthy people, mostly foreigners, who enjoy when young and pretty girls just kind of lash flogging on the ass and it almost did not hurt. But if you suffer a few minutes you can earn good money, not only to study, but also on the improvement of their living conditions. At first I refused again, but after further persuasion, agreed to consider until the morning. On this day, no one bothered me, and the food brought to the room. Lying in bed at night, I pondered my situation, very much like to finish my studies and so tired of living in a student dorm room even with 4 girls.
In the morning I went to Elvira and signed the appropriate paper. She immediately pressed the alarm button, and the side door there were two tall and strong lady that grasped me by the arm and dragged him to the basement. They sat in a chair and began to yell at me wildly. Then one came up with some sort of device and touched them before me. I was paralyzed with some shock, it was very painful. I jumped up and shouted, but immediately received a slap in the face. - This bitch should be taught a lesson, said one of the ladies. - Wait a minute, it can be obedient, retorted another. - Now we check. And she made me undress at a time. I tried very hard and took off her all to her bra and panties. The first came to me and slapped hefty slap in the face and forced nudity continue on and on time. As soon as I undressed, I was forced to put on and so a dozen times at the time of encouraging matyugami and promises to make me so from what I grew cold in the lower abdomen. Suddenly, the room in which it occurred, began to pass the guard and the young handsome guy and I unfortunately, was completely naked. I turned away from the boy and instinctively covered his hands the most intimate place, for which he immediately received another slap in the face .... Looking to grin at me, called me a lady "Tselkov" forced to turn to face him and lowered his hands along the body, of course I obeyed. But this was not enough to them. And they made me go up to the guy and ask him for a cigarette. Burning with shame, I went to the guard, and looked down at the ground not daring to utter a word. He asked: "The newcomer, perhaps?" he asked in a twisted and painful nipple. Ninny I looked into his wide smiling face, but he put a cigarette in your hand to me, turned and slapped on the ass sent to the ladies.
I am against such humiliation was ready to sink into the ground. I was all clear. I immediately started screaming that I was taken to Ellochka and I do not want anything and everything do not agree. But my hysteria broke another slap in the face. One of the ladies showed me the razor and promised me if I cut off the breast once again dare to disobey, or something will do without proper effort and slow. After that I was sent to my room. I cried all night. When he saw me in the morning with circles under the eyes is one of the kindergarten teachers (as they called themselves) announced someone that devonki time to play a game of love. I was terribly frightened, thinking that I would be raped, but nothing happened. But I began to feel what that strange excitement. Girls who have been here longer have explained that I sprinkled on food pathogen, and in the evening I put a shoe on, which put in the hands, and the head was terribly uncomfortable. And most importantly, that it was impossible to touch the breasts, clitoris or a pussy, and with every day that want more and more. When I went into the shower, the toilet, I was always accompanied by one of the oversight will give to me, not allowing rukobludstvovat. When I went to bed, the hands and feet tied to the legs of my bed. Tolerate this was absolutely unbearable, the whole night I dreamed of a very erotic scene, I tossed and turned like a top, but to satisfy myself and could not. Each charging us kicked out on the street all the fewer clothes. If the first few days we ran in jogging suits, then after a week we were running only sports caps, socks and bright sneakers. This is like our guards, and at the first opportunity they clapped us on the ass and pinched by the collar, but it did not go further. I could no longer endure the constant excitement. I began to constantly run the saliva from the mouth, and at the sight of all men began to trickle pisya and foot fled discharge, eye clouds shroud. I asked the other girls even educators masturbate me, but no one is agreed, fearing punishment. I am a warning to others girls taken out of the total system and show everyone said that it will be with anyone who will masturbate at night. Finding no satisfaction, I was looking forward to the charge, which was trying to get closer to the guards, twisted in front of them with their naked charms, and because, they looked at me with wide eyes and released about me obscene jokes at me occurred some relief. All of them were amused that I strongly overexcited, their views, and from the cool breeze blowing my genitals, I have not only swelled impossibly nipples, and blushed all the chest and stomach, clitoris Alel tense tubercle and trembling with excitement, fine tremor shaking and hip, with my sweat poured in streams, I gasped for air and began with the approach of any relief then whine. I strongly squeezed his legs, rolled her eyes and fell on his knees orgasms shaken by the laughter of the guards. And only one of them - Valera helped me to get at least some relief. It is during the convulsions came up to me, I took his chin with his thumb and smeared the current breath in my saliva on the lips in a circular motion. Then he dipped his finger and pulled out of my mouth until I did not start shaking orgasms one after the other, and my juices running down her thighs to ankles. Other guards shouted Valera, bear, bear this bitch and he slid his finger in my mouth faster. He was on duty in a day and I'm really waiting for him. After that I could sleep for at least one night without erotic dreams. This lasted for 3 weeks. I wanted to escape, but after one girl tried to do the same, it was taken to the basement. The teachers wanted for educational purposes, and we went to the basement to demonstrate oslushnitsy flogging, but Elvira said that this should not be done, and we just heard the wild, inhuman heartrending cries. No one of us did not try to escape.
Student income. On the podium.
That one day, in the evening we took six girls from the boarding house, put us in the black bags head pushed into a van and taken somewhere. We drove about half an hour. Then he pulled out of avtobusik and brought in some room. When removed the bags we saw Elvira simple black evening dress with a plunging neckline and a cut back. Once in the room there were 2 huge guy with impenetrable faces. There followed an order to strip naked. I was ashamed to do it at the men, but they did not show us any interest. Then we put on the neck of leather collars and were taken to the rooms.
Day we were not given anything to eat or drink. As one of the serving women is that no mess or whether some of us at the time of submission. But what kind of representation in question she said. And then one evening we were joined to the collar iron chains, inserted into the mouth with rubber balls remeshochkami that fastened around the head. - Girls, finally you deliver separate masters delight as feel your popochki? - Eleanor asked. - Enjoy your experiences and feelings. We are all bound fear and terror. Urging taken to a dark room and shoved each in a narrow cage, which could only be kneeling. It was dark but for the curtain began to be heard the voices of men and the girls laugh public. Suddenly, the curtain went up and we were in the depths of the makeshift stage. In the spotlight was a huge bench, equipped with straps and fastening devices for hands, head and legs. In the middle of the bench it was very narrow and did not even made flat and semicircular like a log. To my horror, I realized that the shop design was made so that the victim, when laid on her whipping she sank slightly knees and she spontaneously grabs narrow polubrevnyshko knees at this time half the priests were leaving the sides and hips to turn out the interior the most sensitive for striking side out. Having kick ass, the victim involuntarily clenched buttocks and received a blow to the next stressful and the most sensitive and buttocks from the wild pain unclenched her buttocks and knees covers polubruvnyshko substituting the inside of the thighs under another blow. The manufacturer of the bench was an obvious master of his craft.
The victim received the most painful blows and had to frantically jumping and twirl ass delivering the greatest pleasure to the executioner and the audience. And I was the victim. With horror, I looked in the room, there sat a man 30 reputable masters age from 40 to 60 years old, surrounded by girls. Among the rows of half-naked waitresses walked and carried the cold drinks and ice cream. The men were lounging in chairs and discussed juicy details of each of us. I would like to find at least one look of sympathy in the eyes of the audience, but it was read only lust and desire to see it invigorates body catcher. I tried to hide his nakedness from these greedy and ruthless views, but the conditions in the cell it was impossible to make. I understand that they want to see my anguish and enjoy them. And the more pain I feel, the more fun they will have. From fear and humiliation beat me trembling. I wanted to get out and run away, abandoning the money ... and from anything else, but I had not been beaten in front of a crowd of self-righteous snobs decided to tickle their nerves. I would be screaming about it but the ball in his mouth would not let me do it. With the same horror looked at the bench for flogging and other girls. At the scene of a side door came a huge and broad executioner. He was dressed in boots above the knees in tights black and hood of the executioner on his head with slits for eyes. Waist he was naked, and I watched in horror as rolled mounds of muscles beneath his tanned skin. In his hands he held a narrow whip. You could see his angry eyes with a grin looked at us. Beside him were the same huge and strong, naked to the waist assistants. A little later, a woman came out. She was wearing a harness supporting bare chest and embracing her firm buttocks. In appearance she was 35 years old.
Suddenly the music stopped, and the crowd fell silent. The executioner and his assistants came up huge in a cage at the door and began to tear. Unhappy girl huddled in the corner, and curled into a ball trying desperately, mumbled something. But she grasped the collar dragged out of the cell and grabbed by the hair dragged him to the bench. Under the excited buzz of the crowd it was put on the bench booty to the top. His arms and legs stretched and secured it.
It was obvious that came my turn. I decided for no reason to give up on my reproach offenders and possibly huddled in the far corner of the cage. The executioner walked slowly to my cell, businesslike collar unfastened the chain from the cell and beckoned me. I'm for anything did not want to leave her very frail shelter. Gul excitement grew spectators. He gently pulled the collar chain. I have not leaned, his hands clutched the bars for nothing, not wanting to go out to commit such abuse me.
The executioner looked at me and smiled with her eyes. As we looked into each other's eyes, one of his assistants crept up from behind and stabbed hurt me a hot needle in the ass. I screamed, threw the bars and grabbed her ass, and at this moment I deftly pulled the chain, and then seized by the collar and I cork flew out of the cage. The professionalism of the team at the executioners was the highest. The audience applauded enthusiastically. Happy cries were heard, followed by a satisfied and cynical laughter: "Straight, she jumped a hitch. What shalavka impatient. Vaughn see, she has herself on the ass spanking". I choked with rage and decided not damsya them for anything. Meanwhile, he gave me the executioner and his assistants stepped aside and bowed to greet his audience. Wizards took me by the hand and began to lead to hateful bench. And here I was contrived and that urine kicked in the balls of one of the assistants, by surprise, he released my hand, I was bitten by the second and he also threw my hand. Pushing one of the assistants, I, that is urine, rushed to their heels. Running on the steps of the stage, five, I suddenly felt an unbearable pain in the legs. From the long sitting in a cage in an uncomfortable position, his legs numb and it just played a cruel joke with me. I picturesquely arms outstretched collapsed: on hands of the executioner. He picked me up, lifted and held her close to him and then said something that I have 3 weeks stuffed pathogens. I grabbed the executioner hands behind his neck, leaned into his hairy and so attractive breast strong man, somewhere in his stomach clenched and I felt that from this overexcitement I was very shook and I began to experience one orgasm after another grease abundantly ran out of my womb, and saliva dripped from his mouth and lustful I am constantly licking his lips.
