It was the summer of this year! Real history, fiction no kapli.U my mum has a girlfriend - Tanya. She often comes to visit us. So this summer it priehala.Zhivet it alone. It looks in their 50s to 4+. Short, small breasts in the palm is placed, a tiny ass, in general Thumbelina. Applies it to me as a son, but look like the beginning of something stranno.Mne 25, I am married and live with my mother. Upon learning of the arrival of tons. Tanya naturally came home, my mother was not at home, she opened the door. Kissing on the lips at the meeting, do not know how it happened, but my tongue was at her mouth, and we have merged in a long kiss, the passion overflowed nas.Ya pressed her against the wall in the hallway, pulled up her gown and removed her panties, and fell down before pubis, covered with a thick layer of hair, she threw her leg on my shoulder and I started licking her greedily. Gradually began to emerge wet, I caressed her and caressed her, I suddenly felt a slight twitching of her stomach, a couple of minutes and she screamed. My penis is already aching with excitement, she abruptly took off her leg from his shoulder, and took me by the hand, led him into the bedroom. I lay on the bed, and her lips touched my penis, she caressed him very gently, very light touch like breeze, but it was very cool. A few seconds later she was on me, I was tuned to the beat of her while stroking her clitoris. She abruptly stood up and said that I entered her from behind. In this position, I was very comfortable to touch her very large clitoris somewhere 1cm, I pinched him, rubbed his fingers and the effect is not long to wait - she had finished. Then she took my cock in her mouth, she twisted, swallowing it at full length, wanker. It's my time and finish. She felt it and asked me to come into her anus. Tanya stopped and I was with her, she stood in front of me on all fours, I stuck 2 fingers and stretched his anus, so I could easily get into her ass. A few more thrusts and her ass burst into my spermoy.Potom we sat and drank tea were talking about that, about this. More sex, we did not.

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Chapter 14.
Book Ani Where did you get those stockings? - His mother asked, noticing my new thing.
- I bought myself.
- And how the money?
- I save.
- On what?
- For lunch.
She paused, went into another room. I returned. He sat in a chair. For a long time staring out the window. The fine rain drizzled continuously since yesterday evening. It is here, in the south, instead of snow. The picture always brings sorrow.
- Come, sit side by side, - she told me. I sat on the edge of the second seat.
- Anna. (Something is serious, time "Anna").
- What, Mom?
- Anna, you are aware of their actions?
- What kind of action?
- On the night of your visits over the fence.
Good pilots. They have, I heard there is a button is pressed and flew along with the chair. Catapult called. I would now be such. But, alas, I am still sitting in the chair and you need something to respond.
- I do not know what you mean? - I mychu helplessly.
- You know - it moves closer, I feel that she drank.
Apparently, I walked into the other room. This is really bad.
- What do you mean? - I do not even know what to say.
- What I have, and I will give, in the words of a young man your father!
- Why are you angry?
- Aren `t you ashamed! He is twice as old as you! You're a disgrace to me!
How far have you gone? Answer me!
- What's gone?
- You say that gone? What then happened. But it was too late.
- I do not understand.
- You pretend to be a fool or this is?
- This is.
- So. You're also impertinent mother. Tomorrow go to the doctor.
- Which doctor?
- Our general doctor. Gynecologist called. And if it turns out that Sasha
seduced you, I'll put it in the zone. Ten years. That's how we'll do.
- I will not go to the doctor.
- Aha! Feels cat whose fat eaten! You go, how cute.
- Will not go.
- If you have nothing, what do you fear? Routine inspection.
I was silent. I could tell her that we had nothing, but an inexplicable feeling of protest made me silent. I wanted to annoy her. What happens if it is firmly confident in my fall, finds out that I'm still a girl?
- You worried about my innocence or what we communicate with them?
- I do not like your tone! I care about both.
- Okay, I'll go to the doctor. But if your suspicions prove untrue, then what?
- Nothing. Do you want something to bargain for yourself?
- I did not say that.
- But the thought.
- How do you know what I thought?
- Because I gave birth to you. You disgrace me.
- What I'll disgrace?
- You go to Sasha. He is twice as old as you. It you are not a couple.
- And who I pair? You will pick up my own, right?
- But how can you talk to me? Shut up now!
- Okay, I'll shut up. But then there is no point to ask you.
- It makes sense. Not Hami me and answer my questions only!
- Is this an interrogation?
- Consider that the questioning. What is your relationship?
- Good.
- So. All clear. I forbid you to see him.
- Why so?
- Quarantine. And I'll talk to him. Casanova from the general store!
Then I exploded.
I told her everything. Of them with his father scandals at constant mark the with turbulent libations, about the fact that to live is intolerable that Sasha for me to vent from our terrible life, I'm in the house feel like a stranger, she now, in rare moments, when suddenly I ventured to raise, still could not help but klyuknut - I burst into tears ...
mother's lips trembled and she began to cry, too. I could not resist and ran to her and hugged her neck. We narevelis plenty. Comedy, and only.
Strange to say, we became closer.
I felt sorry for her, and she me. You're in love with him, she asked. Yes, probably, I replied. You will be hard with him in such a big age difference. What I first such, or what? But you complicate life itself. No, Mom, no one knows how everything goes. Yes, guessing meaningless. Mom, how do I make you my father was better? I do not know, you're a big, can see for yourself, it is impossible. But you were in love? And how! He took care of me. My mom did not like him, so he tried his best. But the years passed, the love faded. And here's the result. And I, mother? Am I not the result?
We even cried. It became easier.
- This is the woman's share, - he whispered the mother - let's go make dinner.
And we went to think about dinner.
All. Tomorrow give Natasha a notebook. Re-read everything again. Nothing good
I could not get. It would be better not start to write. But, what really is now.
The rich, and so happy.
Book Igor
All. Last time. I promise myself. Last time. To me it is no longer necessary. I have a girlfriend. But today - the last time. Farewell tour. I quickly. Roundtrip. And I went on an evening street. Light frost slightly burned face. I decided to just go to kindergarten, and nowhere else. Right back.
The front door did not creak. At the kindergarten area burned only a few dim bulbs. It was quiet. Very quiet. But I knew that this silence is deceptive. Somewhere in the dark small kindergarten pavilions were primary school teens love our school, and enterprising men to the frontier gave lessons to young women living in our town. By nine o'clock in the evening all the pavilions, as a rule, have been busy, cupids and within two hours of hurried and impatient care serves its customers and unpretentious.
Trying to tread softly, I went to the first entry of the house.
- Bob, do not play - there was a girl's voice from inside the whimsical.
This couple I knew. Bob was an oak tree, and his timid and hopeless mischief threatened to drag on for years. I slipped in ... the next house. He listened. Silence. It is not true, I knew there was someone there. I held my breath. The sound was barely catch, but I heard it. There just kissing.
- Are you still with no one to kiss? - I heard a quiet question.
The answer I was not interested. It is possible that with anyone. As I used to be. I went on. The third house was in a place that was lit worse than others. In addition, it was off the main track, and a couple who needed a special privacy and tried to take it early. I walked closer and already a few steps identified what was happening. The hot breath, moaning like weeping, rhythmic creaking of the entire structure left no doubt. The dynamics of love.
As such.
- Tanya, can I finish with you? - I heard a hoarse whisper male passion.
"Stop, which is already there"- I thought, and almost said it out loud.
I gingerly stepped aside.
I have not heard that said Tanya.
Probably solved. Holy thing.
I went to the fourth house. I immediately realized that here, and the truth is, no one. There were only three arbors and had nowhere to hurry. Today, I am so in sprinter mode. A minute later, I heard footsteps. To lodge were. I froze. They went inside. Man Woman sat on the table. They began to kiss. I looked through the crack. My God, it was Dima Svetka! From my class. But! All that is now leaving. Goodbye all. I to you will not come. I listen to what lives and our children - ciao, ciao!
I became a full hearing.
- Something happened? - Said Dima.
- I'm pregnant - said Light. - I am pregnant.
Now I understand why people sometimes cover with hand over mouth in surprise.
So as not to jaw dropped.
No shit myself!
- We were at the doctor, I was pregnant - she whispered.
- It can not be - he said hoarsely.
- We were at the doctor.
- Who is it "we"?
- Me and mom.
- What did the doctor say?
- He said, "a girl is pregnant, but she is a virgin".
- The doctor was a man?
- Yes. He also added that this "St. Mary's syndrome".
- What syndrome?
- Virgin Mary.
- What does this mean?
- I do not know - it seems to be crying.
- It is necessary to find out what kind of syndrome. Maybe this is not the pregnancy.
I walked two steps. This news, I did not expect. Got Game Babes With the last batch! How they did it? I smiled, I imagined what would happen if I just entered the house and briefly explained to them what it means "St. Mary's syndrome". That would Hochma! But they were not joking. Especially her. Yes, and it is our newly Joseph probably have put his pants from fear. I went to the main garden path, I walked to the door. I was no longer interested in anything. Farewell, my shameful passion, good-bye, I will not go back to you.
While on vacation almost every evening we spent together with Natasha. We went to the movies, even ran to the dance, to the museum, the exhibition. I'm indifferent to the matter, but she wanted to, and we went. In the afternoon we, sinking your feet in the sand, walking on the beach, throwing bread vociferous, cheeky seagulls, ran off from the rolls in the waves and we were very happy. It turns out that it takes quite a bit.
Being in love and being in love with.
Unfortunately, the tenth of November vacation ended and school began again. I was jealous of Natasha to Mishka, I was annoyed that he was sitting right behind her.
- I have nothing else to it, - she said, when I clearly showed
signs of jealousy.
- But was it? - I asked.
- What was the splyl, - she said - do not be jealous, I have only you.
Winter came quickly. What I described in the beginning, about the garden and Dimka Svetka, it occurred on the first day of winter. A fifth of December ... Fifth, we skive as the same output, Constitution Day. A good day.
On this historic day, we caught a glimpse of the day.
- Come to us tonight - said Natasha.
- To you? Home? In what time?
- By six.
- Why do you have such a weird look?
- Nothing mysterious. You will know later.
- Well, six since six.
Honestly - I worried. We still have a child afraid of her father. His police cap patsanva resulted in an easy thrill. Yet nothing naughty, we were afraid of him. And I faced a meeting with him. Especially I am a coward like it was nothing, but I was worried. And her mother? How did she accept me? They are wealthy people, but are we? Despite all the rhetoric about "the absence of soil for social inequality", We still felt that Natasha other bird flight.
Much easier. I rang the bell, the door opened Natasha and I went. It was a long, below the knee, orange robe, in a dress I had never seen her before. Now, it seemed to some very home. Her blond braid was thrown forward on his chest.
- Good evening, - I said, furtively looking deep into the apartment.
- Hey, - she said. - Come on.
I walked into a spacious foyer and the first subject on which rested my opinion, was the uniform cap of her father. She lay on a special shelf above the rest of the coat. As a family heirloom.
- Undress, remove their shoes, slippers here, come, - she said very quietly.
- Who is sleeping? - I asked, dipping his feet in the soft, spacious chuni.
- No one is sleeping, I'm just at home alone, - she said.
Apparently, every loaf would have looked at that moment smarter than I am.
- They're at a concert in honor of the Constitution Day - Natasha smiled.
What I stump! After all, today is a holiday. The culture of the concert house. It happens every year. To keep up with Moscow. Now what? We are alone? It turns out, it is specially called me, knowing that the rest of the evening we'll be together? Like so.
Goosebumps ran down my spine.
- Here we have a kitchen, there's room, parents' bedroom there - I went after her, as
- How much do you have rooms? - I asked, just to be silent as Dundukov.
- Four.
- Wow. Yes, you bourgeois - I slowly out of the collapse.
- Before the bourgeoisie us away.
- And how many meters you ...?
- Honestly, I know not, - she said shyly.
- As much as possible and they do not know - I chuckled.
- Come on, you will look at my cell, - said Natasha.
- Here, here I remain, - Natasha threw up her hands. - Look.
I stopped dead in his tracks. On the floor lay an enormous bearskin.
- Dad brought from Siberia in the year before.
- Sorry beast.
- I, too, was at first sorry for him, but I got used to it, so stay cool.
- Advance something on it or around at least you can get?
- Do not worry, he does not bite.
- No, I still wanted sneakers - I said, and left socks, foot
stiff wool.
- I also love to stomp on it barefoot.
On the table stood a stereo tape, none of us there were not. I wondered what I know Natasha from the first class, but has never been away from her. As I have it.
- Listen, to you some of our walks?
- Almost nobody. We live somehow apart. I do not know how to explain.
- Position your father.
- I do not think that's the main thing, - she said.
- And what records do you have?
- Adamo network, Beatles, Rolling Stones, which deliver?
- Put Adamo.
She began to put the coil, and I went to the bookshelf.
- And where Mandelstam?
- It is hidden now show.
- How many magazines do you.
- All the father brings.
- And it's all confiscated?
- No, what you are is familiar to him. Sit down over here, in the legs there is no truth.
- Comfortably you - I flopped into a chair.
- Here Mandelstam, look - she was standing right next to me.
- This thin and so much noise?
- He's written a few.
- You'll give esteem?
- No, my father did not make permits. Only here. Do you want to see the logs.
In the tape finally ran out a blank piece of tape and there was a slightly hoarse voice Adamo. The atmosphere in the room became quite different. I sat in a chair, kneeling at me was a pile of foreign magazines, and next to me was my girlfriend. I still felt shaky, some are difficult to explain the fear clawed foot clutched my heart. For some reason, remembered a book about cats, saying that for knitting (ekoe word for you!), And so, for mating to wear your cat to cat, and not vice versa. If you bring a cat to cat, then it will not work. I suddenly felt thereby cat, which brought to the cat, and which, of course, will not work.
- I sit and you stand? Come on the contrary, - I said.
- No, you sit and I sit on the arm - it has become a bridge.
- So you still uncomfortable. Maybe sit on the bed?
Honestly, I said it without a second thought. I just have to sit at home on the bed was a common pastime. Natasha blushed.
- No, - she said - so if you want, let's sit down at the bear.
- Come on, I never sat on the skin clumsy.
And we sat down. I stretched out his legs, leaned back in the bottom of the chair, he sat beside Natasha. feet tucked under him. I leafed through the magazine, they were mostly spectacular images of foreign actors, shots from some unknown movies. Natasha became something to talk, comment, and my blood pounded in his temples. I desperately wanted to hug her. How easy it was in the woods, in the cinema, in the park, so it seemed impossible here, in her home. The invisible face of her father, as if the ghost of Commander, looked at me from all angles. The magazine lay on my lap, and she drove on it his small, thin handle, and the light touch I felt his hips, my friend painful the strained since, as I have here came from those of its movements seem to be going all burst. In general, the whole month of our stormy love my boyfriend behaved horribly.
It was night and day.
I woke up in the morning - sticks. I wrote in school -torchit control. I flew out on a date - more sticks. I kissed Natasha, he demanded her, I purposely attracted to a girl so as to enable the Nahal cling to her body, and only in those rare cases when it happens, as it on the balcony, then he calmed down, but not for long. Pal again and again demanded his. And his strong sentiments seem overpowered my fear of Natasha's father. I started back his arm and gently embraced Natasha's shoulders. She froze and fell silent, then slowly turned his head toward me. I pulled her to him and kissed her. I love you, I whispered, looking up for a moment from her lips, and then he fell down at her again. With delight, as if it were the first time, I felt that Natasha replies to my kisses, she clung to me, I put my hand on her chest, and I was like burned. Through the thin fabric of her robe, I felt that my daughter no bra. Journals fallen to the side. Overseas beauties with envy looking at us with their glossy covers.
- What you're beautiful, Nat - I whispered and kissed her neck.
- The most common, - she said, her voice trembling.
- Let's undo all, - I said, and began to unbutton her coat.
Honestly, if she resisted, if even a gesture or a word tried to stop me, I'm sure I would have stayed, I would have stopped.
But she did not resist. It allowed me to completely undo the buttons, and I was almost stunned with delight. The road was open, waiting for me, I loved, I loved, I wanted her, this girl and nothing was me, or rather, we have to stop. I baldel the sight of her breasts with dark nipples tubercles, with all its slender, youthful body, the sight of her little white lace panties.
- Where is the justice? - She laughed, when I began to kiss her breasts.
And I understood. Mug! I jumped up and stripped at a rate which was only capable of. I stayed in his shorts. I like her. However, she remained on the shoulders of her robe, but that did not matter.
We were lying on their sides facing each other, and I stroked her breasts, one, another. Then we began to kiss again, I went to the girl, I put his elbows, so as not to crush her with his weight. And it was the moment when I stood up and began to remove her panties, and she did not resist. She even got up a little, so I was comfortable. Now she was completely naked. I quickly dropped the pants. I stroked, I caressed it, my friend rested against her stomach, I started to move lower, and suddenly she made a motion, after which it became clear one, no way back.
She spread her legs.
... I helplessly poked his strained to the limit boyfriend somewhere in her lower abdomen, but did not find the target. I could not stop kissing her on the lips, or rather, we are constantly kissing, and there down on my rocket tried to dive into the coveted mine and could not love hot planet. Nothing worked. Again and again. And in any way. I growled in her ear something unintelligible.
- What? - She said, almost inaudibly.
- It is impossible, - I muttered plaintively.
I have wanted to help his hand and stroked her down there. It was all so wet, you want to, I whispered, and suddenly felt the new Natasha's movement she bent her knees and pulled them up, so that I caught a glimpse of brilliance of their smooth skin. And at the same instant with totally indescribable delight I felt that I got.
I hit, hit, hit.
Probably due to its motion. Probably. But it happened. I began to enter into it. And it is impossible to describe. I got a hold of his beloved. She gave herself to me. It became mine. Natasha softly gasped, shuddered, and I, trembling and almost screaming with passion, overcome all the way. Expected obstacles I have not felt, but it was tugovato. A moment of bitterness gave way to unimaginable joy.
I was in it. I was in it. In large letters before the end of the page.
Only four words. I was in it.
