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This story took place in the summer when the sun beat down so much that wanted to undress and throw off all my clothes. Marina was the name of our heroine was still a young girl little boring very thin dark long hair that were just below the shoulders and chest of the second size. Was it a little more than 14 years and all the girls dreamed of a prince was still a virgin and loved mastrubirovat under a blanket when went to bed. She loved to penetrate with a finger in her ass and rubbing her pussy.
She went to her grandmother in the village on a summer vacation and have a good time with my friends went to discos and bars in the evening walked dopozna. She stood for a long time with his girlfriend at her fence and ran past them babbling neighbor's dog - a huge Alabai (her future lover). They said goodbye, and she went home on the street. She badly wanted to go to the toilet to pee. She pulled down her panties spread her legs and started to write a thin stream, watering the ground beneath them.
She heard a rustling behind him and terribly scared thinking it was someone talking and turned around. It was the neighbor's dog and watched how she pees. She stroked it and continued to squeeze off his urine. The dog became laschitsya it became a poke face into her crotch girl only it drove away. The dog began to growl and persistently stick to it she was frightened and began squatting barely barely go to the fence Outdated not to startle the dog and that he did not bite. The fence Marina saw a hole and I thought right now, and climbed'll be in the garden and quickly come running home. She poked her head and torso in the hole and pop that was wider not been able to get through and Marina got stuck and ended up trapped, she tried to climb back but ran into nails and her light dress was hooked, and she realized that the motionless standing on all fours skirt tangled in nails and Marina was afraid pull so as not to break up, it could not be moved is not in the ass of any perёd. I caught in his own trap. She calmed down when he heard a dog growl and began to approach it. We call the dog Kid. Kid pulled nose to sniff the air and become her crotch bulged her ass. Marina began to try to get out but she could not.
The dog licked her foot on the inside, he spent part of his tongue over her thin panties Belenky under which hid her virginal pisya and buttocks. Marina stiffened in surprise but his tongue made her involuntarily relax. The dog began to lick her panties with a bang causing them mokret eyes. With her pussy juices began to flow out of love and panties could proto squeeze. So good she never had it involuntarily arched her back and looked like a very young bitch which had been worked doggie. Kid still more began to lick her through her panties naslozhdayas helplessness and the girl has closed its eyes and only tehonko moaning she was crazy about his language that was opening her panties. The girl wanted it more strongly spread her legs and outstretched arm back pulled off her panties Tiny opening access to its more young virgin pussy.
Kid as if he was waiting, he began to lick her pussy pushing her tongue sexual sponges, soaking the anal hole with his saliva. Marina whimpered from the pleasure it is stronger and bent as much as possible to spread her legs to her doggie could better lick her pussy. Her pussy juices just poured out and feed the baby juices were so many that they have a thin stream trickled down his thighs forming a brilliant tracks. Marina closed her eyes and enjoyed every minute, she could not move and was caught but it is not chased away from the dog himself but instead was getting excited and excited.
She was just thrilled with his licking and moaning softly and asked not to stop but to continue faster and deeper. Toddler his rough tongue lead up her pussy to madness penetrated her in her secret depths of stretching and wetting her ready for more. Kid prikratite her lick and Marina began to beg him to continue. You should see her now her friends had used did not believe that it can continue to ask the dog to lick her pussy. The kid jumped on her as a bitch ready to mate with a male. Marina did not understand what he wants first, she was delirious. A kid in the meantime just comfortably settled on her top and firmly clamped her legs. When Marina came to herself it was too late and so she was trapped in the suction hole and then there's the dog clamped its not allowing poschevelitsya.
She felt that by its entry in the pussy that it rested it was something very hot and a fat. She realized that it was a member of the dog, she cried and tried to move his legs and tightened without letting him to get into the holy of holies in her virgin pussy. A member of the Kid is already fully climbed and dangled big stick under belly and terrified by its size. And it was just awful for deflowering little inexperienced girls. How could such a club can get into its narrow and small pussy has not anyone been opened. Member really was beautiful full 30cm long and 15cm thick in girth. He was covered in red wreaths and at the end of the beveled and with drops of juice which dripped from him he was ready to climb up to the end in this bitch. Member began to slowly push into young pussy and Marina felt every millimeter that was part of it and could not do anything.
Her hymen could not stand the pressure and treacherously broken member with the strength and speed he flew to see 10 young body from which Marina screamed and tried to escape but the dog held her and realizing that the more he is no obstruction began to move member stringing Marina on her thick and long phallus . The dog moved his pelvis penetrating deeper and deeper into the body youthful Marina stopped crying began to moan in time with his movements and the dog did not lose time and tried to shove his cock fully in Marina. The girl felt that her body is broken into two parts, a member a member penetrated by 20 cm and it seemed to her that he already gets to the throat and just sobbed and squealed underneath. She realized that while he did not fuck and do not finish it will not let his bitch and Marina was hurt. But her body demanded sex dick went long strokes stringing it all the stronger and already pressed on the inside.
Marina decided to help the dog parted legs and stronger caved in after a member of practically flew into it from the marina which put her head on his elbow which was on the ground and enjoyed every movement of his penis in itself. Thick long and full member in the juices are already fully immersed in her stringing one stroke forcing the girl to weep and mumble from it.
Member of the almost completely out and then all went into the pussy 30cm Marina a strong and long stroke. Sexual lips tightly encircled him on return and slightly twisted on impact bringing her supper fun. Marina even more parted legs taking full member without a trace. And baby all stepped up the pace of hammering member stronger and stronger in the very depths of the vagina to the uterus pressed blow to her only girl howled stronger. The kid had it swoops naslozhdayas consider it fucked her without pity as the last bitch. Marina had already lost track of time and only had finished and had finished squeezing member of the vaginal muscles. She asked not to stop the dog and continue to harder and harder to fuck her ass intuetivno began pushing on his cock by doing so he became the go even deeper and stronger than helped, and how can your dog lover. You should have seen it now Mom thought she knew that her daughter bitch hungry for cock. Her thoughts were interrupted shouting is a woman called Little home from a neighboring house but the kid did not even think to leave everything and just ... more began to fuck it. Kid Kid screaming woman come to me my doggie. A baby began barking as though calling her to him. Marina Do not know what to do it now can be caught during fucked with the dog and she began to twitch. But the kid did not let her his penis began to grow, and adopted the monstrous size of the marina has become stronger and the dog howl all nailed cock in her pussy her legs burned with fire shook the body torn to pieces by his punches. He clung to her that there are forces and his unit began to grow in her young pussy extending to the limits Marinin lobyuok began to grow on the site and has already hung Marina was afraid to look down. She came to the castle with the dog and uzheb never b able to escape from under it. The kid moved member is already in it and could not get out of her tight pussy wrapped around his lower node and nedaval exit. And he milked his vysasyvla with him and asked him to cum. The woman took a flashlight and went calling Toddler with door and went in the direction of the girl. Marina realized that it was doomed. The kid began to finish burning the inside of her and pumped her with his sperm. Sperm were many, it has become a trickle drain ponogam girls.
Woman shone towards the dog and seeing that he fucks someone went to him with the words oh wretch. And what about your mother. Coming closer, she saw that it was not a bitch and what that girl. Already standing with him in the castle. Coming closer and illuminating place fucked she realized that it was her neighbor maloletochka Marina. The kid, meanwhile cranked and started her backside and began to bark when he saw mistress. The woman walked patted the dog sat checked castle fortress and began to rub pubis Marina from which the girl again and finished barely barely stood on korachkah. You probably terribly liked the woman said Marina zamatala head so that she could not speak to him. The woman went over and fotikom sfotkala Marina in the node with the dog saying that you are now his bitch. Not only it. A member of the dog Opal and squelch flew with pussy on his feet flowed the sperm forming a puddle.
Elena was the name of the woman helped the girl freed from the trap, and led her to his home. Going Marina felt that his legs with pussy cum dripping dog mixed with her juices and blood. When he came home to Elena she sat on the edge of a chair and did not know what to do. How to go home she now knew her secret. Elena was a woman 27y.o. Single lived alone and was also zoofilochkoy with the experience, seeing the girl she At last found a girlfriend for sex with her pets. Helen took off her robe in which nothing nebylo went to the marina and began kissing her hungrily Marina said her affection. She section girl and they went on a thick carpet and began to fondle one another. They lay in position 69 and lick pussy delivering a fun mad one. Elena liked this young bitch always ready for sex. She stood up walked over to the nightstand and pulled out a double dildo. He was a little less than the Kid but also large on 28cm on each and plump. They both began to korachki priest to the pope and Elena introduced one end of a second in a broken-down pussy marina and sharply pressed against her ass all 28cm entered the girls' bodies and they began to wiggle ass and knock themselves strung on a member. The room was filled with cries and moans sighs yelps. And the girls just stepped up the pace and speed of twisted her hips and moved out on a limb. Marina became finish forgetting obovsёm barely barely put her hands on the floor to keep from falling, and felt like dvizheetsya dick in her bringing her to distraction making cum again and again. Elena had finished wanted anal sex. They both stood up and she led the marina to the toilet and made her an enema, washing it, and themselves they came into the room and began the most interesting stage of sex. Opening the door to the room included two dogs two dogs. Already coached on fucking with the girls and began to rub near their bitches. Marina realized that she was a bitch today one of the dogs. Two vevushki steel korachki and Elena called them each approached his bitch and began to lick them.
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Nadia Bitch!

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(History, recorded in the car number 9, the fast train Vladivostok - Moscow).
- As you wish, my friends and all of us (no offense!), In varying degrees, a pervert! - She said thoughtfully "Bald" - A big man with a powerful physique completely hairless head and bushy mustache streaked with gray.