- And yet you're the one thing! Oh Well: igrulya - said the executioner, and very gently kissed my nipple breast. From inexpressible bliss I even harder pressed to his chest and executioner lustily inhaled the tantalizing smell of sweat of a healthy and strong men holding me in her arms.
Meanwhile, the executioner carried me to the middle of the scene. And I heard a voice next to Elvira.
- Ladies and Gentlemen! You are invited to see the punishment of the girls Anna, because it disproportionately engaged in masturbation. Be so kind as to see how it flowed merzavka.
After these words the executioner raised his hand supporting my knees to the level of his chest, and spread my ass so that everyone would have seen all my charms. From shame and inexplicably exciting feeling that now all men look at my bosom, I became more and orgazmirovat treacherous lye just ran juices. The clitoris, the small and large lips swollen to epic proportions and began frantically clenched and unclenched, a lustful sighs public, pushing all the new lubricant flows, which flows through the body, wetting and Shchekotov anus hole, running down the waist and dripped onto the stage.
- Zababela girl quite ish as whetted itself, this is only possible with whips cool - ironically summed up one of the ladies sitting in the front row.
I've heard it somewhere far, far away. I now enthusiastically inhaled the smell of the men held me and clung to him for dear life. At some point, he contrived and kissed him on the lips.
- In, hussy! Just lost the girl shame, - heard from the spectator rows.
Keep me executioner, slyly he smiled at me, eyes narrowed, and suddenly threw me high up, then again and again. And so I began to throw up higher and higher. I'm in the air began to write incredible somersaults, screaming with fright and delight, fell lugushonochkom his deft and strong hands. Drop me again, he caught me on the outstretched hands flying belly down and gently put on the ill-fated bench. Rastopyrinye during the flight from the fear of arms and legs deftly picked assistants and then consolidated their clips and straps. Legs slightly parted, hugging her knees a log. From this wide open, my ass. Squinting around, I saw the assistants, so I inadvertently offended that in the hands kneaded by two-tailed whip each.
Before my face began to install a video camera and galogennovye lighting fixtures that blinded me. Also covered my ass and with the help of video cameras broadcast images on huge plasma screens, hung behind the scenes, to view what is happening in the smallest details. From dazzling displays, I closed my eyes and imagined that the foot girth bench knees parted and let everyone on the monitor to watch my pussy in all details. From the shame and humiliation I instinctively tried to keep them, but it was not possible, to reduce polubrevnyshko hurt knees. And then I squeezed the buttocks, but for a long time so could not lie down and under the force of gravity knees relaxed and opened her ass for public inspection, but from a new wave of shame swept over clenched buttocks. Clitoris at the time was strongly pressed against the bench and delicious rubbed on her. pathogen infused in me made itself felt, and I began to rhythmically compress and decompress buttocks and rubbing her clitoris on the bench, not thinking about the audience. My juices flowed on the bench, dripping with her on the floor. Elvira came to me, undid my hair and then carefully combed, gathered them into a tight bun at the nape, corrected stray strands and removed them for their ears. Lifted my head by the chin, his thumb stroked my lips.
- You're just lovely dear! This lively and immediate minx, I have not seen. - A pleasant feeling of your ass.
Amuse us and rotate it a little bit, please, - she said, bending down and kissing. I gasped at the humiliation, powerless anger and desire to break this thing to pieces.
- Look! This bitch jerking off on the machine, losing all sense of shame ... and it's time to teach a lesson, - heard from the hall. - Kagda this bl ... qb mumps already be - inquired Caucasian accent. I have heard these cries, but she could not stop, because only now had the opportunity to somehow samoudovletvoritsya. My pleasant experience interrupted Ghastlier pain, cut ass. I felt my ass touched a hot subject, I would have a heart-rending scream, if not for a ball in his mouth. The terrible grimace of intolerable pain contorted my face, I arched so that rattled the whole bench, tears streamed from his eyes. But then on my ass whip struck the second. I spit ass and wriggled all as she could. Ladoshki I then with incredible force gripped in the jaws, then unclenched, fingers on the legs moved, each by itself, and ankle jerk and spinning, representing an incredible dance, a dance of pain. I did not have enough air, even for a second stop and let prodyshatsya I silently screamed. The body shook incredible convulsions, it lived, as it were separate from me and every member of the spit and dodge, only to dodge these intolerable ringing slaps lashes. The brain was buzzing only one thought - unbearable pain. As I rolled hail sweat, everything was happening in a daze.
Having, by five strokes, assistants gave breath. Ass Sparks from the pain and somehow started sadnit. I instinctively went to her and cuddle up to rotate the bench. Breast rested my nipples into the shop and nice miffed, and I kept rubbing her clitoris on the bench, it turns me on, and I did, in spite of such unimaginable conditions, continued to satisfy themselves. It is not even I, as the body itself against my will and consciousness which produced the action, as I am more of anything could not think of except the pain. I thrashed another five, then another, and here in the hall finally noticed my entertainment during the breaks.
- For a long time this bitch will have fun? We are paying money to this thing here kayfovat? - Raced everywhere.
First figure out how to prevent this disgrace Elvira and made it feminine elegance. By the next break in the flogging she was ready. Only I stopped spanking and I wanted to pull over to the habit favorite dosochki clitoris and pussy, when I have got strong hands under his belly and chest and slightly lifted so far as the straps and pads, which I was attached to the bench. Elvira, something planted, and even managed to tickle my clitoris with their fingers. I even bucked, so it was nice.
- Jerking on my dear, - Elvira softly purred and winked assistants who gently lowered me on the bench and took up the whip. In the hall there was complete silence. I immediately, as soon as she could, denser breasts pressed her nipples, clitoris and lips to recording what that touch the grass, which is nice to cold and created a very naughty feeling. Mentally even thanked Elvira for it. But after 10 seconds, billions of stinging needles stuck into my most intimate places. Nettle!!!!! - Lightning pierced my consciousness guess. I like scalded, I flew up and stuck her ass up as possible to harness.
His mouth ran a continuous stream frothy saliva, nails literally tore soft cushion specially for this purpose placed under the palms, exit unnecessary emotions. The hall thundered violent, well-deserved standing ovation in honor of Ellochkinu so insidiously, like a woman to punish the presumptuous Shameless. And the emotions I gushed over the edge. Raising his ass to the uppermost point of the penetrating pain I did not get rid of. The clitoris and pussy cooked in boiling water. From this, I subscribed to sing funny circles with incredible speed and amplitude, each buttock danced separately. It would be a disgrace lasted long if it had not been interrupted by another blow whip the ass to force me to press their intimate places in the thick of the nettle and get another batch of burning pleasure, from which the ass again soared to the top position. But there was again returned to the place of the whip. So I flew and fell rhythmically ass and from the outside it looked very much like an ardent, passionate young lover on the girl, so the hall broke leaping peals of laughter.
- Finally it came to life and began to move, and it was quite bored - quite swept out of the room. - Madame Elvira Bravo! You have done a miracle with this lazy and insensitive monkey. - Stinging nettle, nettle, - was heard in the hall in different languages. This interpreter, translated foreigners cause changes in mood and punishes the girls appearance from her extraordinary vitality and agility. - The nettle! Oh, I, I! Good! Good! Hood Frau Ale! Flattered, smiling Elvira bowed to the public and showed up on working machine for punishment. It ended with another dozen. I raised her ass showing all that has become a very good girl and do not masturbate droplets. Ellochka wishing that I had not lost ardor and enthusiasm, encouraged by the audience, changed to fresh and Krapivko zaboristye under my recordkeeping. I repaid her for the care good, sharp amplitude movements ass.
So thanks to the attention and the assistants Ellochka I perfectly fulfilled twice ten. But here Ellochka noticed that the nettle is not handled all my pisya, but only that part which relates to the bench. Correct this mistake, she decided there and then. One of the stops on my waist was wearing an elegant gold chain to which was attached the rope, missed her buttocks and between the end of the tied good bundle of nettles. Now, when I'm chatting ass up and down, or just twist it, the beam will be mercilessly whipping across the Picea and most sensitive inner thighs. Glee audience knew no bounds, they jumped from their seats, shouting compliments Ellochka. I was able to understand what was going on, but when managed to turn his head and look at the monitor.
- Ellochka, come on! Ask her heat. Come under her tail - swept from the room.
I'm all prepared for the most pleasant test and each thought and Ellochka really well done. So fools like me and need to be taught. Let rotated assholes, if the head can not work. Come Ellochka. I myself decided that such a fool as I need to punish and strongly pressed against the clitoris and pubis to the nettles and even shifted that to my shameless, horny got longer. From the unbearable pain ass shot up. - And I did not like - maliciously, I thought, wait is not so will you fool. Puchochek nettle spectacularly flew from my sudden movement and touching and burning thighs all the fluff slapped my pussy. To get more pain I'm the most, as she could spread her legs and let them get small and large lips and clitoris will get villain. The pain stunned and all I jerked forward and if I, quick-witted Ellochka not pushed to the back, I would have turned my neck. Pain pierced me all because I want - silly bitch - I thought. Leaning forward, I again lay straight from the tin on a nettle, go up and deserved slap on Picea bound by the beam. I began to do so sweeping and powerful movements that gradually became a shop, and then stronger bounce. People raved, surrounded the scene. Someone shouted, podnadayte as her breasts in her bored. Again Ellochka showed skill and slipped under my breast new bundles of nettles, and refreshing sensation in the breasts. I intend, tightly, pressed the chest in the nettles and even poelozit them.
