One autumn, rainy morning I woke up earlier than usual. On the wall around the clock, it was around 7:00. For a man like me 7 am was too early. Given my lifestyle, something so early awakening can be called a record. But as nonstrange sleep I no longer wanted to lay at very late yesterday. I lay on my back and thought about everything and nothing at all. A feeling of emptiness thought me very rarely found, usually very early in the morning, although my morning more often, started 11-12 hours a day, but it does not matter to me fell off a bunch of calls to the work, that it is time to to come, or just train some smart thoughts and memories. But today was really, everything is different. After lying still somewhere about an hour, I still decided to pack up and go to work. At work I arrived earlier than usual and so surprised his employees. Instead of someone to explain something, I shut himself in his office and continued to think about anything. After some time, it was my secretary, pleased me very good news, but special attention to this, I also did not pay, then I said that my best friend's birthday (about which I had completely forgotten, and how she was able to remember everything even imagine this can not be!), and asked if I could be in his soul the holidays? I replied that I was coming, and asked her to send, courier for the gift. By the way, I forgot. I worked at one company, let's say the joint venture, the president of this company, I was. The day passed somehow tedious and monotonous. Later in the afternoon, with the work I dumped early during, this, taking a gift and went home to change clothes. By the same friend I came before all, and was very happy! As long as people tightened, we have already mentioned it. In short, we have noted that I decided to stay and spend the night. Then I was not alone, many have long dryhli. Our birthday boy Sasha, have long fallen asleep, and saw probably 20, maybe even some in a row.
Only one I could not sleep. I was pretty drunk, but to me the dream did not go, so I decided to go for a smoke. I went into the dressing room and lit, a few minutes later I was joined, a pretty, young girl.
The girl looked to be about 23-25. More I would not give. But she was so charming and sexy, I had forgotten what came. I looked at her, not taking his eyes while looking at her lovely form. At that moment, I could not compare it with any cool model of the world! It was a light robe, and under it, as it turned out later, it was stunning lacy, black lingerie. Her slender, tanned legs just drove me crazy. And I had not noticed it for the holidays? Without thinking, I decided to act! I realized that this baby shall be mine! Looking into her eyes, as if I was drunk and sober at the same time, her beautiful and at the same time bottomless, dark eyes, beckoned me even stronger, long brown hair fell on her elegant shoulders, and finally turn my head. Throwing a cigarette, which did not have time to light, I came closer to her. She looked at me and smiled slightly. Her snow-white smile knocked me out of potassium, and for a moment shaken my confidence. A few seconds later, I gathered my thoughts and first started the conversation. "Denis"- I said. She again looked at me, and after a pause said: " Christina". After that, I was like a fool, and looked at her and did not know what to say. Well I was able to remember his grandmother's lessons of decency! He tells her that she has a very beautiful name, and not just a name, but it is also very personal. She gave a little taken aback, but then pulled herself together and asked for a cigarette. We smoked. At this time, I thought only of her, and my desire grew, and she, oddly enough it said. I moved closer to her, and our lips came together. My desire has increased to the limit! Slowly, I began to nibble on her ear, then kissed the neck, and down lower and lower. She moaned and softly whispered: "Do not, Denis stop what you're doing!". But at that moment I did not control myself. Flick of the wrist, I took off it, easy dressing gown, while stroking, her hair, then her back and began to unbutton her bra slowly. But as soon as I undid her bra, in a waiting room, someone came. It was a neighbor of the apartment on the contrary, that itch to go for a walk with the dog.
Naturally, she rolled her scandal that kindled here a brothel. Christina with fright threw the robe and ran into the room. I expressed grandmother, everything that I am about it, I thought, and went away. The mood was spoiled, but the desire is still left. Entering the room, Christina was almost dressed and about to leave.
But I could not allow this, so I walked over to her and hugged and kissed her in a beautiful, red lips. She did not resist, but still Well, the kiss was unsuccessful, as he was for the first time. I saw her desire to count me as she saw my desire. And after a pause, she offered to go to her. When he came to her home, we swept a waterfall of passion. Not having to take off his outer clothing, we went into the bedroom. Putting her on the bed, I took off all the clothes that I was wearing, and slowly began to undress her. Leaning over her, I began to kiss her excited nipples, first one, then another, then a tongue slowly began to descend on her stomach. I saw that she was ready, neat movement, I parted her legs. And the tongue began to lick her pussy, my tongue fluently stoke on her lips sex, thereby giving it a true pleasure.
I slowly moved the tongue, then down, then up, then shoved him out the window. Gradually, my little frisky animal stopped at the height of her pleasure - clitoris. I clung to his lips and gently began to suck and nibble on it. Christina could not hold back emotions, and began to moan, to the rhythm of her moans, I strengthened my Pats. She could not keep himself in the hands, and began to whine and shout, but I could not give her pleasure! And on this I continued, she screamed and writhed in ecstasy, and then I realized that she had already finished, and I let her go. Relaxation ran over her body and that she lay motionless, breathless. Breath, she flipped me on my back, and took up my trunk. Slow movement of the hand, she began to charge him, and then plunged into his mouth. Rhythmic movements, she slipped and played with him while biting and tongue leading, then the head, then the trunk, then the testicles. Such pleasure from blowjob I have not experienced any code. When she played enough with my boyfriend, she got up on her knees, and said: "I want you to take me!" I was still lying on his back. She climbed on me and I went into it without much effort. From the first penetration she moaned. I started to strengthen the movement, while caressing her beautiful breasts. We moved synchronously, so she moaned and said: "Stronger", and then: "faster".
As a result, we have changed, the pose (and more than one position), but settled on this: Now I put her cancer and began to peck stronger. Christina moaning and screaming with pleasure. Then she wanted diversity, she got out of me, took out a tube of grease tables, and smeared them my penis. I knew what she wanted, and began to gently introduce it in, her anal hole. A member is not particularly amenable, t. To. Its hole was too small, but first I gently began to thrust the head, well, and then the trunk. I introduced slowly and carefully, afraid to hurt her, but then my friend got used, I began to pick up the pace. Kristininy moans excited me stronger and stronger. The toga, and I began to understand that I will soon be over, and I warned her. She told me that, too, is nearing completion. We finished at the same time - it was one of those rare occasions when I and my partner were finishing at the same time. Then we lay down on the bed, exhausted ... and lay talking. I learned a lot about her, but all she told me - it was so new to me. How and exactly when I fell asleep, just do not remember, well, I remember that I woke up one. Where Christine disappeared, I found out later, she was in the kitchen and made the coffee. After coffee, we went to the bath and continued to do what we were doing at night. At work I did not it did not go, and the whole day was spent in each other's arms. The next day, I asked her to meet. She broke a long time, but then agreed. My friends were surprised at my actions, but I was happy, and she did not complain.

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- Honey, I've been to the store to collect.
What do you want anything?
- Yes ... Beer and blonde! ..
Dumb anecdote from the Internet.
Chef bought a new computer.
Before all work in our advertising agency committed to the three old "stumps" That are no longer slowed down than to work (Photoshop, of course, the thing is cool, but hawala resources - whether it is healthy), while the issued some scanty Muzychko, and dinner is usually one of them became "house" cinema. Kolyan regularly brought kinoshki, which he delivered neighbor (in the police work, confiscated from hawkers). Sometimes there are also some porn ... In six months managed to see the film 100. Sucks that the lunch break for an hour, did not have time to watch the movie, and I often stayed after work for this pleasant procedure, the benefit of the keys were for all designers and janitor in our business -center was openly spit when and who goes, comes.
They brought this miracle of technology, unpacked, connected, installed, set up ... We all have in mind the question - who is sent to prison for it? Kolya knew (cunning), but kept quiet ... We are waiting for the boss.
Chef came after lunch. We look - next to him "model". He's still part-photographer, nudity loves to take pictures, but the studio would not let anyone except his "models". We then only those photos from a laptop to her shefovskogo distilled (under his crisp "direction"Pancake, nothing more will not take and take from what was ...), then use in advertising.
Brings us this girl (why would it?) "Meet, says this is our new designer, Ira!" Zdrassste arrived ... We did not get nearly to the floor. This is it, perhaps, for a new PC?
Chef has disappeared, and we were staring at Ira. Normal such a girl, brown hair ("kashtanistye", Says the chief), gray eyes, upturned nose, full lips ("working" - Again a stupid boss terminology), slightly below the same like all the places ...
Jackets, jeans, boots.
- You have, it worked anywhere? - His voice Sema.
- Not only I have courses on Photoshop. What is your name?
- Me - Sema, which - Kohl.
- I know - somehow confused Il.
- Well this I did a course and dug - said Kohl.
I also mentioned.
- Very nice - Ira again confused.
- Kohl, and where it, well, it ... For a computer?
- Do not worry, I'll sit down for a new!
Well, they arrived. Now the work seems to have stalled. Kolyan Well this is now in the next room, and we Sёmoy, and this ... a student ... gee ...
- Well Th zalybilsya help me with the move - Kolyan obviously dragged from the produced effect.
I picked up a stack of disks Kolyano table, he picked up his bag, and we went to the next room.
- Look, Kohl, and it is really something can?
- Do not worry you so, teach! ..
- Who will teach?
- Yes, that's you and you! Well you have special!
- Well, not yazvi, I'm serious.
- And I'm, like, similar to Petrossian? You have the same table next to his razvernёsh, so you can see its screen, if Th, prompt!
- Yeah, and it will be on my watch!
- Well, from the desktop uberёsh this ... your ... ... pornotu
- It is not pornota this fashion model Cynthia Saint name. By the way, the boss to such images to grow and grow!
- Well, see for yourself.
I went back to our room. Sema showed Ira movie discs, briefly commenting on each:
- Rush Hour - 2. Well, that, too, with Jackie Chan ...
- Sёmochka, and they do not think that the designer must first introduce the cliparts? A movie left for later?
- And they do not think you borzeesh? - Sema made a brutal face, then he smiled and turned back to Ira. - Do not pay attention to it because we are fooling around ...
- I realized.
- Movies spinning in the afternoon, and now - for the work - I ordered. - Who will want to expand my desk, so he was there.
Sema smiled again:
- Sly, you'll be sitting next to a woman!
- I'm not going to sit and teach the tricks of the design. Claims - to Kolyanu!
- Well, uboltal infirm. - Sema clearly show off in front of Irina.
The table was moved, Ira was seated in her place, they showed where it lay, launched Photoshop, and then it began.
- Oh, boys! And you have it not Russian?
- Yep, exactly! American! - Sema and then climbed. - And you Russified studied? Well, it would have to be retrained, we litsenzionka and Russian - is bullshit piracy.
- You remember where that is located approximately in the menus? - I intervened. - That would be the words and a total of 40-50, will deal!
- Well, - Ira hesitantly reached for the mouse - and what can I do?
- Calendar for the bank. Here you see their photo, and on the sign on the balcony of a miracle posted their sheets and underwear. This should poubirat. To the right?
- Gee ... - Sema brightened. - Man the first day on the job, and it makes you some panties ... shoot from the balcony! Ira broke out, but the form is not submitted:
- Sema, you're always so vulgar?
- And I what? I Nitsche! - Roth Sёmy grinned from ear to ear. - I am silent, like a fish on the ice!
The three of us went deep in work.
Occasionally Ira asked me where that is in any menu, I looked at her work.
- No, Il, then you can easily do: just take another balcony and substitute it in place of it.
- But as?
I moved closer and took hold of his arm. Knee Ira put her in the thigh, but she did not notice it. Or noticed?
- That's about it! .. Only in the new layer, so that the edge could clean up ... You see?
- And if there still to plant flowers? Near the entrance. And my aunt wanted here with bags ...
Work has begun to boil.
The phone rang.
- Hello, Sema? - The wire was chief.
- No it's me.
- So tell him, let takes Kohl and blow me in the garage. Here Olimpex calendars to come, you need to unload. Then I let go of their home.
- And I?
- And you another time. How's Irina?
- Yes, like coping now.
- Good. Do not forget to lock the office.
Sema took the order to the boss ... without enthusiasm.
- Yeah, like carry a pack, so Sema, and how to go to the presentation, so Sema walks! Okay, Arivederchi! I wish you success! - He winked and jumped for Kolyanom.
Five minutes later, the front door slam.
Ira looked at his work, then at me:
- Well?
- For the first time come down.
- Do you work here long?
- Fourth year.
- So how is it?
- I like.
- What do you like more? - Irina clearly wanted to talk.
I closed my Photoshop. On the desktop sat Cynthia Saint against the setting sun. One hand covered the lower abdomen, the second - the right breast.
- Beautiful pictures like - I nodded at the monitor.
- Fu! - Making grimaced Il. - This is porn!
- No, this is pure sensuality ... I love erotic motives ... - I dreamily collapsed on the couch.
- You only like pictures?
- Well, more different movies ... Music ...