Holding hands in a large empty glass, seeming to stack them, he listened to with all the bike "Shnyrov"He laughed sadly and now, shaking his head in time with the brilliant movement of the train. His remark softly heard everything. Laughter, somehow immediately dropped, and turned to the present "bald". "crucian" with a serious countenance, he asked, scratching his head with concern.
- What are you talking about? You really think that all the perverts or so, blurted out to be witty, and, "Professor"? Forgive me, of course, but just why is it so call all? You can, and helluva lot of scholar for our company's simple, but we "not only born yesterday"! For example, I myself or "Shnyrov"Who tore a goat, perverts do not think. A Tale? - He turned to his farm.
- Yes it is, how to count, you know, - he said in a conciliatory tone "Kuzmich", Is the eldest in the cooperative fishermen.
With this company simple, "as the three rubles" men, "Bald" I met because, as always, had "get" a ticket from Khabarovsk to Moscow, to pluck to fight: to threaten and be humiliated; inflated important or abjectly handing the cashier a chocolate with rum. That was it, as would, in a train compartment car Vladivostok - Moscow, where the course was named "Bald" or "professor", Drunk in drabadan, merry fishermen returning home after the fishing season.
- It's, you know, so - thickly Kuzmich continued to talk - well, sort of, and not a dirty word! They - he jerked his head to the side "bald"- Scientists, then this is not a bad word. Here! - Solemnly he finished his speech, proudly looking around the silent brigade blearily.
He paused in silence, thoughtfully pursed his lips and raised his eyes to "bald".
- It is true, I say, nice-man? Ali's wrong? - Kuzmich again looked at the company, adding - can the person what happened in his life? And you will immediately take offense. Instead of asking to talk plainly: what and how? Listen, "Professor"Whether their ideas to tell us? And that is tired of listening to stories "Shnyrov"! And only hear: shoved, pulled, planted, so suck!
- And, the truth, "Professor", And tell you a story - a companion patted on the knee a huge "Abrek" - "person of Caucasian nationality"It is not known how the gang got into fishermen - at the same time explain - why all men perverts think.
Zagaldeli all time, came to life. Who pours vodka into glasses who lights a cigarette, and "Tyuha" from "Matyukha" on the upper shelves, so nearly came to blows, take the debate on how to take "pervert" to his own person. "Professor" tried, it was to answer, but no one heard him in the general hubbub, yet "crucian" He barked Chieftain's voice: "Sha!".
- Hey, lads, I think we must listen to the clever person! When else happen to communicate with a PhD here so easily, live, so to speak ?! Who is not interested, I ask for the exit! Wagon-restaurant has already opened! And who sleep - places in the other compartment will suffice. "Abrek"Why not follow the order?
All fell silent instantly, knowing well the nature of his Ataman and his "deputy for political education". Came a voice: "Yes we are, what? Yes, we have nothing against no. Let him speak! Interestingly, even".
- Well, "Professor"? The audience is ready. The chair we will prepare to build immediately, - said "crucian", Putting on his knees "bald" a small suitcase and pooping on top of a glass of vodka and a plastic plate of nemudrenoy Biting - start!
- Yeah, tell that something? - Confusion he muttered in response, lifting glasses and wiping them squinting myopically at him.
- And what you want! What do you consider interesting, maestro. Well, first of all, of course, about human depravity and perversion! - Smiling, she said "crucian"Which obviously it has not always been a simple fisherman.
- Honestly, I do not know - again murmured "Bald", Wearing glasses and rubbed his high forehead - if only ...
- Not Zhurys, nice people - encouraged him Kuzmich, - confessed the common people! You will be easier and. I feel I have that any doubts beset you, which are only strangers and you can tell ...
- Doubts. Strangers, - he said "Bald"Taking a glass in hand - well, you're right, Kuzmich! - He knocked a volley contents of the glass, causing a roar of surprise from the audience - will tell! All tortured and tormented me tell you! But - he raised his empty glass, sticking his index finger - with one condition!
After looking all present clear eyes, "Bald" He grinned.
- Firstly: I ask all to take my word for it, that's all I'll tell you the real truth, though, I confess, very much looks like "not science fiction"! A kind of mysticism even, given the specific events that I decided to tell you, my friends. Let each one of you judge himself, whether it is the symptoms of delirium tremens, the intervention of supernatural forces or outright fiction! After I finish my story, each of you in turn will assess me and my behavior in all honesty! Using profanity, not restraining himself, do not hesitate in the estimates. I will not be offended no matter what! I, on the contrary, is pleased to listen to each one to decide. The decision on how I behave on with my unexpected love, struck me, at forty-five, with happiness and my trouble with my pride and shame ...
The audience was silent, trapped in this entry. Only Kuzmich, clinking the bottle, poured into empty glasses new batch.
- So - I began "Bald" or "Professor"How someone like ...
- So I had lived a normal teenager ...
I was born in an ordinary Soviet family, which hundreds of thousands in our country. Neither poor nor rich, nor academic, nor she was illiterate. Mother, father, I - the eldest child, and two sisters, Katya and Masha same age. Well, everything like everyone else. School, there oktyabryata pioneers, and later members of the Komsomol. Sports, various clubs, summer camps ... Yes ... And in that year, when I was fifteen years old, from us suddenly gone father. He left quietly, without scandals (in any case, we are sisters did not see them). He left it! A year or so we have seen it in our town with a young blonde - happy and rejuvenated - like the young man. And our mother, on the contrary, began to look over a few years. Of course, both the mother and sisters have experienced, but most of all, I thought I was suffering. Perhaps it was then that I came to a special attitude towards the female sex - I certainly had to feel sorry for any girl, girl, woman. Sincerely, I assure you. Anyway! In general, the year his father disappeared from our lives permanently with her blonde. I still do not know what happened to him, where he is, and whether it is still alive. Creaking, with difficulty, to be honest, we continued to live. Well, naturally, everything went according to knurled common to millions of ... track! Finished school. He entered the correspondence department of technical college and went to work at the plant, to somehow support his mother and sisters. Then the army. Here, I had no luck! I got the first wave in Afghanistan and could not demobilize time in this chaos. For a year over the period rattled off!
Eh, it's not the case I'm talking about. On the hell do you my biography ?! In general, my sister married povyhodili and dispersed in different directions, and his mother .. we soon buried. Yes .. I could not stand it! As soon as "He led us to the people"And went softly.
Well, I lived alone. He worked in the same factory foreman, and then engineer, and later became chief engineer. Everything seems normal. One just missed me - a stable connection with any woman. Moreover, I would like to find one that was my only and, at the same time, I would have remained independent. I know that does not happen, but I tell you what I really felt. In terms of sex, I always remained unsatisfied. - Narrator chuckled and glanced in the direction of "Shnyrov"- In the town I live goat, that is no place to keep! - Well, someone dragged to his home after some party, well, fuck - blow off steam, so to speak, and in the morning you wait - you'll never get her to get away as quickly as possible. There were moments when I was for weeks without a woman, and the desire to climb the wall. Well, to cope alone, of course. I and videotapes, and other mass was "fixtures" to himself to himself to engage in sex! And I confess to you, no woman of those who were with me did not satisfy my desires! As soon as I tried to start some of his imagination, because each of them began kochevryazhitsya: "What do you mean ?!" "How could you think of me this ?!" "What do you allow yourself?!". Well, in general, from the series: "I am not like this!". I think any man is familiar and close!
Here I want to focus on "perversions"That caused our company among the hottest debate. And as rightly said Kuzmich, the main thing - that call perversion! I want to ask questions that do not require an answer! Who of those present had never wanted to get into the anus women ?! Who of those present had never in his life did not want to fuck the boy ?! How many of you have never dreamed youngster fuck in all holes, if I had not pursued this law ?! And I'm not talking about the violence! enough "voluntary"If I may say so, the youngsters in this case! And then, I always wanted to try a woman "taste"! And never! You know, I never could do this with their partners: then by disgust, then because of the fear of insecurity of women's language. I remember one guy in our team contemptuously called for the eyes "pizdososom" because he knew how to please a woman! It is necessary to come up with: "pizdosos"! Hence, "huesoska" this is normal, of course, so to speak, and "pizdosos" - Perversion ?! Yes, sometimes the best pussy, I'm sorry, kiss, than someone's lips! Anyway, it's nice and, moreover, more hygienic, since normal woman usually contains more clean their genitals rather than the mouth. And then kissing a woman on the lips, who can guarantee that there is, as in the vagina, not just visited someone's cock and maybe not clean ?! That's it. And, as for me, toy slept and saw in their dreams, as the infinite love of carnal love, some little girl zatselovyvaya it to syncope in all imaginable places ah! How to caress her, I kiss, lick, touch, making everything that came into our heads, and me and her, my imaginary partner, my ghostly mistress ...
In short, I began to take "sedative" more and all with large doses. Drink vodka without a snack - disgusting! But drinking vodka alone - terribly. I stopped sleeping properly. In my opinion, I do not sleep! Heavy Sandman rolled on me after a couple of glasses, accompanied by strange and sometimes scary dreams!
It may seem strange, but gradually, it's my dream, my dream was acquiring more and more realistic features! I knew that my little red-haired mistress with bright scarlet lips and "pearl" vaginal sponges! And her name is, of course, Cyrus! It was like a madness! Soon I stopped all meet women. In those rare cases where, under the influence of wine vapors I, nevertheless, dragged some of them to bed, I had a rude awakening in the morning! Waking up the habit before my another passion, I watched almost with disgust to any innocent woman by comparing its shape and color with "my beloved" of delusional dreams! I like the guy - hell, I do not remember the name - fell in love with the statue, prayed to Heaven embodiment of it in reality, on the renewal of her moving into a reality! I wanted to see it in the flesh! I dreamed about it, some kind of a childhood dream, with the only difference being that the child truly believes in its implementation, and I just had to laugh a bitter laugh after waking up ...