Immediately felt chest again pour over boiling water, especially poignant pain was in the papilla, it burns to the subconscious mind, filling me all himself. Ass at this time bouncing automatically. My jump lasted quite a long time, I did not ... and I noticed that I have ceased to beat, and I amuse myself only nettles. But, strong arms held me shaking to the bench, removing nettles and disconnecting from the shackles, was released. I jumped up and ran across the stage, falling, rolling, catching, over the priest, then his chest, the other for the most affected places. Realizing that from the unbearable burning sensation I scratched and tear affected places, caught me in his arms and handcuffed. In this position, I kept spinning like a top on the stage for 10 more minutes, leading the audience in an indescribable joy.
Then he grabbed me by the hair at the nape of the neck and dragged him out of the room, I continued to wobble backwards, twist legs and escape from the unbearable pain, burning and itching in the intimate places. Just before I managed through a veil of tears to look at the room one last time and saw that recently has such staid men stood and looked at me with stunned eyes. Many had tousled bald, some sticking out of his pants did not fully tucked shirt wet with sweat, ties were removed and discarded on the trousers in an interesting place adorned with wet spots, which do not allow to doubt their origin. The women were disheveled hairstyles with unbuttoned blouses sometimes torn meat buttons. Lipstick on the lips of interpreters and other companions erased, some tried to cough quietly into her handkerchief sperm. It was obvious that they had to work hard, calming outright dispersed satellites.
- Bax, a passionate dzhenschina, Artist, listen, yes: - hissed Caucasian, wiping his sweaty bald head crumpled tie.
When I was dragged into the corridor, I began to think a little bit and make out through a haze of tears that keeps me the assistant, whom I drove foot in the balls. - Well, that bitch, dobodalas - he hissed, painfully clutching the hair at the nape. - Who strangled you, slut. Look into my mad with pain experienced eye, it's a little compassion. - Okay. To beat, to kiss, - he said with a smile and open mouth, frantically grabbing air, dexterously inserted his penis. From such impudence, I was blown away. And suddenly Besiki darted into my head. Bite off !!! Similarly, to teach a lesson bastard otkushu all. But then the mind slowly returned to me. They will kill me, but not easy, let alone forced to suffer, and feel sorry for Man. He's kind, very personal, just a lot of courage. But the anger still seething in me and leave him unpunished boorishness I'm not going. I looked up to see him in the eye.
- You fell asleep there Shalashovka, - he said, grinning. - He was there you bored, he added casually. I tickled his head tongue in my mouth, wait until it grew solidly, and looking into the eyes of scoundrel, slightly biting his dignity. Man's eyes were filled with terror, he immediately pulled it out of my mouth, and besmysleno stared at him, not believing that he was still unharmed. Slowly coming out of his stupor, laughing standing next Ellochka and other guards, he is in a fit of rage by the hair lifted me to my face, and hissed in my face: "crushed bitch". He went nodules on the face, eyelids twitched, and his Adam's apple. Something I strongly touched it, there was something very masculine and intimate, led only to women. I find it hard to explain his act, but I quickly reached out to him and kissed him on the lips. He was taken aback and dropped me, I prudently slid down the wall. There was a deafening regot guards. - Yes, there is love in a passionately kissing - sang someone nahidnym voice, and said, slut. - I'll kill you, - wheezed, ashen assistant. And be strangled if it had not arrived in time Ellochka and other guards. - You do not have to live a bitch, strangled, - shouted assistant when his barely restrained all the guards together and led away into the next room.
The body, scary, hurt and itched, her eyes swam red circles. Ellochka someone I nodded and picked up by the arm dragged into a room and placed between the two columns. We quickly to his feet and put his hands straps connected to the chain, and it stretched without giving what I had mutilated herself rubbing or rastsarapyvaya to blood itchy places. Immediately there were two half-naked guy and began to rub the affected area with some ointment, and all I have some sort of cream. - They are deaf, dumb and blind, but they are very sensitive and delicate hands, which they may communicate with the outside world, - said Elvira and left, closing the door behind him. And then I gave vent to the accumulated feelings. From the moment when his mouth I have hated pulled a ball, I just moaned and whined. And now I have presented all the vulgarity and the enormity of the situation. I'm so wonderful, so beautiful, so proud of the little girl, with the favorable opinion that the University lost his head many luxurious guys and had as the last slave, or yard girl wobble bare ass under the whip, only for the fact that to entertain "Messrs" jaded these reptiles. Unbearable pity and self-loathing filled me all. I screamed, sipela, howling, growling, crying, spitting, thrashing on the chains. Then there was complete hysteria, I was hit in a terrible fever. Two deaf guy surrounded me on both sides, their arms around each other's shoulders, they squeezed me between their naked bodies. Trying not to touch the tormented, flaming popochti. Five minutes later I calmed down and began to assess what is happening gradually. Guys gently rubbed cream into me especially sensitive to the pope and intimate places. I have not exhausted all the time and was in an excited state. When guys stroked my chest, or a pussy, I asked plaintively yet. - Please more, well lyubimenky, rodnenky, yet still little, pat me there at least a little bit - I begged committed forgetting that they do not hear.
Suddenly in walked Assistant hurt me. - Well, that got the goat now we'll pooblomaem horns, you'll know how to butt, he said with a gasp and diabolical lights flashed in his eyes. He came close and looked into my eyes. There was so much energy and determination that the fear paralyzed me and seized me completely, to the ends of hair. He felt it. And looking into my eyes smiled, from what I have goose bumps.
- You have exactly reciprocity, - he said little on the chant came up Ellochka. - By the way, Waldemar appointed executioner of your permanent and part-time teacher. You do this like sweet, - she sang corny voice she, mockingly looking me in the eye. I was horrified to look at this Woldemar, who reached for me with both hands and threw me a withering look.
- That come on girl. Let her catch her breath. You're all the accumulated anger at her go and put it into tired of waiting for you on the stage fresh ass - Elvira stopped him.
He reluctantly stepped away from me, slowly turned and left. Elvira proudly looked at me, too, was gone. From somewhere came the noise of the room, nasty spanking and chilling bellow mixed with wheezing. After 20 minutes, the door opened, and before my eyes on a stretcher carried the lifeless, naked body of Oksana. The head and hands of overhangs with stretchers and hung to the beat movement. For stretchers all wet with sweat he entered Waldemar cheerfully looked at me and stood beside me.
- She's alive, - I said, not his voice.
- Yes quickly loses consciousness, twice a bucket cast, and a third decided to let him rest, - with ehidtsey said Waldemar, pretty smile, noticing that I started shaking with fear. He slowly walked over to me. Instinctively, I moved away from him so far as the chain stood on tiptoe and even as a zombie rabbit with fear looked in his bottomless eyes. He approached gently hugged my neck and kissed me on the ear lobe ... and then leaned over and gently caressed language hollow belly.
Looking at me suddenly open and disposing a smile that I'm all confused, overwhelmed, and lowered her eyes. He turns out to be so gentle flashed through my head and I was even close to him. He felt it, lightly pulled me to her first kiss in the nipple of one breast, then the other. I blissfully closed her eyes. He barely touching the fingertips gently rubbed my clit, and I swam in the arms crawling bliss, suddenly gave a strong Shalbai my strained clitoris. I opened the evil eye, and choked with anger and resentment, thinking that would poobidnee tell him. But suddenly I stumbled on tighter disarming, open and kind smile. The words stuck in his throat.
- You are very beautiful, - he said slowly looking into my bewildered eyes, he turned and left.
And once again excite the hands of masseurs. Again, to help me finish.
- You can not swing here dear, - said, which became suddenly, Elvira and stabbed me in the mouth with a familiar ball remeshochkami, dexterously fix it, took a few steps, and looked at their work.
- That's fine. Boltushek is not love, - she said cheerfully and left.
10 minutes I spent in solitude, even closed her eyes, and when I opened them, dumbfounded. Shame I even earlobes turn red. I was approached by two guys my age, and all eyes were on me. I immediately closed my eyes. Before me were engaged or personnel forms, or has solid age men. And then my peers simply looked at my humiliating position and I have to entertain them their suffering. I listened to their dialogue.
- Count up and then cool cow spread, - said one.
- Serves her right, less asshole will turn to black and inosrantsami - summed up the second.
- A popets nothing - do not let up first.
- Only slightly polished, - he quipped second.
- This is the one that all the ass lifted up to the heavens and then she twisted like a scalded.
- You would nettle pussy slipped under and you would be so twisted.
- Drag the slut's for sure.
- When she pirouettes zhopom subscribed, I dragged myself and grab batyu heart with emotion, gave sekretutka volokardin.
- How did she agree to this? Vaughn see how Ass is finished, and breast and pussy already dark red. I once in grandmother in a village hand nettles burn, oh so much: eat, and then you look at how to get the most intimate places.
- Now certainly masturbation will not and will order his girlfriend. That they come from the province of fools and think the easy to cut lava. And its here and it stalled.
- I prikolnulsya, ask plow, let him give the loot, buy a prostitute and finished it so that she would not remember even his name - one of them smiled dreamily.
- Look at it as probably heavily scratched these places, let's touch.
- Yes, sort of warning that would have no hands touch, and let's all right.
And they began to hesitantly touching his chest. All of which I touched nettle, unbearable itching and aching, and I myself, forgetting shame and shyness, arched and substitute under their arms their charms. Their is a very amused. They polapat chest, but seeing that I ran down, I began to tickle her pussy and clitoris. His mouth was a lot of saliva and she ran from the corners of the mouth and dripped on his chest and belly tickled sintered, bringing additional suffering. One of the guys was sold so that the thrust of one of the fingers and a big pussy began to massage the clitoris. I shook with pleasure. But this bastard, seeing that it brings me great pleasure, was the joking that slowly took out the finger at the wrong time. And I, wishing to extend at least a moment of pleasure, buckle up trying to capture incredible recording his lips passionately desired finger. They did not know that I was 3 weeks fed a pathogen, and not allowed to be excited, but my insatiable pisya they are clearly the ringleader. I sagged so that cracked spine and wrenched wrists and ankles.