- But the girls do not meet?
- Once ... - I stretched languidly.
- And what do you do after work?
- And basically I staying here, watch movies, you sho ...
- Today, too, you remain?
- Any other ideas?
- Well, you is anything else like it, but movies?
- Yes, the beer ... and blonde ... - head got dumb anecdote.
- Ponyatnenko ...
Balance work time she has devoted the calendar finishing touch, and a quarter to five zasobiralas home.
- Do not be late tomorrow!
- Till!
- The door there slam ... - I waited until slams the door and took out a disk shelf, marked by three iksami.
No, it was not a thriller with Vin Diesel in the title role, it was a movie for the thrill of seeing a stranger fucking. The film is called XXX-Illusions and narrated a troupe of circus performers, who lived in his close little world, sometimes fucking each other, moving from town to town and gave it representation. Trump their performance was an illusionist and hypnotist concurrently. Skate program was the number of the room where the girl was invited an outsider, and under the influence of hypnosis arranged striptease. In between the performances took place much more interesting, the entire movie will not retell. For the umpteenth time I saw the scene, as our hero pulled correspondent for some to doubt his abilities, but under hypnosis is easy to give him. When the dust on the screen reached a pitch and I was going to get his instrument with a view to relieve the tension, until I reached the sound of slamming doors.
Momentarily pressing the Esc and dёrnuv zipper on the pants, I jumped into the corridor. Who could it be?
The corridor went Irina, holding a package.
- Are you not go home?
- No, I decided to surprise you.
- What more surprise? And anyway, you came? Well you shut the door!
- There I do not understand your locks! Back came - and it opened ...
- Ponyatnenko - I realized - lock shifted seen. I'm ...
Having dealt with the input lock, I went back to our room. There I was waiting for the promised surprise. On the table sat Irina, and beside it stood a two-liter bottle of beer and 2 plastic cups. Next to a newspaper perched impressive size Dried bream.
- Look, Il, is what? .. And for what?
- Well, because I'm today is the first day on the job! It would be desirable, of course, the whole team note, but because the boys are gone ... And you said that you love beer ... and blondes ... - She winked cheerfully. - Pour ..!
When the first liters already gurgled in our bellies, and from Bream head and remained polspiny, Irina said:
- And you only like blondes?
- Yes, it is, by the way, I just remembered anecdote. - I told him.
Ira laughed:
- Yet!
- What else?
- More tell me anything!
- Joke?
- Yes! .. I love stories!
- So I've got them on the computer typed 20 thousand, if they start reading, you will not end up in the morning!
- And I'm nowhere and in no hurry!
- Well-at, it's the dregs - drunk text read. It is better to play music ...
- Come on, I'm slow like.
Poryskav in empetrishnikah, I found a folder "Joe Dassin". The music began, and the song sounded French.
- Class! - Irina jumped off the table and began to represent a cross between a slow dance, and morning stretching.
She even yawned a couple of times. - Come to me, dance.
I frantically looked at her. However, razvezlo girl, a sin not to take advantage. I stepped up to her and hugged her.
The dance that was very approximate and conditional. We just stood still, clinging to each other. Irina occasionally tremble.
- Are you cold? - I asked.
- On the contrary, it's hot!
I released from the clutches of Ira.
- Sweatshirts snimesh?
- I would love to ... But ...
- Feel free?
- I have under it is almost nothing!
- Show me!
- Nahal!
- As you wish! .. - I pointedly turned away and poured more beer glass.
- I want to go to the toilet!
- At the end of the corridor, to the left.
I absent-mindedly knocked out music and sat down on a chair. In my head I flashed the thought and different plans, one unreality another. There was Ira, swaying slightly.
- I'll probably go home already ... ...
- Wait, I'll go, too. Then I spend.
While beer left over my body (and the process was long), thoughts swirled around the same - how to keep it and continue the job. Drink more? Pile up some nonsense about spoiled castle? Or just sit on the table and to blow on the most tomatoes? They, incidentally, is already paining.
Going to the office, I was stunned - there sounded terribly familiar moans of pornushnogo disk. Damn, I did not ZoomPlayer closed! ..
The picture appeared to me in the office of discharge was not for the faint of heart.
Next to the already nearly empty beer bottle lying ... blouse, to her - pink bra. On the screen was, of course porn ...
And near the screen, on my chair I sat second porn. Jeans with panties were pulled down to his knees. Loboc closed the one hand, the right breast - the second. How I got off the desktop. Unlike Cynthia, his hands were always on the move, fingered young body and the top and bottom, and it responded to the affection in return, trembling and relaxing.
- Ira ... Irishka, are you?
- What? Do you think that only you like this look? I also want to! - And her hands began to move with renewed vigor.
On the screen was a close-up blowjob. And I could not resist. For 10 seconds after the end of my poked between her plump lips (pancake chef was right - indeed, "working"), And hands massaged both breasts Irene, freeing her hand, which she immediately used the massage of my scrotum. It took a few minutes of the divine, and Irina had a magnificent addition to the drunk beer - my sperm, as she later admitted, was excellent in taste.
Came my turn to please the temptress. Unfolding it, together with a chair and sdёrnuv down everything that was out there, I fell mouth to her magnificent bud. Of all my lovers Irina surpassed all - after a couple of minutes to catch three orgasm - it's not every can. My tongue subscribed pretzel in her vagina, clitoris and lips sucking play with him as with a lollipop. Fingers of the right hand, I rubbed her crotch, occasionally disturbing anus, and his left hand pulled up to her chest, and in sync with the clitoris, twisted and massaged her nipple.
Then we had a break. We just sat on the table and kissing. Bouquet of taste was indescribable - sperm + vaginal discharge + beer + bream. Last we ate with gusto, as if escaped from a concentration camp. Even head sgryzli.
- Have you been ... it ... no guy?
- Almost two years.
- Poor ... - I kissed her on the nose.
- Now the rich ...
- Yeah, with a salary ...
Ira giggled:
- Yah you! You'd better tell me, he will lie for a long time still with you?
- While not rise.
- Are you joking again?
- And you do not have?
- And I want you...
- Strong?
- What do you think?
- Prove it!
Ira bent down to my groin and blew on her head.
- Get up! Ay! Climb!
- He does not like to shout at him, the best kiss ...
"... And her mouth is still unmatched"I thought.
Ira tried with might and main. A few minutes later she sat back and admire the results.
- You've got the couch not?
- Only the boss in the office, but it is closed ... You do not worry about it, and so dispense.
- How?
I sat on a chair and pulled it over. Irkin vagina gently hugged me and started racing. Describe your feelings will not, not strong. Ira also the end of the race was almost insane. Looking at me senseless eyes, she tried something whispered, licking his lips, and his hands pressed me to her breast.
The chest was magnificent, with these girls before the sculpture did, and she's had a life - vegetate designers ... Ira soon published some squeaks and once finished, finally went limp and fell silent, clutching my shapely legs. I finish, probably not going to, either back to the bathroom got so hot, or just tired.
- Il ... Irun!
- Mmm?
- You're not asleep?
Ira opened her gray eyes:
- Look, this is my first time so!
- How?
- So much! And for a long time!
She kissed my lips and poёrzala pelvis.
- Is he still standing?
- Of course, I'm not finished! ..
- And why? I want!
- And you're not afraid to fly?
- Do not worry, today is not dangerous ... So you cum in me? - She kissed his lips again. Then he put her tongue and began to lick them. Trembling gripped my whole body, my head ringing, and ... I had the two frictions to explode inside her fountain.
Ira gratefully kissed me, and when the fountain dried up, got off my knees, leaned forward and licked with relish residues head.
- Where have you learned this? - I asked when the noise died down in my head.
- In the course of designers! - She smiled in a semen stained lips.
- Prikolistka ... No, honestly, where?
- It was in our yard one frame. I was 11 then. He's in the elevator with me once was. On the button "Stop" He pressed quietly, and I naplel that the elevator broken. I was terribly frightened, crying all, and he reached to comfort, first stroking her hair, then her shoulders, her back, hugged her ...
- Well!...
- So much for the well. He was in a tracksuit. I feel - something to me in the stomach rests, ask him, and he says, like, do not be afraid, this is the way it should be. I was surprised much, and he showed me ...
- Yes, the funny guy!
- And then I did not know almost nothing matters to him nazadavala, and he was glad to try: he says that this thing prolongs life, I ask how, but it - so there is the elixir of life. In general, I was so naive ... In general, it sucked. I ask, and what is the elixir of a sour, as he says, the next time will be sweet! Can you imagine? I to it then just 5 came, but he sweet and did not! Now even funny to remember.
And then in the summer camp girls told me what and how ... We are there Muzrukov our tempted, he told us on the accordion playing, and the song we sang on the chairs in front of him sat and knees planted! You have heard that it was obtained for the music! Irina thought.
- Then Igoryok was on the second floor, a nice boy, I did for 13 years was invited, and he gave me a Barbie! He says that I had the same beautiful, and the eye drops down, then I wore a short dress. I tell him I'm so beautiful, and he - I see, says, I like you, you have a beautiful face, and hands, and in general - and he still staring at my feet! Look - and pants he junkie! Well, I think the boy sunk, it is necessary and it tastes to try.
- So how is it? - I found these stories himself pritorchal (in the sense of, again, was ready).
- We danced with him, and then I had the room to himself led, show pictures, and there is one - "lying on the beach and in the sky, I look". He says - and legs you have beautiful. I have regretted it, Igoryok, say you want, I'll show you something, and lift up the dress itself. You should have seen it! Eyes for five cents! - Irina saw my "metamorphoses" and he grabbed a member of the fingers. - He said, and if someone will go, and I say, will drop, this is my room, I'm going to lock the door. Fingers began to ... play with my member. Up down! Baldezh! ..
- I told him, if you will not tell anyone, I'll let you touch it, and the hand of his bed to his pants! ..
- And you do not hurt anybody? .. Holiday still.
- Yes, parents are there with aunt Vera at the table to catch up with vodka, snack, they are not to have been! In short, took off her panties, says Igor, kiss me ... There !!! He even pulled off the reel, so licked, I almost finished, then I say, come here of his handsome, I suck, so it's actually not resist!
- In the sense of?
- The pants themselves obkonchalsya! I almost cried then ...
Irina at the time broke effusions and proceeded to business. Her glib tongue began to lick my trunk again, grabbing and scrotum. A third of that evening of lust wave came very quickly. I stroked Irishku head, leaning to my feet and was surprised her restlessness - semen this time was a little, but she did not think to stop there - she literally raped my mouth, sucking the last juices.
- I'll be back - she got up and went into the corridor, it is clear she has beer digested residue.
I was still sitting in his chair, stunned events.
- Ku-ku! - The door looked cheerful attractive face - how about minetik?
- Yes, Come, let rest at least ... I f you are not pornographic film actor - 10 times a day!
- And I want more! - Ira went to the parlor. Her hand was on the pubes, a finger there is clearly lacking. It can be seen, she was able to bring yourself pleasure even on the move. Stopping in front of me and spread a little wider feet, she began to poke a finger in his schёlke; her eyes sparkled.
- Look, I want you! - She took his finger and began to lick and suck. Then he turned to me and sing, bending, put in front of me all my treasure.
Yes, it is not a sight for the poor designer! I jumped up from my chair, and a second is already licking its bud. Irina shivered, stiffened and again ... I heard the squeak of a mouse, which she accompanied her orgasm. After that, she slid to the floor and sprawled on the rug. I had to take her in his arms and drag a chair.
- Irishev you like live?
- Of course, live, although you can die from such - barely moving his tongue, she stammered.
- Beer will drink up?
- No, I do not want a beer ... I want you ...! ..
- Look, Il, I have the impression that today is the last day you live and die by orgasm!
- It would be nice! - Ira smiled. - Okay, let's call it a day. Already half past eight ... - She's a sweet stretched. - I want to sleep .. And you too ..!
- Look, do not be late to work, hochuha!
For 10 minutes we destroyed all traces "crimes", Got dressed and went out into the street. I rang my mobilka. Again the chief!
- Yes!
- Tomorrow morning you come into the garage, there is an urgent need to Packaged 30 pieces calendars can handle fast - a job can come in the afternoon! Got it?
- Uh-huh!
- Bye! - Chief disconnected.
- What is it? - Irina turned to me.
- Tomorrow will be for dinner only! Chef uploaded ...
- Clear. I will wait. - She smiled, then suddenly revealed language. - I Will Shomu corrupt! Before lunch!
- Yeah, then his wife would drive from home, you'll know!
- Okay, I'm kidding ... You're so cute ... I want you. - Ira stood on tiptoe and kissed me on the cheek. - So far, there's my bus.
* * *
After lunch, I came to the office and broken off - Ira somehow was not!
- And where? .. - I asked Shomu, shaking his head at the empty chair.
- Take time off, it is necessary to exchange documents with the pick.