I walked in and froze. We did not kiss. I looked into her face and did not move. Her mouth was slightly open, she was breathing rapidly and hot, her eyes were almost closed. I did not move. Her long, black eyelashes trembled, and she looked at me with misty eyes.
- Well, what are you? Come on ... - she whispered almost inaudibly.
- I do not have it ... I have no nothing.
- Do not be afraid. Today, everything is possible. Come on ...
And she closed her eyes again, her head slightly cocked to one side.
And I began to give.
I gave all of my previous failures on the love front, I gave for his terrible lowly passion for voyeurism, I seemed to feel it, this infection goes away from me, never to return. I gave with all his unspent youthful ardor, I give, give, and our breathing was noisy and hot. I have given and heard her soft moans, I gave, marveling at the exact coherence of our movements. I gave and I felt that to take off the edge, even a little bit, and will happen, is that it allowed. "Today we can all". Whether words are sweeter?
Particularly, if the first time.
I do not know how I live life. Long or short. But if there is someone who controls our mind and senses, then I would ask him only one - that has never been erased from my memory those magical moments of my first intimacy with my girlfriend. With my woman. With the one with which I have become a man.
I felt that everyone - Now. Now.
And it began. It was impossible to stop.
I breathed in her ear horrible, shameful words:
- Natasha! I'm going down! I'm going down! I went down. I went down on my ... ... Oh!
I fought in the sweetest, unimaginable spasm. I filled it.
I tried to take it apart and heard passionate whisper:
- I felt! Oh, God, I felt. Oh, I feel! Oh oh oh...
Her body suddenly felt like a steel spring, she arched her back to meet me and finely trembled, her breasts have become so hard that I felt this hand, she loudly screamed and bit into my shoulder, not dug, but rather simply buried in his open mouth and thin, long "ah-ah-ah-ah" completed it and my sweet suffering. She leaned back, and I'm trying to stay on his elbows, fell on her.
It did not get to breathe normally. I, too, athlete, I thought to myself. Her body shook as after weeping. I began to kiss her cheek, I whispered to her that I loved her, that I will love you forever, I asked if she was all right? Yes, she said, sobbing.
- You will not regret? - I whispered to her.
- No, I myself wanted it - she replied with disconcerting candor.
- With me - I want? - I asked.
- With you, with you - it is easy to kiss me on the nose.
- I love you - I repeat once again this evening.
- And I love you.
Surprisingly, down there, my friend, though podrasteryal almost all of its enthusiasm, however did not want to leave the hospitable space. Even more surprising was the fact that after ten minutes when we could breathe quietly and whispered to each other all sorts of tenderness, he seemed offended that we forgot about it, I started up and quickly got into the whole mouth. Where it was.
Natasha and I looked at each other in surprise.
- What does it mean? - She laughed.
- Perhaps we poured our bad rosettes.
- And, in my opinion, even too much.
- No, bad - I slowly began to move.
- No good.
- But we can be even better - I increased the pace.
- What could be better ...
I closed her mouth with a kiss. She turned away and whispered:
- Promise me.
- What? - We have already moved in unison.
- You're so clever, but slow-witted. Promise!
- What? What?
- What we get married ...
- Of course, darling, of course. We get married, - I was moving much, sharply.
- Igor ... Igor ... - she called me as if from a great distance.
- You feel good? - I asked. The climax was approaching.
- Yes, yes, but not in a hurry, so come on, slow down. Oh my God! Igor, what are you doing with me. Oh my God! I can not! I can not! Oh oh!
- Natasha, you're my female, I took possession of you, I mastered you, you gave me ...
- Yes, and you are my male, I have given you, I gave you, you took me. And I'm glad. Oh! I can not, Mom, oh, my God, I can not bear it, oh, what are you doing to me! Oh, oh, how well you can, cheesy boy, I can not, I'm dying ...
And we took off for the second time. Also high as in the first. And maybe higher.
And again, I whispered in her ear forbidden words.
- I poured you there again, Natasha. I poured you.
- You are my gardener. Thank you. I've heard it's very useful. For roses.
- You like it, Natasha?
- I loved how I feel good with you.
Eternity, and Natasha whispered:
- Let us stand.
I lay on my back. I did not hesitate, she just sees me.
- This is ... this is - that thing? - She laughed softly.
- Half an hour ago, you, Mademoiselle, were very pleased with this - I answered her in the same tone.
- You know, sir, maiden memory is so short.
We laughed. Now we are sitting at our bear, I hugged her, and it was easy and joyful. Unimaginable emptiness rang in my head.
- Maybe it's time - she looked at me apologetically and with regret.
- Wow. Ten o'clock! - I really did not expect that so many
- It's time. My coming in half an hour.
- Then I get dressed?
- Yes - she pressed her forehead against my chest - but I do not want you to leave.
- I will come again.
- I'll wait for you.
I stood up and began to dress, but she still sat on his bear, unbuttoned, a thin dressing gown.
- I'm ready - I said a couple of minutes.
- Care? - She knelt and pressed her head against my stomach.
- Natasha, I'll never leave.
- Do not need. Do not go. You're my husband and have to live with me.
- Well, your husband should at least finish high school - I laughed.
- That will carry on you, you'll know.
- Do not joke so do stutterer. One has suffered.
I do not understand how it burst out of me.
- Who! - She looked at me in amazement.
- Our Sveta, from our Dima - which was really quiet.
- Can not be! How do you know that?
- Alas, I overheard their conversation - it was just a lie "accidentally".
- Nightmare. What will she do?
- That I do not know. Abortion, I guess.
- Horror. Poor Sveta. And he, from pot two inches!
- However, he could, as you can see. So you do not scare me with that, huh?
- God, I can not calm down. What a news!
- Natochka, you forgot? I'm leaving.
- Care? It's a pity. Let's say good-bye, huh?
- Do not say goodbye, and dosvidankatsya.
- Then bye.
- Bye. I love you, my darling.
- Do not forget about this and other days of the week - she smiled slightly.
- Till. Everything will be fine. You will see.
- I'll see.
And she closed the door behind me.
Home I did not go, did not run, I just flew. I saw Mishka, who pulled Katya's hand, and I did not care, first I would certainly go after them, they are now I did not need. I was free, you hear, I overcame myself, my love, my miracle, my Natasha helped me get rid of my illness.
I remembered that he had seen at the station a little book "treatment of sex", Really, and my case is described there? If not - write, I allow. Just do not call our names. Write simply: "ninth grader recovered from vuyarizma because beloved girlfriend gave him". I already knew the name of what I suffered.
It will never happen again. Because I have you, my love.
It was bitter cold, but we went and walked the deserted streets of our town. How to sin, I was bareheaded. As a result, a simple and Natasha was ill, so a few days did not go to school. I frostbitten ears. They have me become as big as an elephant. Almost every day, I came home to Natasha, the occasion was brought lessons. Her mother treated me quite kindly. The father, however, glared suspiciously and said nothing, well, thanks for that.
The school under the guidance of art teacher we began to prepare for the New Year play "May Night, or the Drowned Maiden"All so enthusiastic about it, must have something big. How much learning for the first time the role was a squabble.
Natasha quickly decided what to do with our records. We will leave to their descendants. She will bring a notebook, give me, and I'm cuckoo, dropping them into the partition between the buildings. It is a pity, writing, writing. But, God forbid, if someone reads.
Rehearsals are held after school, on the street when it was already quite dark. At the last rehearsal Natasha still came. It has almost recovered. I conquered for her small role of Catherine, only three or four words, but more importantly, it was also with us, with me. We sat at the same desk, all according to the scenario mumbled his words, and I stole my girl squeezed his hand. Suddenly the lights went out. It getting something indescribable. Fantastic world of Gogol's story seemed to burst into the classroom. Someone screamed, someone wailed, and we Natasha, without saying a word, started kissing. "Light will not be another half hour" kto-to announced from the hallway, din continued, I pulled Natasha's hand, and she dutifully got up and went for me, we were met with other students, wildly ran around the class kto-to grabbed me by the hand, I scraped towards the door and he led for a his girl. Finally, I realized that we went out into the corridor and turned left, we walked quickly, almost running, with the left hand I touched the wall, and it allowed me to pinpoint the right turn, the right door, it was opened. We entered, and I firmly closed the door. It was the other side of the building, and the moon somehow illuminated the interior of the room. I knew one thing, here no one should come. Nevertheless, I grabbed a chair and put his foot in the door handle. I embraced Natasha, and we went to the window. I pulled her to the windowsill, and we began to kiss like crazy. It seemed to me that I have not seen her for ages. I got down on one knee and ran his hands under her thick woolen dress and began to stroke her legs.
- I shall not be able to remove it all with you - I whispered.
- Let me go, I'll - she laughed.
Indeed, it took off so fast that I was surprised, but she just pushed her clothing down to her knees. And I fell for it, frantically tugging at the zipper of his pants, she almost devoured at the crucial moment, but that's all, an instrument ready for battle, and again, I clung to Natasha. I took her ass and put on a windowsill, pushed to the ankles all her haberdashery, spread her knees and suddenly I heard:
- Igor, and this thing?
- Oh, hell, of course, of course.
I fumbled in my pocket, found this unfortunate bag, thank you bear, pulled teeth, his paper wrapper, took out the coveted product and began to dress, to do that, I do not know how, a goat that cost to train at home, but finally, like pulled it all the time patiently waiting for me - not the best scene in love.
- You put on a good? - She asked anxiously.
- Yeah, like, - I whispered, and clung to her.
- Today, this day can not be without it - quietly said Natasha.
- Yes, yes - I exhaled, looking cherished crack ....
I was obviously waiting for my torpedo hit the target once and reached the coveted depth.
- You feel good? - I whispered to her.
- Yes, yes, my dear, - she was breathing in time with my thrusts, noisy and passionate.
- Natasha, I'm close - I groaned, feeling the approach of the explosion.
- And I ... And I, I have - gasp, she dropped her head on my shoulder and began to tremble.
A second later, I took off, exploded and could not help but groan, more like a growl. We fell to the ground together, huddled close to one another. We learned to breathe, and breathing returned to us, we have learned to speak, and it came back to us.
The longest we could not figure out where we are.
And when they realized they began to tidy clothes caught with speed lovers. But nothing happened. That's just, I could not think of what to do with used batteries. Do not throw in the same class. Rise up on their hind legs the whole school. I wrapped it in a piece of paper and put it in his pocket, feeling as terrible. Somewhere there, in your pocket, lay a torn bag. It was another chance our perilous proximity. But no, not today. I wonder why they put on the two? We must ask Mishka. As well, he rescued me.
We hurried back to the classroom. The light is turned on when we
We came to the door. Lord, as we are lucky! The rehearsal continued.
I was finishing this book night after rehearsal, after our embrace in the night class. I looked through everything from beginning to end. Of course, something happened sloppy. But I'm not going to alter. It's like trying to rule the past. What happened, it happened. I know one thing. I was sincere in his records. I have not lied to nothing, embellished. I was poor, I was good. Like this.
Take me for who I am.
Book Natasha
They say spring is time to love. And what if it comes in the winter? How to me. I fell in love. Fallen in love for real. I do not expect this from him. Bear, and all that were with him, and now somewhere far, far away, if not with me all this happened. I like Igor. He turns out to be so nice. As I had not noticed before? We meet every day. And if we Mishka and people do not show up, all just huddled in the corners, then with Igor we go everywhere. The cultural program in our town is small, especially in the winter, but nevertheless we visited and our museum with historical shards of Greek amphorae, and a concert of symphonic music, which was in our town soon on some misunderstanding, and an exhibition of Soviet graphic, which brought with a kind of artist who has decided to spend the winter at sea.
Everywhere we behaved badly. We kissed, hidden behind a statue of ancient Greek, which, however, also did not differ modesty, because I was naked. I laughed and dodged the lips of Igor and almost nuzzled masculine Greek that sad sausage hung down to the floor. At the concert, Igor took my hand in his, and so we were all the time, it's not like any granny, and when he put his hand on my knee, this mymra could not resist and hissed something about Rachmaninoff and directly related to the this modesty. Igor arm removed. But we laughed. The exhibition graphics we generally insolent, we went to a distant room where absolutely no one was there, only we and foremost labor, strictly looks at us with their hammers, rakes and hoes. And there, under the gaze of Stakhanovite and Chelyuskinites we first gently kissed, and then Igor began to stroke through the sweater, I do not oppose my chest, I felt his hands on her hips under the skirt, he stroked my legs from the bottom up, but my thighs bared up to the panties. And I had not the strength to resist, and the like, so he caressed me, like kisses, I wanted to love. We met in the evening, I trembled at his hands, from his fingers and former anxiety crept into my soul. Doubts mine were so strong that I am afraid to say, Igor decided to surrender. I wanted to make things happen for real. As a grown-up. We love each other. We tormented each other with caresses. But maybe it's good that we're always like this, hands, fingers yes. I want to really, I whispered to myself, I want to, that was all. And I began to make plans. So, we are both inexperienced, I thought, therefore, need to rely on the defense in my calendar. It turned out that the third to 10 December. Guaranteed. Now where? Truly, then, in bed, so the house. Him? But how to say, come on, I will come to you? Far from it! Someone of the bridesmaids? I do not have those girlfriends. And then, it will immediately become known to all. So, only in my house. I looked at the red five on the calendar and could think of nothing. After all, my mother most of the time at home. The fifth number again caught the eye. My God, yes that is it! Fifth! Day of the glorious Stalin Constitution. In the evening I will go to my solemn assembly, then there will be a concert. Usually they take me with them, but this time I tell a patient, I know how it is. La-la-la! All! So do it.
So, cold and calculating, I went to this issue.
And everything was just wonderful. No comparison with the horror that I experienced with Mishka. And fingers, excuse my frankness, not a couple. He made me twice, and both times had the indescribable state that words simply can not express.
I'm shameless, right?
You hypocrites, those who say.
That is natural, it is not ugly, doldonit istorichka us when we are in the sixth giggling over Michelangelo's David. And if so, what have we done with Igor, it is also natural and not ugly. Why do I describe it? We all agreed. Then, I will not describe everything. But from something I can not resist. I can not tell you how pleased I was. Yes, I was pleased.
All he was doing.
And the higher a minute ... How to say it? So as not to undermine? I've been reading magazines and know the name of what I experienced. The first real orgasm. Exactly. And it was with us at the same time. They say it is extremely rare. But my feelings merged with it. I'm not lying, I felt, and he whispered to me, what's going on with him. And I felt.
I felt ... I felt ... I felt ...
A gentle push of his seed. One, two, three.
That's what I felt.
And my sweet love intolerable cramp.
I think I fainted.
Now, a quarter of me. But I did not give up on that. Not one word.
I love him.
So make a note in the verdict.
The next morning I looked at him with a strange feeling possessive.
My, my, pounding in his temples, and I was hot on this simple idea.
What will happen next? Ordinary life, which is almost impossible to predict. Closer New Year holidays and all the closer the time when, according to our agreement, we need to collect our records, our notebooks and start reading them collectively.
Ha-ha-ha! Oh, what will not be, because it is the collective readings. In this I am sure. In general, it is necessary to consult with Igor. I like so much to talk to him. I'm not talking about the rest .... And just to - talk. So cool that I have it. My boy. I will not give it to anyone. No, no.
We took a long walk in the cold, I caught a cold and I got sick. Igor came to me, brought what is now our place in the classroom. I cough, and he froze ears. They had become so ridiculous as lopushki. No, he said, on some occasion, and shook his head, and I started to laugh, because his ears swung like an elephant.
- Well, silver accuracy to determine what you have honor?
- Defined. Pochet below thirty-seven and a half does not fall.
- And I have no temperature, but with ears.
- I see.
- about "I see" It has a cool anecdote to tell?
- Tell me.
- On the nudist beach. A hoarse male voice from the passion:
"The girl I like you".
"I already see".
- You shameless - I laughed.
- And what have I said? Anecdote as an anecdote.
- Better tell me how there without me?
- Prepare a piece for the New Year. "May Night or drowned".
- Yah? It is so much work.
- Here are all the plow, and day and night. And your role is. I summon.
- What? I do not have time to learn.
- Petite. Nothing should be taught. You will be Empress. There are three words.
- What - "gentlemen, dinner is served"?
- Wow. You Empress, and here "eat"? You command.
- I order? Well then fine.
- are willing to pay.
- Wow, where do I take?
- You will find, find, walk-in closet, there's a big one.
- Okay, something skumekaem. Hey, whatever she asks?
- I do not know. Everything is shrouded in mystery. I think the holidays would be to have an abortion.
- You hope no one said?
- No, no. Only Kolyanu, Tolyan and Vaska.
- My God! How could you? Which still Vaska?
- Well, tractor driver of the farm, - he chuckled.
- Which still tractor driver? You're kidding me! - Finally, I understood.
- What a joke, and you can not?
- Good joke. It's horrible. Poor girl. Igor ...
- What?
- We need to protect themselves, so we have this not happen. Buy yourself.
- Do not imagine, and we are.
- Well, to us. Buy.
- Do not be afraid. I've already bought. They're in the pocket. A mother does not hear us?
- Well, not right now, that you c crazy? And then, I'm sick.
- And I thought that you want now. From all diseases well. Warmer in full
It called growth.
- Igor, you're a pig. How can you tell me this?
- What?
- Nothing. Pig.
- Do not be angry. Love you.
We were silent for a bit.
- Listen, and be with our notebooks? - I asked and saw that he was
immediately I realized what was going on.
He blushed.
- You think everything is as it wrote? - He smiled wryly.
- Even if not all, anyway, what to do? Neither of which is not read-through collective
out of the question.
- You're right. Let's proceed easier. Notebooks let all surrender, you tie them with string, and when we go on the attic, then you, as though by accident, drop it in the crack between the buildings. There are twenty centimeters width, depth of six meters, it is impossible to get it by any means. I have heard such holes are cleaned once every twenty years, special teams of scavengers. And if the descendants find and read, we have it does not threaten.
- A good idea. Let's do it. But I do not know where this hole, I can not lose where you want them in the dim light.