- Look how shalavka wants to fuck now bite - they laughed.
I understand that you need to stop and do not disgrace in such a way, but the body does not listen to me. The guy is approaching finger to my Picea, and even allowed me to enter it in a little bit and rub the inside of his lips, then I cleaned it slowly over my reach zone making me attracted to him arching an inhuman way. Gradually I calmed down, but then he has exhibited his finger sticking out invitingly elsewhere forcing me to turn to him and that there is power to reach for it recordkeeping.
- Guys! Play around with the girl, and that's enough, it's time to spatonki girl - stunned me Ellochka voice. It stood 10 meters under the arm with an elegant master 50 years - 60, looked at me intently and swallowing. I realized that they have long looked at our fun, and again I felt incredibly ashamed. Ellochka summed up to me and started talking to Mr. stares into my eyes.
Student income. Senior Bichenov.
- This is Mr Bichenov. He is owner of a large group in Italy and we have on investments major investment packages in the city's economy. It is very important for the economy of the whole country. We are talking about significant sums. Interest in favor of Mr Bichenov manifest at all levels. So what you saw him here, better forget the extra memory will cost you your life. But I do not know. Lady Bichenov stayed in Milan and has been a month, Mr. Bichenov experiencing problems meeting his sexual needs. We certainly do not want Mr Bichenov become impotent by irregular sexual relations and taking into account the preferences of Mr. kindly invite him to our club.
- I promise you that sexual relations will not without your consent. I still do not insist dear, - he said Elvira grinning at me. I'm experiencing unbearable excitement shook her head in agreement. - O Lord, do I get at least when or whether the discharge from that incredible excitement - I thought with a sinking heart.
- So you refuse, - laughed in my face Elvira. I'm afraid that this meeting could not take place, furiously she shook her head. - Then listen carefully. He did not understand a word in Russian. The sexual contact without a condom and entering your tests, we have already provided to him. Girls love only after a good spanking. Today you he liked you can see above the buttocks lifted up, it pays for you 3 tones tanks, you're supposed half. The lips do not kiss, you slut and kiss on the lips decent man you can not. Having said this she nodded farewell to the guards and they untied me. Naked they brought me into the van, under the curious eyes of foreign security and drove around the city. Since the front and rear of all the hurt, the cabin I was on my knees, and security guards held back my hands, not allowing himself to masturbate. In my eyes put on a bandage. Two hours later we were in a luxurious mansion. I was invited to dine with the lord Bichenov. I sat at the big table, a very fine laden with expensive dishes with very different goodies. I had to go gray at a high, fluffy ... atamanke. Senior Bichenov asked me to sit deeper and put away hanging from atamanki buttocks, which would facilitate the task of Irma. Turning around, I saw a woman 45 years rigorous with whip in his hand standing myeon behind. She looked me in the eyes and on his mother's patronizing and gently smiled at me. On the other side stood Mr. San. As he explained to me Bichenov. Irma will monitor my behavior at the table, but I was forbidden to touch myself for sexual organs, distracted from the conversation, and slouch back hump. In addition, I have to smile all the time lord Bichenov. Mr. San merely served at the table than just liked me, and not in vain for dinner and he deftly not much time to show how to deal with, one way or another exotic dish and how the instrument to use in what situation. As for Madame Irma, I was sure that the charges fulfill the conventions is not difficult to me, and I do not in any way add his victim even slaps her ass whip.
Student income. Partisan Tanya.
Senior Bichenov as it turned out tolerably fluent in Russian, but hides it. During the Second World War, he was in the territory of Russia in the Sonderkommando teams and actively fought with the partisans in the Smolensk region. Since he was an Italian by nationality, the "true Aryans" We look after his and responsible job it did not take. He was content mostly questioning the inhabitants of villages and small towns, which have been implicated in collaboration with the guerrillas. But once his interrogation got a real partisan, a very pretty young girl. Her name was Tanya, and she liked it very much. Using the inductor from the field telephone and two wires with crocodiles attached to the lips sex Tanya, they quickly found a common topic of conversation.
Unhappy girl quickly told all about the Soviet underground in their area, a little "flirt" specifying the bases and guerrilla camps placing, but when it drove on spanking priests ramrod from the rifle and laid it. Everything was decorated, and she was ready to be hanged in the ceremonial center of the village for the edification of recalcitrant residents, but from Smolensk came the order for propaganda purposes hanged only on Sundays, a large gathering of people in the market. It remained a few days free, and Bichenov wanting to win the trust of the Germans came up with entertainment, at which invited all the free clothes, and the destruction of SS guerrilla operations. Using all the same inductor Bichenov sought recognition at the girl in her sexual adventures. In the office of the investigator, or more simply, in the upper room of the peasant hut jammed a bunch of SS men, who, swallowing saliva pritihnuv listened translation "confessions" Tanya's testimony. Driven mad by the pain she lays out all honest. And having arrived after normal school settled in the selected state farm unoccupied hut satisfy itself, and then how to use for this purpose pribludy huge dog Barbosa. One finding in the act, grandmother Agapka, lechivshaya conspiracies whole district, said it was time to bring the public, as their fathers and grandfathers of the Pocono century their daughters married betrayed. With these words Agapka kicked off with Tanya night shirt, dragged by the hair out of the house into the yard, made to kneel clamped head strong work-worn feet and began to lash the pope Lozin. Tanya wailed frantically for the whole village, szyvaya at the sight of all the surrounding men. And indeed ten minutes from hedges glittered agates excited eyes over thirty unmarried men. Tanya continued to scream and show "public" nalivshiesya juice breasts and rounded buttocks, hip and exciting. After graduating from the idea, Grandma drove into the house crying and told Tanya that she had then say thank you. And tomorrow will go to the pond after work, they say it is necessary to bathe regularly and to observe hygiene. The next day, when the sun was setting, Agapka grandmother took Tanya to the pond. They sat on the bank of the Nurse, did the young girls of marriageable age. The girls take off their clothes and went into the water slowly wobbling thighs, a little floating, squirting each other with water leaping laughing that would attract attention. The standing next to the Willows and bushes could be heard scuffling, panting and crackle of breaking branches. By unspoken agreement reached at the bushes, none of bathers and accompanied them did not pay attention, even if there was started real fight, and shook like a willow by the earthquake. Married men go into the bush was considered extremely shameful and young boys older boys chased themselves. The girls went to swimming with the moment when the mother noticed they languid gleam in his eyes and obvious charms babskie conspicuous. From the moment when the two men were sent to the girl, she appeared less frequently on the pond, and after the wedding, the road to it was ordered. Divorcee, widow, and those whose husbands soundly drunk, appeared elsewhere pond and unaccompanied, but these subtleties Tanya has not dedicated.
Assuming all conditions of the conventional game, Tanya took off her clothes slowly and walked slowly to the water. Knowing that she was watching all the guys their big village, cold soul and pleasantly tickled there somewhere at the bottom of the abdomen. Hips themselves become seductive wobble obeying instinct millennial women, she arched back and invitingly grudochki swayed to the beat of her steps. Passing from most of the bushes she gladly heard the whispers: "Serge get down, you can not see. That Lean Bosko - nerd. Here is a ass, I would have her vperdolit. Let pisyun first grow, if someone is suitable to her head porazdavlyu - rookie". What they talked on, she no longer heard. Once in the water, swim, splash and he began to leave. Coming out of the water, Tanya, imitating others zanevestivshimsya girls, do not wear long, wet wiping gorgeous hair and taking the most seductive poses. Towel tied, erecting on the head intricate Turkish turban. Turning to the audience back bushes, bent without bending the knees for a towel for the body. Slowly wiping back, wagging her hips in one direction and then the other, and hear a long sigh and intense puffing out of the bushes.
- Oh, you're a girl and besovka. Will you gentlemen for dry - gently said Agapka grandmother and Tania took home.
The efforts were not in vain grandmother and it immediately began to invite a bunch of dancing fans. They constantly sorilis together, fought, even promised to kill himself if she will bypass their attention. Neither of which Barboza, there could be no question. Her boyfriend squeezed at the dance, and then, after drinking vodka for courage, was dragged into the bushes and there, in spite of her protests, had with all the youthful energy and ardor. On several occasions offered to marry, but the party did not suit her, and she refused. When the war started, she got in touch with the guerrillas. She went to their camp, wore the reports and products. Helped in old wives with the housework, cooked, washed, she nursed the wounded. And somehow sympathetic to the conversation between the women that, well, guys are stretched, often risking their lives, and suffer other hardships, some for a long time did not see the family in general and strongly drooped and Homesick. It would be necessary to raise the fighting spirit to give them a bath, splash around with them, they pohlestat venechkom back and generally cheer her girlish laugh, especially those groups that go to deadly dangerous task. A married the women do it somehow did not stick, but the girls like Tanya just right. Pouporstvovav for decency little Tanya succumbed to the entreaties of friends and the women's council group. Bathroom duties she performed regularly in the squad too, were happy with it, but that's caught on a tip from a traitor in the hands of the Gestapo.
SS, listening to the testimony of Tanya, repeatedly ran into the next room, where a helpful local policemen led the girls arranged ... to the office at "work", Given to drink their brew, and those served perevozbudilsya invaders. Realizing that before the inevitable death and wanting to somehow alleviate their suffering, Tanya frankly told in detail all of its not so rich babsky experience. And I went to the provincial charges Komsomol in Smolensk and who gathered there healthy, young men and women want to sneeze on the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin together, taking advantage of the sudden freedom all day drinking vodka and moonshine, and indulged in group debauchery. She especially liked the daring YCL MTS to Vyazma. He was big and thick cock and he mastered it brilliantly, and still he had a very strong and gentle hands that caressed so that the bear is Tanya simply could not. It is the first time he took in her mouth and ran after him like a dog, but after he left his Vyazma to his wife and son, and Tanya almost killed herself. Well, that at the meeting it spotted the second secretary of the regional committee, invited to the country and, in the circle of responsible comrades attending the official cars with the same seductive girls as she had fun from the soul feasting delicacies that were on the table in abundance. These pre-war years were not very well off and who lived from hand to mouth constantly Tanya can understand.