- He taught her?
- No, she's very pick, something was trying to do, I did not penetrate. Passport for some reason, your scanned ... Yes, interested in where the pictures are, like yours at Work ... Gee!
- Okay! - I sat on his seat, touched his arm. The screen lit up. I was stunned: Cynthia Saint sat in its rightful place, sunset, hands, feet, hair - everything as it was, but the person ... Where have I seen those puffy lips and gray eyes?

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11.05 -15.09.2006, the
We all come into this vast world in search of love. Some will find it without problems, others and fins stick together, without knowing it, and others will be looking to try, to suffer, to invent ever new ways and approaches to achieve the desired. Again, there are two possible outcomes. But fate - the villain! So, whether from the imperfection of satiety, or inaccessibility of its ideals, whether by genetic burden, which came into antagonism with the reality of the day of the W or X day, as you like. And you realize that one can not just wait for the mercy of nature, but also to contradict the nature of his nature activity also doomed. And this is the time when you need to straighten skukozhennye shoulders, his eye extending in space and stand on the wing!
All! Enough! Tired! Tired!
New life, the purpose of which the acquisition of inner freedom and harmony of the senses. On the wing! Only forward! The only catch - gravity, but it has no power. She was weak. Deviator already adamant. He is, and this must be considered! Is considered to be one and the same gravity! Overcome!
On the wing! In flight! Freedom rages in the breast. The whole body - one in a rush. Heart excited but confident in his chёtkom rhythm! Delight from the frenzy of fearlessness. No barriers, no problem! To hell with the problem, the devil obstacles! Laws - a chimera! Perversions - nonsense! Dull commandments - nonsense! Sanctimonious advice - insanity! Only in flight to the unknown earlier, its hidden, but this Munk heights of imagination.
Takeoff, the last touch and everything. Deviator took an ocean of air space! Flight! It's so cool! Freedom! It is wonderful! Spirit freezes delight offense. As inspiration! I am free! I decided! Once at altitude, and here it is, the long-awaited! Flight.
The flight deviator!
"Most of my ... "slaves" - Switches more dominant type that sometimes you want to be "constructed". So, if you want - you do not want, we must be able to calculate the dominant, to be with them on guard. Yes, and you can play purely on psychology, if feel the alarm time. In addition, in a bathrobe, I basically do not go home always go without clothes. Cuff - a wristband with sharp spikes. Not so much a symbol of power, as something navrode mascot is not just to help me in an emergency, especially if with a flourish in the face. Sex on the hour, even if we have in mind Strap - an expression not of my series. The bikini I also do not accept, prefer leather corset with skirt or a business suit.
As for the strap, the strap I either rigidly, in the toilet after a shower of gold, a servant bent his head over the push and holding his hands behind his back in handcuffs, causing at the same time and repeat podmahivat obscene words in his address; or in different positions in different ways, dressed in underwear and a wig, alternating with tenderness and brutality, etc.
I've always wondered why most dominant slaves never wanted (1 case of an exception of him later) to make me a slave? Not because it is my desire, just trying to put myself in their shoes, what would I do? I came to Mrs. a tough session and then be recouped - in any would be recouped, mentally or physically. You can certainly say that comes to the dominant mistress to lose ... I do not know what they want to lose, rather it switches, which turn the tables on the slave is fraught with loss of authority, better "with a domino on the side". I was just surprised that close friends spoke about the danger of the games with a similar contingent - they say, will dissolve at zhestkach, and then prick. At first I hedged, and then I realized: they accept the rules of the game even better than subs, they do not need to recoup, they want it to stay a slave to after being dominant in her - another life.
What happens when I want to imagine even for a second at the bottom of the role of 3:
1. This is a person with whom I lived for several years. Dominant sadist in the past. Without attribution, no boasting of his inclinations. It was a struggle of characters for more than one year. He wanted "break" I, I - it. Rules of the game: who will give up the slack, he lost. I remember very clearly remember the day when I finally prevailed. Then he became a slave, about a year it was. It may have been a network switch, which would (but do not admit it), that it broke against his will, and his sadism and domination of no more than a provocation. But he broke down and became uninteresting to me.
2. Too dominant life. When I came to the topic, interest in slaves and flogging. When we met, he was interested Femdom. But if he had such a desire, they may be, is not it? I decided one day that the time was right, that he had learned that he is a slave, almost as in your story, but it was not a client. According to his behavior that day, I realized that he likes to be a slave, but he wants to overcome in itself these desires and to prevail. I went into the room in a white corset with lace, white shorts, white stockings, blonde wig, wearing a collar, with a stack in his hands. Including metals. She went to him.
- Well, because you wanted it? - I spoke in his normal voice, I have not got to the point to enter into the role. - You've wanted to see me a slave? You tormented conscience, because you're a slave? Well, I was not tortured. Why not? You have the opportunity once in a lifetime to try yourself in my place, the only possibility. I understood by your behavior that you want it, well, let's see which of you gentleman.
I gave him a stack, and remarked to himself that if a woman with the device in your hand looks sexy, you stupid man.
He is in complete shock looking at the reflection in the mirror. I looked, too, and we started to laugh. He completely idiotic-looking stack and I, where the garment - the same as on the man-macho women's clothing.
He gave me a stack and kissed the foot. I do not remember what I was in the day to do with it, but it still is somehow remembers all the details.
3. The case of the client. He came to wrestling. Role playing style "jail". "Ms-cop and arrested". "knocking testimony" etc. He fought for real, do not give, I have only batons, handcuffs and wristband. Once he offered several options for the game, one of them (I realized that it was her he wanted to) - "Revenge". He - the chief, I - secretary, gave him tea, but he was always happy. Once the cup overflows and I "mschu" him throughout the form.
- The game is not bad, - I said to him - really starts. But I would like to play from the moment of revenge.
- But it is not really - he was upset in earnest.
- Why? I'm really mad at you, believe me, for me it will not be difficult.
He was silent.
Then I explained to him. What I Ms, not only in a sexual context. I worked as a waitress, I would be fired on the first day. I'd spilled coffee to someone on the head, because he is not properly addressed me.
There was even a case - I worked as an assistant manager boss. Once he asked to print out and bring the paper. I brought, but decided that my foot in the office will not be. Apparently, this was reflected on my facial expression, because from that day he was printing my paper, pour coffee and bring lunch, without any "harassment"Purely from the heart. It always has been. I did not ask anything, do men always do what I pleased. ... I explained to him that can not imagine even in a game that I have something filed, even for a double session fee.
What I am? Even in order to put in place a slave, I would have stood on his knees and would not tell him "Mr.". If I was a slave, I would not be ashamed of their desires, and by manipulating the top, to have fun. But this is not, and I use the other methods.
And for him, I would choose one thing, but rigid in terms of penalties. For example, copra or another humiliation when girlfriends or another man. One severe punishment, in different variations, which I savored with relish, would be worth a dozen different ".
"I love a pedicure! You do not practice? But you have not changed internally! This is important! You - MS Life!
Why you and not other practitioners Domina? Frankly I do not know!
A man can not always understand why it attracts a woman and he does not see the other beauties. In my opinion, although I could be wrong, it was crucial that your photos with the intelligent lights Femdom. A clever Madame - it's such a rarity !! Like the real Ms general. So many cheap imitations and trite cliches. Whip and a high heel - it is not yet Femdom ".
What sorry? What's left at the bottom? This is ridiculous! The pitiful sight: the debts, taxes, rent, civil lawsuits, divorces, marriages of convenience, inflation, prices optovke, loan, sham marriages, back debts, privatization, monetization, utilities, double-entry bookkeeping, zhlobstvo officials, rudeness, Visa, penalty, protocols, insurance, the agenda, the lawyers again debts, advances, pay salaries to the new ....
And what we have? We - the flight.
The flight deviator!
"I can humiliate nezhargonnym word, and it will hurt. Or the way I behave with her. For example, I say:
- Show your breast.
Then I caress her, kiss, biting; sick - and then cause pain, forcing all the time to look in the face and smile. She zazhmurivaetsya pain, a smile coming to her face, and then I hit her in the face backhand:
- I told him to smile, bitch.
When I feel like that's it, face it again begin to caress her. It is relaxing, basking - and then I hurt her chest suddenly.
- Fierce! - She said, knowing that was taken by surprise.
When I hit not physically, but in short, I do it wrong. My bottom hurts something in me. Incidentally, provoking - not the essence. Then I, wanting to punish her, asking her provocative question or say something that will touch her, I call it myself psihopressingom. She is touched, it is protected. I ask another question. She protected. The bottom line is this: I hit, it is protected - and it's on the rise. Each subsequent question touches her stronger. It justifies, defends, gets nervous, crawl nervously rearrange her hair; pause between the question and the answer is close to zero. Without giving time for reflection, I have to drive it into a corner. And then it explodes and leaves itself - I can only to torment her, to teach a lesson for obstinacy. Or is it destroyed, miserable, humiliated, depressed - and in me awakens tenderness, I calm her, caress her and subdue it.
- Sadist - she whispers already pacified, in the bliss.
If I say, dirty and obscene words, during sex or when hard "finds". Type:
- You know what turns me on about you?
She smiles, expecting to hear a lot of compliments. I certainly do not justify its expectations:
- What you shit, whore, whore, slut, shit.
At this time I undress her, continuing to issue list, looking straight into his eyes. Although the main thing is not what is said, but how. Hypnotize her to subdue the will of a single glance. Another - a desire, a touch, a voice. "
".... Full out with these dominant the switches. Well, I do not understand them !. Involuntarily, unconsciously, when you write the bottom is always held on the sensations. This projection on the author himself is inevitable. But there is clearly more ... mb he did not switch to the dominant vain attempts? There is still, of course, everything depends on the Mistress. I certainly mb wrong, you can feel the excitement of personal confrontation, battles rage psychological, sexual lust winner. And of course, such servile henpecked, as I, for example, you are not interested in the sessions. Alas! Of course, sometimes I play some psevdodominantny camouflage, that's really my favorite game. I would call it "Rise and Fall". Home: I have delusions of grandeur, I'm arrogant, arrogant, rude, in general, great and brusque, even with queries to own whip and its application ...... And me smoothly, consistently and beautifully lowered. Not on the ground. No. The cesspool! Feelings after the space flight !!! Variations - weight. Before clinical death in orgasm! But the effect, crushing the mind! but all the buzz is precisely when slides down. Top - for contrast. And move down! I'm waiting - can not wait to step Feminine domination! But tell me this Domina - "let's start from the place where revenge" - it's fun and I do not need the first part, in the spirit it is not necessary.
What is amusing all at the bottom! Scorch and miserable. Flea markets, casinos, sobering-up stations, prisons, pubs, post offices, banks, eateries, clinics, dispensaries, spas, train stations, courts, brothels, morgues, notary public services ... and here's another: Housing, Economic Crime Department, DPS, KRU, Department of Internal Affairs, Youth ... if ZHPCHSHTS - even Cheshi it in the will! Get out of here. Let's fly!
The flight deviator!
"Now about kunniling. The fact that lesbian Cooney makes the active side, the one that gives pleasure and "beret". I learned about it this way. Invited girl (with biceps, a security guard, but feminine). We talked, then I it is attracted by the hair and otlizat say that she does willingly. And then I find out that it dismisses the rumor that she was an asset. It turns out that for them it does not matter - whether forced, whether grabbed by the hair, all one. After that Cooney from a woman I get only if you really really want. There is a sense that this humiliation, even if the tie. What is very disappointing, because - woman Cooney will handicap man.
For kunniling I do not get up in the knee-elbow position - this posture I have other associations. That is if the top board, slightly pridushivaya hips when insufficiently diligent. And it's not because of the stamp "Mrs."Just how I feel, nature has taken care of the humiliation the meaning of this posture.
Now, regarding the slave. Whether a coincidence, or not, but both of my girls - Stubborn One, with a stubborn character. Therefore, the original submission is not for them. To ensure that my first mazochki even undressed, had forced her to do an hour or two - that ended with shot (only) the top and bruises. After a month or two it has not really fought in this regard. Unfortunately, after 8-9 months, I broke up with her. Somehow, I decided to teach her, invited Mr. (this is for lesbians!). A contract with him in advance; he does only what I tell you. Her face humiliation, etc. - All incredibly factory, until I decided to force it to other things in relation to it, and it has issued are not exactly the reaction, do whatever you want, I do not care. My thought was that if it is humiliating to the master, it means that it excites. It turned out lesbian in nature does not raise it even in the subject.
Too bad ... and I, and he enjoyed it. "
"I think everyone is a limit of the possible and unacceptable, so this freak.