- You'll give them to me, that I was carrying, I dropped.
We're whispering, and he left. I was quiet now, the question of the last two weeks worrying me fell away so easy. Igor - clever. Here, the difference between the male from the female mind - the ability to quickly find the right solution. Somewhere I read "mind - it's speed". Today's case - a good illustration.
I feel that I fall asleep.
A couple of phrases.
And if after many years, our notebook someone will find? For example, years so twenty commercials as Igor says. Then I will ... How long will I be? Wow, thirty-six. I will probably be the husband, family, children. How do I respond to their maiden entry? If I someone had read or I listen to them, for example, God forbid, on the radio?
What do I do then?
I smile at his past.
The end

publisher Epilogue
That's all. I admit, I loved my teens. I did not want to part with them, and I, the courage, went to school, I went to the headmistress and long tried to explain to her who I was and what I need.
- Why do you class magazines such limitations?
- While the children studied here my friends.
- No, I can not, I have no right. What surnames are you interested in?
I called.
- No, I do not remember such. So, it was before my time. Before I became a
I went to the address table, and there I was disappointed. All my teens left who learn, who the army. But none of them came back. It turned out that six notebooks - this is the only memory left of my heroes. It was somehow scary. I remembered Igor and his argument that we are threatened with extinction. This confirmed my thoughts betray the recording public.
Still, I found someone who knew the authors of my story. It was their teacher of the Russian language. She claimed that he remembers all his disciples.
- Olga, so you remember them all?
- All by name.
- That story written in their diaries will not help if edit?
- Of course I'll help. How to help?
She read the story three days. When I came to her, she began to lament.
- Horror. Horror.
- Why so bad?
- I did not manage to ... teach them properly allocate when writing direct speech.
Then I realized that she was probably slightly went mad. She absolutely did not take the meaning of written, but scrutinized grammar and syntax.
Then I gave the manuscript to my friend, the employee Prosecutor's Office.
- Look, can I print it? - I asked him.
He also read the story three days. Verdict he endured, imposingly lounging in a chair. Jabbing his finger in the most explicit place in the text, he talked about strict liability, that should be brought here for the author and the phrase for this.
- See, this boy girl undresses. In ninth grade! It's impossible!
- And you think, in what class is this possible?
- In which? - I wandered on his face smile. It is something strained recalled.
- In the tenth! On February 23 - he said happily.
- And I, too, on the twenty-third, - I almost cried, - only in the eighth.
But then I realized that my friend is obsessed, as well as a teacher, but on his own. Talk, alas, did not happen.
Then I remembered that there is a person with a completely fresh outlook on life.
Just a little.
Recently, my three-year niece asked: "Xenia, what movie do you like best? Of those, what you watched on a video player?" "About how the uncle with Auntie lay naked on the couch, and he kissed her and stroked" - Said the little girl.
Here it is.
The child does not know what he already knows how to hit below the belt.
According to dogma.
Not scuffle unbridled militants without firing in endless detective. And not even a cartoon. And if necessary, let the little Ksenia will advocate my teens.
And even better - the judge.

The rest of the stories Oleg Boltogaeva you can find here.

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Another prologue.
Twilight had not yet come, but the western sky clouds cover the sun bearing down, began to rain and the room potemnelo.V head Amina, slender fingers that ran nimbly over the keys portable "Tayprayter" stirred the thought: "To light a light, or else ... "The door postuchali.- Yes, yes! Sign in! Hayashi entered the room, slowly covering the door and carefully looking pomeschenie.Amina jumped up from his chair, bowed his head in greeting and froze, waiting for permission to sit down and continue to work. But the hour after that, her eyes wide open, expressing utter bewilderment. "What do you mean?" - Flashed through her mind. - "It is not explainable knock on the door ... Ridicule or what? This hesitant marking host at the door of your room ... drunk? "Amin threw timid inquiring glance at the entrance to the room Hayashi, but poor lighting did not allow her to catch something special on his face. And there was no time for careful inspection, as Hayashi scanned her penetrating gaze, hand made invitation to sit down. And calmly walked to the opposite wall, where there were chairs along a small table. "And a strange gesture ..." - Amina thought, sitting down at the typewriter. Her fingers ran over the keys again, but immediately made a few mistakes, she took out the damaged sheet, put a new one, which however has repeated the same story. A vague anxiety had overwhelmed Amina stop her work. However, it taught nothing ever surprised. So it was in a special school in Tokyo, it was in "the office of recruitment" and so it was here, in Philadelphia, when Hayashi took her a month ago as a secretary-typist Okamura, a representative of trading firm "MIDAS and K". Unusual activity Hayashi Okamura everyday challenges faced it with unexpected surprises, dangers. She knew a lot, kept secret correspondence, was in charge of the secret dossier, especially when it does not hesitate to talk about business, nothing to do with commerce did not have, but ... if now, here in the hotel room would burst into a police squad, then without a doubt she would be surprised that much less, and in general there surprised? - The fact, it would seem quite insignificant fact - the extraordinary behavior of its owner Hayashi. In the end, what is special? "- Soothed herself. - "Well, not so entered, not never sat there ... Well, do not say a word ... No! All the same ... and wearing a suit ... This I have not seen him ... and sits ... ". Amin made one mistake after another and crumpled sheets, nervous, and has been conceived to ask for permission to turn on the light when the door swung open without knocking ... entered the room Hayashi! Later, Amin admitted that at the time she first learned what tetanus. She remembers only that froze motionless in his chair, and she had no strength to move even a finger. In the meantime, entered Hayashi, paying no attention, just went to the rose to greet him before who came Hayashi ...- Yeah! He has reached safely! - Entered Hayashi said, patting the other on plechu.Tot nodded his head needs you here. Very good. And this is my new employee, Amin ...- What's with you? On your face there! And? ... Looks? ... Ha Ha Ha! That's the value and ossbaya Sigamutsu! Do not you? Hayashi flipped a switch. Amin began to rebound, closely studied the faces in conversation: "Yes, the striking similarities ... Although ... the nose, cheekbones ... hair color, and the shape of the eyes ... Much has its own characteristics, but perhaps all these features can be discerned only when both parties are before the eyes close. And yet! In Sigamutsu torn or cut off the lower part of his left ear ... ".- Go on, go - waved her hand Hayashi, interrupting her thoughts. - Seventh stack reprinted -? ... For finishing, Mr Hayasi.- Again - I'm sorry, Mr. Okamura, but I'm ...- Okay ... So, Sigamitsu ... Sit down ... It's time to eliminate your old acquaintances. To do this, you are here and needed ...- When - Date Set these days ...- Who first? - Once again busily inquired Sigamitsu.- Richard. Richard Alley. The person is very clever and dangers. Nothing useful to extract from it the more we will not succeed. All she knows to be here! - Hayashi pointed to a pile of letters on a table Aminy.- Important? - I asked Sigamitsu.- course! The most valuable thing we have found the formula of "innocent people". And they found it for 10,000 miles from the place where you were looking for! But now it is clear that Richard was associated with a "peaceful people" and that it is in this direction should be conducted our rozyski.- very same formula is indecipherable - added Hayashi - but Tokyo still work on it this ...- formula knows someone else - now it is already known to many, but no one knows the key to it. and we should not disturb it. But the fact that the Anglo-French plotting with his American who gave you there in our "office" is a treat, can be a significant complication and danger to us. Remove need ee.- There is a plan - in general terms. Tomorrow together visit the Bernvile - a few hours drive away - and will visit the place. I've already been there. On the outskirts is a boarding house, where Ellie finishes his studies and where the service is two days per week is now. The large garden boarding house, in a matter of secured. what they know, and they do not know, and that makes our employees, we must know the ropes! In the meantime, Sigamitsu, that's the key of the room booked for you. Itsida, spend it! Hayashi picked up a stack of sheets with the number "8" and plunged into reading them at knock finishes typing typist ...
Letters to eight.
Bernvil April 27 1959g.Milaya Kate! Your letter made me excited! You just did luck! With John will not be bored! If he's so far gone now, what happens when you become his wife !! Huh? Your proposal for a joint wedding, we will discuss with Bob, when he will arrive. I, of course, for! And yet ... When I read your description Ferzerov party, I ... Wow! Especially when you're with John watched passionate couple on a private balcony, and you John ... And when you fall, and when had finished ... Oh, Kate !! What are you sweet and nice !!! But I also began ... I gave Dick. I thought about it and agreed that you wrote. Indeed, it is quite a boy, and no consequences can not be. Well, me and he is certainly needed. ! You're right, you ask, what is it; here's an accurate description. Of course, when he stands. Imagine the finger of an adult male, lengthen it in half and make it a little thicker. In general, it has length 11 cm., And a thickness of about two and a half. This, of course, is not something that your John. You write that John, when standing, 16 cm. Long, and it is 6 cm thick. Wow! But small ... Kate, because Bob is still a little longer ... Judging by the photos. So he had 17 centimeters and a thickness of him, probably five or four and a half centimeters, so he it is thinner than that of John. But, when it will be possible to accurately measure and say tebe.Ah, Kate! I only now understand why words can not convey the feeling that ... Was it during the dance. At my request, Ellie has arranged an invitation to dance to Dick. I danced with him, and felt that he wanted me. Madly! I felt it physically - and belly and thighs. My legs were confused and did not obey ... we slipped away unnoticed from the room and found ourselves in a nook in the garden ... It was quite dark, warm, and even stifling. Almost continuously embracing and kissing, we lay down on travu.Ya already decided and did not resist. I myself helped to take off my panties and put her arms around him as he unbuttoned and lowered his pants and lay down on me ... Very carefully and gently, he sent the head between my legs wide apart and barely perceptible tremors began to promote "his" inside ... I was trembling with lust and everything I have there was incredibly wet. Maybe this, I almost did not feel like his cock tore my film. And he did not spare me, he tore my film, because there was blood, though very little. And yet there was pain, though barely zametnaya.Nu and here ... to convey a sense of "this" is really impossible. You're right! Its slim member moved there quite easily, almost touching, but I felt all along the entire length ... This gentle, gentle touch ... Surprisingly, such a pleasant ... Silently we did "it" for very long. I tried to, he did not notice that I'm coming ... And it's not out of shame, but somehow did not want him to feel that he owns me until the end. That was some kind of feeling. And all my power I held her stomach, legs and buttocks especially from all movements, but inside I started involuntarily such spasms and such sweet that I just grabbed breath! Well, probably, Dick could feel it and understand that I came ... not good! The boy and holds me as if I had some kind of a little ten-year friend! But imagine that this boy is so experienced and skilled, and he's only 14 years, and this time, before you finish, took "his" and I made my stomach! Oh, Kate! If only you could see how ridiculous it while twitching and arms and legs and a head if you had only heard him while choking and groaning, it probably would have laughed to abdominal cramps. And to me, do you think it was not that funny? Especially as he caressed my stomach his wet member ... But I kept laughing somehow, but just smiled and waited until he had finished and not uspokoitsya.Ya is not finished since it had finished earlier than under, and kak something different. Somehow better polnee.Na very next day he asked to go with him to the garden. But what was clear and without words. Generally this we had never talked. And when did the always silently. Despite his request, I do not poshla.A garden on the third day in the same place again, I finished under it. He continued to do, and I was lying. And then again I finished second time. And even she was surprised. For me there was no ... And the second time was sweeter ... But, you know, Kate ... it was all good and sweet, and I finished twice underneath it as it should, but how to tell you .. . something was missing ... I wanted to, that he had been a little thicker and longer ... Do you understand? For a such a strange feeling ... you have not experienced this? Write ... However, I myself think that Bob will soon be different. True? Rather he has arrived. He writes that these days will be ... And the parents he had agreed on everything ... And Dick ... He's a boy. He would be a little girl ... You know, he calls me on "you" .. "Do not go if Miss stroll in the garden?" - Usually indicates on.I know what I have thought? Forgive me in advance! I imagined that you would feel if you took the dick in your ass ... You have experienced a strong sense of lust than by a thick member John and ... What do you think? Yes, at home writing that replenished our garage a new small car for my summer holidays. And here, I think, completely forgotten how to drive a car in ... You write that you met with an interesting Japanese woman with fluffy lashes and that it is you. However, look for John! And why she was asking you about me? Have you ever talked to her about me? Oh! I forgot to warn you that I write you a story Ellie top secret from her. Understood? Ellie repeated several times, that says only for me and that no one knew absolutely everything about it I am writing to you rasskazyvaet.Eto just sluchay.Na other day she asked me if I like this kind of life, full of adventure and experiences, dangers and surprises? I said I was very, very worried that all that experienced Red, and she, of course, Henry Landal.- why of course? Do you like him? I confessed to her that I like him as samets.Ona somehow strange looked at me, paused, and then said that maybe I see him ... I stare at her glaza.Ona more on this just I do not say anything, but I wondered. But maybe in all of this and there is nothing? I do not know ... But Ellie during this time somehow changed ... And somewhere often leaves ... And yet ... With what pleasure I read and re-write your notes for Anri.Seychas'll send you an entire notebook. You will read that ... "Escape!" - The name of this part. Do not forget to write all your impressions going about everything in general, write.