Leaning general mood of wealth, satiety, carelessness and permissiveness, Tanya drank champagne, jumped up with another girl on the table, naked and cheered present began to dance to the sounds of hip podrygivaya "International" came from the gramophone. Looking at the young, wholesome, charming Tanya gathered men clicked their tongues, stroking his mustache, wiped fogged his glasses and something unintelligible Snuffles, wiping with drunken rye drooling (the majority of invited senior officials of the party and economic asset area were Georgians, Jews and Lithuanians) and imagine a new world that they built a bright and rosy, for which they were not in vain so many killed, tortured, raped and robbed, dull-witted, slow-witted, Kholuy helpful Russians. But how I would say classic "not long music played, not long fraer dancing"This vocabulary though, and was familiar with most of the present, as in the pre-revolutionary past, all of them were common criminals, but in a new, well-fed, freely and unpunished life was forgotten. And retribution came unexpectedly. Colonel Gotseshvili as chief of the regional department of the NKVD, found out about the rapid feast, in the country of the second secretary of the regional committee on which he inadvertently forgot to invite him, found himself wounded and nursed a grudge. Heard on the second secretary of his wife, who, by the way, and was the mistress of a Caucasian. Enraged for evermore in earnest, Gotseshvili ordered all participants obscene booze arrest and interrogation in the dungeons of the NKVD judged. Together with the second secretary of the tradition, he was arrested and his unfaithful wife. In an open trial, which took place in the city House of culture of railwaymen, they both confessed that they worked for British intelligence and received the task for which it is using their feminine appeal was lured into a secluded place on the government dacha for decision-makers in Pitsunda friend Stalin, and he taking advantage of defenseless Leader had treacherously kill peoples Father. Hysterically yelling at the whole hall, the former second secretary asked workers severely punish him and his wife in such a vile intentions, insidious treachery and double-dealing, expressed confidence that eradicating such sworn working people enemies like him, the Soviet government to build a prosperous society and achieve universal prosperity for the people, as taught by the great Lenin and Stalin teaches great. Accusing the public, himself of all mortal sins, he hoped Gotseshvili, fulfill his promise and save the lives of children. After zachitki, very soft in the opinion of those present in the hall workers, sentencing 18 people were shot in the courtyard of the prison in the evening of the same day, 12 were sentenced to 25 years in the camps, and only 24 (mainly serves the banquet staff) were given 10 years for the same 58 RFSSR article of the Criminal Code. Firing squad all condemned section before the goal. The men lined up in single file to the wall. The wife of the second secretary, a lady with a skater forms, in turn, forced to dance a slow, intimate waltzes all condemned, and when a man's penis to get up, he was taken aside and shot "of fornication". The last was a man. He had seen the fear and did not get up. Then his wife was forced to caress him and make him a sexual act. And when they joined four bullets fired at close range from a rifle struck their bodies bleed. "They died in love and harmony"- Be touched nkvedeshniki and terribly proud of their ideas. Gotseshvili kept his word, and the children of the second secretary was sent to an orphanage in the border area, where they died within a year of hunger and typhus.
All the drama of the shooting and Tanya watched Gotseshvili From his office window. She was detained, along with all but handsome face and chiseled figure, it provided invaluable service. In one of her interviews she saw Gotseshvili and deceived her appearance took her to him. Putting her condition, or to find two girlfriends and unchained him company, and his Caucasian friends or give it Siberia sovey best years of life, and it is in the best case. What he saw in the yard, it has approved the need for close cooperation with the authorities. Hit the road to the village, she shared her desperate situation Lena and Katya and her girlfriends have promised assistance. At the appointed hour, they gathered at the appointed place. The guys arrived on the big, smart car and went to rest on a summer residence to Gotsishvili. The girls liked the young, confident guys. And while they all worked in the organs, which went to the most contradictory rumors they behaved they gentleman. Not zhadilis and girls were treated wine, sweets and ice cream, loved them passionately, fervently and passionately. Flexible and pliant girls also liked the children, and Tanya was pardoned and became a freelance informant bodies. Gradually Gotseshvili and his friends have cooled to Tanya, and she began to perform delicate assignments bodies. It underlay the bed to the executives of the region and it is the next day to report regularly than those of passion talking about someone telling jokes in the preceding proximity feasts. It was on the instructions of authorities and it is not evacuated, but remained underground. Interrogating Tanya Bichenov gradually migrate to the inside of her affection, he loved even once in a special way, this beautiful, childishly naive and sincere girl by fate fallen into such intricate twists and turns of life. When it came time hanging out on the central square of the village bazaar Germans and policemen, and herded the entire population of this and the neighboring villages. In the center stood two tall pillars, and was thrown over the crossbar between them. Between the pillars was a truck, in which the body, right under the bar stood a stool. With the bar hung a rope noose ominous ending.
When, in the upper room to Bichenov Tanya entered in one undershirt shirt, a striking defenseless and touchingly agitated, all in his chest turned. He led her to the window and pointed glance toward preparations. She looked at visilnitsu, deathly pale, and fell back into the hands of Bichenov unconscious. After giving the command to call a paramedic, he carried her to the bench against the wall. The bald, burly paramedic old man fidgeted in his medical bag, found ammonia, soak a cotton wool and put it to Tanya's face. She came from a sharp smell, I jumped up from the bench, with fear looked all around and trembling clung to Bichenov, as if seeking his protection and not realizing it was him even late yesterday signed her death warrant. He could not resist ... and stroked her luxurious hair loose, lightly put his arm around her shoulders and planted on the bench. She immediately jumped up again and held him in horror looking at the two burly machine gunners who had come to escort her to the place of execution and hesitantly stamped at the door waiting for the guidance officer. Tanya looked at again Bichenov stood up, went into the next room, where at one underwear lay drunk yesterday, policemen given to delight SS men, girls. Taking one of them by the hand, he, in spite of her protests, pushed into the room where the gunmen were waiting.
- Here, it is you betrayed us - it is shown in the girl. Tanya learned with horror Lizka, a neighbor down the street, who also worked on the underground. But Liza was a Komsomol leader of the third branch of the guerrilla detachment, and not just on meeting pesochila Tanya for bathing activities and said that the Soviet woman should observe their moral character, that would be after the war, was not ashamed to look into the eyes villagers. Here she gets only intrigues with the Germans, and then for the fact that to get to the guerrillas have valuable information. And this Lizka barely standing on his feet, grinning drunkenly, and that she had betrayed her.
- Pour her a drink, let him drink for your health - Bichenov said firmly, almost no mangling the Russian words. Realizing that from him protection there will be no more of this trembling, Tanya went to the bottle of moonshine, making an effort coped with the approaching hysteria, brought the neck to the faceted glass standing on the table and with trembling hands began to pour muddy brew into a glass spilling many past and nasty knock on the neck of the glass edge.
- Che, lapped by n: yes shiftless - drunkenly screamed at her Liza.
- The product should be protected, - she said, loud hiccup.
Taking a glass in his hand, his eyes assumed a Bichenov, Liza coyly pinky sticking out, clinked glasses with the bottle and said: "Ger your health officer, and your health you Tanya" I saw unpleasant gurgling and drooling in a glass blowing. After finishing, I put the glass on the table hesitantly.
- You Tanya fool! Look what the men are doing nothing - thickly broadcast Lizka.
- All the women we used: Di, and all of us should be one. And you do not ask Tanya and her ma: Do not stick your before others.
- Better to let them in the ass you hand pat than a ramrod ohazhivayut and that thing on your experience - and she has tried to portray disgusted looking at a field telephone.
- Iris go, prigolublyu - zaverescha

  • 80
UTB probably one of the most erotic memories of my youth.
I was 14 years old and in a stairwell with me living my good buddies roditeley- young family with two girls 11 and 8.5 years. Elder-Tanya was extraordinarily beautiful girl. High, even too much for his 11, white-faced, with golden curls, classic features it in spite of all this was a shy quiet child. Although her breasts were not as too large, even compared to its peers breasts she wore a bra and I have never since Tanya was 10 could not even catch a glimpse of them. Lyudochka that just passed the second grade, was brisk sociable girl, though not as pretty as her sister. For me, it was something like a younger sister, and I told her like an older brother. Years that way until 6 she ran naked in their apartment and did not hesitate when I came to visit, but to be honest I do not really, and then looked at her.
One day, the parents of Tanya and Luda leaving somewhere for a wedding asked my mother to sleep in their apartment and look after the girls, as well as my mother and father have gone somewhere to visit the role of night watchman fallen sisters to me. Tanya Lenka while staying with their cousin Ukraine, Marina. Marina was pretty chetveroklashkoy but still quite naive girl for ten let.Hudenkie and thin legs and a bit longish arms. Sisechki then she had already begun to appear but come the evening with a walk she did not hesitate flaunted in front of me, a teenager who saw for the first time in shorts.
I forgot to say that the yard was in '92, and in the city for a week and a half as it was not the normal maintenance of water in homes and so the appearance of the water at the tap, but still hot to the same cause at all understandable desire to swim. I quickly dialed the girls water. First Luda decided to bathe and to my surprise she called me wash it. Going into the bath, I thought that had never seen a naked schoolgirl. All the baby which can be seen on the beach without panties certainly go back in the garden, and I have no interest aroused. And there is quite a big girl, though undeveloped until grudyu.Ya asked if she got into the bath and heard the ringing "Yes" dver.Lyudka opened just at this time dropped the comb into the water and stooped to pick it up so the first thing I saw was her ass and pussy lyudkinoy reverse side, so to myself I called it zrelische.Ya opened the tap to wash your hands, and found that the water already ended. This could only mean one thing-my bathing Lyudka ended neuspev start, as all three girls will have to bathe together and of course without me.I reported this Lyudochka and she turned to me childish clenched jaws half-jokingly, half-seriously said, "miserably".I Quickly, almost forgot the most important thing, switched his gaze on her pubis and photographed it in memory, he reminded me of the letter outlines double yu, left.