Also about the "blue", I can not remake himself to write about them, well, I can not. For me it is an irreversible process as castration, is temporarily not play. Just life always aspired to a long and serious relationship with dominoes and they me (maybe I was lucky person) did not break through the knee, "keeping my face" and a human face .... I think I was interesting They themselves when saved as person under their heel, but not as razmozzhёnnoe jelly. I know - They have always valued honesty and punished for lies. And in all my stories, my fountain beats them gratitude and respect. Although I know and terrible examples where the bottom brutally and without delay to squeeze like a lemon to peel and discarded, and only vesilsya he later or in a mental hospital disappeared - it does not matter, and vice versa, when the slaves eventually behave in cattle against their former idols. In femdoma as in life, there are people and there are scumbags. For myself, for a long time and it is very, very conditional of course, all dominated by women divide into two categories: the Queen and Witch. Each in its own attractive. But personally, I have always been drawn to the queen, but do not deny the charm of the Witches. But Lesbos - spectacular, sensual genre. I write about him with interest and something that could clarify the kind of ...
But do not take personally and completely ignored me for different concepts - that allow you to show some translated stories - very cruel, but a professional cast. Can you read them, maybe not. I is not write, but read with a certain interest and retained. Although not all there definitely, but as in all BDSM ....
But there is another, exciting the imagination, vector. So, what you write. Those bright, non-standard situations, which sometimes are building you or is an improvisation in the session or outside it: the pleasure Mistress unexpected humiliation, come on call manservant or maidservant, lower compulsion to what he does not want, or desperately afraid of his or her break-up in obedience to the master's whims and sophisticated psychological abuse.
"I - possessive! If the bottom had sex with another woman or thematic relations, but would have had the audacity to say to me about it ...
What else give an example? Paid slave. They came to her with the other (switch). By phone - all I can, all I can. It turned out, and does not know the elementary attributes of one garbage. But we have been with a package. Bitch was good - 75 meters (although I prefer the small and under boys), in a short skirt, slim, with an elastic breast.
However, dragged on "zabaltyvanie"But I saw through it immediately. In-1 is not removed from our garments. In-2, not Razula me. B-3, I did not want to lick the soles and swallow the ashes. B-4, under "harsh whipping" she meant slapping his hand or a washcloth, called her a whip for whipping. In general, the girl with the services of anal sex.
Well, since there is no normal flogging and humiliation, then at least you can bitch fuck hard and humiliating. Forcing myself to lick the same boots, I told the girls to undress.
- Wonderful - I stroked her breasts and pubic area - this is exactly what my taste: small breasts and unshaven p..da.
I then tied her hands and gave suck, bitch lifting leg, began to do fisting, describing his actions aloud and calling our "viewer" to evaluate the part of the body and the process of whores. Then, intensive two o'clock had a girl in all the cracks (in order to not only have fun, but also doing everything possible humiliating), plus spitting in the mouth and on p..du, blows on the buttocks (by hand but strongly - so that left bruises ) lash flogging on and finally, when she and several times I had finished, I was forced bitch lick me while I was doing it fisting in both holes at once. We finished at the same time. "
What are going? No, it's just human comedy! Caricature! The poverty! Politicians, revenge-seekers, hypocrites, grabbers, liars, sycophants, cattle, corrupt, paparazzi, cheap PR, oligarchs, embezzlement, Democrats, Communists, liberals, bankrupt, nationalists, skin Kheda, terrorists, scammers, Zionists, anti-Semites, logodiareya, fuckers , criminals, pop. And they still claim to be something of themselves pressured some ideology and morality. It is immoral to the core.
"You would have to fill the belly and sausage, noodles,
We would soar in the sky a bare soul! ".
Chronicles! Horror! Darkness! But all this - the bottom! And in flight - the main flight itself!
The flight deviator!
".... In fact all of us, and the lady and the slaves, and just F and M, has to be disappointed when one nuance, detail of leave not just the residue, and give a slap to our aesthetic sense. When suddenly the image that we were perfect, suddenly finds a flaw. And, in general, the more often it is experienced perfectionist. Don Juan was also a perfectionist ... and the only time he made a mistake in his disappointment.
From one point of view - I share and understand the feelings that come almost after each session.
"We are opposed to each other. His dark, almost black eyes, give it a strong identity. We are talking about the restrictions - as far as I can or can not take them into account. But that is secondary. Initially, the fight looks. He used to be master of the situation, trying to get the better of me. I do not give to do this and kept look. Now I'm trying to find a weak point in his eyes. I think it is unrealistic. I do not recognize your voice - insinuating, is low, as if hypnotizing ... I see it flashed. And there is. Here is his weak point ... It's a joke. One sarcastic remark hits the target. His attempt to look away. And his eyes, dark eyes look at me ... are not as dominant. I take him by the tie and utter the phrase ... But that's not the phrase, the main thing - it is the power in his voice, do not force men and women, which subordinates, provoking seduction. That was the beginning. It was the beginning, which has brought me especially. It seems it's like to fight in the same weight category, where 99% of success depends on this point. During the session, I really felt ... something. And what?
- Madam, I love you ... I adore you ... do not you have a girlfriend, you are forced to watch my humiliation?
And so, after this primitive wishes, I lost all interest in what is happening. So much so that we had to throw him out, because he has ceased to be of interest. Disappointment. I need to feel that it is my property, absolute ownership, even for one hour, let him call me anybody and in any way, and as a man (maybe) not interested.
On the other hand ... That's Imagine yourself in her place. Here I sit, the embodiment of sexy elegance. I feel the whole body looks hot men. Getting a panther, predator, femme fatale, luring their victims. Rather one who does not take his gaze, but indecisive, delaying introduction. Heck, even a couple of minutes and I get drunk. Brazen I get drunk in splendid isolation.
Dance ... Too late, darling. I was already well with itself. If you look at things sensibly, what's the difference, you or someone else? Is fatality femme fatale just bait to males? I know in advance everything that will happen. So why play comedy? Who do you idolize me, and after sex, I'm just a female for you as you are to me the male. Therefore, I do not care, vulgar ... I now reeks of alcohol from me there. You and he looks like lustful male, and I know what is behind all this adoration. Maybe it was that damned potion makes me believe in my self-deception and illusion. "
"The fact that the life I was faced with two polarities, I would call them that: one real Mrs. enjoyed only by sexual domination, sex was the main attribute, there she was tormented, humiliated, flogged, etc. slaves, but it came down to getting multiple orgasms and sharp thematic and its slaves. At home her domination was no need - soft, even shy lady, but there is a case for sexual arousal - keep the bottom! The second real - Lady, whose sex has practically absent, she longed for home, public, personal humiliation, pain, suffering slaves, and orgasm, sex is almost no interest. Clean household sadism women want slave orgasm - masturbate at home, and so here I ponaslazhdatsya, admire your agony, screaming, pain, tears. These are the two approaches, I do not even really know whether you can call it femdoma or not. "
Well, it is something like over there? No, it was simply impossible to live like this! Spend on it a single life. Doomed to the fate of drooping that will curse his old age. Gynecologists, tablets, medicine, psychotherapy, abortion, surrogacy, cesarean section, trachoma, gangrene, syphilis, vaccination, turn to the proctologist, runny nose, andrologist, pediculosis, hernia, Treponema pallidum, Streptococcus thrill Present condom or prezervativnoe contempt limped hromasoma .... analyzes mammolog. I do not regret anything! What more! But there is a flight!
The flight deviator!
"I promise, about the pedicure. Now with TV advertising are different beauty salons with Neil-art look and admire is almost nothing. For a heap of applique, a bunch of incompatible rhinestones, sequins. Any Buttercups-florets. Well, it is tasteless! Kindergarten. And on the streets - every second. I do not like! "Nogtiki" should all still be elegant and rigorous enough decorations and delicious. And this massive farm of 20 colors and a riot of irrepressible imagination sickens me. And I do not like the French version, you know, with podbelivaniem tip. Even at very long nails, all right. But he did no at moderate and pedicure. What is, what is not. Can only officialdom and passes. But there are things you need to do. All my life I loved the bright, well-groomed women! Do not smeared, razmalёvannyh (even at the stage of youth giperseksualizma when everyone wanted and that was presented in bulk), and it is bright. Maybe I like the magpie, which attracts all brilliant? ".
"... By the way, about the fetish ... In a way, I also belong to fetishists) love photography Fine female feet with a bright (ruby, for example) pedicure. One of the main requirements for the permanent slaves - for my feet care (washing with scrubs, gels, lubricate the cream to massage your tongue until I rest) and shoes, shoe, take smb. Shoes off. It is more symbolic to me than a slave wearing a collar. That's just to do a pedicure and have not taught (I think there is little desire, need and ability, especially when applying nail polish). Of course, you can own, or in the cabin, but how much nicer if it will make a slave if it is one of his main responsibilities.
One of my friends said about his friend, who, being engaged in intellectual work, while trained as a master pedicure and came to a domino in their call at the same time (a rarity) did not ask for anything in return ("and will not allow me if Ms. ..."), Purely for the love of art (and beautiful women), except for the good work Ms. herself would tell him to make a foot fetish. "
Flight! Rvёm him space! As masters of the situation. Because so much, because it pleases. Consolation below! By the way, it's there, the bottom? Machinery, apartments, cinema, villas, microwave ovens, mobile phones, headsets, cottages, gardens, crops, oil, gas, pipe, advertising, filthy city, poisoned rivers, lawns, dirty parks, advertising again, TV channels, broadcasters, comedians, athletes arbitrators, again advertising, analytics, alcoholics, drug addicts, the exhaust gases, gasoline, fuel oil, idiots, drainage, advertising again ... anywhere, just away from here, right, left, back, forward ... Everywhere the traffic cops, cops , fences, spikes, just up, have not yet been played down. Only in flight!
The flight deviator!
"As for the bisexual slaves, as promised. If we talk about customers, few admit it. There were cases when for some reason they argued that the heterosexual, and then on the phone asking about the presence of men in the session. Another law - the periods of the wave of demand for a particular service - strapon, spanking, etc., often have periods of demand for this service or "present during sex, blow job, licking sperm" - However, these services I provided. Once I found "Mr." for slaves, - none of the 5-6 people who signed up for a group session, did not come, why I excluded this service.
Still, I found the bi-slave to his fantasies of such a combination, until it is tried out, using it for domestic purposes. However, no. He summoned him and invited the Upper-bondazhisty. Anecdote that they met at my door, is called up, - I have an appointment with a difference of 20 minutes, but one was late.. Bondazhisty bound him, then he was mummified, gagged his mouth gagged (dirty panties and tape), and went to the kitchen to drink tea while waiting for my bottom, which I wanted the day to practice shibari.
Another thing, if a slave on the orders of the Mistress does blowjob and serves as a whore to another slave in front of her, was not originally being bi - whether it is the highest devotion (a moot point, maybe he just had not yet opened his, so to speak, potential)? or, as I described one "cuckold" - Serve during sex with his wife's lovers, to insert into it a foreign member, arousing his mouth, lick sperm, and then another, and to bring coffee in bed. But it is still humiliating for everybody.
For me also interesting combination with several slaves. Here she piquancy to the situation when it occurs spontaneously, and not with "slaves"And ordinary young people, without any mention of the subject - sometimes vanilla people feel fluids that induce in them a desire to obey and fulfill every whim. Perhaps it is even more interesting than the game according to the rules initially clear.
The combination "2 + slave mistress" I feel too commonplace. But to call one of her lower her to admire the slave in humiliating form, or to deal with her strap-on-sex (flog flogging, do a double fisting), which oversees the mummified folded for prayer hands (or locked up naked on the balcony) slave or ease to communicate with a friend, while a slave, brightly painted in linen and wearing a wig, sticking with a vibrator in the ass to do housework, or simultaneous foot fetish slave and slave - just what I like. Perhaps because the two strap-on mistress - slave or group golden rain - a pall, and does not cause any particular emotion.
The point is that the most humiliating things - it is not something that is done with clients, slaves, and to those who come to the call, not knowing what to expect, or those who are always on hand to humiliate in unexpected moment when it is this totally unprepared. "You lustfully looked at my girlfriend? Well, she'll come to please you ... you see, she wants to go in a lot, I think, is what you need ... Do not twitch so, still can not untie" - And to whom I could not bear the thought of scat. "You ... would be worth to learn to competently do kunniling and foot fetish ... Now comes a slave, I hope you pereymesh his skill as a spectator you should stay ... chained to a radiator. "
".... Sorry there was no one on hand to torment ... so wanted! ... The fear of the victim appeals to me, he lives in me HUNGER - a strong desire to inflict pain .... but the pain is so sweet that you be drunken, and it can not without it .. ".
"And you know how it all turned out? Speaking ... Why do I write about it, I already explained, and it is my duty to thank femdom and the entity that you read in most expositions. Well, just for the power offensively Femdomnuyu !. Sent. The week passes, month, no answer, not a greeting! Well, this can not be, well, at least to someone because he had to like it! Silence. And what do you think? After all, nobody told me that in order to receive mail, you need to pipochku blue down arrow key. And I do not know and expect. What I changed my mind, you can imagine. Then, once I tinkered with the «Bat» and pressed. And from there! - Hour of Georgia, with the radius of the wheel spun like clockwork. I'm already confused. But everything downloaded and what happened.