I confess to you, with some shame, that I began to descend, or rather, it seemed to me that I fell. Unable to "break away" sex and not feeling reluctant to communicate with women for reasons already mentioned earlier, I began to drink is already open and a lot! And, unlike his companions, completely drunk, pouring a huge amounts of alcohol. That is, of course, the body reacted to a drink! I, like everyone else, lost orientation movements, swaying, vomit, sick hangover and all that. But my brain did not want to grow misty! My mind was always clear. And if not for this fact, I'd have fired, which is already quite obliquely looked at forever hangover chief mechanic. But, no matter what the question or did not set the task before me guidance, with the smell of fume or not, with a hangover or no hangover, I follow the instructions within a reasonable time and without undue modesty add performed brilliantly! So I suffered, thanks to them, making a comment about the appearance, so to speak ...
"Bald" He paused for a moment, staring thoughtfully at one point. Then, startled, stretched glass butler.
- Pour-on, Kuzmich! Grasping another, perhaps tongue untied, and then, I feel my audience depressed. Them "strawberries" I want both bikes have "Shnyrov"And I immediately dismissed the snot, "for a life" it is pushed. But nothing! Will you and strawberry! With Malinka! For there is in this life greater happiness than "uninhibited sex"That is rightly called love! Let the addition of: "fleshly"But I think that without it, this very carnal love, and love the concept does not exist!
- Drink, mil-man, drink and tell me dale - touched Kuzmich said, - I, you, my dear, in your history, she-she, herself often see!
- But you do not think about us, "Professor"Just tell me - his voice from above "Tyuha"- I, for example, like in the theater and am all that you told me in front of my eyes is!
- You need to write a book! - Slashed the air with his hand a huge "Abrek" with a serious countenance, - if the money is needed for printing, we sponsor the entire team of yours will become! It is true, I say, brothers ?! - He looked around the team.
On all sides were heard shouting:
- Don `t doubt!
- Of course!
- And our names are there?
- Thank you, friends, - he said with emotion "Professor"- But his story I did not dare tell anyone. That is, except you of course. Kuzmich said, because right! I and you would never in my life would not tell, if not certainty, that more did not meet with you! ... For some reason I am ashamed to share it with friends. And can I have such friends, I do not know. Well, let's!
He raised his glass and touched glasses "Carp", Kuzmich and "abrek".
"crucian", Who had been silent until now, he looked up at the professor.
- Come on, darling! Do not pull! I want to hear about the redhead!
They drank and "Professor"Again he smiled a sad smile and continued:
- Yes. That evening I returned home in the morning ...
- That evening I returned home in the morning, when they lifted the rails first tram-technicals. Writing pretzel legs, lamenting the brain works well, I could not bring myself to walk straight without swaying from side to side and clutching at the walls of houses, thankful for being ahead of the weekend. I again, for the umpteenth time already gave a vow not to drink and take himself in hand. Everything I have, you know! - I make sure I himself. All that is necessary to have a man of my age. Families do not have ?! So start a family, for me is not a problem! Vaughn, Claudius the assembly line, out, Madina - the director's secretary - not with the eyes drives me, out, Tamara .. yes a lot of them! But, you fool, I need the girl of your dreams! Idiot! How are you baby! I swore to myself on what light is, and imagine my word, not his own I say, as if inside me a voice is heard. Well, I think dopilsya! He shook his head and washed in a ditch, and his voice is not lost! And he says that voice, that, say, the last term you - that's the weekend! If, say, you will not find his red, on Monday, you want to or not, you will choose a couple of these girls themselves! And yet! And no, they say, excuses! You that want to have children at a time when normal people already babysit grandchildren? Idiot! Once again, an unfamiliar voice called me and was gone.
Then I heard a scream from the doorway, passed by. Actually, not even scream, and popiskivanie, some muffled and breathing someone's hoarse with Matyuk mixed. I stopped dead in his tracks, in an arch look down and see that in the back of fumbling, a ball of some sort, like. Did I step, made another, and around the dark yet - I do not see anything. Dogs, I think, bite, or what? And when I wanted to leave, as the scuffling stopped. Straightens someone's silhouette and voice calls to me.
- Well, Che hatched, fag? Get out of here, is not removed to pants! Pshel! - So contemptuously spits and says with relish.
Again, reptile, leaning down. I'll tell you, my friends openly - such treatment to him in life, I have never heard. And in life, I confess, I have always been a guy Borzoi. On the glasses do not look! This is me in Afghanistan "himdymom" Statement before Dembele has burned out his eyes, and to steel. I used to be in any fight, without a moment's thought to throw, and here, can you imagine, swallowed! Swallowed, drunk, filthy as it should swallow an alcoholic, propyl themselves, let alone here to honor, to pride! His head lowered and turned back, it was. And I would have gone lost completely any respect for himself, so evident in the fate, against my other plans were. Because suddenly I beeped again the voice - as the highlight of the heart.
- Uncle! - With a whimper, with anguish, so - do not leave me! Help me, - he says - he'll kill me.
Then a dull thud, and silence. I like cold water doused the best sound and plaintive voice! I already reeled from the impact of sound, as if it weighed me plop! I turned again to the shadows - from my hops, represent, and not a trace! His arms and legs stopped shaking. I straightened up, as before, when completely healthy and "right" I was and said:
- You whom this shameful abomination called by a fag ?! With whom are you going to take off his pants bitch ?! - I go up and inched closer.
A "this" again he straightened up and hisses:
- Oh, you fucking asshole! Dog filthy! Normal relations do not understand, because I love you, bitch put you on the knife! - And he said something back out of his Clift pulls.
I took out. Scary blade flashed in the shadows, and he moved to my knees slightly bent legs. Here I worked out what I "business trip" the one that I told you, three years "working out". My breath evened out, the body force nalilos like. Stepped I right, moving walk, then left on the floor step and when he swung, I automatic movement (thanks ensign Gaponov, God rest his soul in peace!) Sat down under it, a hand with a knife intercepting and automatically the same, his own knife him in the solar plexus sent. And he went there in the doorway with a knife in his stomach, wheezing and rested immediately. I stepped into a corner, and there is some girl in a jacket with a hood. Hood slid on the face. Lies and not moving. And that girl, so I just guessed on his feet.
- Hey, what are you? - I say - a living, or what ?!
Not she says. Well, I think, had yet to strangle, I guess. Put his hand under the hood, his fingers on the thin neck put - the pulse is. From the heart I was relieved. I picked her up and carried home. Before him, his hand was already apply, when I heard a noise of something. Take off to the second floor, breathless from such "cross-country" such "computation"Keys somehow got the door somehow unlocked and inside hollow, his burden down on the floor and he settled immediately, closing the door with his back. I'm only afraid of something, it's the police. Well, as it took me to that place ?! Go then prove that he is at you with a knife walked like a bear, and you're not on it with bare hands. Well, I was reminded once again with a kind word and good commanders, I will not hide, happy for myself, of course. And then he gave a vow that I will not get drunk, and in general ... My thoughts were interrupted by the perturbation and a weak moan my "trophy". Damn, I've completely forgotten about it. Now we have to quickly bring it to life, find an address or phone number, to inform parents. Well, it "during" bran, suddenly I thought. Thus, no living soul knows that, in the alley, "sewed" I. Lift up, I felt a nasty weakness throughout the body. Yes, it happened on the emotional lift! The energy that fueled me five minutes ago, focused, of course, on time and in the right organs, but she left the drunk just as suddenly as it had come. I'm feeling frail old man, once again I vowed to start a new life and, grunting, climbed to his feet. Switching on the light, I leaned over the girl, unbuttoning gryaznuschuyu bolonevuyu jacket and flinging her. And then ... Then I saw her ... My redhead of endless dreams. I can not tell you the feeling that came over me at that moment! Frost on the skin - remember, the hair on his head moved - I remember. Heart pounding loudly - remember, and more about the first minutes - nothing in the memory there. I thought I was going or has gone mad, and even what I died! She, meanwhile, suddenly opened his eyes, looked at me, and something tried to say.
- What? - I asked and could not help, he added, - my little. What do you want.
- Drink - rather I read lips, than heard - to drink.
Recovering himself, again I picked her up and carried her into the room where laid on the couch, pulled off her ugly jacket. Then rushed to the kitchen, he opened a bottle of mineral water and teeth, grabbing a glass and returned to the red girl. Having watered it, I began to fumble in his medicine cabinet. He drips into the glass korvalola returned to her, but she had already slept soundly. Throwing off his outer clothes and dirty shoes, I pulled up a chair ... the couch, sat down in it, staring at her "discovery". She looked, of course, it is not quite like in my dreams. Emaciated, whether smeared with soot, or dirt face, have not washed your hair, an abrasion on his cheek, a small black eye, but it was her! The same! I could not be wrong! I was seized with an inexplicable feeling of tenderness for this ugly duckling, and, if not fear to awaken and frighten off it, I'm sure touch to her face, touched be at least fingertip to the plump and pink (!) Of the lips, thin neck with a pulsating under the white skin blue vein . And, suddenly, I have overcome the thought of the inevitable loss of my dreams. Surely there must be someone who is now looking for this girl! It can not be that no one not looking so lovely! So, with these thoughts, and I fell asleep, piled on top of me, suddenly and uncontrollably ...
A dream home to me showed up again and Claudius, and Madina, and Tamara. They went, somehow, though I remember exactly what the door on the two locks shut. Standing over me, arms folded under her breasts and strictly so looked down upon. Stares intently and so silent that I have from their silence chills all over my body! I feel that I have something unkind!