And there are still traces, in Marseille, in the hallway. As I have not studied, to the haste with which I left the house at night Marseille, finally deciding to have a relationship with his companion, in a little-known marine strane.A then express ... Malta, Suez, Bombay, Manila ... I elicited Marseille have all that she knew. I believed her. She teased me. I beat her. And every time after that, she hung on my neck, and I took her ... brutally, violently took in our cozy, double cabin ... And then again interrogated, beaten again, and copulated with her again and again ... Her furious excessively large, lustful clit to make me isstupleniya.I so all the way to Tokyo. I exhausted her physically and morally. And then all the same ... It is assured, that will be helpful to me. The purpose of my trip to Japan was known to her before my arrival in Marseille. The point is, of course, very dangerous, he on the other hand, not only is she aware of it ... In addition, it is known a lot in Japan, and if she really wanted to help me, then perhaps it would be possible to count on success ... But it eto.Dalshe ... it was necessary to act cautiously with this office for the recruitment and could not be in a conversation with Hayashi directly mention incriminating documents .... What ya ass! Of course, then we had expected a knife in the back! And Marcel worried ... Yes, much to correct. We must all work to change the method in the first place to the end use of Marseille. Do me vospitanmiku the world's best intelligence school, do not manage to outwit the girl! Although she and I really like, but if you reject all sentimentality, it will only help the cause. And where is it now. What with her. And there still want stronger. Think no longer wanted. Head tired of thinking ... At last - something! ... The door opened and entered a sister ... Seeing my open eyes she smiled ... - How do you feel - her voice was sweet and gentle ... She again checked my pulse and tucked under my arm gradusnik.- why I'm here. What has happened to me. - Asked impatiently ya.Medsestra smiled. Positively, it was a very nice yaponka.- Not so many questions at once! She spoke in English with a slight accent, funny pronouncing the word breast. I liked it. We must try to get it to work. Can be useful ...- You have not answered my question - I said petulantly, - can speak Japanese. I understand a little girl ... flattered ulybnulas.- Oh ... Mr. ...- My name is Henry. Henri Landahl ..- I know - the girl said and blushed What's your name? - I asked in turn, passing the Japanese ...- yazyk.- Quito Quito-san ... You're a very nice girl and very beautiful ... Sister blushed with pleasure, and bowed ...- You can not talk much, Mr. - she said ...- Henri - corrected ya.Devushka jammed povtorila.- and Mr. Henry, the doctor forbade ...- Well, Quito-san, yet only a couple of questions - and not giving her time to recover, I quickly asked : -?. For a long time I was here - four days "Wow is finished with me" - thought I. What had happened to me - you ranili.- Where? - Asked impatiently spinu.Litso I. The girl was ispugannoe.- Really - Yes, and the wound is very dangerous. You can not razgovarivat.- How did I get here - you privezli.- Who? - I asked impatiently ya.Devushka jammed ...- Who - The police ... But you ...- Another question my dear Quito-san, and I'll be there like a fish. ? What is the hospital - This is a military hospital - after some hesitation she replied He guarded Girl otvernulas.- Kito-san I beg you to answer my last vopros.Devushka fearfully looked at me and whispered: - In the corridor stands watch . "All clear ... Of course, the way it should be. The trouble like a horn of plenty '.- Thank you very much, Quito-san! Give your ruku.Ona hesitantly held out his small, like a girl's hand. I could hardly put it to his lips and potseloval.Kito fearfully withdrew her hand and blushed. She was very good at this moment.- So you can not, Mr. Henry ...- - I interrupted her ...- Henri ... - she repeated, almost inaudibly. - I will get, if they knew that I answer your questions, - added in a whisper ona.Ya approvingly smiled and put his finger to his lips ...- Tomb! - I winked at her ... She was ulybalas.Ya remembered that very hungry and cried plaintively: - I hope I have not treated to kill with golodu.Kito fussed. Her friendly face took on an expression of caring and she bowed and left ... "Perhaps it will come in handy. Good girl. "- I thought. I woke up in the desire. Mentally I was stripped of Quito, and studied her naked. When I introduced her to her knees spread apart with the hips and butt aloft at me the erection member, however, is still weak and incomplete, but so pleasant, that for a moment I forgot worrying me golod.Dver opened again, and a tall Japanese man in a white coat and the same cap. For it seemed to Quito, which pushed a small table laden with food on wheels. Awesome Japanese, obviously a doctor, he took my hand and felt for a pulse. Quito gave him a thermometer. Glancing at him, the doctor pulled out his stethoscope, throwing a blanket, put the device to my chest. He listened to me for a long time, then asked in perfect English: - you are talking in Japanese - No! - Something prompted me to give negative otvet.Ya looked at Quito. She stood sedately with downcast eyes vniz.Doktor chuckled and asked me to turn over on his side ... Through the pain, I made an attempt, but failed. The doctor shouted at Quito in Japanese: - Why are you standing Quito quickly began to help me?. Wincing in pain, I tried to smile at her, but she's frightened face looked only at the doctor. He ordered to change the bandage and allowed to feed menya.Vyslushav me again, the doctor slowly, emphatically said in Japanese Quito without taking his eyes off me: - Sister, do not refuse him anything. He left to live only a few dney.Strashnym chill came over me suddenly, but then the lightning flashed the thought: "Traps" I slowly closed his eyes as a very tired man, no move has not given that understood the doctor's words. "So proverochka!" - I thought. "I almost got caught. We must be on guard. And as quickly as possible to escape from here. I wonder if Quito say that I understand the Japanese? And perhaps it is also a trap? But remembering her clear eyes and a shy face, I dismissed the thought. Opening my eyes, I turned to the doctor: - Doctor, tell me, I will give to eat - Who fed you?. ? Be careful, you are very weak ...- Excuse me, Doctor, but where I am and what happened to me the Doctor calmly replied: - You can not talk much and worry. In due time, you will learn vse.Doktor ... putting his stethoscope in his pocket and headed for the door, leaving the course Quito in Japanese - no questions and answers. Clear? Quito silently bowed. Dr. vyshel.Ya looked at Quito as it was busy at the table and said nothing. I was silent. Sliding Tackle table closer to the bed, she took a plate of soup and sat down on the edge of the bed. As a small start feeding me with a spoon ... I looked at her with loving eyes as long as the spoon was not my rta.- Say Kito-san, are you from the very beginning they took care of me? - I asked in yaponski.Bednyazhka nearly knocked tarelku.- I ask you, Mr. not speak Japanese - she murmured beseechingly ...- Well I will not. A doctor told the truth, that I have to live for a few days? - Going to the English, he whispered ya.Kito shook his head he was checking you, - she whispered. - He was a very angry man, and if he finds out that you speak Japanese, and I hid it, I was put in tyurmu.Ya hastened to assure her that no one will ever know our secrets. Then I asked her to get it and bring me one or two notebooks and a pencil ... "I'll try," - I thought - "more to record everything that happened here and in the cafe. Without that, perhaps, I can not think it through their mistakes and to identify the most correct course of action. It is certainly dangerous, but here especially, but who knows how many have to lie here and the other I can do in long-predlinnye, dreary days and nights? ... I'll try ... and I will write clear, icons, after rewrite .. ."- Good. Bring - simply said, even with hunting she replied to my request and added: - Do you draw - How do you say ... - said I. All emails are scanned - pointedly remarked ona.- I understand ... Yes I'll risovat.- Well ... Continuing quiet talk, I finished my lunch and heartily thanked Kito.- Sister, you are an angel! I hope you'll help me - What? - I asked in surprise ona.Ya asked to bend to my face ...- Run away from here! - A barely audible whisper ya.Ona quickly got up, gathered the dishes, and without saying anything, the truck drove off. Fed and satisfied with their first steps, I felt pleasantly tired and wanted to sleep. And already I started to doze off, when the newly entered Quito. As if nothing had happened, she checked the pulse of something written down in a notebook and started to prepare shprits.- You should get some sleep, sir ... I looked at her reproachfully ...- Henri, - she added a smile Tell Quito san, you are always on duty near me - No, right now I will replace another sister, and I will again be on duty two nights ... During the conversation, she made me a shot and said goodbye came. I walked her greedy eyes, trying to trace the outline of her thighs, the buttocks, but the dream has confused my thoughts. I firmly usnul.Proshlo few days. I ate a lot, slept a lot and chuvtvoval themselves perfectly. I was not worried, the time I had a lot and I gently began to record all events and all your thoughts in a notebook brought Quito. Thrust mattress from the wall, I hid to his notes, the other notebook I drew women's heads and leave them in plain sight. my wound is healed. Care and maintenance of Quito made BoE deal. I could see and safely move your hands. From Quito I have established a great relationship. It is still a little shy of me, but it was quite obvious that I liked him. I shaved, hair cut, and I again began to look young and beautiful. Everything went well. When the doctor came, I made a pained face and complained about the poor condition. At my request, Quito several times overstated thermometer readings and the doctor, suspecting fraud, attributed to me are different snadobya.No thought of escape would not let me rest. In what may become necessary to run as soon as possible. Quito said that already several times came from the police, and about something a long talk with the doctor. In the hallway the whole time on duty hours. Without the documents he has missed only her smenschitsa Quito, doctor. No one else had access to my room. I have developed several escape plans, but all of them had to be discarded due to impracticability. Baz Quito aid can not do. It is necessary to do it properly ... Quito again on duty at night and that I had on hand. I slept all day and the evening drew in a great mood, and began waiting for the girl ... An old Japanese woman who was on duty during the day, preparing to leave. I squinted watching her ... She did not like Me. She often suddenly entered the room, pretending that it is something necessary, tried quietly watching me and, obviously, all reported to the doctor. But I, as soon as she entered, made a pained face, sometimes moaning and strongly portrayed themselves as seriously ill. Now I'm eagerly waiting for her care. Finally, giving me a last, suspicious look, she was gone. Now, since the growing impatience I waited for the arrival of Quito. My body had to get stronger so that the thirst for women becomes unbearable. A Quito was sweet and attractive. And I wanted her. In recent days, during a conversation with her, I felt a strong sexual attraction to her. But here she is. And, as always, fresh, rosy, smiling and obviously pleased with the fact that he sees me. With the thermometer she came to me, but I took it from her and gladly kissed the small graceful handle with rosy fingers. She had reluctantly pulls out and just quietly and reproachfully said: - Oh, Mr. Henri ... Could not wean her from the word "lord" .- Quito, my swallow, so I waited for you ... Only you alone brightened my existence here. When I see you, I do much better. I wish that you were always with me ... She gently ulybnulas.- gopodin Henry, why am I to you. You probably have a beautiful bride, there in France ... Her face became sad and she almost audible sigh ... "Oh, you're already half mine!" - I thought, and almost himself believing in what I say I protested ...- Quito, you should not say so. I can not tell you why, but believe me, it so happened that I could not have any of the women. And only now to love! - Eagerly finished ya.Bolshie, Quito moist eyes, her whole small, pathetic figure, chego-to waiting, caused me inexplicable exciting feeling. - You know, Quito, I'm glad happened to me unfortunately iz-za which I got here in gospital.Legkaya paint covered the face devushki.- well, why do you say so ...- Kito-san! I love you! I like very much. Once the can like the first time man! Quito eyes grew even more, she turned away, pretending that something straightens on stolike.- Kito-san! You do not believe me! - With despair in his voice, I said, and added sadly: - What can be expected from a miserable sick stranger beautiful girl, full of joy and happiness. Excuse me, Quito-san, and forget this conversation, and please do not laugh at me among your znakomyh.Kito whirled. Her eyes were shining. Silently, she leaned forward and pressed her to my lips in a passionate kiss ... I have never felt such a fiery kiss ... Never ... I hugged her slender figure and immediately felt under my hands trembling passionate all of her body. With a kiss on me poured hot life force and myself, all of my talo sought to meet the girl's affection ... Suddenly she looked up from my lips and stood up. On her pale face reflected strah.- This may enter ... ... The door is not closed in a broken voice said ona.Bystro adjusting bathrobe and stray from under the kerchief hair, she almost ran ran to the door. On the threshold she turned and gave me a radiant look and disappeared behind the door ... I was elated ... now my girl, and she would do everything for me. My imagination was drawn close freedom, and the most optimistic dreams overwhelmed me. But the awakened thirst for female body powerfully made itself felt. I gently lifted the blanket and looked with pleasure on his standing member of the stake. The sight of him excited me, and I covered it with a blanket. Trying to escape a few, I started to re-think about an escape plan and the role of Quito in it, but I can not help more and more looked at his watch. God is already half past midnight ... "Do not you come?" My hand reached for the bell, but I decided to endure the character. Even if she's not coming, it still will not go away. She is in love too. These considerations, however, could not reassure me. The body of a woman requested urgently. And then I saw that the door opens. At last!!! I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. Quito cautiously opened the door and went to bed. I felt her presence beside him, and sweet shiver ran through my body. But it was nice to pretend to be asleep, and tease her a little bit. She hesitantly trampled by me and suddenly I felt a soft warm lips gently touched my ... stand it anymore, I was not able to. I squeezed into the arms of her body, and she shivered involuntarily clung to me. My hands eagerly and hurriedly ran through her head, neck, hair, back, waist, and soon through the fabric of the robe, I began to feel her small breasts with strong hard nipples. Wave irrepressible desire washed over me ...- Quito, my love! - I whispered breathlessly. - I want you ... All, all ... Her body quivered passionately in response ...- Oh, my God ... - she whispered, again digging a kiss on my lips ... Then she gently disengaged herself from my arms, ran to the door, and I heard snapped zadvizhka.- can enter, - she explained. - At night, there obhod.Ona stood beside the bed a slim, graceful, a little hope. My hand slid down her warm and supple skin under the robe, round knees under a thin nylon stockings, garters, hot hip ... her tender body ... Oh! She completely naked under the robe, not counting the long stockings. Quito hastily untied the belt of her dressing gown disobedient fingers unbutton and put forward to meet my caresses her thighs ... Throwing the floor of her robe unbuttoned, I paused for a moment in awe. Curves, narrow, almost youthful hip, adorable Venus mound without a single hair and plump lips start, the continuance of which was hidden in the dark, slightly spaced her thighs. Throwing back the covers, I attracted a charming vision. Quito did not resist. She sat on the edge of the bed and all pink with embarrassment stammered: - It may be even impossible ... still early ... but you ... you ... you ... hotel.- Quito - and I could only say, feeling greedily her stomach and sinking nizhe.Ee hand slipped under my shirt and gently, gently caressed my breasts, abdomen, chest again ... I stroked her hand and led her slowly on his belly down. She did not resist ... Her timid, hesitant little fingers touched the hard dick. I let go of her hand, but she drew back her. Ее пальчики нерешительно прикасались, слегка отодвигаясь от него, терялись в волосиках, за тем вновь ощупывали «его», поглаживали, охватывали, мяли... И все смелее и смелее... Я весь изнывал от этой ласки и тянулся к ее ручке, жадно сжимая ладонью у нее между ног. Она внимательно смотрела мне в глаза своим затуманенным взором, наслаждаясь страстью все более охватывающей меня. Ее глаза заблестели, когда я приглушенно застонал, чувствуя как ее пальчики ощупывают мои яйца. Сжав свои губки и прищурив глаза, она начала с полным знанием дела онанировать меня, сжав «его» рукой и двигая его ритмично вверх и вниз... Я отбросил одеяло и секунду смотрел на ее руку, дразнившую его. Я чувствовал, что долго не выдержу... Я лежал на спине и мой живот толчками тянулся к ее руке... Я сделал усилие, пытаясь повернуться на бок, и одновременно положить девушку возле себя.- Нет, нет... Тебе нельзя... Лежи... Кито мягко толкнула меня вновь на спину и, распахнув шире обе полы своего халатика, перебросила одну ногу через меня и уселась на корточки над моим членом... Умница! Она понимала, что мне еще трудно двигаться, отдаваясь страсти.- Кито...- Лежи... лежи...Одной рукой она упиралась мне в грудь, а другой вводила мой член между своими мокрыми губками...- Кито... не могу я... - взмолился я уже начиная чувствовать приближение оргазма.- Сейчас... сейчас...