First bunch - from site owners, they say, well done, cool, write more. But in a very respectful manner. Accept, inspiring.
The second - a horror and a nightmare. From men. The tone of something like this: "dude, okay dashed, but Tell me how to do it with a woman, but so cool ivy, and at the end otpadno sausage. And that without Venus? How thick gimp drag on? Write specifically, sidekick, and where it is cheaper and where a black woman with a strap to remove "..... I died. I died. Here, a pancake, a coach, they found themselves in the trash !!! ......!
The third bunch, sorry, from the ladies! "Oh, woman, you name treachery!". We offer a meet, I liked your game, that's what I want, but Ramin, would not believe of them - half with a postscript: my services 2 thousand per hour, 6 thousand - night + 500 rubles... separately for rain. Agile! I died again, they offered me something from which I escaped over the years like the plague. They did not understand who I was as a result! Horror, darkness, into the garbage!
And there was one, I focus your attention, one letter, the only - warm praise good wishes. I felt that if I did something worthwhile will write, that person will read it with pleasure. There smoldering ember of normal human interest in the problem. "
Below - the earth, no matter how spacious it may seem, it is - a miserable creature in comparison with the universe, which realized the power of flight. What's the answer below? Vodka, stocks for the winter, canned food, biscuits, dumplings, lobster, mayonnaise, salami, sausages, pancakes, dumplings, pancakes, crab sticks, vodka again, beer, champagne, Korzhik, sausage cheese, herring, beer, beer, vodka, vodka , marijuana, appetizer, dill, sprats, gastritis, diarrhea, barbecue, ulcers, uterine fibroids, a decoction of camomile, chocolate, thyroid, vodka, vodka, boat and pullets, better movie - this wine, cinema, wine and dominoes hangover. ... kefirchik, zefirchik and tёplenky sortirchik ......, yogurt, dried fruit, mineral water without gas, bloating, a laxative, a lot of vodka ...
"By the way, recently I found their records of 18-19 years, such a coincidence, by analogy with the name "... 1 day in the life of Mrs." - "The first 5 days of serving Lady, or slavery in Lady Boss", A symbolic coincidence. Then I tried to write something pornographic, and the experience is not allowed to write something more sophisticated than a group forced scat, etc.
Recently, my bottom gave me "About History"Strange that I still have not looked. And there was a question: on the one hand, "Justine". "9 1/2 Weeks". "Pianist", is the same "A story about."partly "11 minutes"And on the other - only "Venus in Furs" (Or am I missing something?). Clearly, most are only interested in themselves degrading scene - that is purely for the excitement, but if the story of the lady and the slave / slave, since the beginning of the meeting, spontaneous, not for classified ads, where there are no words "Mrs." and "slave", Skin and machine tools, but purely intellectual game, enslavement. For example, you can read a sadomasochistic act, and it is possible like Henry Miller - the usual story of life, and as if by the way - he beat his pregnant wife, the neighbor lady in sexy robe, leans over the battered - but in the meantime he lifts the robe and .. . Both in the process of pretending that nothing is happening, so that the victim is nothing guesses. And in the description of sexual scenes and not only explicitly focus on enjoying the humiliation of an object, rather than owning them, and yet, where the words of the gentlemen, slaves - here it is, the humiliation of daily life. "
"So, what femdomnye texts can be written and go out. This is how I think the following options:
• Sophisticated masochism + exhibitionism author. Public demonstration of his vices for further humiliation with relish them. Underlying - demonstrativizm painful. Important negative reaction of readers! The drywall - the sweeter!
• The same, but for an "internal high" from public humiliation. Something like Rubens syndrome. The reaction of readers - indifferent, just to reach the sweet shock within the personality.
• Literary vanity. The desire to publish at least in some area. Probably typical for losers writers who are trying to be realized in the "fried" the genre, having failed to do so in the standard literature.
• The desire to "stake" in the subject itself femdoma to find like-minded people to follow literary contacts. Join a clan CM-writers. And it is there, I know ....
• Sexual bragging or Mrs. Saba. Look how I have everything turned out! Not what you all! Envy losers!
• The need to re-experience the pleasure experienced events, looking at them as if from outside. After all, when you read a story in a magazine or on the website, it is a fundamentally different response than with the monitor in his office. Distancing itself publish text of the author. They already exist separately. The umbilical cord is no longer required.
• As the door to the world of BDSM. Well, let's say, to find Mrs. or subwoofer. No, for this purpose, forums, chat rooms, guest, but with luggage published stories with good reviews, probably more rating.
• Love to the Internet. The desire to see themselves in the sites, for any reason, and if it turns out in this thread, why - no? However, I probably exhausted, tired and repetitive. "
"... This is when you want the dirt. Just bathe in the mud and then hate yourself. Or go for something, not necessarily for the benefit of themselves, to the end. For example, in disgust. For example, to ourselves, to the servant, all this BDSM, etc. Reaching the edge and look what followed. Erotic failures? - Oh no. I succeeded in his disgust, asexuality - which is given to me with great effort, as opposed to natural sexuality. I do not watch this video because it does not meet my aesthetic taste, but with pleasure I can remember this aversion, which has helped to open a new dimension in the subject through it. I guess I do not understand puts it. Here is another example: it is necessary to reach the highest level of chaos arose a logical order.
I now look differently - with short hair, in absolutely different image that I change in their sessions. I remember there was a moment in "Pulp Fiction" - Uma Thurman wears a black wig and transformed. Damn attractive double life. And now ... I'm looking for some incredibly heady feeling of power over ... my new slave ... ".
"... I thank femdom! He set me free, liberated from the complexes, wacky conventions, lies to himself and women. It's like after a long journey through a complex route, come home. And you realize that only want to live here. And do not pull. Everything is mine! I do not want to get out, to come up with excuses to adjust the situation. But the path is needed. And tests and errors.
What is easily achieved, then not much appreciated! Paradox: put the collar - felt free, hands tied - and became relaxed, dropped to his knees to my feet - and stood to his full height. This heady freedom from femdoma from my pet. I look at what I want, ask and receive - they like, admire, from what is really excited!
So that personal creativity - my duty femdom how much managed as given. "
As we look from the outside? Yes, it looks great! One wing of the blue, the other - a pink, breast - Hardened steel spiked tail - skin, feather - with latex. Claws - istuplёnny ecstasy fetishists. Ardent eyes and passionate heart, scattering sparks in the fantasies of the mind and the soul shimmering romanticism. And yet something of Love ...
Boundless sky. The sun was in the sunset. Slower pace - dusk - you will see a diamond in the sky constellations, a little faster and flights equal to the traffic lights - watch the sunset until you get bored, and if we add the speed - catch up with him again vedesh day. More specifically, will fly. Because in flight! It's flying!
The flight deviator!

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She came to him, as always drink beer, talk about this and that. It was late, she did not want to go home, and he talked and talked about his ex-girlfriend - my God, how she got sick. His eyes clouded by alcohol, pictures of ex-girlfriend over. Now he looked at her with wide eyes. Why - she felt, but she did not quite like. They began to kiss, his tongue slowly slid down her face, neck, moving the collar sweaters.
- Take it off, - he said.
As she listened to half asleep, and before him it appeared resilient girlish breasts.
His cock stiffened under jeans cloth. He slowly began to knead her nipples, stroking her body, kissing her flat stomach. Then he unzipped - and before it appeared in all its glory rampant attribute his manhood. Caressing her between her legs, he brought the girl almost to orgasm.
- Come to me - she asked, not understanding why.
She just wanted to. And he went, roughly, his huge cock rubbed against the wall of her vagina. But oh, how she was good! When he had finished, she lay in a half-conscious. To help her, he began to lick her wet fool, as long as it is not finished. Just a few hours they were together, drunk and happy.
So she forgot about their failures, and he finally fucked her.

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During the ten years of their life together, they have never changed, each other. Sex for them has become something ordinary, bored. Work, home, work - no recreation and entertainment, and is 30 years old. His wife always looked very appetizing and appealing, but when dressed mini skirt and short topic, simply stunning. Irene loved to wind up men as acquaintances and strangers, but then a kiss on the cheek and a pat on the ass is nothing superfluous is not allowed. But he always wanted to see his wife in the arms of another man, maybe even two. To Alex did, she always rejected his initiatives. One day while sitting at home and watching TV, they saw the advertisement on vacation on an exotic island.
- That would have to go and relax on the island - thoughtfully said Irina.
- Do you think it's a good idea - said Alexey
- Of course good, and you can relax and people-watch, - said Irina.
- You know, I would agree to this adventure, but with one condition, you will carry out all my whims, until various erotic desires - gently patting on the ass Irina, Alex purred.
- And I probably would not be against it, but all this is a great an impossible tale, - said Irina.
The next day, in the morning as usual Alex went to work, do not forget about yesterday's conversation. He remembered how Irina tensed at the moment when he told her about the "different erotic desire." Arriving at work, he first went to the boss and asked about the timing of his annual leave. The chief was in a good mood, so allowed to take a vacation from next Monday, he promised not only to give salaries and bonuses for good work. Alex worked all day, without looking up, the evening call home and warned Irene that he delayed, he went to a travel agency to find out how much is a ticket for two. The cost of permits does not exceed the money that he was to receive, and trips were hot, so sending in so exotic and it seemed to him an erotic adventure could take place very soon. The week flew in and erotic fantasies on the subject of how, and with whom his wife is cheating on him. From these same thoughts he took down the roof, and was a member of a trunk of a bamboo tree. On Saturday, received holiday pay and bonus, Alex went to the travel agency and bought two vouchers for a period of ten days. Going home went to the store and bought the beautiful flowers your favorite. Irina stood near the plate about, without knowing it, she wore a thin silk robe draped over his naked body and stockings. She always went home so to excite her husband. Going home and undressed, Alex quietly went to his wife and running his hands under the robe, gently kissed her ear. From this contact Irina raised both hands up and gently put her arms around his head.
- So what does this mean, - Irina said languidly.
- I just want to know if you're on the go a lot to learn about what we're going to rest on exotic islands next week. Do you remember what you promised me, when I asked you to go? - Alex said cheerfully, continuously stroking her nipples through the fabric of his robe.
- Of course I do, and what we're going to rest, and when, if not secret - eyes shut and abruptly turned to Alex, Irina said.
She turned to him, that robe floors opened, exposing her beautiful breasts fourth the size and beautiful slender legs with attractive gladkovybritoy pussy between them.
- How beautiful you are, - said Alexey and gently ran a finger down her upturned to the top, like a small penis, klitorku.
Irina shuddered and groaned as it was the most erotic point on her body. Alex came out for a few seconds and going back showed two tickets for the trip. Irina stood and looked at him, her eyes wide open and not even thinking refuel. She's in my head all mixed up. She was so excited that she did not at once to come down following his words.
- So agree to execute any my erotic desire, - said Alexei.
When it came to these words, she arched like a cat to meet him, and said:
- And what wants my lord?
Alex walked over to her and kissed her on the lips and ran his hand into her crotch velvet. He became affectionately podrachivat her little klitorok and felt that Irina has already flowed, decided to make it even more, said to nowhere:
- Well, Ivan, and you said it would not be pleased !!!
After these words Alex felt Irina was continuously finish.
- My God, you're not alone, and I'm in such a way, going to moan, groan Irina without even thinking to hide behind.
In this and the next night before leaving they had a crazy sex, as in the years of their youth, violent sex, when they were not married, but just friends. On the last day before the trip, at a time when they were packing things in suitcases, Alex went to Irina took a deep breath and said in one breath:
- Well, my queen Now listen to my erotic and not only erotic desires. In - First, no underwear throughout the ten days holiday and no jeans. In - the second, because only a bathing suit trunks. Third, sex wherever we want and who want, but only in the presence and with the participation of the other.
From these desires Irina already sat on the floor.
- Neither of which currently requests your Majesty, scratching his head - said Irina surprise.
- After all, you yourself said that to comply with any of my desire, and because you are my goldfish that owe me three wishes - his eyes on the floor, Alex said.
- Okay, okay, do not plant, once promised, mean will fulfill your desires, - said Irina with some barely perceptible languor in his voice.
And here they are on the plane, fly into a banana republic on exotic islands. Wearing eye sunglasses, Alex leaned back in his seat, and, pretending to be asleep, watching the actions of Irene. And there was for what to watch, follow the first wish of Alexis, Irina sat in a light translucent tank top and short denim shorts, who did not hide her crotch, but more open to see the people around her. This innovation in the clothing has brought her so much that her nipples, Unfettered bra, standing like two large cherries. They had to spend in the air, no more nor less than 15 hours, and as they flew out of Moscow in the evening, the whole flight they fly at night and arrive in the morning. In this regard, many passengers airliner began to prepare for bed. Alex reached out, opened his eyes, and as if waking up, said:
- I'll go, I'll go to the toilet on the little, well, then sleep, how are you with me or not ....