After 5 minutes in the room where I sat down to watch TV, ran wrap in a towel Lyudka and cheerfully informed me that Tanya and Marina decided that I them to wash only the beginning I have to tie my eyes, because they both do not want me to see their pussy . I, with joy in the soul, and with outward calm took their game. Surely they both hesitated only be seen, and the rest had no value to them. I like most of my peers were lapalschikami and touching his chest girls 11-13 years through a T-shirt has been a great success, and now this! Probably in the classroom where the boys learn Tanya has not paw the girls, I thought. As I learned later, the idea has filed Marina. She told the girls in the bathroom with her childhood bathed elder brother who was her senior by four years, that is my coeval. When she was 9 years old and she began to be ashamed of his brother, Marina found a way out by asking him to fasten his eyes when he was bathing her. All the girls did not mind that I washed them blindfolded and here Lyudka closely tying my eyes dark scarf let me into the bathroom.
The girls dragged into the bathroom, and a voice recorder Lemokh -It San Francisco town in style disco gave everyone a cheerful mood and emancipation. I barely felt the hand washcloth and soap when we heard the voice of Marina -Tanyuha, you never took off her panties? I playfully said Tanya shy of me even when I'm with my eyes closed. No, she replied shyly. Well, then remove them. I was holding her hand when she started to take off clothes. I did until someone has not had time to touch, but I have a sweet aching all over the body. Lyudka began to tickle me, and I replied as a joke decided to tickle her under. By
- "Oh tickled"-I understand that tickle Marina, but pretending not to discern the voice said - okay Lyudka you still small, nothing will happen to you if I tickle you all, especially you first start. I went through two fingers on the Marina pubis, meeting her pretty timid resistance that way ten seconds when he heard UMF Hardy is Marina and not Luda. According to her tone, I realized that the cheerful mood infected her. Oh, now I jokingly said, I'm sorry Marinka. - Do not worry, brother, I have still not so tickled when bathing, she said cheerfully.
- Well, let's have shampooed finally us - eagerly shouted Luda. Chur, I'm the first! No, Marina older than you, and the senior must be respected - with mock seriousness, I said. Of course, I wanted most of all to touch her because she was older and more beautiful than the other two. I've been washing her hands, rubbed her back, tummy mylil, barely touching the edge of the palm of her chest and all delayed touching the forbidden zones. First, of course I did not mean to girls, and through them their and my parents came to be known my increased interest in certain parts of the girl's body, and on the other hand, I wanted to knock down an erection.
Finally, like my flesh slightly fell ill and I asked Tanya to lift the leg on the edge of the tub to soap ee.Ya led washcloth on my knee when I matured nastupleniya.Ya plan threw the washcloth and lathered hands UMF Hardy rubbed his thigh, then moved a few centimeters left, put his left hand on her waist and cupped her right fondest place ostensibly to fight for the purity of the bodies. Cleanliness I was interested in at the time the least. UMF Hardy flesh I fidgeted seconds three or four, but it was the sweetest seconds for all of my 14 years. Raised leg was the reason that its outer flaps slightly parted and I hitting the finger bone fell out a little tongue instinctively realized that the girls are older structure of the intimate parts of the body akin to large bodies tetek I've seen in porn movies. Especially at Tanyuha were hairs. I did not believe such luck. I washed long enough UMF Hardy's chest. To add excitement, I second hand mylil Lyudkinu ass and back. Tanya turned on the shower and wash off the soap out of the bathroom saying that without it would not be so crowded.
I switched on the marina. On Marina, I have less shy. In her remarks, I realized that she was naive and stupid, even for his ten years. Though she was not nearly pubic hair, except for a small barely noticeable mound above the top slits her washing delivered no less fun to me. Charter to wait for their turn Lyudka domylas itself.
Marinka I never saw, and UMF Hardy family moved to CIS countries through the half-year.

  • 80
Nurse, bribed me (she was constantly in the hallway and never looked into my office), obligingly opened the door for a client, and I quickly pretended to fill out some papers - I do not want to rush things, I loved to look at them from with legs in stockings and tightened clad in shoes with high heels. If a visitor to provided the lady is not particularly pleasant age and build, I usually assume an icy calm, abruptly commanded to undress quickly examined, carefully concealed disgust, prescriptions and advice to dry, like a real expert, why the ladies, of course, melted and talked about I subsequently their girlfriends and daughters of their friends - and among them often come across those that are quite consistent with my requirements.
This time, type of stepping feet threshold in white court shoes on a low heel satisfied me, I let a frown specialist climb higher up round his knees, half-covered with a skirt - great - then even higher, up to the waist, intercepted a narrow white belt; a number of neatly buttoned pugovok blouse brought my mind to a gentle hillocks, the valley between that adorn the modest silver kulonchik, then it's time to last frankness - I saw the face, gentle, light, not mutilated cosmetics, blond hair gently fell on her shoulders, and all of it was such a delicious dairy, fresh, sweet and young, that I involuntarily sniffed, trying to catch the flavor of cream and honey, coming from her slender body flexible.
She smiled shyly - white teeth, tender pink lips.
-Hello, doctor.
-Good afternoon - I said hoarsely, clearing his throat and repeated: - Good day, Mademoiselle.
She lowered her lovely eyes, lashes pubescent colors dark golden wheat, and almost whispered, breathless with timidity:
-I'm on a scheduled scan: Master Doctor.
-Very good - I swallowed and stood up, once again glad that I robe conceals the fact that ahead of time to see my dear client did not stuck. - I beg you, come back to - I pointed to the door to the observation - undress and put on the shirt, which is found on the couch. I still fill your card. What is your name?
-Anna Borje, - she said of observation, I quickly wrote down the name and strained his ears, trying to catch the rustle of their clothing; my patience was rewarded with a slight rustle of skirts descend from the hips and tapping the floor with shoes removed. After stammering voice I inquired of a charming shepherdess Annette date of her birth and complaints (not!), And my dick was carefully draped robe floors, I crossed the threshold of observation.
The girl was sitting on a couch in a short green robe with strings on the back, tucked milk-white legs, and his head down (I bet she blushed up to his ears). I walked closer - it really smelled of something very fresh, sweet, brings to mind the summer months, carried me in a small village at Nice, gentle aroma has just brought from the courtyard of milk and wild flowers, standing in a glass jar by the bed. Unsteady foot I pressed the pedal - the back of the couch sat up, and Annette was a shepherdess in a semi-sitting position; thick hair almost hid her face from me, I saw only the lips, their maddening pink pearl bend.
-Mademoiselle, please drop that shirt, I have to start viewing, - almost whispered to me, panting from the incredible mad longing, and sat down on the couch, touching strained thigh of her creamy white thighs, shrouded barely noticeable golden fuzz - twenty years, twenty-gentle piercing years , pure as the very first morning dew. Yes, Doctor Gilbert - the poet:
She shyly looked up at me with eyes full of milky blue, has got his hands behind his head (flashed a charming reddish fuzz in the marble sink armpits), rasplela naughty timid fingers tie and allowed the shirt to slide with white shoulders, but then bashful gesture of covering the chest and back She turned her face away, blushing.
-Mademoiselle - reproachful smile, I said, trying to simultaneously restore the breathing rhythm - no need to be afraid and ashamed, I'm a doctor, I will not hurt you.
Doctor, yes, but - man. I wonder if my beautiful lady a virgin? This is what we find out later, but I bet that it still has not seriously touched.
Taking her gently but firmly for hands, I threw them into the hand and arms helplessly fell on either side of her prostrate on the body of the couch like two white flexible vines and glow blush stood out even on top of her gorgeous, round, firm breasts crowned as write romantically-minded poets, bud small pink nipples with neat gentle halos - apparently from the cold and fear reared hard tubercles, which should be so pleasant to the touch. For a moment I silently admired this beautiful strong white chest, mentally pressed to her lips and tongue, anticipating the joy of touching the delicate skin of the palms of my impatient, and hesitated, hesitated, exhausted from the painful feeling in the groin and sweet moaning grave pit of the stomach.
-Do not be afraid - I whispered again, she threw back her head and closed her eyes, bursting into a blush; I took the fallen on the chest blond curls, and put his hands on both sides of the gentle hemispheres slightly squeezed them - kulonchik hid in a hollow - then began to gently probe the fingers, without touching the nipple, exhausted from desire, but struggling with him for the future, even more delicious enjoyment.
-It does not hurt, mademoiselle?
-No - she murmured, without opening lashes.
I began to squeeze her breasts - warm and fragrant - tight, massaging them, lifting the bottom up, brought them together and squeezed in his hands, making gentle and strong pea nipples look up, then he loosened his grip and slid up, covering sweet nipples with your fingers, squeezed them to languid aching pain, from which Annette uttered a gasp, but the eye is still not opened, which gave me the opportunity to freely enjoy her face while my hands were studied her breasts with passion, not characteristic of a real specialist. Along the way, of course, I found out that there were no seals no, that's the part of my klientochka healthy, but in no hurry to let go these white warm hemisphere, stroking them, clutching in his hands, bending so low that it must be Annette sensed my hot breath on her skin. Light, almost imperceptible touch alternated more confident, tight, not cause, however, no pain - everything here has been calibrated to the smallest detail. I asked her in a whisper inconsistent to throw his hands behind his head, she dutifully obeyed hypnotized, chest lifted, and nipples, which I did not give relax, defiantly staring at the ceiling; I covered them with his hands and began to stroke in a circular motion, feeling the hardness pink peas, abutting against the connection of mind lines and life in my hands, massaging, then bringing together those juicy white elastic bumps, then allowing them to disintegrate and fall into my cupped palms, filling their delicious weight. All this time, Annette was lying motionless, her lips parted, breathing more and more thrills - I was sure that she was not fully aware that I had simply looking for some. You could now bow down to her face and glare at the pink soft mouth, tongue to get there, and lick the sky teeth ... then, showering kisses on her neck and shoulders, hidden matte gold hair, down to her breasts and to kiss them to the purple marks on the white skin, bury his face in the hollow between them: But I hesitated.