Изогнувшись дугой, Кито опустилась на член, не отрывая от него своих затуманенных похотью глаз...- Ох, - вырвалось у нее...- Кито...- Ну... по... по... потерпи-и-же...Упираясь мне в грудь обеими руками, она начала медленные ритмичные движения всем своим изогнутым в дугу телом, поднимая вой зад и опуская его... У нее было небольшое тугое влагалище, и мой член не мог войти в него на целый дюйм своей длины. Но когда девушка опустила свой зад и головка члена уперлась в матку, мне захотелось выть от нестерпимого наслаждения. Наблюдая за мной, Кито делала все, что бы усилить мое сладострастие. Опустив свою задницу и плотно прижав матку к головке моего члена, она делала в этот момент мимолетное вращающее движение задом, от чего головка члена с силой натиралась маткой. Вырвав из моей груди приглушенный стон и тихонько взвизгнув от боли и сладострастия, девушка вновь приподняла свою задницу... и вновь опустила... Но длиться это долго не могло. И первой не выдержала моя девушка. Она вздрогнула, как-то всхлипнула, и все ее тело охватила сладострастная конвульсия. Ее тугое влагалище судорожно сжимало и разжимало мой член... Ее руки бессильно опустились и она упала своей грудью на мою, но ее задница еще делала последние судорожные движения. Почти уже ничего не осознавая я спустил в бьющееся на мне тело девушки... Упираясь локтями и пятками в постель, я толчками приподнимал свой живот и бедра вместе с трепещущим телом девушки... Оргазм был длительный и полный... Еще некоторое время Кито в изнеможении лежала на мне, тяжело дыша... Усталый и насытившийся любовью, я лежал и сквозь дремоту слушал болтовню Кито... Тесно прижавшись ко мне, она гладила маленькими лапками мое лицо, грудь, покрывала мои щеки и губы короткими, жадными поцелуями ...и в промежутках что-то рассказывала. Не обращая внимания на ее болтовню, я весь отдался сладкой истоме, но несколько слов, слетевших с уст Кито, вдруг дошли до моего сознания.- А?.. Что ты сказала? - переспросил я, поворачиваясь к ней...- ... Она очень красива, эта француженка, и мне ее жаль. Ей очень тяжело, - повторила Кито...- Какая француженка? Почему тяжело? В чем дело?- Ты меня не слушаешь, милый, - обижено сказала Кито, - я тебе рассказывала, что сегодня к нам привезли девушку и она француженка... Очень красивая и очень больная...- Кто привез? - быстро спросил я.- Полиция...- Опять полиция! Что ж она преступница или... какая-нибудь важная персона? - небрежно спросил я... Расскажи по порядку...Сна у меня как не бывало.- Очень мало знаю... Привезли ее сегодня вечером и положили в палату напротив. К ней никого не пускают. У нее нервное потрясение... Иногда она бредит. Возле нее все время дежурит сестра. А почему это тебя так заинтересовало, дорогой?В голосе Кито я уловил подозрительные нотки.- Слушай, Кито, - сказал я серьезно, - ты меня любишь?Вместо ответа она прижалась ко мне всем телом и поцеловала.- Хочешь мне помочь?Начинался серьезный разговор. Я решил все поставить на карту... На мой вопрос Кито утвердительно кивнула головой...- Слушай, Кито. It is very serious. Только ты можешь меня спасти. Мне надо бежать и как можно быстрее. Ты согласна мне помочь?Кито смотрела на меня расширенными глазами и в них была тревога и любовь. Я успокоился.- Я сделаю все, что ты захочешь. Только люби меня, - тихо, но решительно сказала девушка...Я восторженно схватил ее в вои объятия и покрыл ее личико горячими поцелуями.- Не могу тебе сейчас сказать все, - продолжал я, - но верь мне я не делал ничего плохого и никогда не сделаю. Так что твоя совесть во всех отношениях будет чиста. Только бы мне скрыться и я уеду во Францию, а если ты захочешь, то уедем вместе...- Что надо сделать? - просто спросила она.- Я еще не знаю. Но что-нибудь придумаем. Тебя же попрошу, разузнать все подробности об этой француженке. А сейчас, моя дорогая, иди и оставь меня одного. Мне надо отдохнуть и подумать...Кито покорно поднялась, запахнула халатик, поцеловала меня последний раз и ушла.Я остался один. Первая победа одержана! Теперь в бой! Я чувствовал в себе прилив энергии. Впереди была ясная цель и надо действовать. Меня волновал вопрос о француженке. Who is she? Как сюда попала? What happened to her? Почему ее привезли сюда под охраной? Я знал, что в этот госпиталь привозят только военных и... таких, как я... И вдруг, как молния мысль - Марсель! Неужели Марсель? Может быть, ее, как и меня хотели убрать? Эта мысль не давала мне покоя, и я знал, что так и будет до тех пор, пока я не увижу ее. Ах, если бы я мог ходить! Надо попытаться. А то совсем распустился. Валяюсь как чурбан. Меня охватила злость. Сев на кровать, я попытался спустить на пол ноги. Ощущение резкой, но терпимой боли в груди не остановило моих попыток. И вот мои ноги уже на полу. Весь мокрый от усилий я жадно ловил ртом воздух. В груди что-то клокотало, но я боялся только одного, что бы не пошла горлом кровь. Но, кажется, все в порядке. Постепенно мне становилось лучше. Боль проходила, дышать стало легче. Я стоял и улыбался. Отхлебнув с чашки чего-то вкусного, что принесла Кито, я почувствовал себя совсем хорошо. Только голова слегка кружилась... Я осторожно лег и дал себе задание в течение трех дней встать на ноги. Врача обманывать по-прежнему. Поменьше возиться с девчонкой. Брать ее только тогда, когда терпеть будет невмоготу. Добиться, чтобы Кито перевели к француженке. Разработать наилучший вариант побега. Вот пока все.Я начал неуклонно добиваться своей цели.Через три дня, с помощью Кито, я уже стоял на своих еще дрожащих ногах. Шагнуть еще боялся, но все-таки стоял, опираясь одной рукой на плечо Кито, а другой на спинку кровати. Меня лечили добросовестно, как приговоренного к смерти. Да и я не далеко ушел от этого. Если докажут, что я разведчик, а по их терминологии - шпион, то конец. Но пока ничего компроментирующего в своих действиях я не находил. Документы у меня были самые настоящие, а попытку вступить в контакт с Хаяси можно объяснить по-разному. На худой конец годится и шантаж. В крайнем случае, меня вышлют, как нежелательное лицо. But this can not be tolerated. С Кито пришлось повозиться. Два дня она обижалась на то, что я отвергаю ее ласки и «уже успел разлюбить». Как можно мягче я ей объяснил, что мне нужно окрепнуть и что половая жизнь может задержать восстановление моих сил. Она окружила меня своей нежностью, говоря, что мне с ней ничего не придется «делать», я все будет «делать» она сама и мне только придется лежать. Но уже на четвертый день после первого сближения с Кито, рано утром я почувствовал сильное желание... В течении дня - еще и еще... Вечером я уже с нетерпением ожидал Кито. При ее входе я приветливо улыбнулся ей и протянул навстречу руки. Она капризно надула гудки, поправила подушку у меня под головой, взглянула на меня раз, другой... Быстро наклонилась и впилась в меня жадным, горячим поцелуем. The aspirated. От ее трепета всего тела исходила сила неумолимо напрягшая мой член, делавшая его длинным, толстым, твердым.Оторвавшись от ее губ я прошептал:- Садись!...Не отрывая своих губ от моих, она распахнула халат, сбросила трусики, подняла одеяло и перебросила одну ногу через меня...- Нет, ко мне спиной! - вновь отрываясь от ее губ, потребовал я.Она удивленно вскинула брови, вероятно представив себе позу которую я желал, покраснела...- Ну же, повернись...Словами и руками я помогал ей повернуться и сесть на меня верхом. Она осторожно опустилась на мой член, придерживая его рукой. Ее задница была все еще скрыта от моего взора халатом, и я, предвкушая наслаждение, не спешил его приподнимать. Мои руки и ее пальчики встретились у наших половых органов облегчая им соединение...- Ну, - не выдержал я и все ее тело медленно начало двигаться вверх и вниз...Я похлопывал ее по ягодицам поверх халата, гладил их, чуть-чуть пощипывал, гладил ее по изогнутой спине, по пояснице, слегка щекотал ее...- Пе-ре-стань... - просила она, прерывающимся голосом. - Ну прошу...Вскорее я почувствовал, что она моя, что она охвачена такой же похотью, как и я... Резко, почти грубо я поднял ей сзади халат и забросил его край на плечи... Она чуть сжалась, выпрямилась и ее шейка слегка покраснела. Но, стыдливо сжимая ягодицы, упираясь вытянутыми руками мне о бедра, она старалась двигаться вверх и вниз, опускаясь при этом осторожно до толчка в матку. Ее влагалище плотно обхватывало верхнюю часть моего члена и я упиваясь неизъяснимо сладостным ощущением несколько минут лежал неподвижно. Но похоть нарастала и я, ни слова не говоря, начал двигать руками ее плечи, принуждая ее наклонить грудь к моим ...коленям. Она слабо, стыдливо сопротивлялась, но постепенно уступила моей настойчивости. Ее руки все больше сгибались в локтях, ее головка наклонялась все ниже и ниже... еще последнее робкое неуверенное сопротивление и ее груди коснулись моих коленей... Мой жадный взор впился в ее широко раскрытые ягодицы, в пухленькие срамные губки, туго обхватившие мой член. Но я тут же грубо сжал пальцами ее ягодицы, чтобы на несколько секунд задержать ее движения и справиться с нахлынувшим на меня жаром - я боялся преждевременно кончить. Полежав минуту неподвижно, я отпустил ее ягодицы, и они тот час пришли в движение... Я закрыл глаза и лишь изредка из-под опущенных ресниц бросал мимолетные взгляды на ее задницу, ритмично подымавшуюся и опускавшуюся... Долго любоваться этим зрелищем я не мог так как это чрезвычайно ускоряло наступление у меня оргазма в чем я отнюдь не был заинтересован... Но... невольно мои бедра начали напрягаться, вздрагивать каждым движением девушки сдерживаться становилось все труднее и труднее и когда она, потеряла всякое самообладание, кажется, забыв саму себя, прижавшись лицом к моим ногам, принялась непостижимо вертеть задницей, не отрывая матки от головки моего члена, я с непроизвольным глухим стоном начал спускать... Спазмы и подергивание всего ее тела, а также жалобные всхлипывания и вскрикивания красноречиво свидетельствовали о том, что на этот раз оргазм у нее совпал с моим...Прийдя в себя, она тяжело поднялась, стыдливо опустила сзади халат и легла возле меня... Успокоившись, она принялась лениво и мило болтать о всякой всячине...Кито мне все больше нравилась и в половом отношении она удовлетворяла меня целиком. Но откуда у нее это знание дела? Откуда такая опытность? Кто лишил ее невинности? Как пробудилась у нее вполне зрелая чувственность? Ведь в том, что она испытывает оргазм не было никаких сомнений!- Кито...- Да?- Ты не сердись, - начал я, - но мне хотелось бы знать...- Что?Я нежно обнял ее, поцеловал и тихо спросил:- С кем ты первый раз имела...- А... С мужем моей сестры, - просто сказала она, отвечая на мой поцелуй...- Но... но как же?В конце концов, она побуждаемая моими вопросами рассказала, что муж ее сестры, по видимому весьма сладострастный мужчина, в последние месяцы беременности сестры Кито, научил ее онанировать себя. По вечерам он поднимался на второй этаж в ее комнату ложился с журналом или книгой на широкий диван лицом к стене и принимался их рассматривать. Она же по его требованию ложилась рядом с ним, прижималась к его спине и начинала медленно поглаживать и ощупывать его половые органы, не расстегивая брюк. Когда же его член делался большим, она неторопливо обнажала его и принималась ласкать уже голым. Спустя еще некоторое время она расстегивала ему брюки и стягивала их к коленям. Он отбрасывал журналы в сторону и целиком отдавался ее ласкам. Кончал он в полотенце или платок.- А ты? - спросил я Кито.- Что я... хотя я его не любила, но он мне нравился и мне было... приятно делать это...- Но ты же возбуждалась при этом?- О! And how! - поспешно воскликнула девушка.- Ну и он тебя...- Да, но это случилось уже после родов у сестренки. Он делал мне очень нежно и осторожно, но я очень кричала от боли... Это было днем и в доме никого не было. А то бы...Тем временем Кито томно потягивалась при этом воспоминании о своих первых победах, и ее пальчики оказались на моем члене... Ее рассказ и признание возбудили во мне желание. Своими пальчиками она могла ощутить это хорошо... «Нет, так нельзя!» - решительно подумал я. - «На сегодня хватит. Дело важнее всего!» Я мягко снял ее руку со своего члена...- Кито, милая, это будет слишком много для меня. Понимаешь?- Да, да! Понимаю, прости... Не буду...Она поцеловала меня и поднялась с кровати...- Погоди! Еще одно маленькое соображение о деле...Я принялся излагать ей причины, по которым ей необходимо было перейти в комнату напротив. Но она никак не могла понять, зачем мне понадобилась эта француженка... Но, в конце концов, мне удалось добиться ее согласия на эту существенную и необходимую деталь в моем плане подготовления побега...При очередном посещении врача я выразил неудовольствие тем, что мне не разрешают подниматься с постели. Врач сухо ответил, что этого нельзя делать пока рана еще не зарубцевалась... Я спросил, почему меня держат здесь под охраной. Он ответил, что ему это не известно и, что на этот вопрос я получу ответ от полиции, представитель которой не замедлит появиться, как только я окрепну. Это сообщение было интересно и важно, но я и виду не подал, что это меня интересует, и приступил к самому главному.- Доктор, у меня есть просьба, - как бы, между прочим, сказал я, - сообщите, пожалуйста, обо мне французскому консулу.- Это вне моей компетенции, - сухо ответил доктор.- Тогда разрешите послать ему письмо, - продолжал я.Доктор пожал плечами:- Пожалуйста...Весь вид его говорил о том, что этот разговор не имеет никакого смысла. Да и я сам знал, что никакое мое письмо никуда не дойдет... Но я рассчитывал, что, покончив с неприятной темой, доктор будет податливее в мелочах.- Тысяча извинений, доктор, - я говорил как можно вежливее, - нельзя ли вместо этой молоденькой девушки, сестру постарше?- А в чем дело? - доктор удивленно взглянул на меня.- Так, ничего особенного... Просто она меня раздражает...- Но почему? Она очень хорошая сестра!- Видите ли, доктор,... - я замялся, как бы стесняясь выразить свою мысль. - Я человек молодой... Вот и мне... Короче говоря, она возбуждает во мне физиологическую потребность, а меня это очень беспокоит, особенно по ночам. Я плохо сплю.Доктор внимательно выслушал меня и резко спросил:- Она ведет себя нетактично?- Наоборот, доктор! - I said quickly. - Она сама холодность!Он задумался, потом сказал:- Хорошо. Вам заменят сестру.Он прописал мне какое-то успокаивающее и ушел...Я торжествовал. Все пока шло хорошо! Кито будет в палате напротив! Правда, мне будет трудновато притворяться и скрывать свои хождения по комнате, но зато я буду знать, что делается в палате напротив и отведу подозрения от Кито.С некоторых пор меня начало особенно интересовать все, что касается палаты напротив...Из рассказов Кито я узнал, что в этой палате держат молоденькую красивую француженку с довольно сильным нервным потрясением. Иногда, без сознания она бредит, порываясь куда-то бежать... Попросив Кито подробно описать ее наружность, я понял, что это не Марсель. Марсель смуглая, а эта беленькая, волосы у Марсель черные, а у этой золотистые. Не знаю почему,... но эта девушка не выходила у меня из головы. И дорого бы я дал, чтобы только посмотреть на нее. Мысли о ней мешали моим планам и я чувствовал, что пока ее не увижу, покоя мне не будет.Я по-прежнему выполнял поставленную задачу. Я уже мог делать по комнате несколько движений, не придерживаясь ни за что. Выполнял все предписания врача, пил все лекарства, ел много и с удовольствием. Постепенно, благодаря режиму и тренировке, а так же известной воздержанности в свиданиях с Кито, я настолько окреп, что уже смело и уверенно передвигался по всей комнате. Это был большой шаг вперед.Теперь следовало обстоятельно поразмыслить о побеге. Это была поистине трудная задача. Маленький коридор с наружи охранялся часовым. Окна задраны решетками из толстых прутьев и перепилить их в моем положении было вряд ли возможно. Я перебрал несколько вариантов, но все они оказались непригодными. Я вспомнил десятки побегов, произведенных в свое время различными заключенными и комментарии к ним преподавателями разведшколы, но ни один из этих способов не подходил к данным условиям.- Надо посоветоваться с Кито - подумал я.Ночная сестра, сменившая Кито, пожилая японка, обычно, проделав все процедуры, назначенные мне врачом, уходила в дежурную комнату и спокойно спала там до утра, если ее не будил мой звонок.Каждую ночь ко мне заходила Кито, переброситься неколькими ловами. На совокуплении она больше не настаивала, терпеливо ожидая первых шагов к этому с моей стороны. После последнего сближения с ней прошло уже несколько дней, и я чувствовал настоятельную потребность взять ее. Эротические мысли мешали мне думать о деле. Я вновь с нетерпением ждал ее прихода, припоминая, как еще вчера она тянулась ко мне и сдержанно сладострастно изгибала свои бедра. Тогда я еще нашел силы ничего не заметить, но сегодня... Воображение мое играло и я представлял ее себе в особенно бесстыжих позах...Тихо скрипнула дверь... Наконец!Кито подошла ко мне, внимательно взглянула мне в глаза и, очевидно, прочла в них все, что хотела знать... Она закрыла на ключ дверь и через секунду уже лежала со мной...- Я хочу!- И я тоже, - прошептала она, стягивая с себя трусики, - и... давно уже...- Немножко поговорим сперва, хорошо?- О чем? - спросила она.Мне хотелось немного отдалить сладость сближения, немного подразнить себя и ее... И я вновь стал расспрашивать ее о том, что с ней делал муж сестры. Она рассказывала и, между прочим, вспомнила, как однажды ей довелось видеть совокупление сестры с мужем. Сношались они в этот раз совершенно необычным способом и она, затаив дыхание, не отрывала глаз от щелки, наблюдая акт до самого конца. Расспрашивая о подробностях, я сказал:- А с тобой он так делал?- Нет.- Я хочу попробовать, - предложил я.- Но это трудно... ты устанешь...- Давай сюда вот те подушки с дивана, - попросил я, сбрасывая с себя трусы.- Положи здесь, - указал я ей на середину кровати. - А ты... сюда... нет... Вот так!