- What do you need? - I ask and want to get up and get something and I can not - the body like a lead nalilos, very heavy! And it is an unnecessary question to ask - you come, then?
Do not answer. They look like a witch - burning eyes. Finally, Claudia, as the most predatory of these thin lips parted (it seemed to me for a moment that her mouth, like a reptile!) And says:
- Well, Gavroche (Gabriel, my name is, in fact, and acquaintances, relatives, childhood called Gavroche), - how to deal with something going? In honor or justice?
- Bollocks something! - Outraged me - what's the difference ?! You-we realized that say ?! And in honor, and in all fairness, I do not want anything to deal with you! What should I decide? And, most importantly, why?
- We'll have to decide, my dear, - enters conversation Tamara - I am now on all agree! Why do not you wish, I will fulfill! You wanted me to do anal sex? - And lifting her skirt, to me his huge backside turns. She turned and leaned forward so that the halves of the sides were heard, and right in front of my face that the hole is looming.
At this point I laughed and replied with disdain:
- Get your ass! Nothing I no longer need from you! And, in general, get out to hell!
Here Madina forward and speaks his coat unbuttoned jeans and nothing else of clothing underneath. Her breasts with dark brown, almost black nipples fall out to the outside, resin pubic hair curly. It puts forward the lower abdomen. So, almost purple clitoris looms in front of me, getting out cheekily from the booths.
- As so, Gavroche! And who told me that I have the most beautiful pussy in the world ?! What is best found? Look again!
And her fingers into the thick bush he climbed, pushing them further clit letting out.
- Fuck you to hell! - Yelling, and the understanding that only a whisper I did it, though straining the vocal cords to the limit. And no strength to climb - if I stuck to the chair!
- Girls - grins wickedly Claudia - it seems to have emerged a rival! Was this carrion that "our" sniffs your favorite couch ?! - And nods to the red-haired bitch.
- Yes - it responds Madina - and we would have to taste it to try, and, girlfriend?
Then they all shouted in a terrible voice: "Yes Yes! Certainly! Whose pussy tastes better?" and rushed to the couch. I gathered all the counsel of his or what was left of it, stood still and waved his fists.
- I do not give - say - to touch her. Get out! Sginte! Do not touch, - he somehow, choking with sobs, did no one there I can not - No! No! Kira, Kira, kirochka ...
And I woke up. Lying in his bed. Stripped lie. Tears stream from the eyes down his cheeks drain and me "my vision" slopes. It is worth it in my robe, a turban on the head of towels, shampoo smells. My shoulders and shakes alarmingly so in the face looks.
- Wake up, wake up please! - He says plaintively.
I saw that I opened my eyes, sighed with relief, sitting down on the edge of the bed, his arms with my shoulder does not clean.
- Something bad dream? - Asking and waiting for an affirmative nod, her palm on my forehead rested - nothing, it happens. And always passes. And how do you know my name?
I look at her in astonishment and shake my head, not understanding, and she laughed suddenly.
- Well, you've just my name in the dream was repeated several times! Kira, Kira! I ran. I thought that calling.
Here, my friends, I began to cry for real! Now I am ashamed of those tears, and then I did not know where to hide. And Cyrus palm tears from my face wipes, stares at me. Well, I told her everything and dumped! All! How I suffer without it as I dream about it. As it know all.
- It does not happen - she said then - but I believe you .. for some reason - and in the eyes of her fear like.
- Cyrus - I whisper, - do not you think, I'm not crazy! If you do not believe me, I'll prove it!
- How? - Also in a whisper, she asked, looking at me strangely.
- You have under the left breast has a birthmark! It resembles a comma!
She hatched at me, then blushed as all red blush - so crimson. Sitting, finger, picking the edge of his robe.
- You probably saw me .. - mumbles - maybe I unbuttoned blouse.
- Yes what there blouse ?! - I could not resist and shouted even - you're in a sweater was! And if you do not believe this ...
- So that? - Asks, raising his eyes at me - only you do not cry, please, okay? I'm afraid, when I cry.
- Then - I say, sitting up in bed, leaning toward her ear, - only, mind you, do not be offended! - She nodded her head, and I whispered directly into her ear - and there is one more. It is right .. in the top, the very top part of the thigh. On the inner surface, - I blurted out, himself, blushing like a boy of fifteen, can you imagine?
I blurted out information "secret" and the reaction forward. Resentment? Do not be offended? If offended, how serious? And she suddenly face turns to me and we sit with her in the eye. Ten centimeters of our faces from each other at most. She smiled.
- And there - asking - what form it?
- So the fact of the matter is that it resembles a heart! We're often joked about it! - I was confused and very confused already. Reality of dreams is unable to differentiate - that is, it's there in my dreams were joking ... I joked, that is ... Ugh! Very confused.
Then she laughed softly and his hands on my shoulders rested.
- Probably, all my life - he says - of you thought Gavroche!
- .. And you, you're something where? .. - I dropped jaw.
- Yes phoned a woman, even two. And the phone so soon: "Alla, Gavroush"- Much like she mocked Claudius.
- ...Well?
- Well what?
- What did you say to her?
- I told her that Mr. Gavroche and I put him to bed to answer the phone, he can not yet.
- And she?
- She asked who I was.
- And you?
- And I - again, she smiled, - told her that I'm your new secretary! She said that in the personnel department has no information about the new secretaries. Then I explained to her that I - home secretary.
- Well?
- Yes, well, that? She swore at me a little, for some reason, whore, and hung up or put, I do not know, but it seems that she was calling from a pay phone.
Talking with Keira and listening to her answers, I enjoyed the smell of the girl, her voice, dimples and even view wiggling lips. I looked at her without looking and seems bringing his face closer to her face. When she finished the last sentence, I could not stand it, and putting his hands on her waist Kira, and touched his lips to hers. She answered. Her hands moved forward, clasping my neck. All body she clung to me for a long time and we have merged in the sweetest kiss of my life.
To the displeasure of fans "strawberries"I must inform you that I did not rush immediately to Cyrus, although in their dreams, and that's what I did. I have not watered the "Sperm continuous flow" her womb, but in the dream it was! However, I got out of bed, not waiting until it comes out, or at least turn away. He got up, did not hesitate to her standing under the cowards member and, as if in response to this, she was in a businesslike opening the door of the wardrobe, she slipped off her robe and naked chosen out of my clothes plaid flannelette shirt, and threw that on yourself. Turning around, she came close to me, and again clung to me all over, asked.
- You're not undressing me, right? You really knew in advance about my spots?
- Do you between the thumb and second finger of the right leg, another mole, dear! - I whispered almost inaudibly. - Do not you think the same, that "maniac"Undressed you and re-dressed, I began to explore your feet.
- But it's ...
- It is a miracle sent down from above! Other explanation I can not imagine! I love you, girl. I loved you and waited a long time ago. And now I can not let you out of their own destiny for nothing! Even if you do not agree.
- But, you do not know me! Who am I that I am where I am. You do not have representation, what I was doing!
- A and B do not have to! I do not want to know anything except one: how old are you and do you have a passport! If you are an adult and have a passport, then we will immediately, do you hear, immediately become husband and wife!
- What if...
- We still become husband and wife!
- Gavroche, I want you - suddenly whispered Kira, becoming "Cyrus of dreams"- I want you, that you yourself can not even imagine!
For the third time this blessed day, I picked up on the hands of Cyrus, zatselovyvaya her face, neck, down to her breasts and touching them with his lips. I put her back in the bed and sat down beside him. And it was like in my dreams! Our bodies entwined in a hot embrace, kissing lips merged into not only with his lips! I kissed every cell of the body beautiful, feeling every centimeter of my own skin, accepts petting hands and lips of Kira as she bends when I touch her belly, swollen with desire member. I'm going down lower and lower in his research on her body, came, finally, to the area, which was eager to taste! Standing on all fours in front of the vagina Kira, I touched his fingers, revealing pearly lips, inhaling the pungent aroma and nearer approaching to face him. Cyrus, strangely bent all over, did some incredibly complex motion and slipped on me, left me what I watched with interest, sitting face under my swinging "instrument"! Then, clasping the feet of my neck, pulled her hips to my face, as if offering a fold away the doubts and kiss, finally, what I have always wanted to kiss her awake. Picking up his hands a little ass, I pressed my lips to the pink bud of flesh, sucking him into her, moving his tongue and lips. My tongue penetrated into the interior of the vagina, exploring its walls. And Cyrus, clasping my waist, pulled her cock and grabbed the head by a dense ring of lips. Oh, she sucked and licked it as a wonderful pleasure as sucking a lollipop sweet tooth, like a baby sucking mother's breast! She sucked me into your buzz, but it led juices of lust, like me at that moment absorbed ambrosia of passion out of her vagina!
After a while, the little red-haired witch, releasing a member of his mouth again to make a cat movement of the whole body, slipping out of my hands. Standing in front of me on my knees, she laid her hands on my shoulders and pushed them, putting me on the back. With bleary brain I fully obey my mistress awaited. Lying on his back, I watched from the cover of a century, as it moves through me, his leg sticking out of the crotch pristraivayas stake. Once the head is entered into it, Kira clenched stronger vaginal muscles, making me groan hoarsely. Doing this a few times, as if primerivayas before jumping into the water, she suddenly sat down on the penis, allowing him to enter a whole. Kira vagina, clenching and unclenching, "fuck" my dick! She began to rise and fall on his knees, pounding and pulling on his dick full length! Several times she has excluded my hands, trying to grab her breast, until, at some one moment of her slave she did not take my hands and put on a wonderful Hemisphere, adorned with pink and red spiky nipples. A moment later, Cyrus put my fingers on her nipples and made it clear that it is necessary to play with them. Gritting her nipples with your fingers, I began shaking and twisting them, feeling grows in me the desire to shoot inside Kira as irresistibly drove this eruption, and nothing and no one in the world can not stop it! As no one and nothing in the world can sober me in these moments, to prevent me from screaming and moaning, shuddering in wonderful cramps, feeling shaken in orgasm Kira body as voluptuous reduced her vagina! And two parched without each other wide-open mouth, screaming eternal glory "God called Love"! And there is at such moments nothing forbidden for each other gave no residue of people! Everything is permissible for such people, everything becomes possible for them. And they moan of happiness and if they cry in these moments - happiness! From happiness as they love each other even tighter! And the only thing that can kill them, so it's kind of a force that can tear at a time like lovers from one another but there is no power! No power in the world that can defeat the love!