- No, my dear, I do not want, he can later - told him Irina.
Going to the toilet, Alex gave himself up, brushed my teeth, wash, pee and was about to leave, I heard the following dialogue between two young people:
- Did you see Grey, what a goat is sitting next to us. That would be to blow it just once. Yes, I vduesh here, see ... with her sitting next to the man most likely her husband, or friend, said the second boy. Well, of course she had breast class, and you noticed the panties on her no, she sat down when the leg progressed, I already almost finished in the pants, this gorgeous sporty shaved pussy. They still have a long discussion all the charm of Irene, but Alex decided to go out and introduce the children.
- Hi, my name is Alex and I am the husband of the fucking pussy and you're flying somewhere - fun in one breath said Alex, coming out of the closet.
The boys were stunned at first because the same man, a woman they had just discussed, heard their entire conversation.
- It's okay guys, you want to fuck a nice, classy old woman, the more that I do not mind this, more than that for my part can promise every assistance in the implementation of our joint erotic adventures.
After this monologue, the guys realized that the responsibility for their words do not have, and introduce themselves. One named Sergei, another Andrew, were both 25 years old and they were flying at the same resort as Alex and Irina. Alex told the children his story and spoke about his fantasies and plans.
- And you're not afraid to lay down his beloved wife at all in a row? - Asked Andrew.
- Well - first, not at all, and in - the second, because we do love each other - Alex retorted to a question. - Since you guys are with me, or how, - Alex quipped, seeing the hesitation of Sergei and Andrei.
- Of course you and I, but there is one "but" no jealousy and no complaints, I agree.
Then they shook hands, and Alex went to his place to cook Irinka to her first sexual adventure.
Arriving at the place, Alex looked at Irina, for a time while he was in the toilet, she could zakemarit. Putting his head on the headrest and seat a little downcast, Irina was sitting so sexy that Alex stopped for a while and just admired his wife. During sleep the leg muscles relax, leading to a widening of their involuntary, and this detail added so much eroticism in the posture of Irina that Alexei hands themselves drawn to the pussy of his beloved wife, than he hastened to take advantage of. During light pats on the inner side of the thigh Alex felt a craving for that to introduce a finger in a gentle fold of Irene. When he introduced her finger in the pussy, then I felt that it allocates so much moisture that can enter even without a big dick preparatory caresses. From these smooth movements in their crotch Irina moaned softly and began to file toward the hip finger guns in her Picea. This went on for a few seconds, then she abruptly roused and closed their knees, opened her eyes and saw Alexis, she relaxed and with reproach in his voice said softly:
- Well, how could you, and suddenly someone would see.
- Yes, and show her pussy neighbors, while gently stroking her tongue plump lips, be the charming and attractive as possible - gently told her Alex. - You know, I met in the toilet, with our neighbors in flight and not only are they will live with us and you will often see in a more adult form. Come, let's go to the toilet, bring myself up and nalimon currently pussy, suddenly she'll now need - slightly slamming on the delicious ass, with a smile in his voice said Alexei, and when you come, play cards and drink a little wine with new friends .
Irina slowly rose from his chair and showing tongue to her husband, went to the toilet, do not forget to grab a bag with changeable things and soap amenities. When she walked down the aisle, you have got to meet her neighbors, they smiled at her and walked past her unnoticed for all gently slapped her on the ass. They have agreed that, perhaps, I thought Irina, going to the toilet. Going into it, Irina could not come to his senses from that insolence with which these young guys looked at her, but then, scrolling in mind the last words of her husband about what she is charming and attractive, she calmed down and began to brush up . First she took off her wet from her secretions shorts and washed away her pussy, then brushed her teeth, rubbed with a damp aroma wipe the face, chest, gentle elastic belly, and was about to get out of the toilet, but then remembered that she was naked from the bottom, as He took off shorts. She wanted to shock and horror of her husband and all the people in the plane, but remembering that in the plane there are still children and she stopped by so awesome striptease. Digging into a bag with things, Irina discovered a skirt that took her, to walk in it on the beach, as Alex has forbidden to take with underwear, and go around the city with a bare ass, even as nice as she is not very much and wanted. After she put on a skirt, she went to her place. More than half of the passengers are already sleeping in the aisles and the light turned off, so Irina had to wade down the aisle to the touch. When he reached his seat, she saw the following picture: Alex with his new friends, drinking wine, and led a pleasant conversation about the upcoming holiday on the Caribbean coast, as she drew attention to the fact that Alex moved to her place to the window, and she left place like in the middle, between itself and one of the young people. Squeezed between two young boys, Irina took his place.
- I did not understand where my piece of marvelous drink, - said Irina.
A neighbor on the right immediately poured her wine in a glass and proposed a toast to the charming and sexy woman, that is Irina. They all drank. After that, the young people introduced to Irina and proposed the following toast to the acquaintance. After a certain amount of alcohol consumed, and naturally the conversation went in the right direction is that Alex asked.
- How many times can you stop lying in bed with a man, men - suddenly asked Sergei, Irina.
- I do not know, I have not never been with two or more men - from sexy to wind up slightly sheepishly said Irina.
- No this can not be so appetizing woman with a beautiful figure, with such a pretty face and not have lovers, I do not believe - echoed Sergei Andrew.
- That does not even never thought about it? - Asked Alex.
- And you there too, Brutus? - Irina said her husband - what do not you know that I am charming you bitch, like the sailor - pomatrosit and cast.
- This is how you love yourself all show, but can not touch it or something, - said Andrey.
- Yes, like that, - said Irina.
- Well, okay, good, pester girl, let's play some cards - suggested Alexei, and began to take the deck.
They played the fool, and drank wine, soon tired of the game, because there was no interest in it, to somehow raise interest in the game Alex suggested a desire to play. While all were under shefe still reluctantly became indignant on that desire may be different, ranging from simple and ending with erotic expression. What Alex said:
- Lost - running, no matter what the desire and this applies to all, who first wins, he thinks of who plays, executes, went .....
After this monologue Irina with a grin looked at Alexis and shook her head reproachfully:
- Oh well!!...!
After the first game in the net lost Andrew, and won, Irina, she closed her eyes as if coming up with desire, and then blurted out in one breath:
- I want to kiss passionately Andrei Alexei.
After the stated desire Irina guys a little stunned, but because they themselves have agreed to such a game, Andrey, rising from his chair, walked over to Alex and sucked his lips as a woman. Irina smiled and said that in his next win vychudit not so. The air smelled erotica. The next batch of lost Sergei and Alexei won.
- I want you to kiss my wife in the chest, but not through the topic, and in the bare, lifting it up.
- You're a business, and why in my chest - as if outraged Irina.
- And as Andrew has not forgotten, I do not like losing - Alex retorted. Alexis scored shiver, he is now personally see how his beloved wife, a strange man is kissing the bare chest. He could not understand, he was jealous of Irina or not, but one thing he realized that exciting minute approximation of one of his many sexual fantasies, leads him to a half-turn and a member in the pants wants to get out, tore his pants. Gently raising the topic to the right, Sergei pulled out from captivity beautiful untanned chest, slightly surprised its size and shape, and then sucked into a charming, light-brown nipple. From enjoying Irina closed her eyes. As long chest Irina was in the mouth of Sergei, her legs began to spontaneously disperse, as well as skirt was pretty short, very soon appeared naked swimming trunks smoothly shaved pussy. The kiss lasted at least two minutes, but during this time Alex had to feel and understand how much he loves his wife and how much he wants to see it the same as they are now contented and happy. He gently stroked her inner thigh, and as if by accident touched his finger on the labia, causing Irina pierced shiver and she had finished, her husband dip his fingers. Alex brought them to his nose and inhaled the fragrance of Irene. After a while, after a brief acceptance of alcohol and another toast to the queen, they continued the game. In this game Irina lost and was looking forward to a clean, who will win. Won Alex.
- Well dear ready to fulfill my desire, - said Alex with a smile.
- Ready, of course, because the lost, - said Irina.
- Now you go with Andrew to the toilet and you want to do sex with him there, or rather just fuck, then come here to us with Sergei and shows her pussy developed, yes, to wash do not need - in the same breath, Sergei blurted.
Irina slightly stunned by such a desire and then silently got up and walked slowly to the bathroom. She thought that Alex was going to say that he was joking, but he did not say. Going to the bathroom with Andrey and Irina wanted to stand for a while, and then get out, as it has everything to do, but then I remembered about the conditions that set Alex, and I realized that will not have to get out. And I wanted to get out if it? Andrew stood and did not know where to start, Irishka came to his aid itself.
- Threw off his pants, and that will stand them in - she commanded.
He quickly unzipped and pulled his pants with swimming trunks, he jumped as a member of The Steadfast Tin Soldier and sling hit paunch.
-Wow, as a pioneer, always ready, - he said Irina languidly and swallowed in anticipation of something new forbidden.
She sat down on her knees and greedily began to suck, swallowing the entire length.
- Lord, you are just superb, I could never have done such a blow, - throwing his head back and gasping from the buzz, Andrew moaned. - Hush, hush do not hurry up, and then I finish it, and you will have nothing to show, although I would have finished in the mouth with great pleasure - stopped her from such an interesting lesson Andrew.
Irina turned her back to him, a little bent and prepared for the new in her life test, namely to another member, but he did not have to wait long and invaded her pussy with the measured velocity and amplitude, bringing her mistress awesome sense of betrayal, debauchery and buzz . After some time, Andrew with a vengeance began to peck her languishing on sex, the vagina and the moment when she felt that he had finished, it was poured into a large flow of endless sperm. When he pulled out his already fallen member of its recording, I poured a stream, that after a while the whole outer side of the thigh was wet.
- So how do I go to the place is not a substitution - cheerfully said Irina, and lowered her skirt.
- You know, I noticed that the topic you have pretty long, so I suggest, to remove her skirt, putting her between the legs, and the topic drop lower and so to reach the place, and I'll go back and I will cover your rear - offered a way out Andrei.
- And that is the idea, just follow me at once, and then my ass many would consider, - Irina told him, lifting her skirt and tucking it in place of the gag between her legs.
When in this form, Irina came to the place, to see her or Alex nor Sergey could not close the mouth of such a sexual species, and five minutes to recover. Irina sat down on his chair, and then said:
- Well, for a long time, I'll keep this between the legs of the plug, there will be someone to check her husband made me desire, namely rasstrahannuyu my pussy or not?
With trembling hands Alexei removed from skirt pussy Irene and found a well-designed hole with sperm flowing from her Andrew.
- So I fulfilled the desire, - said Irina from her husband, little legs apart, to the boys was better than any seen her naked, shaved pussy, dripping not only sperm but also sap a woman experiences an orgasm.
- You know, honey is 100% better than you can imagine, - said Alexei, and kissed her on the lips, while smelled of another male member than the more wound up by presenting his wife sucking dick in another man.
After that, they have found that a very tired of so vivid experiences and therefore, wishing each other "good night" began to prepare for bed. Irina, once again taking the bag with things, went to the bathroom, where she changed into a sundress, again brushed her teeth and was about to leave as quietly knocked on the door. Neither of which, without knowing it, Irina opened the door and saw Sergei opening, which sharply pushed her inside the toilet room and before she knew it, sucked in sugar mouth, and his hands began to explore every centimeter of her body poorly protected. Now and unbuttoned one of the fasteners on the sundress, still a jerk, and he is under our feet, and that does not prevent Sergey explore her body. Since Irina has not moved away from the sexual adventures, and alcohol made itself felt, and relaxing setting up an erotic wave, it enabled him to all. After a short prelude Irishku Sergei turned to him backwards, tilted and brought his rather thick and long body in its expiring desire and lust pussy. When he moved his member, Irina was immediately podmahivat him because really I wanted and ran like a bitch in heat. Sergei fucked her for a long time, while not forgetting to develop fingers her second hole. Irina once did not feel a member of the anus, but the manipulation that made Sergei, I realized that he wanted it ... it is there. Deciding for one day to get everything at once unlawfulness, Irina reached into his bag and pulled out some cream, then handed it to his second, this evening, a lover. Sergei immediately understood and abundantly lubricated my cock and ass cream Irene, began cautiously explore new depths. Millimeter by millimeter member moved into the anus Irina, bringing unbearable pain. Irina wanted to scream, but knowing that they can hear it, biting her lip to draw blood, suffered the flogging. When a member is fully seated in the ass, Sergei began to gradually increase the amplitude of oscillation, than brought to the mind-blowing orgasm Irina, and she began to finish without stopping, during all that time until her partner is not finished. At the last moment, Sergei managed to pull out a member of the Irina ass and cumshot on her back, with the flow of sperm was so strong that some drops fell on her hair. Kiss and obterevshis semen residues, they headed to their seats. Alex was asleep, or pretending to be asleep. Irina sat on his seat, rested her head on her husband's shoulder and fell asleep like a baby. yet five o'clock he remained until the end of the flight.