Reluctantly let loose breast Annette, I licked his lips, stood up and gruffly told her to move to a chair, not adjusting her shirt. She briefly and uneasily looked at me, but obediently stood up and walked over to the chair, which I equipped, no matter how funny it may sound, with maximum convenience for yourself: pristupochka allowing my groin to be on the vagina level, prostrate on the client's chair, put forward silently and imperceptibly. The upper part of the chair has been slightly angled, but so that the client could not see my manipulation.
For a moment I turned, enabling Annette climb up on a chair and stared at the ceiling is pointless. Then he turned slowly and stood with delight, filled with my body like a sweet spasm.
The girl was lying, spreading legs, drooping at the stand, the shirt got off at the waist, his chest heaving with excitement and shyness, his eyes, as always, are closed, cheeks covered with a blush. Bosom it was covered with soft, curly golden hair, pink silk slightly moistened (not whether my efforts?), Crimson pea clitoris poured delightful sweetness. On shaky legs, I approached (to hell with gloves), silently telling the girl to lie still and breathe evenly, and touched the middle finger to the moist exuding fragrance of purity, virgin (I hope) the vagina. Gently began to stroke pink petals enjoying their tenderness, then gently touched the clitoris, Annette started and barely audible gasp, and I gently pushed him and began to hold massage, greedily devouring the eyes of the prostrate body in front of me. My efforts were crowned with success - the girl was breathing intermittently and excitement, but the eye is not opened, it chink humidified so that my fingers slid easily penetrate inside, to where were bright transparent drops of fragrant juice. Yes, she was a virgin, but I was a professional, and could help her get rid of this nuisance quietly to herself without difficulty.
Around vital scent of wet lilies, I was choking, I could not stand it any longer. Unnoticed popped pristupochka, I stood on it with one hand while continuing to stroke the shiny moisture pink flesh, getting his finger deeper and deeper, until the thin barrier, and the other hand spread his robe and freed from his pants member, which, on reflection, did not apply lubricant. At that moment, when I bent down to face Annette, she finally decided to open his eyes, but did not utter anything in time, as I groaned and clung to her lips.
My tongue slipped into her mouth, interwoven with its cool sweet tongue, I swallowed her saliva, I was in a frenzy. Her hands still helplessly lying on both sides of her body, fluttered up and dug into my shoulders - she was trying to push me away, but reluctantly. I moved closer and covered her breasts with his hands and, while continuing to kiss stubborn soft mouth and began to squeeze and massage them with furious pressure, nipples rested my palm, I brought them together, blindly ran her lips on his neck, and Annette, muttering: "Hush, hush, all right, mademoiselle"- Dived face in the sweet-scented valley between the two hemispheres, lips encountered the cold metal kulonchiki, then, holding the breast too closely together, taking turns licking sweet pink nipples bitten them gently around the language of ghosting, held on the snow-white flesh surrounding them, a fold under the breasts I have to kiss up to the coveted purple hickey, and in the meantime my cock rested in my wet slit shepherdess and massaged her clit, covered with sap flowing out of the virgin holes. Annette did not cry, no, she moaned and tried to push me away, but weaker and weaker, her head tossed on the pillow, the breast often rose and fell beneath my hands, I still could not put it down and continued to torment the white elastic flesh and pink hard nipples, then squeezing, squeezing them in his hand, then pressed it to his mouth. Pridvinuvshis very close, I lowered one arm and sent the head of the penis to the right place, the flesh gave way reluctantly, letting me; continuing zatselovyvat lips and breasts Annette, I began to gently move her hips, until he felt that the head rested on the barrier. She gasped.
-Are you in pain, mademoiselle? - I asked in a whisper.
-A little bit - she moaned.
And then I had to let go of her breasts and knelt on the pristupochku, so that my lips and tongue fully immersed in the moisture oozing pink flesh. I caressed her, until my cheeks cramped, until I began to choke from the disease of lust, swallowing her tongue juice and goading wet folds, feeling her fingers in my hair, hearing her moans. Prepare it, I quickly stood up, leaned on Annette and entered it to the end, almost painlessly passing the barrier and sensing member moist heat inside the girl. Her breasts tremble under my hands as I rhythmically move her hips, input and output swollen member - Blood was quite a bit, it is mixed with the juice, which has acquired a pink color, I eagerly kissed wet face Annette, the hair on her temples, wet with sweat , neck, shoulders, chest, covered with traces of my kisses, wet and shiny with sweat and my saliva, I squeezed her nipples to the rhythm of copulation and nibbled them, and she arched arc, exposing them to my lips. Looks like we're finished at the same time, when I had managed to reach his lips to her stomach, pulling below the shirt, ran his tongue over the white flesh, catching the nostrils smell juices and blood, then immediately returned to the breasts, squeezed them in his hands and greedily staring into the eyes of Annette - they closed only after mild cramps, ran through her body and pass me. The muscles of her vagina clenched tightly hugging me, I came - though a small atomic explosion blossomed on the tip of my penis - and for a moment was lying on his chest Annette, panting and recovering.
Then: Then I washed the traces of sperm, juices and blood to the penis and washed fleece vagina shepherdess, who was crying silently, but thankfully, helped Annette to come down from the bed of love, led her to the couch and began to dress as a child - the girl was trembling and listless fingers helped me fasten buttons and hooks. Buttoning her blouse, I could not resist and goodbye pressed his lips to the pink nipples, already lost their firmness, but unbearably seductive, then all the buttons buttoned up to the throat, kissed her moist lips, eyes, cheeks, trembling fingers scribbled in the patient's map "healthy", Handed it to Annette, and when the girl, trembling, left my office, I quickly removed all traces of my infatuation in sight, he waited a moment, cleared his throat and raised local telephone handset:
-Delabryu Madam, - I said, he heard the nurse's voice. - Invite the next client.

  • 100
That year I went on holiday to Turkey for a week. I lived in a nice 5 star hotel. I often swam in the hotel pool. One day while bathing, I noticed that one of the Turks all the time looking at me. When I lay down on a sunbed, I noticed that his interest in me has not died away. I was curious, and I began to examine it. He was about 30-35 years old, handsome, tall, podkachennaya figure, brunette, with vegetation on the chest and legs. My name is Mehmet. We reviewed so before dinner. After I went to the restaurant for lunch. When I dined, he went and asked in English if you can sit down. I was not against it, the more I have it somewhat intrigued. We had a long talk with him, he is a businessman, has its factories in Turkey. It took two days.
We saw him, spoke on various topics. I liked him as a companion. One day he invited me to itself home. Gorgeous house with a small garden and a swimming pool, a small paradise in general. We drank a little whiskey, Mr handed a cigarette, he said that relaxes. We smoked and talked, gateway drug hit me in the head. Mehmet offered bought up in the pool, I agreed. He was stripped to the goal and jumped into the water. Woozy, I also undressed and jumped into the water. The water was warm, that even more dizzy.
In the pool, keeping the elbows for bordyurchik we drank some whiskey. Suddenly, his hand touched my testicles and began to massage them. I was shocked, I wanted to remove his hand, but the pleasure in the body and mind relaxed stupefied me. I wanted it. Before that I never had relations with men. I wanted to try it, but thought it would never happen: Mehmet kissed me passionately. I started massaging his big dick, his scrotum, and he was poking his finger in my ass. I desperately wanted to continue. We got out of the water, lay on a large lounger by the pool and began to kiss. We were enveloped the evening twilight, warm breeze caressing our body, while I took his penis in her mouth. The first time I saw a member of the Muslim, without the upper flesh. I took his cock in her mouth and began to suck as he could. His cock nice smelled his body.
Mehmet trembled and released a portion of sperm in me. I even choked, coughing out his lungs Turkish sperm. My mouth and my face was all in the semen, taking a napkin, I wiped it with nectar from my face and swallowed the remnants of his semen in my mouth. Yes, the seed he ejaculated more than the varied and far. Meanwhile, he put two fingers in my anus and began to move them back and forth, it was painful and pleasant at the same time. After he took the cream smeared them his cock, my ass, put me on the back. I spread her legs wide. He raised his circumcised penis to my anus and began to enter it. His head barely penetrated me. It hurt, I tried the fingers to help him shove his cock into me. Centimeter by centimeter, he drives the his "friend" my narrow hole. Well, I took it completely in myself, I feel it deep inside me a whopper.
It hurt a little, but my partner is not paying attention to my attempts began quickly to fuck me. I moaned in pain, but eventually I moaned with pleasure, and Mehmet drives the his whopper all, sometimes it seemed to me faster and faster, I kuvyrknus from the back to the stomach, so he pushed me strongly. Then he put me "cancer" and I began to fuck me in this position. I groaned loudly, begging him to fuck me again and again, calling him their Sultan, etc. During this perepiha I felt like something flowing from me and wiped his finger continuing to moan the fluid, thinking that his sperm, but it was my blood !! Mehmet did not pay any attention to it and continued to fuck me, he suddenly groaned aloud, and finished with me. His hot cum filled my all. B -chchpok. His cock came out of me. My ass was burning, semen with blood leaking from my priests and flowed to the shin. My lover east lay beside me and went to sleep. I looked at the bluish water pool and thought that today I have a new life. I really liked to be with a man, feel it in yourself, to feel his cum in her rectum: Pain in the anus distracted by thoughts. Back at the hotel, I took a bath, washed the semen from the anus and began to study it. He was purple color, big and badly swollen.
The next day I was restless, waiting for the arrival of Mehmet. When he arrived, he asked how my ass. I replied that it bakes. After we sat in my room chairs, sipping whiskey and smoking cigars. Mehmet approached me, pulled out his penis and gave me in the mouth. And licking his penis, sucking his big testicles, after Mehmet grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth stringing on his club. It was a new experience for me. He scored a furious pace, trying to string me as deeply as possible, I did not even have time to swallow saliva, going in my mouth. It is a long time to come. I became afraid to hurt his jaw and mouth. Finally he came, this time I choked, quickly swallowing his viscous, salty sperm. .. That night I had a plane to his homeland. With terrible pain in the mouth and anus, I leave this little paradise.