"Professor" silent. Silent and listeners, is a wise Kuzmich again rang dishes, filling the glasses.
Now everyone began talking at once.
- So I do not understand - yelled from the top "Matyukha"- What do you sorrow ?!
- There ought to be happy - echoed "Tyuha".
- And I did not understand, - he said loudly "professor" "crucian"- Where is there to torment and distortion about what you said.
- Cho's hard to understand - suddenly made everyone shut up, Kuzmich quiet observation - to all appearances, that the child she is.
Faces turned to the audience ... "professor" with a silent question in his eyes.
- I told you that Kuzmich the wisest of us - he said quietly, - Cyrus at the time was fourteen and a half years. Now she is sixteen and a small. So I went to Khabarovsk for the documents for her.
- And How? - I asked "Abrek".
- Took! All, however, seized with-a-dog! - I smiled happily "Professor" and he explained - Chinovnichki fucking! Barely scraped by a pool of money for a return ticket, but it took! Eight thousand took with him, and now fifty dollars in his pocket, but it took! No documents that she was born and lived in this city there is no more! So begins a new life for my daughter, and I, of course - "Professor" shone like a copper basin, - thank you guys for being listened to. Thank you and you, Kuzmich for good advice and just poured dope! Without you I would not have ventured into the story ...
Discussion repent of their power "crucian".
- There's nothing to discuss! No there is no distortion, but there is only a boundless love. And for the love of thy soul for a story, take from us - not disdain!
He rummaged through a pile of clothes and pulled out a package.
- Keep all of the farm! Here tyscha - putting his hand in front of him, seeing the intention "Professors" argue - and do not you dare give up! If you do not need, so buy your fairing for Kira and you pass it to us with a bow.
- Yes - I mused "Abrek"- A book would have been a good, but older?
- Now these books are not read, and do not let out - muttered Kuzmich, a pity! I would re-read it many times, whether it is with me.
- No, my friends! You can not write about such personal! It is not possible, perhaps truthfully describe. This is me to you, as to the spirit all laid out, and in the book - he waved his hand and laughed at something - that is if any of you dare, so I agree! Claims of authorship will not bring!
- Then, then, can I? - A voice from the luggage rack, coveted "student", Silent kid - I understand you correctly?
- What are you? - surprised "Professor".
- I want to write a story about you with Keira! I've even take notes something, - he showed the notebook and added shyly, - if you are, of course, do not mind.
- I told you - go ahead!
So I wrote "Student" story about "professor" and Cyrus.

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Sweet taste grehaNa your lips, sweet taste grehaV your hair.
Sweet like a dream about you in the night: For the hundredth time in love, just do not be silent!
Scream soul Nadorvis string, And then zapoyPtitseyu night.
Lips compressing, groans, like last time, Hands uroniOt impotence, phrases.
VolnoyV run through my body trembling, Sit with mnoyTiho, do not disturb,
Give gain silVnov love you: Bell zabilSladky sin to drink.

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After the case Masha changed much. It woke up the female. She became much more likely to become longer flirt monitor their appearance, gait, behavior, young people and throwing languorous views of the favorite men in the street. She firmly understood - it needs diversity.
Some time later she called Dima and make an appointment to talk to him alone. Masha has ordered a booth in a restaurant where said Dmitri, that he could not forget that night, though still loves her husband. More she said she wanted to meet from time to time with Dimitri, exclusively for sex. And it will be their little secret. Dmitry, who did not have a girl at the time, agreed. And then, right in the stall, closing the door quickly and hard fucked Masha. It was the beginning of their future relations.
So, Mary began a new life. She was a loving wife, and she went with her husband to the secular parties, theater and presentation. But sometimes, usually in the afternoon to leave work or play truant shaping in the evening and met with Dima Dima room previously removed. If the house with her husband, she was modest in bed, then her lover, she felt relaxed and horny, let herself all - tried anal, let Dima cum on face, did not hesitate to moan loudly and shout during sex, tested on a bunch of vibrators and various devices, let go of vulgar jokes and was generally very unruly and depraved. Houses Mary scarcely indulge Ilya erotic underwear and Dima at them it has become a tradition - Masha pretty soon acquired a respectable wardrobe of the body, bras, plavochek, chulochek, belts and shoes on high heels. They fell in a joint viewing porn before you start to have sex, and soon Dima bought a digital camera and began to photograph the first erotic photos of Masha in underwear and without, and then remove the currently porn with their participation.
And this new life of Mary liked! There were no signs change events, except for one case.
After another meeting Dima jumped out of the hotel, where they rented a room with Masha, walked 20 meters and literally came face to face with Ilya, husband of Masha.
- Dimka, you! Hello!
- Hi Ilya. What are you doing here?
- I've got an accident - Ilya nodded in the direction of, and Dima saw a car with a broken headlight Ilya and near Now More one unfamiliar car. Ilya saw on a Dime cover from the camera and said - Hey, give me the camera down - take a picture of an accident, and then no wait insurers.
Dima felt goose bumps on the back. The camera has flash drive on which they were sealed with Masha recent fun. On the one hand refuse a friend in such a situation, to prevent camera - to jeopardize their friendship. But on the other - giving the camera, you can even lose it when Ilya see pictures.
- Now, now, wait a minute. I've got no place now remove anything - said Dima, turning the camera on and Ilya feverish fumbling through menus. Finally he found the option 'Delete all', clicked vsёh confirm the deletion of photos, and gave Ilya camera.
Ilya quickly departed at 3 meters from the machine and flipped, then walked around to the other side and flipped cars again, and then said:
- Well, today I will copy photos on the PC and tomorrow I will give you a camera down. Sorry, Dima, hurry, thank you that rescued. - Ilya jumped into the car and drove off with Dima's camera, without giving Dima said not a word. Startled, Dima went home, along the way thinking that it is good that he managed to erase everything, but on the other hand it is a pity - because they Masha was small but successful photo shoot.
Ilya came to work, stuck a flash card into the card reader, and was surprised to see that it has only 2 frames - both with his accident. "Probably Dima accidentally erased all the photos instead of one"- Ilya thought. "Now everything is correct" - He said to himself, running the utility recover erased files. Restore all files, Ilya decided to look what is it was Dima.
The first photo was a girl in a black belt and stockings, ostensibly to read books that obscured her face. Ilya smiled and listnul further. In the next photo she took her book, and this girl Ilya learned his wife! Elijah just could not believe my eyes! It is mechanically pressed the button on, flipping through pictures and saw how the events unfolded. That his wife took her notebook and began masturbating, then he pulled out a vibrator and began to play with him. Then he picked up the phone and began to talk to him for alleged. Then he saw that the camera is deployed at the door, and he took off the door. The following Ilya saw a photo of a smiling Dima with a bouquet of flowers and a small remote control of the camera in his hand. Dima Masha gave flowers, kissed her on the lips first, then neck, then chest, then went below.
Elijah could not stand, dolbanul hand on the keyboard and said loudly: "Damn!". All office staff turned toward him, but they could not see what was in Elijah on the monitor. "Yes, I worried about the car" - Silly otmazatsya Ilya the attention of their staff, and thought to myself - it is necessary to control myself. Colleagues is like a calmed, they all nodded understandingly - everyone knew about the accident.
Ilya began to think - what to do. To kill out of jealousy, he is unable to - he knew it. You can fill a muzzle Dima, Masha a scandal, then divorce, to go somewhere and start all over again. The prospect did not like him. It can be the other way around - to erase all photos right now and pretend that he knows nothing. Everything will be as before - Masha home is his loving wife, and Dima - a friend, and even his wife's lover. Such a perspective does not like even more to Ilya. To tell what he knows everything, only one (or Dima Masha) does not make sense - the second immediately recognize. Therefore, jealousy and rage Ilya gradually began to move away, and in their place came sanity. Ilya took a few deep breaths and decided to continue watching.
The following photo Dima licked Machine vagina, and she imitated the passion. Or not - not imitated. She was really excited to the limit - so that Ilya could determine this. Here Maria Dima presses his hands to his head and closes his eyes crotch, that Dima removes clothes and jumps on Masha. The camera was clearly already in the photo shoot mode, just taking pictures at regular intervals. Dima little hammer from the top, then they flipped and now Mary jumps on top of the Dime. Here Dima says something Masha, they jump up sharply and come close to the camera. Directly in front of camera wife blowjob brings Dima Dima to orgasm and cums in her mouth and face. Masha's face exudes bliss, she licks the cum and rubs her hand over her face and mouth. But in those lips kissing her every day, Ilya!