После довольно длительной возни мы, наконец, расположились действительно необычным способом. Было стыдно и ей и мне... Но и острота наслаждения обещала быть далеко не обычной, еще до того никогда не испытанной. Правда, физически, поза оказалась весьма трудной, утомительной, но... Я лежал на спине, вернее на верхней ее части. Под головой у меня была небольшая подушечка. Таз же мой, был высоко поднят и под ним находились, подпирая его снизу, две большие подушки, скутанные одеялом. Таким образом, моя поясница была изогнута до предела, а колени свисали у меня над грудью... Девчонка же, повернулась ко мне задницей, обняла своими бедрами мои, поддерживая себя на вытянутых руках. С большим трудом и после нескольких неудачных попыток удалось нам, наконец, соединиться в этой исключительно трудной позе. Кито, разгорячившись, начала своей, почти детской попкой делать целую серию плавных и резких движений, стараясь как можно полнее охватить мой член своим тугим отверстием. Мои бедра, неестественно поднятые вверх, мешали введению члена глубоко во внутрь, пружинили под давлением ее бедер, дразнили девчонку, танцевавшую на них. Кито раздвигала и сдвигала свои бедра, неестественно нагибала их. Делала своей задницей сильные судорожные толчки о мои, мешавшие ей бедра, жалобно, нетерпеливо вскрикивала, продвигала свой зад дальше к моему животу, вновь поднимала его и вновь делала толчки вниз. Выпрямившись, приседая и приподнимаясь на полусогнутых ногах, она делала такие движения, какие делают всадники, скачущие на лошади галопом... Наклонившись вперед и удерживая себя на вытянутых руках высоко приподняв свой зад, судорожным усилием затем, приподнимала его вниз, пытаясь вобрать в свое пылающее тело весь мой член... Я не мог оторвать своего взгляда от ее до предела раскрывшихся ягодиц, растянутого отверстия, когда она их приподнимала. Я только немного хмурился, боясь слишком рано кончить... Все ее тело горело, покрываясь потом от чрезмерных усилий. У меня ломила поясница, болели бедра, но член стоял колом... Захватив свои ноги под коленками, я ритмично прижимал их к своей груди, отчего мой член еще больше выдвигался вверх. Но вот моя девочка приспособилась и, изогнувшись всем телом в дугу, начала частые, быстрые и равномерные какие-то жадные движения, в которых участвовали все части ее гибкого тела. И с каждым движением ее матка приближалась к головке моего члена. Все ближе и ближе... Еще большее напряжение мускулов, еще больший изгиб наших бедер, впиваясь друг в друга. Еще одно судорожное усилие...И еще...Еще...И вот матка соединяется с головкой члена... Старается заглотнуть его...Все плывет вокруг как в тумане... Наконец, извержение... Мы успокоились...С трудом мы разъединились. Ее задница соскользнула с моих бедер, и она свалилась набок позади меня, обессиленная и тяжело дыша. С усилием я вытащил из-под одеяла и из-под себя подушки, опустил ноги. Утомление было предельно приятным.Немного отдышавшись, Кито слезла с кровати, сделала два шага смешно сгибая ноги дугой, как всадник только что слезший с коня и вновь прилегла рядом со мной...- Не могу... У меня все дрожит...- Полежи, отдохни... У меня с тобой серьезный разговор... - устало говорил я закрывая глаза.»Чуточку отдохну и поговорю с ней. И как увидеть француженку.. тоже.»Но усталость взяла свое, и я задремал с настойчивой мыслью о побеге. И вот приснился мне сон. И даже не сон, а какой-то мимолетный образ. Но яркий и запоминающийся образ... Мне чудилось, что я лежу в палате один и поджидаю Кито. Вдруг дверь открывается и вместе с Кито входит врач. Я с удивлением уставился на него, недоумевая, откуда он взялся. При этом лицо врача мне показалось странно знакомым, а когда он снял маску и стал протирать очки платком, я понял, почему мне так знакомо это лицо... я узнал себя! Да, это был я. В белом, застегнутом на все пуговицы халате, в такой же белой шапочке и марлевой маской на груди. Я взял сам себя за руку, пощупал пульс и печально сказал:- А он, умер.»Он, это был я. Но почему умер, если я еще жив ...и понимаю, что вижу только сон. Но ответа не было, и фигура врача стала удаляться... Я отчетливо, однако, видел, как он открыл дверь, вышел в коридор и опустив голову, пошел к выходу. Часовой по ту сторону коридора вскочил со стула, на котором дремал и вытянулся. Не подымая головы, врач прошел мимо и начал спускаться по лестнице. How so! Ведь я здесь и я ушел. But how is it! Очевидно, я вслух задал этот вопрос и очнулся от собственного голоса. Еще толком не соображая, я повторил - как же это так. How so. Мой мозг лихорадочно старался осмыслить виденный сон. Но какой сон. Я весь покрылся потом, усиленно стараясь уловить какую-то ускользавшую от меня мысль. «Врач... Ну да,... я врач... Я врач!» Я удовлетворенно засмеялся. Меня охватила приятная слабость. «Нужно переменить белье», - подумал я. Мысль о белье сразу поставила все на свои места... «А если не белье, а... личность? Переменить личность! Стать врачом! А настоящего врача куда? Но это деталь. Нужна идея. Единственно приемлемая идея!» Мне было жарко, лицо горело, я ощущал нервную дрожь. «Спокойно, спокойно!» - повторил я себе. Но спокойно отдыхала лишь одна Кито, свернувшись калачиком рядом со мной. Я тронул ее за плечо, она с трудом открыла глаза, зевнула и села на кровати.- Кито...- Что случилось? - она с тревогой взглянула на меня, пощупала мой лоб и заволновалась.- Милый, что с тобой? - она с тревогой смотрела на меня. - У тебя жар.- Все в порядке, дорогая! Перемени мне рубашку, дай что-нибудь успокоительное, и все будет чудесно.- Ну что с тобой, Анри!... Что тебя так взволновало? - с тревогой допытывалась она.- У меня есть идея!- Какая идея?Кито подала мне стакан с лекарством, я выпил его и вскорее немного успокоился.- У меня есть идея побега и нам с тобой надо хорошенько ее обдумать. Это единственный шанс и другого такого не будет.Я объяснил возникший у меня план. Она внимательно выслушала меня подумала и сказала:- Но это очень, очень трудно и почти нет шансов на успех.- А я и не говорю, что легко. Я лишь утверждаю, что это единственный шанс и надо им воспользоваться.- Не знаю!...- Только прежде надо обдумать все до мельчайших деталей, - я нежно обнял Кито и добавил, - Ведь если удастся, мы будем во Франции вдвоем и навсегда!- Навсегда! - повторила Кито и нежно прижалась ко мне.Теперь все мои мысли и усилия были направлены на подготовку к побегу. Я даже меньше стал думать о таинственной француженке. Надо было очень многое узнать, продумать, предугадать. Мне активно помогала Кито. Если бы не она, я никогда не смог бы преодолеть всех трудностей, связанных с этим делом. Основной вопрос был - что делать с врачом? Как его убрать? Оглушить или связать? Это было бы лучше всего. Во всяком случае, было ясно одно - любыми путями, но его нужно убрать. Об открытой борьбе нечего было и думать. Я еще слишком слаб. На помощь маленькой Кито тоже рассчитывать нельзя. Но если сложить наши силы, то может быть что и получится?В целом план был таков.При очередном осмотре следует убрать врача. Я переодеваюсь в его одежду, благо рост наш примерно одинаков, а за время болезни я стал таким худым, как он. Его знают в лицо. Умница Кито берется загримировать меня. Я выхожу в коридор с опущенной головой, как бы глубоко задумавшись, и не обращая внимания ни на кого, быстро прохожу по коридору, мимо часового, и спускаюсь вниз. Уже установлено, что часовой никогда не проверяет пропуск у врача. Для верности одену марлевую маску, которая почти совсем скроет мое лицо. Часовой же подумает, что по рассеянности врач не снял маску после обхода больных. Дальше предстояла более трудная задача. Нужно было пройти через весь огромный госпиталь, рискуя быть узнанным кем ни будь, пройти часовых у выхода госпиталя, где проверяют пропуска у всех без исключения и лишь только после этого можно было считать себя свободным...В общем риск был огромен, но как говорится, кто не рискует, тот не выигрывает.»Но что же делать с врачом?» - Этот вопрос остается пока открытым.Я уже довольно бодро хожу по своей палате, а вчера ночью даже выходил в коридор. Еще немного времени, и я увижу таинственную француженку, мысль о которой снова не выходит у меня из головы. Ей стало лучше, но она все еще больна, порой бредит и в бреду пытается бежать. Кито ее очень жалеет. Да и меня не знаю почему она волнует. Strange! Переживать из-за какой-то женщины, будь она даже соотечественницей... Но все равно, очень хочется взглянуть на эту незнакомку... Сегодня врач констатировал улучшение моего здоровья и сказал, что через неделю меня заберут. Where? На этот вопрос он ничего не ответил. Антипатичный тип! Служащие госпиталя, по словам Кито, хорошо знают, что этот тип участвует в организации пыток в полицейских застенках, давая заключение какого рода пытку может выдержать тот или иной допрашиваемый... Меня сушит злоба, когда я его вижу. Убил бы его, как собаку! But it is too early. Еще не хватит сил. Эти жилистые японцы обладают незаурядной силой и, кроме того, в совершенстве владеют приемами «дзю-до». А действовать нужно наверняка. Промах - гибель! Именно такова формула жизни и деятельности разведчика. «Промах - гибель!» Надо что бы не было промаха. Нужно все силы сосредоточить на этом маленьком слове «Надо». А время идет...Сегодня всю ночь, уже в который раз, мы с Кито обсуждали все подробности побега. Предусмотрено, кажется, все. Конечно, относительно все, так как нельзя никогда предусмотреть всего. Но что возможно, было предугадано и обсуждено.Состояние моей незнакомки улучшалось и уже не внушало никаких опасений, что почему-то меня очень обрадовало. Завтра ночью, наконец, я ее увижу!Но что делать с доктором? Вот вопрос, который теперь преследует меня днем и ночью. Все больше склоняюсь к мысли, что его надо убрать, но для этого еще слишком мало сил. Но ничего не поделаешь, время на исходе, завтра, после того, как я побываю в палате напротив все решится окончательно.Днем я прекрасно выспался и чувствовал себя довально бодро. Полистав газеты, которые мне принесли, я снова стал обдумывать подробности побега. Надо было решиться. Теперь в любой день можно было ожидать, что за мной придут. С Кито полная договоренность, роли распределены до мельчайших подробностей. Пожалуй, завтра наступит решительный день.Я сунул руку под матрас и нащупал рядом со своими секретными записками длинный, очень острый японский нож, который мне принесла Кито.Но, хватит ли у меня сил всадить его в доктора? Я вытащил нож и несколько раз с силой ударил в подушку. Кажется, получилось неплохо. Но подушка не живое тело.Занятый своими мыслями и приготовлениями я не заметил, как наступила ночь. Надо идти на «свидание» к моей незнакомке.Я накинул пижаму и тихонько вышел в коридор. Там я прислушался и уловил только легкое похрапывание дежурной сестры, доносившееся из открытой двери дежурной комнаты.Осторожно ступая, я пробрался через коридор и мягко открыл дверь в заветную комнату. Несмотря на то, что дверь открылась, Кито, сидевшая у постели больной, вздрогнула и резко встала.... Девушка пробормотала что-то непонятное, а потом, после небольшой паузы явственно произнесла:- Хиросима ЗЗ. Fish left. Ставьте сети ИКГ в тихой лагуне. Спросите мирных людей.Девушка замолчала. Она глубоко с облегчением вздохнула, как будто сбросила с себя давившую ее тяжесть. Ее лицо покрылось мелким бисером пота. Она стала дышать ровно, полной грудью.- Что она сказала? - тихо спросила Кито, вытирая лицо девушке ватным тампоном.- Тише, - перебил я ее, прислушиваясь к ровному дыханию больной, в надежде услышать еще несколько слов.Но девушка молчала. Я наклонился и нежно поцеловал ее влажный лоб. Я уже успел полностью полюбить эту девушку и готов был сделать все, чтобы вырвать ее из рук японца.- Боже мой! Кто бы мог подумать, что здесь, в самом логове японца я узнал что-то, из-за чего меня послали. После всех неприятностей и уже отчаявшись что-либо узнать, я вдруг добираюсь почти до самой сути этой тайны. Тайны моего отца!Я никогда не был религиозным человеком, но тут я невольно подумал, что проведение в лице этой очаровательной девушки открывает мне ускользающею столько времени тайну. От сильного волнения я ослабел и с трудом, опираясь на плечи Кито, добрался до своей палаты. С облегчением опустившись на кровать и отослав Кито я лихорадочно стал обдумывать услышанное. В палату заглянула луна. Переплеты окон и решеток четко обозначились на зеркальном полу палаты.- Завтра, завтра надо бежать. Здесь мне больше делать нечего.Приняв наконец твердое решение я успокоился, мысли обрели ясность и логичность.Сразу же по приезде в Японию я имел встречу на одной из секретных квартир с нашим воен

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Last night, Ira returned from the institute, as always tired and exhausted. She wanted nothing but to fall on the bed and go to sleep. That is approaching the subway, Ira did not go on the bus, t. To. The evening was warm and fresh. Passing the tents, she saw a familiar silhouette.
- Karina ?! It's you?
It was an old friend of Ira, from which they had been friends in high school and were inseparable. However, in the 10th grade parents Carina divorced, divorce was a very serious and complicated. Child sued his father and took with him to America. Since then, the girls have not seen. And Ira sees her bosom childhood friend. Fatigue instantly vanished, and she ran to her.
- Ira ??? How many years!!!
- How do you here? A long time here? Why did not you call? Like Dad?
Questions and fell from the lips of a girl. Karina covered her mouth with his hand.
- How many questions! Ira, my dear, I miss you! I arrived only yesterday. Dad doing here, so I asked for them. Tonight was just about to call you.
- Well, what we stand here, Carisch, go to me!
Karina nodded and the girls went to the subway. On the way, they talked incessantly. After all, so much it has been unspeakably, many years have passed in separation. Karina has not changed much. Only perhaps that grew larger and shaped like a girl. It is already possible to say that the woman. After the girls had already been 20 years. Kareena looked stunning. Long legs, upholstered in blue jeans, lush breasts, lightly covered with a white blouse, and unchanging brown curls falling down to the beautiful shoulders. Ira sucked in his stomach and a strange stabbed in the abdomen. After half an hour the girls were home.
- Wow, Irk, you got nothing changed. Where are the parents?
- Parents left the cottage. Last year we bought a lot, now house almost witty, and so now they just do not get out there, even to work out dangle. So that the apartment at my disposal. You walk, is located, whether at home, as before. And yet I manage for a while in the kitchen.
Karina obediently took place in the familiar room Irina. Everything was as before, the same wallpaper, the same furniture. On the table stood frames with pictures. That's their picture in the second grade. Karina remember all the details of the day when the picture was taken.
- Karin, the tea will be? Hamburgers we do not have, we're not in America. So we eat sandwiches.
The girls burst into ringing laughter. Ira sat on the bed to Karina, and she hugged her tightly. Ira felt gentle scent of her silken hair, mixed with bold perfume. Her skin was soft and gentle. Il start to start. Her hand slipped on the back of Karina, but she pushed her away and looked into his eyes. Face friend expressed surprise, but in the eyes of burning interest. Ira touched her cheek, and Karina's eyes closed. Ira leaned toward her and kissed her cheek. Karina's hand more tightly pulled to his girlfriend and began to caress her. Shiver ran through the body of Irina. Her nipples hardened and wet pussy. With trembling fingers, she began to unbutton Karininu snow-white blouse and bare ample bosom in a lace bra. Karina again, pulled her to him.
- I want you .. I can not any more .. I'm burning with desire all !!
The girls began to passionately kiss passionately. Lang walked in their mouths to force the gyroscope. Ira continued to wield a bra Karina, and she at one time had already pulled off the girlfriends panties, wet with hot water. And so the two girls were sitting on the bed, completely naked. Karina leaned back on the pillow, and Ira pounced on it like a hungry cat. She abruptly parted Karininy feet and her eyes had the brilliant moisture pussy with a little hairy triangle. Ira eagerly began to lick the labia and pubic area. Its taste is maddening. Karina while tightly clutching his chest and the other hand was stroking his head Ira.
- Fuck me, damn bitch !!!
These words echoed in my head thunder Ira. She licked her finger and shoved it into the vagina Karinino. Then he took it and licked again. girlfriend's body jerked and a soft moan escaped from her breast. Ira continued to lick and move your finger in a hole girlfriend. Two fingers and Karina just flew away from the fun. Her body writhing snake. Other hand-il help myself. Karina noticed and pushed Il. Then he turned it into a 69 position and began to lick Irina hole, ass, tongue made its way into the anus, vagina stimulated finger. The smell of her body drove Karina mad, she lost her head. She wanted to fuck, fuck and fuck. She herself was already being bled juices.
- It is a pity that I do not have a member, I have you now just to fuck !!
Ira's body jerked to open and then she roughly finished. Then she looked up and saw expiring juices Karina. Not a loss, the girl got up and went to the kitchen and brought out a hefty banana. Karina smiled invitingly.
- Well, the little whore, ready to thrill?
With that she licked the end of the banana, put to her vagina, pulled and stabbed him in the Karininu pussy. She cried out as much.
- Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!
Ira continued sharp rhythmic movements banana. Along the way, the girls eagerly suck. Karina was breathing heavily, squeezed breast Ira. They moan merged into one. Ira again took a banana, bent over and licked pussy Karininoy river juices. A little more, a little bit more and Karina came. I cum with such force that I could not even breathe anymore. Ira leaned over to her friend and kissed her passionately. Karina again from somewhere appeared force. She took from the hands of Ira banana, threw the girl back to her, took her stomach and put it on all fours.
- Spread the buttocks, potrahushki!
Ira obediently complied with the order Karinin. She pressed her lips to her ass Ira and began to lick her again. She spat on his finger and squeezed it into the tight anus. Ira gasped. Then a second finger.
- Mmmmmm ...
Ira closed her eyes, and it was painful and pleasant. But her ass rest against something hard and cold. Banana. Gradually introduce Karina was his ass girlfriend. First, progress is hard, but then it became easier. Ira completely relaxed and half a banana in it went. She was breathing heavily and smiling. It was her first experience of anal sex. Karina quickening tempo, insert the deeper, sharper. Her hand reached for the small chest of Ira and began to knead them. Ira began to moan. Karina stopped, left the banana Irina ass and she planted it. The sensations were incredible. Then he climbed down, took his hands and continued movement. A little more and Ira got her first anal orgasm.
It was the busiest day in the lives of girls. Never, since childhood, and they could not imagine, that can result in their friendship. Then they dressed and went together to drink tea with sandwiches and share experiences.