Alex woke up first to go to the toilet, a flight attendant asked about the balance of time spent in flight, after receiving a response went to his place. Irina slept, but since Alex left that she shifted her head on the shoulder of a neighbor, and he, in turn, launched their own hands under the blanket, which was covered with Irina, and gently massaged her breasts. From these touches she opened her mouth and languidly moaning. When Alex began to squeeze into place, it is natural to wake and Irina and Sergei and Andrei. He opened his eyes and saw her husband, Irene raised her arms up and stretched sweetly, and at the same time Sergei felt his hands on her breasts.
- Did not understand is that in the news - strictly said Irina, addressing Sergey.
He abruptly removed his hand and tried to say something in his defense, but she smiled and said cheerfully:
- Cool I love you broken off - after rose from the chair and went to the toilet.
After the departure of Irina guys started talking about last night and all agreed that it was something, and Irina was just a goddess, and they all can not wait for the arrival of the aircraft in the banana country.
- Whether more will be, - said Alexey companions.
That flight ended. A few minutes later served ladder, and they finally come to the island getaway, a fun and sexual debauchery. After completing all the formalities associated with the customs service, they organized loaded into a bus and went to the hotel. The hotel is a large five-storey building with a restaurant, swimming pool, gym, and courts for tennis. Rooms are single, double and suites. Irina and Alexey took them single large room on the ground floor with direct access to the pool, and Sergei and Andrei rented a room nearby and so the balcony of their room had one. Quickly abandoning clothes and fun things are rushed to the beach. Irina took her husband by the arm, and with fear in his voice said:
- Honey, you know I probably now will not be able to take off clothes as shy, but definitely try tomorrow.
- Okay, you and so that night exceeded all my wildest associated with you, dream, so a rest today.
Irishka gently looked at her husband and kissed him softly whispered in your ear:
- Do not worry, I evening, all work off .....
- What is it all or to whom it all? - Asked Alex.
- As you wish, and understand it - defiantly said Irina, and releasing the hand of her husband ran with Sergei and Andrei in a deckchair on the go taking things.
They swam, sunbathed, swam and sunbathed back again, so was the whole day.
In the evening, after supper, Irina and Alex decided to go to the disco. She wore a light dress on her naked body, and it is shorts and T-shirt. Having come to the disco, they found their new friends are already there and also slightly under shofe. Seeing spouses Sergei waved them, gesturing to occupy empty seats next to each other at a table. Alex did not like to dance, but on the contrary Irina loved and therefore immediately went to the dance floor. Alex sat down with the boys and sat down on the offered chair, began to drink cold beer, brought in time, caring waiter. They set their sights on the dance floor and started violently, discuss those or other dancers. Disco was in full swing, and many young people danced without stopping, and since it was very hot, then many clothes just stuck to the body with sweat. After about twenty minutes of continuous dance all of a sweat Irina paraded to the table at which sat her husband and new companions. Sitting on the empty seat Irina gulp drank offered her a cocktail, and then realized that it was not just a harmless gin and tonic, but a real screwdriver where vodka was clearly eighty percent, and the remaining twenty percent held no juice, but a real champagne . After a glass of cocktail it as if spurred whip, and she with new forces rushed to the dance floor.

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You enter the bath. Bath is filled with hot water, jets of steam lazily raised to the ceiling, taking the road fantastic shapes, you throw off, a T-shirt, jeans, unbutton her bra, gently rubs, chest massiruesh gently nipples, bringing them sensitive, lightly throw off cowards ogladyvaesh herself in the mirror, what do you think of beautiful all the same swipe your finger across his body, touching buttocks, tummy, legs and slowly lowered into the bath with you immediately rolls a strange feeling of languor, and you relax, that way for 10-15 minutes, nothing thinking.
Then imagine how it would be nice if it was summer outside, the heat, you would lay on the beach and would be sunbathing, but this time whoever be massaging your back and that's when you imagine a young Apollo who you caresses, and your tummy under the influence of fantasy and hot water, begin to demand more, you take the gel and begin to finger rub into clitoris up and down, up and down, and the second finger to caress her sphincter, presenting what was your caresses the tongue and fingers rubbed and petted, flitting and playing solo on your clitoris, but that's the case, and pressed and flowed, and the second finger let in yourself and enjoy ...

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When I was 7 years old, I first proposed to his sister to play husband-wife. She was 4 years old, and she was interested:
- How is it?
- Take off your pants, - I said.
She prispustila panties, and I saw her plump pussy with a deep cut in the middle. I immediately got a member, but what to do next I do not know. He tried to squeeze member to the cutting of it, but because of the difference in growth was uncomfortable.
- Lie down on the mat - I ordered.
She lay down, and I tried to settle down, leaning on hand straight. In addition, it was awkward to get it razrezok top.
- Expand pussy hands, - I suggested.
- How? So? - She took both hands on the edge of the cutting and spread it to the side. I opened the marvelous picture of the extended maiden pussy.
I immediately pressed to a member and ordered his sister to let go of his hands. We froze, enjoying a hitherto unknown sex sensations. Deep inside I am a member has not promoted, and I was so good. Suddenly it seemed to me that our pussy was very hot, and I pulled away. Wait a little, hanging over the sister, then he proposed:
- Let's?
- Come, - she said.
So we have done it all several times. Finally, I said:
- Enough for today. Put on your pants.
My sister stood up and pulled her panties. I could not resist and stroked her pussy through them.
- You have a very nice pussy, hot, - I said.
- You, too, - she said with a smile.
- You know what we're doing now?
- What?
- Fucked. Man and woman fuck, too, and from this they are children.
She said nothing.
- But we're still small, we can. Give now often fuck?
- Let's - agreed to a sister.
This went on for 8 years, until his sister are under 12. One day I discovered that I have a sperm (pollution occurred). I was frightened and began to put on a condom, who stole from his father (found where he keeps them). Sister, I did not explain anything. She asked:
- What is it?
- Adults always wear it when you do not want children. This is just in case ...
But she cringed. She has studied in the 6th grade and studied zoology. This went on for about six months more. The technique was the same - it expanded its gorgeous pussy, and I pressed her to his penis. Such a pussy to me since no one had ever seen. I even thought did not arise, because I can Push dick out and said to all, "break her hymen". I had enough of those experiences that I received from a simple contact with the girl's pussy.
One sister said:
- All! Today, we're doing it for the last time.
- But why?
- I'm afraid.
- What?
- Children. I may have children by you.
No matter how I dissuade her, talking about condoms, she was adamant. This I remember it: with telescoped maiden pussy without hair (and I was already quite grown-member, all in the hair), and yet no breasts.
Since then, it took many years, we have grown, both have children. My sister lives alone, without a husband. But the men in her, of course. I can not say that I have not tried (and time) to entice her to remember his childhood. She whenever indignantly rejected my suggestions:
- What are you? No! You're a brat!

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Midnight, as if in a fairy tale. Time disembodiment princes and sexual macho in pimply toads, coaches and limousines beaten in life "Lada", and brilliant costumes in the filthy rags of dressing gowns. The contact time of the worlds of the living and the dead, the contact with the reality of the matrix. Empty deserted subway meets the dim light dusty lampshades. Here truly the underworld, where for each column curly lurk evil where there is no trace today's warm summer night. Here I am. I ran among painful glare matte, knocking out power and shaking under the fabric translucent light dresses. I run so that it does not run from death, so run only from the Devil, or bored by his own life. The ears are filled with the clicking of heels on the granite, flying to the beat of the heart. Edge deserted platform, resting against an ominous blackness lifeless tunnel. In the depths of there two yellow glowing eyes, dissolving gloom and scatter the shadows in its path. Even banal subway train seems aggressive blue caterpillar, emerges dramatically from their own holes and swallows lonely midnight passengers. Yes, it is: one of the last opportunities to catch the most recent bus that snatch me from the clutches of the big city.
On entering the car, notice was late to discos growth, fifteen, peacefully sipping beer in a corner. So after all and want to shuganut, they say: children, would go home quickly, and then I have bad feeling. Today is not an easy night, oh, I have an ulterior motive on the back shivers run. And the subway is even more deserted than usual: people feel suspicious skin and, driven by an unknown force, hurry home, snuggle up to the most favorite, find protection in strong and tender embrace. But I did not.
You could stay with him, lay his head on his chest, pressed his body, reveling disturbing odor of the beloved and feeling the warmth of the body close. And it would be so good and calm, protected by walls, doors and windows, under the protection of his even breathing, until the morning, but no! SOMETHING creaking roar calling me out of the city, farther and farther away from it, from security. I myself can not understand the mixed feelings. All reasonable in me rears up, animal fear binds flesh that trembles in anticipation of something unknown, frightening and fascinating at the same time.
In the opposite corner notice balding peasant forty years. Barely covering groin worn briefcase, makes explicit motion with his right hand. Exhibitionist and seemingly like a solid guy. I thought such things only inexperienced youth suffers. And he has, it's probably at home wife and children. I think dad stayed at the meeting. Scum that has me greasy eyes glances, and I try not to watch him. No, not because the stuff, or I do not approve of such a fun, simple. I just can not restrain himself at the sight of comfort, even this kind. Whatever it was, but still a man. Of course, I understand: he is my help, as the fifth leg of the goat needs. Oh, there would be no children in the far corner and see ..
Slowly walk up to the man with a playful smile on his lips, go down to her knees, thighs wider apart. His eyes are rounded, and the arm hangs in the air, showing utter bewilderment. Excited flesh sticking out of his fly light pants wearing next to the skin. Case, carefully laid next to him, does not hide a small bulge in the frame member of dark hair.
- Man, let me.
I take a little fallen body in the right hand and squeeze tight at the base, driving away the dark blood to the head itself. Soon he will again be in full combat readiness. View rearing, though not very frightening, flesh makes me more and more pressure on the barrel, pushing the already pretty soaked panties under short dresses second hand. I feel swell shaved lips, how to dribble the hot moisture thirsty vagina. Man, at this moment you are beautiful and loved by all the women of the world, because you love me. My turn-ons view nalivsheysya head, at a time when I was up to the limit avert my foreskin. Wand, as if from a darkened ivory, is wedged in a dense ring of my fingers. At first slowly, then faster, I torment his dick soft velvety paws. With fury, peculiar only to the hungry animals, I drive through it by hand, then relaxing, then, again forcing pressure. complexed body of a man writhing under the weight pulled hard pleasure, capable of crushing weightless consciousness. At that moment, when he cast out a stream of whitish liquid on his tie, I feel a wave of rapid orgasm, splashed out on my thighs burning flow of vaginal lubrication. His trembling member has not yet time to fall off as I disappear to the sound of melodious voice:
- Be careful, the doors are closing!..
Dreams. Suggested own fantasies, I did not even notice, like a man of my dreams went out, leaving behind only a wet puddle on the dirt floor. The train rushes to the outskirts of Moscow, leaving behind deserted central station. Shortly before the end with a cheerful cackling out of the car ran out children. I was left alone. The car rocks on ways to open branches, pushing the sides illuminated the dense summer night. That station, which departs Last Bus Countryside.
I go to a quiet platform, and blue caterpillar leaves me alone with a measured knock carried away is not known where, in some hole, where she curled into a ball, will wake up in the morning, yet again come to hunt starving per night. Behind me the lights faded out to close the station. I'm going to stop finding the overgrown path through the dark bushes. If only there was some maniac's still not terribly alone. We stop for a broken lamp is He - the main character of my story, the last bus. Its windows soft glow in the dark, gaping empty interior. As if waiting for someone - me.
Behind the wheel of a friendly elderly man with a grizzled mustache. Nothing wrong. You can go, if anybody do not meet on the road, then to H ********** go without any stops. And there are some two hundred meters from the corner, and I for solid walls of a country house, where I was waiting for pleasant company and a large white cat - the master of the castle.
There is nothing sinister in this transport: ordinary long white and green Icarus-accordion. Out of habit, I rise to a large rear window, based on the horizontal rail. The bus moves off quietly, as if afraid to startle or disturb someone. Dim light makes its way through the dusty windows, snatches from the dark fuzzy silhouettes of roadside bushes. No one else: only dark, unpleasant yellowish-pale light and me. From under the wheels jump rare white stripes road, disappearing one after the other in the gathering dusk of the glass.