This photo over. Ilya sat and breathed deeply. He was very excited, he even shakes slightly. Member stood like a stake. Ilya tried to calm down and think what to do next. He realized that this photo shoot much has changed his mind, some 10 minutes ago, he was a different person, jealous. And now he was curious, interested in every detail of his wife's infidelity. Even more so - he himself is often represented on the site of another wife, for example, Nastya, their friend's wife Alexis. And sometimes his imagination drew violent orgies with other machines girlfriends. Ilya was also not foreign to the variety, at least in his mind, and their family life and Masha recently began to turn into a routine, and after seeing the pictures Ilya willed his wife with a bang ....
"So, how can I wrap it to their advantage?" - Ilya thought. - "After my conversation with Masha it will torment the guilt, she will go to any lengths to make amends for it. Well, perhaps I, too, want to be lewd and have a mistress, and even more. Let's start with my long-standing dream - Nastya. Masha help me in this: While not - start with group sex with Dima and my wife. And only then - look".
Think carefully, Ilya began with Dima. After a long heart to heart conversation, they agreed that Masha is saying nothing will not. Ilya suddenly appears and joins the orgy, the more Dima said that Maria said that she was not averse to try "double penetration". They agreed and began to wait for the next event. At home, Ilya does not betray itself, except that night more passionately fucked his wife.
The next day, Dima Masha appointed meeting room, and the question of why so soon (after all, held a meeting yesterday was) - said that he had a surprise for her.
Dima Masha met in the room, gave her the package and said: "This is for you, a gift, put it. " Masha unwrapped the package and saw a small top and a short skirt, a stylized tanned hides. "What is it?" - Mary asked. "Today you will drevnegermanskogo daughter of the leader, which captured the Roman legionaries" - Dima said. Mary giggled and went to the bathroom - take a bath and change clothes.
While Mary was in the bathroom, Dima spent Ilya and hid behind a huge curtain, quietly turned on the CD with Celtic ethnic music, put the camera on a tripod and pointed at the bed. Meanwhile, out of the bathroom Masha. Top and a short skirt looked superb on it, the more that Mary began to take candid poses and pose for the camera. After a few shots, Dima took a rope and said: "I have to tie you up. " Mary obeyed, stretching his arms at his sides, and patiently waited for Dima finished. She could not grasp what exactly is a surprise, and waited patiently. "Now you're my prisoner, you must call me master and follow my orders" - Dima said, undressing. "Good" - Masha said.
Dima climbed onto the couch and leaned back on the pillow and said - "suck". Masha climbed awkwardly, knelt down and leaned over, but could not resist and fell to the Dima klyunuv his face in the groin. Dima has helped her to her feet and began to hold her face on his member, Mary also became a member of gently pull tongue and suck gently. Dima got out from under the pillow black silk scarf and tied Masha's eyes. Masha did not resist, she continued to suck Dima member. Due to the curtain quietly left Ilya and watched as his wife makes blowjob to his friend. Dima is located so well, that the car was rear bulge just above the edge of the bed, so Dima wink Ilya and Masha nodded. Ilya quietly took off his clothes and crept to his wife from behind and put his hands on her buttocks.
Masha started and stopped sucking. She tried to look back - but the band did not give her anything to see. Trying to free his hands also were unsuccessful. "Dima, who is it ???" - Mary asked. "Medved" - Dima quipped to himself, and said aloud - "Do not be afraid, Mary, this is my surprise. You've wanted to try group sex. The time will come - and you'll see who it is. And now - relax, go into the role of captive daughter of the leader and have fun".
Ilya, meanwhile, pulled short skirt and began to massage his hands the priest's wife. Masha calmed down, relaxed and began to moan, and then fed back even slightly, while continuing to suck dick Dima. Ilya leaned forward and ran his tongue first, the vagina, the anus and then by his wife. Mary let out a prolonged whimper, making it clear that she is really like. "Sir, I want to fuck you both your slave. I want you flogged me as a whore, a bitch last" - I entered the role of Masha. Her breathing was frequent, slightly hoarse voice, it was clear - Masha surprise aroused. Ilya, who had never heard of a woman of such speeches, no longer the strength to hold back, entered as a member in Masha and began furiously fuck her. Masha moaned, trying to continue to do blowjob Dime - but from what Elijah tremors were very strong, and she rocked it hurt her to suck. Ilya at this time thought that group sex is much more interesting and more exciting than the classic. After the recent sex between him and Masha looked more like a routine than actual sex. Now it was all on the other, passions were running high, and who knows, maybe even that is a good thing that all this happened.
Perevozbudilsya Ilya less than a minute, took a cock and cumshot on the buttocks of his wife. "Now turn around, slave" - Ordered Dima Masha - "I untie you, that you have been more convenient, but you must promise not to remove the blindfold until I'm not allowed. " "Well, my lord" - Masha said. Dima untied the rope and helped to turn around and Masha fell in behind. Mary buried her face in the groin Ilya, groped his cock hands and began to lick it, saying: "Now, I am your slave, master can have me when he wants to, along with his friend". Ilya reached out and took off the bandage from his wife's eyes. Mary lifted her gaze up, her eyes met Elijah, and Masha was dumbfounded. She was ready to see anyone, but not her husband! Ilya stared at her, Mary blushed, remembering his recent speech and generally understood the essence of the situation. Only Dima calmly went back to fuck Masha, although it is already this hardly noticed.
Dumb, which would have envied "examiner" Gogol. No one dared to break the silence - neither Mary, nor Elijah, nor Dima. Only pohlyupyvanie could be heard, which were accompanied by Dima frictions. "Well you finish, I do pour a martini, I think we have a lot to talk" - Finally I found the strength to say Elijah, and turned toward the minibar. Mary realized that finish right now she can not, and Dima apparently felt the same. They sat down on the edge of the bed, and pulled up a chair and Ilya coffee table and sat down in front of them. He took the glasses, opened the bottle and poured. All drank without clinking glasses, caught their breath and prepare for the internal conversation.
There was a long and intense conversation, during which Ilya knew where it all began, how long continued and even intimate details. Mary wept for a call a couple of times, asked for forgiveness from Elijah, he promised to continue to talk about everything and in everything to help. During the call, all pretty drunk. Ilya told his position that he is not against "swing" - They began to call it among themselves, and not against their future meetings and meetings of the three of us even more, but said that Masha should help him ohmurit his girlfriend Nastya. Maria readily agreed, and all three have decided to continue.
Already towards the end of the conversation Masha, realizing that nothing bad will happen, I calmed down, and even a bit insolent, began quietly under the table to caress member Dmitry. So when it's time to continue, Dima was ready, and Mary too, actually. Ilya pushed the table, Dima was sitting on the edge of the bed, and Mary stood up and moved to the side, raised his skirt and sat on a member of Dima. Dima began kissing the back of her neck, and Elijah took the camera from the tripod and began to take photos. After a few shots, and he felt an erection, Ilya lay down on the bed and invitingly waved to his wife. Dima and Masha, too, already tired and wanted to change the position. Mary went to her husband and sat on top of his cock, and after a few frictions, leaned over and started kissing him on the lips. Dima got the cream, choked on his finger and mazanula hole in the car ass. Then he lay down on top of the third layer and slowly began to enter the car ass. Masha breathed heavily and moaned Dima began to kiss her neck ... and whisper: "Hold on, my dear, today you will be fine. " Masha stopped kissing Ilya, turned her head and began to kiss with Dima. Dima stepped up the pace, his chest crushed Masha, Ilya is a little pat on the buttocks with his hands his wife. Dima first began to finish, he did not even pull the dick out of Masha and threw his sperm into her rectum. Feeling a hot sperm Masha also grabbed an orgasm, she rolled her eyes and began to sob. Ilya, who saw the whole picture, too, was already close to orgasm, but perform reciprocating motion postupalnye he prevented a pyramid of bodies lying on it. He threw them on the side, slipped from under Masha walked around the bed end and pulled Masha to him and put it on his knees. Masha invitingly stuck out his ass, anal hole was unusually red, and everything around it was smeared with spilled Dima's semen. Ilya put his penis in the hole and quickly began to batter his wife, feeling that he was about to be discharged, and he has. Less than a minute later he also was poured out in Masha, as a minute before his friend. All lay down on the bed and began to relax, the faces of all three were happy and peaceful.
Thus ended their first meeting of the three of us.
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In the evening, Ms. Xenia came to visit her three friends and two friends. Their car drove up to the house, the servants they were taken, and the guests went into the house. But before you enter the house, they poked at me fastened to a bracket and fully nude. On the street at this time it was warm, but I'm still cool promёrz and shaking from the cold. Their only comment to what he saw were the words: Well Ksyushka gives! - And infectiously laughed at this. You have no idea how I was ashamed and humiliating. Guests have fun in the house, but I still mёrz on the street when suddenly a woman came up to me, which was, apparently, a chef at Madam Xenia and put in front of me a bowl of food.
- In singing, and I suppose the hungry
- Thank you
She stood silently and watched as I greedily absorb food. When I had finished, she took the bowl and also went silent. 20 minutes later, I was approached by a young girl who seems to have been a governess. She unbuckled and pulled me into the house. I tried once to stand on its feet, as it was fastened on all fours, but she just yelled at me sharply;
- On his knees, bitch!
I could not even imagine that such a sweet girl, could be so strict. She led me into the room which is very close and apparently uninhabited.
- Here you will live safely, she said
- I am instructed to keep an eye on you and look after, when Madame Xenia you will not use it, so behave with me, very roughly, and then you'll have to hard.
- Well - I said
- Chtoooo? You must meet obey Madame! I got it!
- Yes, madam! Very good madam!
- So it is best bitch! - And smiled sweetly.
About an hour later I was dressed in a bra stockings and a small, but beautiful parichёk. I was taken to the guests. Nothing special there was not all sitting at the table talking about anything. But when they saw me, they came to life at once, laughing and that it rapidly began to discuss. Lady stood up and said loudly
- I ask men to uncork this sweetie ass and mouth so that we could enjoy TEENS with this thing.