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Bernvil, March 12, 1959 g.Milaya Cat! I received your letter and photo. Of course, you're right. Dick likes me. He was as tall as I am. Beautiful, slim. He was 14-15 years. At a meeting with me, he does not hide his beautiful eyes on me. I do not know, but to play a little with him, I would not mind ... One time I joked with him, flirting a little, and then ran to his room for a long time doing it ... You're right. But this time I did it, instead of Bob, I imagined ... Dick. And the sweetest moment I imagined that he had me ... Do you understand? ... Cute Cat ... I admire the photos that you sent me. You become even more beautiful, and John is such a powerful physics that I even envy you. But I believe that it is still risky to be photographed naked and I would not dare, what if someone sees this image - will be a huge scandal! But still very interesting to have a photo ... And do you happy - at any time you can see John and consider him whatever he wants. And I remain so far only dream ... Even Bob sent his picture in such a way ... Kat, please, persuade him to be photographed naked and let him send me a card .. I wonder at it more than your John? John somehow he grew cool. He was much less ... Remember! When we danced to rock 'n' roll and you're undressed, and I was ashamed, John, he became more than Bob, probably, too. And, you know, Kate, is somehow not myself when I think that's the sort of thing is part of my body, deep inside all creepy as you want ... and you. You write that John gave already touched her pussy and she touched it. I'm very envious! And write about it as detailed as possible, you know? Well, I will continue the rasskaz.Tak So when Ellie started kissing me on the couch, I felt between my legs, and that's ... Oh! She has touched my clitoris. No longer able to hold back, I moaned and spread her legs wide. Ellie began to gently and passionately caress the clitoris, gradually accelerating movement of his long, thin fingers. I thought I would go mad. All my body beat feverish trembling, and I inadvertently spit buttocks and hips in convulsions of lust. I wanted more and more, and hands Ellie answered my movements, doing their job ... The Rapture was coming ... suddenly it was all over. Ellie took her hands, groaned and fell down beside me on the sofa. I do not know, could it be that the worst of unsatisfied desire. My body was not subject to reason, still writhing in the throes of neudovletvorennosti.- I want to ... - I moaned, but tschetno.Ya was ready to cry with rage and grabbed a pillow clutched in her teeth. Oh, Kate! What it was flour! And at that moment I heard laughter Ellie! Grabbing a pillow in a fury, I threw it in the alley. Squeal with delight and throwing his legs up, Ellie laughed even gromche.- Bravo, my dear, - she said, swinging his feet in the air and almost bending them to his head. Between her feet swollen bulged outward from the desire pussy wet pink lips at the sight which I instantly froze nepodvizhno.- Lie down with me - she asked and held out her arms to me. Anger I prohodila.- you angry - Getting angry - good-naturedly replied I. How? Did I ...? - Silly! Of course you're a girl, but after the power you already a woman of passion. You've got such a great temperament, that when you will have physical intimacy with a man, they will all be crazy about your chuvstvitelnosti.- Why - Men love women temperamental. Here slushay.I Ellie read chapter books "About sensuality". It said that a woman should cultivate this feeling, and that the main tool for this is masturbation. Masturbation is harmless, but it is recommended not to abuse all kinds masturbate at any time. Valid 2-3 times a week, not more. Women are allowed all kinds of self-abuse, and girls should beware of a finger inserted into the vagina, as well as any foreign objects, so as not to damage the pristine plevy.Smazav one of Vaseline fingers - as described by one of the ways of masturbation, suitable for girls and women - with care introduce it into the anus, and if it does not cause any pain, move your finger up and down, simulating sex akt.Elli said she does not like the way to meet, but I knew some of the girls, which led the way to a finger in ekstaz.Ne and with a man ... Do you understand? Ellie hugged me again, sprawled on the couch. I languidly stretched and lay down on her whole body. Allie spread her legs, and I was among them. With trepidation I felt his pubis her silky curly hairs, but when she raised her feet, our lips and the top and bottom were fused in one sweetest kiss. Ellie grabbed my arms, legs crossed on my back, and pressed me to her so much that I almost choked. Ellie's face was flushed from her parted lips escaped a painful groan and she resting legs in a sofa and arched his whole body towards me, moaning softly. She repeated this movement increasingly, until I realized that she involuntarily began to repeat its motion of his ass up and down, up and to the bottom. Our pubic hair rubbing against each other, and my pussy kazhetsja burned with fire. I was beginning to pick up again, so that the breath away ... Up, down, up, down ... I was expecting something unusual, and that's it .... Even a little ... But no! ... Again, no! Again Ellie would not let me calm down. Again, she suddenly weakened and turned over with me on bok.- What are you doing? - I screamed, no longer able to sderzhivatsya.Elli quickly closed my mouth with her hands and whispered: - Hush, silly! Now ... once you say so ... Now I'll do well. Arise, my little, get up! She helped me up and put me across the sofa. I lay on my back and my feet dangling off the couch edge, rested on pol.Elli become before me, leaned forward and said softly: - Let me Ellie does outwork bent, put her hands on the couch and adapted so that we come into contact with it! only the tips of her breasts, soskami.Medlenno moving the body from side to side, it is their hard nipples tenderly kissed and tickled my chest. It was a strange way, but very nice and again, I felt a burning sensation in the abdomen sweet, exciting the itch, but not for long ... Ally just pulled away from me, put one leg between my thighs, put another on the sofa, threw back one of my leg and I pressed it to my bosom and bent in such a way that our sexual organs were closely pressed together. for a while we froze, not moving, and only felt a mutually strong startle our clitoris ... I'm breathless with lust! Ellie made several motions on which I think I started to lose consciousness ... I felt her clit ... And suddenly, again agonizing second, two. Ellie ... changing posture and sitting down at the couch, dug unspeakably burning kiss on my pussy! I began to shake like a fever, as Ally kept her lips and his fire ... oh ... that is ... Is the language. And then I screamed with delight. Floating language Allie quickly licking my clit and just glaring at his lips, she began to suck it so delightful that my whole body quite shamelessly start to bend and squirm. Clasping his hands feet, I pulled them to his stomach, trying to stick out her pussy as her tongue much as possible to meet. Some incomprehensible force throws my buttocks up and down from side to side. My inflamed buttocks felt nervous fingers Ellie, frantically clutching at them. Ellie muffled stonala.Eto pleasure was torture. I do not know how I did not faint. My shouts and moans Ellie merged in some scream sensuality and lust, and myself, I no longer feel ... I started having cramps, convulsions inexpressibly sweet and I began to be satisfied ... And suddenly ... knock on the door. From horror to the blood, I bit his lips, and Ellie, jumping to his feet and staggered like a drunk, asked in a hoarse voice: - Who tam.- so you cry, Miss ... What's wrong with you. I walked by and heard your krik.My relieved to hear the voice of the maid-negrityanki.- Is that you, Dean? - Ellie asked more calmly I miss. Do not help if you in anything nibud.- Thanks Dean! I knocked over a glass of hot tea on foot and it was very painful. But now all is well. I anointed her with ointment and bandaged. It is not so painful. Good night - Good night, Miss And we heard the receding sound of heels Dinah!. From my chest sigh oblegcheniya.- I was so scared ... - Ellie whispered. I even got sick stomach ... She went behind the curtain, I heard it pisyaet.U between my legs it was all wet and wipe had no strength. I lay outstretched nogi.- You what? - Ellie asked, toweling my pisku.- I've got all wet ... - said I. 'You're finished? - Quiet asked ona.- I do not know .. I still do not understand ... I was so scared ... And I want to spat.- Oh, for two hours! Come to bed soon, but first vytris.Elli gave me a handkerchief and slowly wiped her stomach, hips and everything else. Pussy little hurt, everything was nice and irritated nylo.Obnyavshis that hour we fell asleep. I woke up screaming. Opening my eyes, I looked around the room in bewilderment, not knowing where I am and what happened to me. And suddenly I remembered everything ... Is it really true. Is this not a dream from which I cried and prosnulas.No, no ... I'm in a room all alone and Ellie. Gradually, I remembered all this and a dream from which I screamed and woke up. I dreamed that alley between the legs there was a big man's penis and she tries Push it to me in the vagina. I was hurt and I vskriknula.Opyat I to class late, I thought. Why did not you wake me Ellie. Turning on his side, I saw a piece of paper pinned to the mat. I read:"My darling baby! About anything, do not worry, I'll handle it. Rest as much as you. I'll come after school. Many kisses. Your Alley. Yes breakfast in the kitchen, the cocoa in a thermos"."And yet Ellie done!" - I thought. "I take care of everything".In The room was hot and smelled of strong perfume. I wanted to air in the garden, but not Ellie, I was afraid to leave the room. I got up and began to bathe in a large tub. Drowsiness was gone and I felt very hot and good. I even laughed softly with pleasure. When I'm down his leg, let him warm water jet in the crotch, I was so pleased and tickled that I yelp, laughed with pleasure. And the same hour, frightened, closed her mouth with his hand - when someone hears ... But no, it was quiet ... With pleasure I bathed their genitalia, even tried to stick a finger in the vagina, but the hour straightened it a little! I do not cry out in pain. Finger touched plevu.Oh virgin, it seems to me already tired of this "virgin". It prevents me and want to get rid of it. Just to find me a suitable boy. What if Bob. Oh, dear Kate! ... Well, I beg! He was not a word. Let him do what he wants. Maybe guess to come here ... And if ... Dick. He's probably already too worth it. And there should be a little ... Oh, if by chance to see ... And from a little will not hurt so much the first time. what do you think? I do not know, but I'm drawn to Dick little ... Well vymyvshis, I wrapped in a bathrobe and Ellen all neatly tidied up the room, and with an appetite pozavtrakala.Mne would love to chat, laugh, play pranks, but I was alone. Then I wanted to read a book, the one ... I found her in the closet, she grabbed and already went was to the couch, but the shelf is something fell. It was a beautiful box with a lid. The box was opened as a school pencil case. When I opened it, it did not even realize what a thing lying there. And pulling out, I almost cried. You know what it was! A member of the artificial ... and so beautiful! Even with two eggs. Oh, Kate, I was surprised! I stared at his spit. It was a very long, 20 centimeters, but is very soft and the shell was so silky and soft to the touch, that my hand she started to stroke. Behind him was a cork, like water grelki.No how to use it, if it is so soft and bend like a rubber sponge. Interesting ... I went to the mirror and held it to the place where he should be a man. Glancing in the mirror, I laughed at that hour - a kind of funny I had, and penis and breasts! I covered her chest and right arm looked like a tomboy-boy who indecently baluetsya.Kogda I was going to put a dick in a box, I do not see the bottom of her paper. It was a guide to the use of the artificial member. It said that "... When you squeeze the testicles member inflates and becomes elastic. The opening closed by a stopper, poured hot water or milk. After filling the milk a member, you need to gently press and release the eggs, whipping the air. A member becomes hard and long. The length and thickness of the member depends on the degree of inflation with air. Because of this, any woman can pick out the size according to your taste and desire. A woman with a narrow entrance to the vagina is recommended this method: repeatedly shake the air, to give a certain hardness, insert a member into the vagina and after that pumps a tolerant and to the desired size. This method, moreover, is much more exciting because a woman feels an increase in the member directly into the vagina, causing her strong sense of lust and sexual pleasure. When a member is already in the vagina, a woman by the hand moves it back and forth for the rest of its length, or removing it altogether, or at the request of pushing it slightly to the uterus, or more enjoyable in some way for this woman using it. When a woman feels the approach of orgasm, ie, climax of lust, it should push the hand or on the hips testicles, from which a member of splashes ... her warm liquid with enough force to feeling hot jet that simulates the end of sexual intercourse".Dalshe Said that "... The use of an artificial penis is almost mandatory for women whose husbands quickly reach their pleasure and complete sexual intercourse as soon as a woman apart".Govorilos Also that "... Use the dildo can be dozens of ways. It can be attached between her legs and meet her friend, a friend. They can initiate themselves, simulating intercourse between the breasts, in your mouth and enjoy her anus".Dorogaya Kate, after reading this guide, I desperately wanted to try this thing in action. I warmed the water, poured into the interior, pumped a member of the eggs, to a solid state, began to twirl it this way and that, well, my feet somehow spontaneously brought me to the couch. I lay down, legs wide apart and began to rub the head member of the shameful lips ... It was delicious! I felt that I was beginning to take on "pleasure". I firmly, firmly pressed it to her cunt and tightly crossed legs, moving your hips at the same time. Oh, how good it was. Again, I felt a sharp jet of fire ran through my whole body, and again there was a wet, wet ... Oh, how I would like at this point a real man. To feel his hard dick in her body, the severity of man on himself. I pictured myself on the Bob, that Dick is ... ashamed to admit both. Naked, Dick to himself, and Bob's side. And ... I do not know that I have seen in a half-conscious, but at the moment of burning, my hands clenched convulsively eggs and spray hot liquid hit me right there. It was unbearable, delightful pleasure ... And then my body has spread a pleasant languor. It became easy, relaxed, rested ... I came, I got up, washed up, bathed in the same member again and lay down on the bed with him. Admiring a member, I wanted to take it into his mouth. And this desire is getting stronger and stronger. Involuntarily, my mouth opened, and she put a hand to his head."Ah, if it were true!" - It flashed through my treachery somewhere soznanii.Ya sharply squeezed eggs and felt a stream of warm water hit my throat. And then I was struck by a new thought. I squeezed all the water from a member, poured rum into it and tighten the plug."Now, perhaps, will be "luxury" - Kat thought ya.Dorogaya I used up a whole book and you probably tired of reading, but you yourself asked to write all the details. That's why I'm writing. You must understand, because I first plunged into this exciting sea sexual naslazhdeniy.Ya already feel quite ripe, healthy devchenkoy, and you know, my body wants that for which it is intended. About the same desires not you just say to me herself. Do you remember? So filling member of rum, I pumped it up to a semi-solid state, so that it fits comfortably in your mouth, sitting on the couch, he puts it in his mouth and he slowly began to move up and down while holding his tongue. Little by little, I tried to push it deeper and deeper. Then I hit a few times on the eggs, and the elastic trickle of rum filled my mouth. ABOUT! Kate, it was damn delicious! I kind of sucked rum from a member! And between her thighs I seem to get wet again ... I do not even heard in the lock clicked the key and came to herself only when she heard the angry voice of Ellie: - What are you doing I ran to Ellie and hung on her neck, covering her cheeks potseluyami.- Ellie, darling, do not you dare get angry! - Where did you get this - there - I pointed to the shelf and then told her the whole story, omitting, however, that I am sweet konchila.- you mad ! - She said, but she laughed and kissed me ... You know, Kat, I'm writing you this letter already two days and all I can not finish. But it's time! Enough. The rest in the next letter. We soon holidays and Ellie invites me to his friends on a farm not far from here. I will try to persuade her that she invited you and John, as well as and Boba.Nu gud-bye! Wait for continuation. I feel that you care. Yes? Your Meg.

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When I woke up, Natasha was gone. I woke up quite late, I will not be awakened. I was glad that Natasha did just so. It was not because he was tired of the night: it was a clear sign of awakening from hibernation of its human qualities. I finally solved the riddle of the house. It remains only to decide how awake the rest of the family. In the meantime, it would be very naive to build peace plans and the future. After breakfast, I left the room. On the way to the office I was faced with Olga Mashey.- Ah, there you are! - I was ready it pridushit.Kogda Masha saw me, straightened her shoulders, and she tried to look taller and starshe.- Masha, why are you lying ?! Immediately go to the Leray and tell her the truth - Well, you know ...- Do not mumble She suddenly jumped up and punched me in the stomach with a pin!. I doubled over and momentarily disoriented. When I came to, the little bitch gone. Upstairs, I heartily slammed his fist on the door Masha. Where there! This door of the machine does not break through. Suddenly I heard a thump and a scream. It seems to be of the rooms Snjezana. Exactly: its door ajar. On reaching there, I saw the culprit noise lying on the floor and pressed down with one of their favorite trenazherov.- What's going on here? I ran with a curse and pushed an iron rack that fell to the feet Snezhane.- I hurt ... Well, be more! On the lower leg slowly poured the blood of a huge abrasion. He doubled with pain, Snezana lying on the floor. Even now she prom damn good. - I do, - she moaned - and here's the thing pochemu-to broke away and fell right on my foot ... - You can see? Felt the leg, I have concluded that the bone was not broken. Live girl will just limped for a while: too strong ushib.- What is it? - I could not stand it. - How is my leg? It's not so bad, and -?! Yes, I can not say that everything is all right, but after a couple days it proydёt.- Excellent Learning that is not terrible, Snezana has calmed down and the pain otstupila.- But ... Looking at the simulator and the wall, I did not see anything like the damage. It seemed that someone just unscrewed it from the wall on which he was attached. Snezana something not dogovarivala.- No, nothing ... She roused herself: - What - Well ... No, nichego.Ya gave her first aid?. Snezana - a strong woman, and quickly comes back to normal. Then I laid her on the bed, strictly ordered not to rise at least until the evening. Then I went back to Olga: we still need to discuss something. Already I went downstairs, I heard a voice from above: - Pasha looked up, I saw Anna, running down the stairs. Then ...- Caution! - I cried when she began padat.Ona stumbled and flew down. I did not have time to catch it. With all the fluff she fell to the floor and stopped moving. From the broken temple oozing blood. An urgent need to call an ambulance! Rushing to the phone, I caught a glimpse of a familiar orange jacket, flashed on the second floor. Is it she pushed Anya? Perhaps this question can be answered only herself. I could not believe that this is Masha was the culprit of today's accidents. Anna woke up and groaned: - Pasha ... It is urgently needed help. I'm at a breakneck speed dialed. Fortunately, Anne rasshiblas not as much as it seemed at first glance. Arrived doctor examined her and assured that there was no danger, and left her at home, pre-stuffed by just in case soporific. But, nevertheless, that started a Mary? Find the answer I could only find it itself, so I went upstairs, firmly deciding, in extreme cases, break the door, no matter what it takes. That was not necessary. The door was open, and Maria was waiting for me, sitting in his chair Masha! I was looking for you. We need to talk. Right now! What are you all right? Anya could have been killed because of you! - Well ...- So what did you do - Well ... Mary gritted her teeth and widened his eyes, trying not to cry. She tried to jump out of the room, but I did not let go: - In addition, you lie! Enough! Now I have spit on your lozh.- Because ...- Because - Because I am with anyone you do not want to share an hour from bad to worse -! Do you think this way to win me? And you did not think that I hate you for such antics - Well ...- What?! - I did not do anything wrong! - What the hell - you had all the time with my sisters, I have treated me like a baby! - What, do not you? - Do not mock! More Say a word against it, I'll make like the last time! All right, I've had enough! But I was about to leave as the room someone broke. It was Leroy. Probably, during the entire conversation, she stood for a little half-open door and heard everything. Ringing slap little sister threw it across the room. Mary cried. I never thought that Leroy was capable of something like that. It seemed to me very sensible. Now she was furious. Her hair fluttering, and his chest heaved violently. Not wanting to watch the storm in the beginning of May, I went out into the corridor, but Leroy caught menya.- Pasha, I'm sorry that you did not understand ...- It's okay, because now you know pravdu.- I was so stupid. I do not like you anymore, but - I do not hate tebya.- So I'll still like me? - In the air ozonom.- Well, I'm glad ... konechno.- Leroy smiled. It was a smile sumasshedshey.- Well ... Pasha ...- Yeah? What is it -? You know ... I ... I've still never seen her so embarrassed. It was quite zavorazhivayusche.- I ... I love you, Pasha ...- What !! - I can not keep it to myself. I owe you open ...- Well ... I ... I do not know what to say ...- You do not hate me. This means, you like me. So, you love me. You can not say that you love me too. I know that, and you, too, it had nothing to say znaesh.Mne ....- I have to go ... You know where I'm going. You'll remember me when I'm gone? Lera went down the stairs, and I was left standing in a vain attempt to digest all that she told me posted. I was embarrassed, but it was only the beginning ... In the evening, Olga collected at all. I do not come only Lera. And Alice, but I think it can be forgiven. The subject of discussion was Mary. She sat on the couch between Snezhana and Anya. If female gaze could ignite, Masha has smoked at once from two sides. Olga stood menacingly, leaning on a bookshelf. Natasha shy perched in a corner of the room. Start Snezana - I it never forgive! ? As soon as she could do that Sanya has added: - I'm able to die! Do you have any idea what you're doing - but why only my fault .. why .. Masha tightened into a ball?. It seemed that she was about to zaplachet.- just have their own morals, and you have mine. You have no right to judge me. I just do not like you. Can not I have that? You're so stupid! Only care about themselves, and did not think about the others! You want only one thing, and perfectly know how to get it. You have created this world, but could not finish the creation itself. And besides, there are still some people, communicating with Pasha! - Her voice became vkradchivym.- Someone else? - Olga asked. - What are you talking - This is ... Mary jumped off the couch and jabbed a finger at Natasha: - That bitch - What? - Olga just realized what it was about, and I'm already trying on to the door is not true - said Snezana, but Masha was adamant: - That's why I said that you are all stupid! Pasha and the bitch in love with each other. You know what love is? It gives faith Olga asked me: - So what's going on here !! Masha did not give me the words to say: - This slut Pasha said as she came into our family. And he believed her. She loves it! - Pasha, this is true Olga turned to me, not leaving me any chance?. I could lie, but I decided to tell the truth. Olga was enraged: - Oh, you scum! And you're hoping that we'll leave it so? She jumped to Natasha and threw on the pol.- Lick my shoes! Natasha began this delat.- Pasha, look at it? Why are you all over the world prefer this piece of shit? !! I could not breathe. All eyes were focused on me. Finally, I came to sebya.- What? Where is Natasha? Nat was crushed and humiliated. Olga began to shine shoes. I felt like a boil. I could no longer look at the humiliation of women. Turning around, I ran for Leroy. it can only help me. In her room is not okazalos.- Lera! - I called eё.Nikto not responded. I looked in the bathroom. Oh no! In the bathroom, the water flowed, and Lera ... Lera, clenching a razor in one hand, the other down the water, lying, leaning on bath rim. The water was red with blood. I could not believe ... Is it so crazy? I did not understand what kind of person she is. I do not understand what it meant by the word "love". Hell, the whole world is sheer misunderstanding. Only our emotions are important. Our emotions and our love. I walked over to her. She was still alive, but barely whispered elё-: - Pasha ... Lera died. She died with my name on his lips. Then I got my first gray hair. The razor slipped from her fingers and fell into the water. Picking up the girl's body, I carried her to the bed and closed his eyes. That's all I could do for the unfortunate. I said goodbye to her, if he was going to come back in a few minutes. Poor lying on the bed as beautiful, which was in life. I'll never forget how I was leaving, afraid to look away from the body. This is something that will stay with me forever. Stepping into the corridor, I went to him. In no case can not stay in this house still at least an hour. It is necessary to immediately seek and Natasha run away aimlessly. Natasha waited menya.- Pasha, run. Save yourself. If you stay, you will become the same as we do! I raised glaza.- Lera dead. She killed herself because of me. I can only get out of here with toboy.- But I do not know what to do ...- Natasha, you love me - Da.- then run with me. I can not understand when you're lying to me. I can not understand where the truth lies. All I know is that I have to save you. I want to save you! She molchala.- Please believe me. I have to save tebya.Ona finally decided: - I'll go with toboy.- Then we go. Now, I grabbed Natasha's hand disapeared and caused the room, but ...- stand, both of you! On the doorstep, with a hunting shotgun Olga was in his mouth. The gun was aimed directly at me grud.- Ms. Mikhailova ...- I have to be more careful. You have confused my plany.- What are your plans? - I surprised I. Both of you know too much. Let's go to my special room? In her hand was a gun. And it was Olga Mikhailova. I had to obey. At least, so we stayed at least some chance of salvation. At gunpoint they escorted us somewhere in the back of the house, with the kitchen. Entering the room, I noticed that the door was metal, and pretty sooty inside. The air was suffocating smell of kerosene. Along the walls, on the floor in pools of fuel were candles. The ceiling was blackened. Tracing my opinion, Olga said: - Do not worry, up to a certain time, it is perfectly safe. While candles not burn down. I do not want to kill you, you're too polezen.- Useful? What do you mean -? About your money. You're pretty bogat.- What do you mean - I'm about your inheritance. You're just like my late husband. He, too, tried to escape. Sometimes a servant, sometimes one ...- What -? Yes, I killed him! But I needed someone with head, to strengthen my family. How do you. And he tried to ubezhat.O Lord, she puts it this way, if the track was hit by a cat! - You only need money and sex - Yes, but perhaps I'm disappointed in you. You could have to think fast. Perhaps, after all you have to fry. As muzha.- Okay, but let Natasha. And then do with me that hochesh.- ... Ha! Here you are! Is it because you love it - No, not because of it. Because something bolshego.- I understand ... Well, I'll let her, but first ... - she thought, - First otymey it is good in the ass, and then fashioned down to golovy.- What !!? - But it's better than dying, is not it -? horosho.A came to a shuddering horror Natasha. Pretending as if confused with zipper skirts whispered it in his ear: - Now I throw myself on it, and you run. Run struggled away. Just I pray not oglyadyvaysya.- Okay, but how do you ...- It does not matter. I will do. I just do it. Now begi.Ya jumped to Olga, trying to close it by Natasha, but the killer was not so easy obmanut.- Natasha, do not move, or he dies! Damn, well, I told her not to stop! So no, Nate certainly needed to look at us. And he looked up, could no longer escape. Olga smiled: - Congratulations, Pavel, you almost got it. Now die! Perhaps there are people who can not look at batting as they shot in the head from two trunks. I do not belong to them. A shot thundered in a small room, so that a moment's ears. When I opened my eyes, I saw the following: shoot from the wall candle chandelier in slow film falls down, Natasha standing near the door, and in the middle of the room for the possession of a gun fight Olga and Masha - Masha, let go - Run Pasha, run!!! Leave me alone, do not worry! The candle fell. The room was immediately enveloped in flames. With one bound I crossed half the room, and Natasha pushed into the corridor. The fire was here. Hair began to smolder. Through the roar of the flames before me donёssya voice Masha: - Goodbye, big brother, do not forget about me I grabbed Nate in his arms and rushed to the exit!. Do not believe the movies, where you show how fearless hero running around the burning house. This is complete nonsense. The fire immediately lose orientation. It was a miracle I was able to get us out of there. Eyelashes were charred, and because of this I have almost nothing videl.- Masha! - I yelled at the top of lёgkih.Nikto did not answer me. Luxury house burned like a match. Mikhailov was to do away with the family curse. Maybe I was supposed to get around the house and look around, maybe someone needs help, but I did not do. I just sat on the hill, his knees drawn up to her chin, and waited for the debris will burn down. Natasha silently came and sat beside him and put her head on my shoulder. Is not that what I wanted to finish?