Suddenly, the bus lurched, light me trouble started pomargivat. Lightweight fabric light dress flew up to the side. Nothing, just a draft. Light froze in the air, the trees have stopped flickering before the eyes, time stopped imperious authoritarian hand. I feel the vibration of the floor, and a huge shadow lay down on the glass. I catch on his back and neck the hot breath of hell, filled with coal dust and sulfur. No, this is not the belated miner, we've never stopped. Shadow approaching, forcing half surge from overweight confident steps. My mind and body constrained by the fear of the inevitable. Just do not turn around, his dark eyes is deadly! All natures I catch unambiguous signals of demonic creatures. He stopped a few inches from me, enveloping heat of feverish flesh. Huge claws in black scales ... hard fall on my shoulders, gently squeezing them almost before the first trickle of blood running down his neck scratched metal claw. In the glass I see the shaggy animal heads in a passionate grin crouches to pale skin, enthusiastically licking forked tongue purple liquid. At that moment, I was seized by unknown before the desire raging in his veins, bursting inside vacuum. I was ready with a violent eagerness to bend towards the onslaught of sour cream. Meanwhile, rough scaly pollen despise dress clawing thin lace underwear and leaving the graceful gentle body completely defenseless. Great rough paw Demon grabs my breast, rhythmically squeezing it, and the other stroking her ass, moving to the inside of the thighs and forcing the wider spread her legs, revealing the sponge and allowing admire aleyuschimi wet petals. My body is burning, ready to accept a piston any and every second of delay seems brutal medieval torture. The back is covered with cold sweat because SOMETHING, leaning against the hollow between the buttocks, stretches back to the middle of the spine, almost to the shoulder blades. Involuntarily, I lower my head, just turn around to see the huge cylindrical body, covered with small glossy black scales. Suddenly, the hose bends and slides down my back, facing the very face. His head is crowned with a rounded size of my fist, throbbing under the skin fold, opening spewing transparent slime hole. After defeating all of my expectations, it was not a tail - it was a member.
I do not even see, but rather felt the fang grin of a proud male. Fear only adds to the visual sensations. The demon grabs me firmly rough feet, clutching his back to his body. My blonde hair tightly tangled with his dark hair, not allowing the move. In the crotch rests on something ledenyasche-cold and excessively large. The fear, tightly soldered to lust, runs throughout the body. Like a huge tropical snake trying to crawl his cock in her hot vagina, but only in vain hits in a sponge, teasing us both stronger and stronger.
Dissatisfied with this result, demon inclines me forward, pushing my hips as widely as possible, kneels down and meticulously examines tense holes. Plunging claws, he introduces a finger into force velvety sheath tube, filling it to capacity. Having made a few translational motion, it sends to the finger of the other hand in addition to the first. While pushing alternately on soft stenochki, being alienates them, expanding the vagina, and now the nimble sharp tongue is a company with two fingers. Clinging to the railing, and fainting with pleasure and sweet pain, I lower my head and see how impressive black hose entirely covered with viscous mucus. On the face tormentor reappears malevolent grin. He rises, spreading leathery wings and horns grazing lighting on the ceiling.
The demon is not able to wait for the desired master woman. His paw again rushes to my chest, and the second holds the pubis, pushing the swollen lips with excitement to meet the relentless ramming. SOMETHING again approaching the already stretched vagina, covering the head of the entire perineum. Hard elastic rod, sliding in its own mucous cover, stubbornly, millimeter by millimeter, moving inside me, filling the whole body tingling sensation. Porykivaya pleasure, Demon stronger skewer me on his pole, literally pulling him my vagina. Not entered and a third, he ran into the uterus, causing a violent wave of orgasm and reduction stenochek, bows member tight trap. Consciousness pomutnyaetsya with pleasure overthrown me into the abyss of sinful lust. Legs podgibayutsya, refusing to obey, and I find myself in the air, supported only demonically strong flesh. But this beast is not enough.
He falls to the floor, turning me to face him, he supports the limp body smooth wings. I think it paralyzes the coal-black eyes shimmering sparks flared up passions. His body begins to vibrate finely, siege weapon will drive even deeper with every movement. A few minutes later he is completely inside me. I do not feel any pain - it incinerates look out. The crotch touches the hair of his body, ass to go to the substituted paws. Jerky demon throws me up, enjoying my body moves on a smooth column of his cock. My body is beating in an indescribable ecstasy, orgasm, feeling unbearably hot it a torture weapon, filling me with boiling metal energy. Claws with a swing stick into my back, and his body arched in the last push, capable sprayed me into atoms.
In the same second time restores its course, bringing me to the rear window the last bus. The vision disappeared. There was nothing, just a dream, reserves the cold sweat flowing on the thighs fiery liquid and a few scratches on his shoulder.

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It has become a tradition - to make love in the absence of the wife in the family apartment. Yes, the fact that it held, even for a week, the place of his wife, unusually excited them both, gave a special savor relationships and so lasting several years. This has happened once or twice a year and have never ended so neobychno.V that day, he woke up at 06.00, as always drank juice, vitamins, and kissed his young mistress wrapped in a blanket. She slept on the spot and his wife did not move in response to his kiss. Then he pulled back the covers, she lay on her side, just like a child, his lips moving in a dream. He lay down next to her and looking at the reflection of the mirror, patted her on the back. She slept. He gently pulled her to him and entered her deeply, and immediately she was so warm and soft. His movements were slow, smooth, inside it he is even more strengthened. She was asleep and only her breath quickened. Then, a little emboldened, but still afraid to wake her and break the spell of this gentle fantasy, slightly parted her legs. Now she lay on her side, and her right leg was bent at the knee. He pulled out his penis and patted her buttocks. "Bad girl!"He smiled. He looked at her pink lips, which have increased and are now calling him to enter, rather he chuckled. He loved to watch as his cock disappeared in the depths of her body, as her wet pussy takes his head, eagerly clasping her as a member of the slides on her labia and clitoris. He plunged into it, and trying to move as gently as possible, looking at her sleeping face, parted lips, emits a muffled groans, thinking about how she fucks even in sne.Po way to the office he was thinking as bizarre and surprising twists of fate. After all, it is a little older than his daughter. In total some ten years ago, he could not imagine that he would meet the one that half his age. He could still feel her nocturnal caresses, lips and thighs, shoulders and arms. The mere thought of it aroused in him the desire to the rapid and forced his body to fill with juice of passion and sin. He tried to suppress this feeling, but the sight of it was - her lips were scurrying over his body, pink tongue slid over the swollen vein in the neck, she was biting his skin and nipples, and drew his hips hands to his lips. Her eyes burned, and now she looked like a hungry cat. She gently lifted his cock and went down to the testicles, held them tongue and parted his legs, licking the same spot between the anus and the scrotum. She caressed the slender fingers of his trunk and at the same time it sank one testicle, then the other into his hot mouth. Slightly biting penis and licking the trunk, she caressed his scrotum and gently put her finger in his anus. He was startled, but allowed it to continue. She moaned with pleasure, and he could not tell who is more like him or her? He tried to break free and enter into it, but he had no chance. It is even more pressure grabbed his cock and plunged into her hot wet mouth. Her movements are frequent, and fingers clasped at the base member, squeezing rhythmically to the beat of his movements. He could no longer resist and growled like a tiger, seized her by the hair, forcing his cock touch glands and enter deep into the throat. Hot fountain of its energy, life and passion poured directly into it. She swallowed it with pleasure and devotion, looking at the face, contorted furious passion and incredible happiness. He belonged to her tselikom.Ne having no desire to hang around in this fuckin 'office, he called her and asked what she wanted for dinner. Having bought the road and trout relishing the upcoming meeting, he opened the door of the apartment. She sat on a chair naked after a shower. He could not help admiring his shoulders, the elegant head. Picking up the ridge, he came up behind her and with incredible gentleness began to comb her hair. She turned to him and kissed him ruki.Obsuzhdaya news over dinner, prepared them, he admired her legs and breasts, modestly veiled light silk blouse. Behind her discern the outlines of a full, high breasts with the nipples sticking up. He felt a desire to rip off her blouse, to lick his neck, nipples. Battened down her skirt and confident movement of strong male hands, break the panties. He put it on the table, she was surprised to look at him. Parting her legs with one sharp movement, he entered her and no longer paying attention to her, he was doing what he wanted. Roughly, sharp and not noticing anything around, he went to his goal, as the winner of the male. He did not even know why she was crying when he entered her juice. He looked at her face, her cheeks the tears were rolling, she frantically clung to him and gasped. He suddenly realized that he could hurt her, and that thought frightened him. He picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, she sobbed and hid her face in his grudi.On felt the desire to caress her, free from pain and gently parted her legs pressed tightly together. It seemed to him that she did not resist more. He pressed his lips to her clitoris and gently held it for the language on his lips was the taste of the beloved, and it intoxicated him. He suddenly realized why she was crying, and with all the tenderness he had passionately caressed her labia, plunging his tongue into her bosom. She moved hips to meet him, afraid to miss even a second of this divine affection. Her body still felt the delight of his strength and courage and orgasm shook her with renewed vigor. Her body has sought to meet his lips and clitoris become like a little pea, bringing happiness and flour odnovremenno.On woke from sleep, he felt the presence of someone in the shadows and depth of the bedroom. Lifting his head, he saw her. She was sitting opposite, blind eyes staring into the distance. Her beautiful full shoulders were lowered as if under the weight of the burden and hands hanging helplessly along the body. That was the end. He lost everything, both of them in a moment. Fate, he always grateful for the happiness of having two such different, but always loving and gentle women, robbed him everything. Silently rising from bed, he walked over to her. And unlocks the object was stupid, had never, even when she gave him a child, he felt such tenderness and devotion to her.

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Public Institution. The evening, almost all were gone. I walk slowly down the hall, I want to pee, but hold back. Gradually she begins to grow in power, turning into excitement. I want to use the toilet and I want to finish. Slowly, I go to the toilet. I am alone, I straighten the hair, look around the lipstick on her lips, twist a chain on his neck. Already unbearably want to get rid of the goods inside. I went into the booth, take off her panties, skirt lift a little, almost ready ... and then rushes to the bathroom a couple of young people, he ona.Oni kiss, hug, laugh out loud - through not completely closed the stall door I hear everything. A few seconds later, the laughter stops, silence, suddenly sigh, one more, and then a gentle moan. Inside me is boiling storm, I suffer, I'm afraid its resounding jet to startle them. Dizzy, really want to see what is happening in the action of the meter itself. Sounds passionate kisses, irregular steps. Suddenly the sound unzips makes my nipples nabuhnut.Ostorozhno opens the door. Opposite me a mirror, the glory of God. He is leaning against the door, she was on her knees sucking his cock. only her head and I can see part of his leg, but it's enough to make an unbearable desire for sex gripped me. She makes a blowjob for a long time and carefully, it is clear that it is a hobby like. With me on the floor falls drop. I feel that a couple of minutes, and I'm just bursting from the overflow. Firmly squeeze the legs, and the severity of a little retreat. Again I hear footsteps and the rustling of clothes. A little more than open the door, trying to be unnoticed. She stands with his hands on the wall, he was back gently introduces member. Holler, a long moan, claps copulating bodies. I have only seen her spread arms and rhythmically moving his ass. His ass is very seductive, strong, uprugaya.Moi legs give way, and out of me starts to flow a trickle. I grab her panties and clamp them between your legs. Translate I look down and see how it spreads on the spot. Below there are drops and treacherous want to fall. Again strongly I squeeze the legs, licking his lips and looking into zerkalo.Ego movement begin more frequent, her moan interrupted by shouts. Her hands clenched and unclenched convulsively, struggling body from side to side, but he firmly holds his female hands, spitted it all the stronger and deeper. A few moments and restrained scream notifies her orgasm. He continues to enjoy her body, then suddenly pulls out a member, turns to the side and a large stream of thick white sperm hits the wall. A moment later another and another. He throws his head back and muffled moans. She drops down and takes his hard cock still in his mouth. Several times holds tongue on the head and otpuskaet.Moe body like a ball of nerves, a sense of reality begins to leave me, I'm going to explode. For a moment, close your eyes and hear the sound of door closing. At this point, I breed feet, and a double sense of pleasure and relief almost tearing me in half. Because I just poured a stream and his body shaking in an insane orgasm. I hold on to the wall of the booth, not to fall from the excess of emotion. Few come to himself, get up, take off her skirt, opened the stall door and one through the wet panties come to the place of passionate love. Smell the perfume of female and male body a pleasant smell. Gently my fingers where her hands have been. On the left hand drops her sweat. Istoma beginning to embrace me again. I drop down and see how thick streams of sperm slowly flow down the wall. Exciting finger one of them and I present it to his lips. Soft salty taste. Excitation overwhelms me. The swollen clit rubbing against wet cloth panties. Unable to restrain himself thrust his hand into her panties, a pair of motions and a second orgasm fills my body. It lasts a long time, it seems an eternity ... Slowly get up, take off my wet underwear and throw it in the trash. I put on a skirt, straighten the hair, lip tint. The last look around and leave. Tonight - my.

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