Everyone laughed. After 10 minutes I have to fuck in the mouth and in the ass. More after 10 minutes I was kneeling covered in semen and sweet licking members under applause Women. Suddenly stood up from their seats Mrs. referring to a young beautiful charming girl at the table, he said:
You know, my dearly Lera, we have been with her friends thought, how can you punish your debts, but for a long time could not come to a consensus, but it finally came. From today you'll work in my house, in the role of a slave! You will be a thing with which I can do anything! And in general, kneel lohudra when I'm talking to you!
- Xenia S., please forgive me, I will give everything in the shortest time - she was crying on her knees and kissing Lady legs
- All terms run out bitch! Now you are my thing! You understood!?
- Yes Xenia S.! she said in a trembling voice of sobbing
- Yes, bitch, and forget such treatment, now I am your Mistress! Is that clear?
- Yes Milady!
- Well, that's great! Lera And now, we have a surprise for you! We found you a suitable husband - and pointed at me.
- Now stand on the middle of the room and hold hands, newlyweds! - All wildly laughing
The girl was still sobbing, but probably much afraid and dutifully took my hand. We stood on his knees, holding hands. Lady said:
-And now I ask men to fill their glasses and toast to the newlyweds their union!
This expression was metaphorical and very cynical, as the filling of glasses - is nothing more than filling our mouths with her urine of men. When men pee in our mouths, we were ordered to kiss and cried bitterly all !!! And my first, so-called wedding night we spent on the floor under the laughter and avatsii guests. Then we took her into the pantry already familiar to me, and locked up in the morning. Almost overnight we spoke with Leroy. She told her story, and I accordingly his. What we have just the other night did not speak, and eventually realized that madly in love with each other. Then we have sworn in to what may be a legitimate husband and wife. In the morning we took a governess to the Lady, and we told her of our decision, she laughed for a long time, but decided not to postpone it indefinitely, and a month later we became officially legal husband and wife! We served her mistress faithfully, she was kind and nice woman, but sometimes it was very strict. But the governess, who looked after us, we are constantly beaten and humiliated in front of each other. But there was also a cook, a woman of 45 years, which we loved and fed up the top position. Madam, we loved her more than life, so our life at her feet turned into a fairy tale !!!
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Seryoga looked at the gray sky and the thought that the inability to enter the same river twice by no more than a guess. Today he was going to prove once again that everything is in his hands, not in the accident. Flights from Prague flew Inna, or damn quiet as he himself called it. Being a girl stand out in the Internet get-together it was a perfectly normal life in the calf. And it bitch. Met at one of the chat rooms, they decided to meet again contrary to the practice in the real world. Before Seryoga was busty and zhopastaya girl, with a pretty face, beautifully delineated mouth moist and extra 5 pounds. However, the experienced ёbarya that did not stop, good drunk before that 2 liters of beer was allowed to consider it great tits, but not extra pounds on the thighs. Taking a good pace, he broke off in the most interesting phase - double having finished on his fingers in her pussy Inna flatly refused to suck his penis in her apartment building. Although such a bummer Seryoga politely bowed, not forgetting on the safe side stick two fingers and even in her ass and was gone. Anger was not, there was only a strong riser, under which over UAH 10 he got some sort of a youngster. Hesitated at first the right choice, he quickly calmed down despite her young age girl already knew how to swallow dick in his throat and after only 5 minutes Seryoga cynical and abundantly descended on her hair and shirt, what would my mother saw what her daughter is engaged in the evenings. With more desire to meet Inna did not arise.
After 2 years since that night Inna herself knocked him in ICQ. She told me that as early as 1, 5 years living in the Czech Republic, and is going to soon come to Kiev for a week to see friends. And then it went the most unexpected - she said that he was sorry that night did a small step to their relationship, and would like to try again that evening. Seryoga realized that soon his list huesosatelnits replenished with another chick, first carefully portrayed indifference, then gradually moved to the virtual sex and to his delight her confessions had been to his taste: she swallowed the semen and had no idea how to otherwise complete the blow, and was completely against anal sex. These confessions were enough that would 9. 30 am brand new silver Chrysler slowly taxied from the parking lot on the road, and typing in the last 7 seconds of the promised 100 kilometers per hour and raced toward the Boryspil airport and flew where Inna. Meeting with a man almost familiar, but ready at least virtually surrender a little worried.
Fortunately, when she appeared in the output of Seryoga I did not notice that it would have met someone else, and left - behind a pillar. In the embrace of swam a gift in the name of the blonde 170 cm in height, the fifth the size of breasts, healthy ass ... and clearly marked waistline. Inna clearly lost weight and looked like a porn star with excellent tits and ass. Noticing earrings she smiled widely and walked straight up to him. No longer hiding behind a huge bouquet of roses he realized that at their meeting scene staring all the male half of welcoming and felt like even better. During the embrace, he realized that the huge boobs sagged and not retained elasticity, which promised to add variety to their sexual encounter, and the smell of brandy confirmed that Ina certainly very nervous and shy eyes met with a man whom she does blowjob and virtually gave up the ass. However, Seryoga already knew to the minute when flown lady get his head into the mouth. Picking up her things, he went to the parking lot. His head spun phrase he heard from her a couple of times - I wish it would have taken me because she wants a man, not because I want to, if you want to - force. Once they were seated, he immediately put the armrest between the seats, nothing aroused no suspicion of drunken Ina. Chrysler gained speed and was moving quickly and confidently to the first Congress of the road on the primer. Ina went on Twitter Prague, boyfriends and girlfriends, Serge also felt like his penis requires urgent stop and capture the fact that did not take 2 years ago. And now appeared from the road, Sergey was reconstructed and turned into the primer, Inna reached the maneuver did not immediately, but when he reached it felt like a hand down on his cock. Saying nothing had this meeting a script he wrote to her, she takes it as a joke, but apparently just remembered ... Motor muted ringing backrest is folded to unbutton his pants and now her hand took his cock at the very head. Inna leaned over member and stopped barely touching his lips began a slow masturbation. However, such a refined Sergei was not satisfied with the approaches, and is wound on the arm of her hair, he moved her head down on the cock and was blown away when I saw how all of his 17 centimeter elda failed her throat the first time. Such a start, he did not expect, and decided to recheck seen pulling her head with his penis until when her mouth was left alone and head back sharply down this face on his cock. Elda again fell directly into her throat without any apparent effort. It was just a Jackpot! Holding the second hand on her chest to her throat Sergei pulled on his penis. Inna obviously withstood this pressure perfectly, easily flowing into the throat and caressing his testicles. From such a skillful he soon realized that would end in a minute - two, and only had one more "proverochka " on the ability and desire to swallow. By this he prepared separately. Looking through all the previous evening, porn, and lazily podrachivaya not giving yourself to finish it filled his sperm eggs. From experience he knew that such a stream nobody has been able to swallow completely for one simple reason - it girls do not have time to swallow as much sperm, and usually abundant thick streams of cum running down their necks, tops and dresses, to confuse those who like to suck on fast in a club or at a party, because then wash things were usually difficult, however, Sergei used it in its inviting unlucky huesosatelnits to his home under the pretext wash away the traces, and there is already laid out in full. And his orgasm was approaching with the speed of an avalanche, Inna moaned with by a dick in her mouth like a real slut, Sergei pulled out of the car, walked up to her door, opened it, took the head of the Innu and again pulled on his penis. Squander it in the mouth with half a minute more, leaving only the head in his mouth and holding her head with a roar, he began to cum in the mouth of this bitch who are committed to looking into his eyes. For him, time slowed down like in the movies. The first stream, the second, her cheeks swollen eyes widened, Inna start frantically to make large pharynx, but it was too late. The third stream and a sponge around the head given flow, semen flowed directly from both corners of his mouth on her blouse and breasts, her throat moving with each breath of trying, to cope with the rapidly arriving sperm. The fourth stream, fifth, Inna gave sperm flowed out of her already rotika flow and a blouse and a skirt on. Want a breath of air she pulled away and left the mouth cock began to bombard the sperm of her face, another jet left a long trail of hair up to her mouth, next flooded the eyes and ear, ending bombardment Sergei little face again put his prick in his throat and the remains of Ina merged already right there. At this point, Inna slipped his hand under his skirt and quickly rubbing the clitoris cum almost immediately moaned loudly with a member in the throat ...
First came a Sergei. Taking a deep breath, he pulled out a member of the pharynx graduating more Ina and lit holding the door. The film was worthy of any final pornoserii. The leather chair Chrysler still floating on the waves of orgasm relaxed reclining blonde with big tits and nice legs, skirt Zadran, one hand continues to slowly caress pussy, eyes covered. Sperm from the corners of the mouth and chin, dripping on his neck and chest, fills her blouse and skirt, for white hair as long stream flows over leaving an imprint, semen dripping from her eye on the arm of the right on the strap blouses. Few come to himself Inna began to collect sperm from the face of the finger and send in your mouth, then pulled out a handkerchief ... and began shaking hands to try to put himself in order, however, to assess the implications, she stopped and said that neither appears in this form in front of the house or not friends can and Sergey asked to take her to him, that would change.
- And what I get for this - jokingly asked Sergei
- After such, bunny, all for you to be, all that you want ...
He sits behind the wheel of a standing member was not comfortable :)

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After the first betrayal of my wife's been a few months, the charge field, which I received from him began to fade, but the impressions from the experience I was not allowed to rest in my head already circled ideas. In addition, Anna, who also liked it as much as any hint made it clear that it is not against repeat.