The end.

- Pasha ... - Nat looked at menya.- What, darling - I ... I think I'm pregnant.

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Monday, February 21, 2005
Today, Memorial Day. But she has no power over me. I am without it can not live, but it no longer has power over me.
I lost the charm and intimacy of the idea. That's all there comes a new spring. I have one and it will be forever. I'm only one she can trust his soul. No more other it is only one and it has always been and will be, forever and nothing will not change me. That feeling that arose in me that in spring 2004, will never change. I do not want more than anything in the field of heart, but she was able to awaken in me the sweet and light, that now goes out in me. I want to support him but it fades with each passing minute, which is converted into eternity .. no me without you. No matter what it was, and what it is not.
I always lost it, kilometers of light-years ago, time is turned back and no hope or love or sorrow, all swallowed it, and name it the darkness came from the Mediterranean Sea: We will never be together only the moon next spring swallow my trail on the road, which leads into the infinity of days, they only travelers on the road to hell, and there shall not find it and can not get up to it, that's it.

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-Podoydi Me - I command.
Husband quickly puts the other shoe and grabs the door handle.
-Honey, I'm in a hurry.
-I told him to come to me, are you deaf?
-But I'm in a hurry!
-I do not care. But I, no. I'm here to solve all, not you.
-I can not hear?!
-Yes, darling.
He takes off the shoes and approached me. I'm sitting in a dressing gown with her legs on the couch and eat scrambled eggs with ham. Oh, I love the way he prepares!
The whole room smells svezhevarenym coffee. I do not hurry. Just him to work eight, nine and opinion.
-Where are you going in such a hurry, if it is only 6:45 ??? And you go half an hour?
-I need to do anything!
-You will go at seven thirty! In the meantime, I want you, so take off your clothes and call me blessed.
-But I can not! I was soon to work!
-Shut your mouth, I -obryvayu it.
He unzips his pants, pulls a condom and starts to fuck me sluggish. At this time I push through it for curiosity finger in the ass. It accelerates the movement. A minute into his taut pass for three of my fingers, and it very quickly fucks me moaning. I'm coming. He, after a few seconds.
-And now I'll fuck with my new friend from yesterday's rubber sex shop in the ass. Clear? He Jerks.
I grease his ass with Vaseline and I stick rubber rod. He yells, and I do not understand something or from pain or from the wild excitement.
I keep fucking him and he cries and cries. Five minutes later he was all bent and ends. I looked at the time-of-seven twenty-five!
-Come on, all you'd better!
He kisses me on the cheek, and quickly wears out. I fuck myself trunk for another half hour and start getting ready.
He came home. I'm home. With me is my girlfriend Masha. It prepares us to quickly eat and sit with us. Masha looked at ... More precisely, its grud- clearly put, I asked her to open her blouse to wear with no bra, posmuschat it. Then I drop my fork specifically, and since it is closer to Maschke, she stands up, bends her ass to him and raises him. In her black thong, I can see from here. And, of course, the mini-skirt. Member of the husband gets through his pants. He tries to keep his hands. Half an hour, and he runs to the bathroom, like, immediately. Masha says goodbye and leaves. I quietly I come up behind him, he could not see me. He stands and is pushed nakorachkah asshole in my trunk. And furiously tugging dick, ending. Then I went up and he was numb.
-Well, did you like Masha?
-Yes, he -uvertyvaetsya, -very interesting person, very sweet. Affable. A good friend, perhaps.
-I do not mean that, you moron. You want her?
-No, what are you, I only want you because th ...
-Shut up, I -preryvayu stream of nonsense, you dick-y then stood up.
-You see, what you will wear! -raskalyvaetsya Her husband. Have you seen ?!
-So what. Well, in the morning to five in the rose. cable to teach a lesson. Never again will on other people's breasts and pussy view.
Tooolko my!
And I am leaving. It washes, cleans off the table and comes into the bedroom. Another two hours seksa- doggy, anal, screaming, blow job and another heap of all. Both exhausted. and fell asleep. In the morning he gave me six-budit. You wanted me to stand up at six, remember?
-And ... Well, yes ... well, take your clothes off, lie down ass up on the sofa.
Another small detail: Manya brought burglar-card vibrator BDSM yesterday, with normally do not pomasturbiruesh.
And she had a lover, a masochist, well, that's ... And she always wanted to carve anyone. That always goes to Ms. But back to the story.
I take the big man and cram her husband in the ass. He shouts, but my hands clean dares. I laugh and fuck his long this garbage.
Further more. I take the belt out of his trousers and do what I had not allowed, although the ideas were already beginning to davno- smartly whip his ass. He was moaning and jerking. After some time, his ass in red scars, and it ends.
-You can go to work. But just try and sit down?
He tries to sit down on the sofa and with a grimace on his face he succeeds.
-So little, I say I poryu it for another ten minutes. Now sit down. I order.
He sits with a wild cry.
-Well and good, I say I'm in the bath.
He goes to work.
I asked, sitting, it's all red. He says he did not feel so much pain for life. I laugh, squeezing his dick and kiss him passionately. He's excited.
-We have guests, I say.
Masha sweet smiles at him from the couch. He was even more excited. Another two hours and lethal gruppovuhi- simple napredele.
What he has become something uninhibited! It is necessary to teach a lesson. Well, it started to fuck gadgets, which bring Manya. Some beads for anus, imitation brush, which in the evening visited his ass fifty times, rubber truncheons and members, vibrators ... All of enormous size. In the end, the host of the punishment. Already everything: nipple iron pegs and rubber Gram ass, ass ripped half an hour ago, and already dick clip with sinker ... and flew the soul to heaven! Scourge, belts, combs, brushes, rulers, books, knives flat side ... all carved: ass, ass, ass and once again, dick, thigh inside and outside, hands, nipples, abdomen, chest, back .. .ostavili only palm: they we just beat ruler and calmed down.
In short, by the end of his ass flowed red streaks on the scars and bruises. And the body was like a tomato on red.
Then we again otebal him well, and she was gone. He began to cry, ask why so mocked. It was fun to watch him, I sucked his lips and went to bed. And he just stood on his knees in front of my bed and then whimpered, then asked that he do tomorrow at work, when you have to sit back and touching the back. I smiled, again kissed and whispered "I love you. All will pass,"-pogruzilas in slumber, and slept under his cry, realizing that he had all night to howl, because he even lie on your stomach can not.
If you think he's gone from me- just say: no, we have since five years of living together, and he began to learn the innocent joy of pain.

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After that trip of the guests with the adventure in a taxi with two Azeris, passed two days! I'm sitting in the kitchen, sipping Pivtsov! My darling is busy in a room near the little girl! Suddenly a phone call! Who could it be???? I picked up the phone ((((((((- Ale .... !!!! ???? - Pryvet daragoy Ne learned striae druzey ???? telefon gave himself, and learns ne !!!! As your bliad ? Hochim ESO))))) !!!! - Aaaaaa - finally I found, though, and was then under shafe, but remember that this phone gave Khachik !!!! ((((((((-. ... Hi, my bitch is ready ready when you always !!!! always remember, already trembling all over, as soon as you start talking about !!!!!!))))) - ..... If so hochit, it is necessary vstretitsa ?? E here on rinke, den posle is difficult, I want to become a woman))))) -!? ..... (((((... on what the market .. and realized right now, my little let down and to you how much you ..... yes ... Troy realized for 20 minutes, then close completely !!!! Damn Olechka so wanted to repeat !!!! -? Olyayayayaya, call our friends, yes ... the ones dochu !!!!! Come to my quick and Makhno they are waiting for us in the market !!!! I walked into the room! My dear girl from heard could not move, I went to her and put his robe without words, stroked his hand ! ass She wore little white panties, she spun around to me and throwing his arms around my neck, put her head with disheveled blond hair on my chest, whispered (((((- cute ... I probably damn you down and out, but I'd love to at least another Razik ....))))) at this time, I'm not saying a word, but only kissed her ear, his hands began to lower her panties with her ass! ..... ((( (- Dress up, please, baby, and I was quickly in the bath ...)))) I let the favorite of the open arms, and she stepped their already lying on the floor of her panties, she went to the bathroom !!! We left a little girl my mother, and went out into the street, catch a private trader (now we are no longer afraid of anything). Safely reaching the collective farm market, we saw one of our friends (the younger), who was waiting for us on the steps at the entrance! The market was already closed, and close to our friends stood guard! We greeted each other, the familiar (Ashot) kissed my wife on the lips, and ran a hand through her dress covered with zhopku, I even thought not much slapping her! Ashot told the guard that guests with him, and we went in smoothly since turned night lighting market hall! I walked back and Ashot embracing my dear wife to come! Through the hall we were in a corridor with office space, and it has already entered the room (apparently dined here the staff)! The room on the huge old tired sofa at the large table sat two other men! In one of them we immediately recognize the second party that night (it was called Gregory older). Both jumped up and cheers came to Ashot and my sweet little wife - Well E already here chut ne masturbate! nakonets it! I thought we scored vie .....? ((((- How can you forget such men)))) - spoke up, smiling, Olechka !!!!!! table was set with a Caucasian scale, just bursting with snacks and various booze !!! Gregory introduced a third friend who came to his wife and gallantly kissed the hand, on that Ashot, grinning said- Karen bilyad this can be just beyond pyzdu brother, and in the mouth vstavlat and tee handle musolysh! True Olenka ????))) Everyone laughed, and went to sit at the table !! As well looked Olenka my dear at the table between the two (right Gregory and Karen left) men! Before she sat down Grisha prudently pulled up her short dress and way behind, and she plopped down on the couch naked ass, legs slightly apart in hand, and not tugging the dress so that her pussy and part of the pubis opened eyes hungry Southern men! I eagerly watched by both even during toasting two men could not take their hands off her thighs, they periodically moved apart her legs even wider, and helping one another to hold the legs spread apart when the other stroked her fluffy pussy !!! After a while, when everything is completely relaxed under the influence of alcohol, Karen has to paw my sweet tits, I turned her into his half-turned and stared long kiss on her mouth! She said, and even reached out his hand to fly, but not in time !! I decided to act prudently and going up to Karen, he unbuttoned his pants and let out what seemed to me - huge, 20-22 centimeters huische just what that monster, Grisha with Ashot cheered joyfully zaprichitali- smatryu Karen as the paren wants otebaly his whore, willing himself to insert your dick into her pyzdu !!! Then Karen stopped kissing my Olenka, and threw her on her back on the sofa! I squeezed between a table and a sofa, and took his wife for the legs lifted their feet up while Karen took off his trousers and made his way between the spaced and batten down my thighs my dear little wife! Olenka saw as I deftly pulled out a member of the Karen out of his pants now purred opinion Sweet! Yes, yes paste his cock into my cunt !! Karen as it waited, leaning with one hand in the sofa and the other holding my sweet thigh cocked legs! I can not wait to re-request, he took the hand of the ringing voltage and erection member Karen, but I heard a cry from behind Grishi- not tarapys and smatryu on Ashot looked right and oooooooooo saw Ashot with digitalkoy hands! He shot the whole scene on camera, and now seems to stories wanted to capture the moment when her husband own hands eborya member inserts in the pussy of his wife !!! Grisha and Ashot were already bare, with incredibly tensed members! And I under the wild laughter and hooting these mountain stallions sent a monster in a gentle and loved me crack my wife !!! After Karen just rammed my pussy Olenka, I did not realize what I was doing! Watching how he became furiously tear up my damn - little wife, who has just growled, and bends all its slender body to meet its eboryu, crawled under his hairy ass between his hairy thighs, not paying attention to his pihatelnye movements began to lick it eggs, and already the current pussy of my wife! I nalizyval everything, and, in my opinion, even the ass, Karen! Suddenly I felt that someone pulled my ass pants with shorts, and now kneads me my ass, something to lubricate my anus! Something to take I was not able to, because my face has fidgeted IDA Karen and I licked all the juices abundantly evolved my girl! My ass was preparing skillful hand, massaging, stroking gently, but forcefully, and after some moments I have, too fucked in the ass! I almost fainted, it was just a fantastic feeling! And when a member of the Karen went the full length of my cute pussy I tried to grab it and send it into his mouth, it turned out rare! I do not know how much time passed, but I finally pulled my head out of the groin, Karen, and saw how Ashot continuing to shoot everything on camera, pyalit my chips in her mouth welcoming! So fuck me in the ass Grisha? At that moment I heard heavy breathing interrupted question Karena- Where have finished ?? And I moaned without a break (((((((- The n ... e .... EOOD !!!)))))) And he I felt his ass as Grisha also began ... to finish my ass !!! orgy lasted long into the night! All the guys in all holes ripped my Olenka several times, even once Ashot and Grisha together fucked her in the pussy, in the mouth Karkn as members of Grisha and Ashot were slightly less than Karen member, and it seems even envied your friends! Olenka all stood stoically, I kissed her in obvafleny her mouth, and she could not stop kindly thanked me for the evening circle of friends !! a week later, Olga complained of nausea me! Here's a whore, we have made of my wife !!!!!
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I was only 16 and I was too naive ...
Dark night, hot COLD walk past ogneyEtot old white gorodVechnoe refuge whores
These people I znakomyTush, lipstick - the wife of the chief erunda.Byvshaya raykomaTeper local porn star.
I go down on stupenkamSlyshu shagov.Zamechayu two sounds in a puddle melkomDvuh beautiful boys.
Heart skips - brain spokoen.Kto they do not know ya.Mimo friendly black roevProletaet kids.
That approach - they mnoyuMolcha for the elevator I idu.Obernulosya boemDalshe all remember how delirious.
His hands torn clothes My cries slyshny.Chuvstvuyu another mezhduSvoih -LYUYUYUDI feet!
They do not care about my feelings, I scream - neighbors net.V their eyes all the same pusto.Bolshoy innocence Hi ...
His cock was firm as a rock like a huge skala.On and I like ice plamenNe and for that I created ...
Then there was the second, something on me pohozhiy.Nu why not brushed under the moon instead of the prince - the casual passer.
Then I suck at both, forgetting about himself, about invented characters, Pro desire heat.
Cum dripping with volosYa want to sleep and nenavizhuVes fucking world and their ecstasy, but I do not foresee one.
What nozh in Cormany have moёmObyknovenny mini knife vdvoёmSgoryat those bastards to hell among the hooves and horns.
The end.

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