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And here again it is - a tense,
Flushed, red, evil;
Gait trembling fits,
Dreaming ... and re-enter your -
The natural ardor, desires thirst
He tried to bestow.
And passion again izlivshi soul
Pitcher Love her drink.
Seeks, in joyful embrace,
Wish will conquer.
And try inadvertently,
Balsam has not shed a drop,
On a bed, love - passing happiness,
The birth of life to gain.
And, by wet vessel
Again, do not inadvertently pass.
He slipped. But by chance,
In another lair was,
And long tortured at a loss,
Zest he's looking for.
But the narrow entrance -
Dirt, stench and filth,
They squeeze it again.
He stubbornly, carefree,
I squeeze everything forward;
In an effort to climb,
Penetrate deeper
One can understand, know and see everything ... Well,
At the end of tired. And then he realized,
That happiness is not there. And what ?!
He went out, threw off his dirty rags,
And the rest, he was re ...
The mansion, joyfully and briskly,
He grasped a new love!
Love, luck pleasure.
Love without rare afflictions.
Love, sublime passion.
And without excesses speeches -
Here there izlivshi happy soul;
I lost consciousness and listen,
Warnings and articles
Abstruse words, blame the doctors -
He refused; again and again,
He exclaimed: - It's Love!

Well, that's finished, finally,
And I know that fellow!

  • 80
This story may seem surprising, but something happened what happened - husband had raped his wife. Tell me that does not happen - because the wife is obliged to give and no violence here can not be. It turns out that it can.
Bob Sveta lived together for several years. Sex between them was, but some bland - several times a month, and the fast, without varieties. Once Bob shared with the men, they say that the wife gives a little. Those just laughed. "You say, only in the classic pose, and rarely - the men marveled. - Not a blowjob, or anything. Well, you fucking give. Talk to her on the souls.
In the evening, Vaska tried to talk about sex, but all to no avail. "I want to sleep"- Briefly said his wife and turned to the wall. He wanted to pristoritsya pyschnoy ass, whisper in his ear something kind, all to no avail. In the morning he complained to friends. And the guys decided to personally look at a wife-touchy. They drank a little liquid courage, and with Vaska by came to his home. Wife, I must say a special joy of this visit has not experienced. I collected on the table, something unintelligible said and retired to another room.
"Yes, it is really strange with you, - noticed friends - may still will invite to the table?" They called, but that in any did not agree. And the vodka in the meantime more and more struck in the head. "Let's fuck it all "kolkhoz"? - Someone suggested. The idea pleased everyone except the Vaska: "What do you mean - she's my wife". "And maybe you fuck her crappy - it is necessary to check".
Soon, one of the most active rose from the table and left.
Talking to light it began from afar, then became resolute, and when rebuffed - grabbed her and threw on the floor. The cry ran everything. Look - she asks on the floor, and Petya (so called man) tries to undress her. Without hesitation, the entire company has been actively helping someone. In the struggle it had little Svetka vmazat. Then it was poured into half a glass of vodka, and then stripped. Well, then ... so she vzharil on most nihochu. And Svetka ass fucked, and forward. Over time, she did not resist, and even sometimes moaning and every member has taken. But they somehow had five.
Imagine how it uhaydokali men (also got Vaska). The event when Svetku flogged the wrong guys, so it has brought. By the end of Sveta already screaming:
"Ebite me ebite". In short, started with violence, but it turned out ... Everything, in short, satisfied, everyone laughs. And sex after the couple became normal. Like this.

  • 60
I knew that the life of my beloved brother in my arms, and was ready to do anything but he did not do anything wrong. I was brought into a luxury apartment, I do not know how many rooms there were, and they were just marvelous. They put me on the sofa. Three men came out, there was one. He brought me a very nice dinner. Then he told me what I should do in this apartment, said that I should be given to any man who will hint me that I should forget about the panties and bra, now I have to walk only in her robe. As it turned out, the man that gave me a guide called Michael.
After I ate, Michael told me that now he will teach the basic rules of behavior in his home. He ordered me to take off her panties, but stay in a skirt, it's the last night, which I spent in a skirt and not in her robe. After I took off her panties, I was ordered to stand on all fours, I immediately did so, and then received a severe blow in the stomach foot, he casually picked up my jaw and said I should remember once and for all, that when I ordered get up on all fours, none of my holes must not be closed, that I should always raise a bathrobe. And what is true of the skirt. I immediately lifted up her skirt. Michael praised me, saying that I quickly learned the first lesson, and that it has no desire to take me a few times and patted me on the ass and said that I did not think to get up without permission. I continued to stand on all fours, afraid to do that or whether that might anger him. Michael at this time sitting on the couch telling me that I was not a month free from anything that my body no longer belongs to me. Allow me to get up, he wished me good night and left the room.
I woke up early in the morning, Michael, he brought me a dressing gown, and said that I had changed. When I stayed in front of him completely naked, he ordered Me to stand up and stretch your hands on the floor, I immediately obeyed. Coming back, he unzipped his fly and put a member of the anus. Very pushing, a member has not entered into me because of dryness. He became very angry and said that I would greatly regret his brethren if it continues, pointing at me with a jar of grease on the table. After that, he moved the head to the vagina and abruptly entered into me, he began to move slowly, for the first time in my life I took so unceremoniously, I was very sad and disgusting. After a few minutes of monotonous movement Michael took a cock and told me to get up. He calmly told me that my ass should always be available to him and that if he is still at least would not just be able to enter me there, severely punish me. Then he left the room, and a few minutes later came back with a tray in her hand, which was the breakfast. Michael wished me bon appetite and left.
I ate and thought. I had to spend two weeks here, two weeks of hell. I do not know why Michael took me this morning and did not finish in me, last night, he said that if there is a day when he did not finish, then in the evening I will be punished. After breakfast, I went to the table and made him a tube of lubricant. Liberally lubricated anus and vagina, just in case. Before I finish, as Michael entered the room, he said that he saw as I smeared himself and he did not want to let my efforts wasted.
Putting my cancer, he came into my little hole on the entire length of the lubrication is not impeded its spread. I felt terribly hurt, I cried, and regretted it. Michael abruptly pulled out my dick rose, and with a force even stronger than last night hit me naked in the stomach, I fell back against the wall and moaned, he said that if once again hear any moans or whether it would kill his brother. He made me to ask him to take me in the ass. I had no choice, and I begged him to take me back. He did it, Michael insert member into me very roughly, the entire length of deliberately trying to make me as painfully as possible, but I did not utter a sound. He began to become more frequent movement, after the spun me and stuck my dick in your mouth. He took me by the hair and began to pull on his cock, and then finished in my mouth, I did not tempt fate and quickly swallowed all. Michael told me to properly clean up after themselves, I licked his cock as she could, he pushed me away. Standing in front of me, his foot was in my face, he said that he did not like my butt, it is too narrow, and that I have everything not arbitrarily squeeze it. He said that it will work out well before they start using the full.
He walked over to the table, pulled a drawer and took from there the rubber member, which was clearly more than usual. He gave it to me in the face, and told him to insert in the ass. I became embarrassed to enter it, Michael laughed when he saw the picture, and said that if I do not bring it immediately to its full length, it will help me, and laughed again. I abruptly put him in his little hole, I felt very hurt and I wanted to get him out as quickly as possible. But Michael said that I could take it out, only after my permission. He sat on the couch, playfully looked at me, and I was so hurt that I would lose consciousness, if only this pain ceased. He said he will have done this exercise every day, because I'm too clench the anal muscles when he takes me. I promised him that the next time do not squeeze them and requested to allow me to take out a member of the ass, I was very hurt, he began to slip a little bit of me, and was delighted that, but my joy was not long. Michael noticed that the rubber member slips out of me, and warned me that if I do not stick with it, it will do it with these words he furiously jumped off the couch and drove it into my very foundation. According to my hips I started to bleed. I realized that if I will not hold the arm member and give him more time to slip out of me, no longer bear such pain. I felt uncomfortable to hold his hand. He praised me and said he was going out, and told me not to let a member of another 30 minutes, pointing to the clock on the wall. I knew that he would be watching me so she could not fool him, and get him a little crazy. Despite the great pain and blood flows out of my ass, and dostoyano 30 minutes until the last second, then took out a member of itself, and fell asleep on the floor.
I woke up from the palm strokes on the cheeks, opening her eyes, I saw in front of Michael. He said that as of today I've had enough, and ordered detained the day to serve him, he said it was so .... I barely got off the floor, there was a terrible pain in the anus. Sitting next to him on the sofa, I unzipped his fly on his jeans and lowered to the bottom of the melting, pulled limp dick. I carefully took the cock in her hand and bared head, then stood between his legs at the knees and took in his mouth a member, he began to swell, and he became very hard after a few minutes of my efforts. I tried to swallow a member as deeply as possible, I was scared, if he thinks that I do not try it will take me in the ass, he saw that it was very painful to climb, and he knew that I was there very painful, after that he forced me to do. So I swallowing dick as deep as she could, at times it seemed to me that I have to throw up, but I'm much more afraid of his torture. Michael took me by the hair and began to lower and raise my head in the rhythm in which he wanted. He then patted me on the buttocks, which meant that he wanted to take me cancer. I immediately stood up in front of him on all fours and lifted her robe, I was very afraid that he would take me in the ass, but he did not do it, and brought a member into the vagina. I began to be fed back to meet his movements, not by the fact that I was pleased, but simply by the fact that I was afraid of the new penalties for ... what I gave him passively. He sometimes patting me on the buttocks, from what I felt calmer, it meant that the pit well.
Michael told me that he likes to cum in my mouth, I was afraid to miss the moment when he nachet finish, it would inevitably lead to a new punishment. It took me a long time, after which it is frequent movement and it became harder to breathe, I realized he was going to finish. Turning sharply, I took his cock in his mouth, and with the power of Michael pulled me into his hair. My mouth filled with sperm. He has several times pulled me to a member of the hair, then took it out of my mouth, and wiped it with my hair refueled. Michael said that I deserved supper and left the room ...
To be continued...

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