Even before the first time I wanted to realize my dream I was plagued by doubt, most of all I was afraid that it might break down like that our relations can "other" she will like it and will go to him, I can - it will be a betrayal of torment so that I can not see her anymore. Oddly, Anya had similar fears, but she was afraid that watching - she fucks with the other, I'll throw it .Now I understand that relations have improved only if previously we were engaged in sex standard, which after three years became for us "domestic ", But now everything was in another, and I regret to look at his friends odnogodok with their complaints about the lack of desire to have sex with his wife or vice versa.
But before the second spree of my favorite, I was not particularly tormented. The Internet began to search for a suitable partner for Anya, after a few sheets of text (I talked to him on her behalf) and expelled each other pictures arranged to meet at the bar with Dima. I myself am also prepared, bought for such purposes - web camera to record everything that happens on the computer, and led her into the next room, and now I did not have to spy for fear of discovery, I could sit back and watch my girl fuck, though quiet, I do not was expectation and understanding that will soon Anya in the arms of another man, and that will stick 18 cm in her shaved pussy and she will moan, enjoying, the whole thing made me very anxious and excited. Anya was also already on edge, do not know what she likes - when she fucks an unknown man or the situation itself, but the fact that she have liked me too the factory, although she claimed that she likes to engage with each other and at the same time to know that her husband was spying .
She was beautifully dressed and sexy, her eyes were burning from the expectations, it should be noted that before this we went shopping and I chose and bought her clothes and underwear.
In the bar, we decided to go to the site, only for the different tables, I went and called Dima and Anya went to meet him. After ordering a cocktail and fruit platter, I was looking forward to the beginning of the sex story. Finally came Anya, she was in a beautiful black blouse with sleeves below was a short skirt from which protruded slender legs in bangs and wrapped in elegant boots, there is a bar under the colored lights color music it looked even more sexy for her was a young kid, she sat down at table not far from me and called a waitress. I have represented the further development of events, such as after a couple of glasses of alcohol and hot dance it will start to stick to my pretty girl touching and pinching her ass on the ballad kiss while the neck and cuddle from these assumptions my dick badly disturbed me, he protruded through his jeans and I could not manage priladit it so as not to attract attention, but was soon surprised to see that Dima ordered a coffee, even after half an hour of their communication, it became clear that the catch there is nothing, Anna sat with a bored occasionally glancing at Dima, which though already in love with her but it was too correct and boring as it was chatting, in the end could not stand, I signaled to Anna that I want to talk to her, I went outside and Anna followed, talk a bit, I decided and told her that she dumped Dima, a lot of people who find something so she agreed to at the bar.
We came back because of the roar of the music I have not heard, and for me the scene of parting appeared in silent films, while they exchanged phrases, then very sorry person Dima, it has some excuses and assurances and then downcast the output of the stage.
How do we then do not try to find kogo-nibud we did not, there is certainly a lot to Ana pester people on the dance floor and it was clamped in the locker room and paw, all I noticed and observed and pleasure from what he saw I was getting a lot, but not a suitable candidate find it, too young, or too drunk, then Anna did not like. In general, we decided to go home alone, especially since we have already been instituted.
When we got dressed and went out, they decided not to take a taxi, the house was beside, having a little I saw the car, she drove slowly beside us, then gazanula and out of sight.
-It on.- said Anne.
-Who? - I was surprised.
Anne explained that she saw as Dima came on this machine, perhaps he did not calm down can. Already in the apartment, I told her that she should call and talk to him. Anya dialed his number and they began to speak, from the conversation I realized that he really wants it and regret that they did not work out, Anya gave him to understand that she was alone and she does not mind if he would come to her.
Hung up, she said, that Dima will be five minutes, and quickly ran to the shower rinse, I went to my room and began to check - if all ok with the web camera finally banned Ana turn off the light in their room, resisting it all I agreed.
Finally, I heard a soft knock on the door, Anya previously warned him that he was quiet on my monitor screen was visible part of the room where there was a sofa, I have included a record finally appeared Anya and Dima, they are about something talking, I could not hear I interfered with noise left turn on the TV in their room .But I knew that Anne was laughing at him spying on her, then Dima asked to turn off the light, but Anna said that she loves to do it in the light, they argued, then Anna has agreed to turn off the lights here but include it in the hallway leaving the door open, he agreed. After all their operations on my screen, and so quality suffers because of the limitation of the Web camera - were alone visible silhouettes, I was angered by the cancellation of film show and was going to call Anna, but she felt too much and quietly went to my room learn whether normally seen me. Returning to the Dime she said it was too dark and she do not like it., It Dima pulled her to him on the sofa. One arm and the other slowly prolazit under the skirt, I do not know what he was doing but Anya immediately began to moan and slightly parted legs allowing Dima dispose pussy my girl, he has already started to kiss her and it seems opened one breast, but Anya again tried to persuade him to have sex with the light, all excited and in anticipation of the fact that only a little bit before he inserted his erect penis and otymeet such a beautiful girl, Dima agreed. After switching on the light the same thing happened, only this time I saw his hand already on farming in a brazen passed under her skirt and Anya's panties and fingers slipped into her crack, Anya still moaning with pleasure, just feet she has placed very well giving Dima himself complete disposal, enjoying plenty of Anya's wet pussy, he removed her blouse and bra, showering kisses on her body. He stopped on his chest began to nibble on her enjoying the view embarked erect nipples, and his right hand continued to knead and climb into her crack. Anya baldela the present, appreciative groan was pulled out of her and she eagerly catching his lips when he wanted to kiss, they were lying on the couch when I saw Anya his hand began to unbutton his pants and took his cock from such a scene, I almost did not finish , at least it was interesting to see how Dima took off her panties with my Anya, still I wonder such a small thing, but kind of takes off her panties and Anya legs helped Dima in this, thereby itself, wanting to take a dick - all is exciting not -Children.
Meanwhile, Dima, too, took off his pants and lay down on Anya Dima asked her where to finish, she was indignant - well, not in my back!
and he began to insert a "smoking " member in Anna, she helping him slightly podmahnula ... Finally he began to move slowly, Anya moaned, and they embraced and kissed passionately, in a few minutes Ana tired of this passive sex, and she lifted her ass higher -strongly apart and cocked at the same time his feet, Dima have realized what was going on and started full work his piston inside my favorite girl, all I do is eagerly watched, then Anne grabbed the feet of his ass much hugging her until Anya did not seem that Dima will soon be over, she offered he continued behind, Anya turned around, and there he is already hard fucks her from behind, it is very firmly entered into it, I realized that my wife likes it, until it with a force shoved in her term, I noticed how Anya enjoying a burst of kissing his hand they again changed their position, and now Anne was lying on the back lifted up her beautiful legs in stockings with her ass slightly hanging off the couch, and Dima knelt on the floor and inserting again a heated and humid term in Anya began to fuck her, sometimes lifting up her legs even higher, it was clear that Dima will soon finish it all the harder pushed into Anya his stick.
-You can stop if you want. - Anya said.
-And you ? - Asked Dima and Anya smiled and said - I have.
-You can terminate directly at me, I still stoit.- spiral again smile said Anne
Then Dima clutched Anna and full-started to drive his cock in her, even from the next room I could hear it slapping, then after a few particularly strong impacts as far as possible, he slipped into his penis and Anna finished. For a moment they were frozen, Dima was breathing heavily.
-You like it - asked Anna.
-Yes - Dima said shortly.
Then Anya immediately began his drive out and say, I got what I wanted, and you too, no more phone calls, you have a life I have my own, Dima course was unhappy, but nothing could not do, of course he wanted to continue that relationship, but Anne put a fat point, reassure him that if he wanted the contact with him on the Internet.
In parting, they kissed and Anna closed the door behind him.
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All that day, I often thought, and recalled Vanya. I wanted so much to him. But I could not even suspect that he also wants to see me. Moreover, I did not even know he likes me, and quite strongly. As soon as I walked into your favorite home yard, I immediately saw in the stairwell 6 Vanyusha my beloved. Ivan stood and obviously someone was waiting. Seeing me from afar, he immediately smiled and appreciated my appearance. For me pink tee shirt with the face of the Cheetah was wearing, which increased my already rather big for his age breast; curvy hips was stretched denim skirt just above the knees with a big cut back, which reached an appetizing ass; black tights looking here rather dissolute, and red boots with shiny blyashechkoy immediately drew attention to the slender legs high. It was hot, but windy. The jacket I had unbuttoned, so that my sweet breast could see easily, hair, shoulder length beautiful fluttering in the wind. When I came, I saw, and always charming languid look Vanya me. Then I forgot about everything and stopped to chat with him .. he first started:
- Hello! (Vanya smiled sweetly and looked me).
- Hello (I fondly looked at him and noticed his eyes stopped on my chest, a satisfied smile). Where is everyone?
- What's the difference? (He winked at me slyly).
- .. You have up to something? (I come very close to him, almost dense).
- No: already conceived.
- And what is your cunning plan: Ivan? (Licks, look at him and feel like it).
- Seduction of a beautiful princess.
- And who is she? (I stand and look around him with pleasure).
- And she was in front of me!
- That's a compliment?: )
- Understand how you want.
- (Kiss his lips close to) Thank you .. (shake my knee next to him as a member).
- Uh-huh.
- ("nechayno" I touch his fighter).
- AND? (Pretty smiles).
- Which? You seem to like to seduce the beautiful princess?
- And she was pecked.
- What do you mean: and that's all?
- no no.
- So: She was already burning ... Look not miss this moment.
- I did all the grief.
With these words, he abruptly grabs my delicious ass and starts stroking excitatory and compress it. Frankly, I was very excited when I squeeze my ass or thighs; pleasure I close my eyes and embrace Vanya. The other hand he puts on my chest, grabs a jacket and strokes, special attention, with a pacifier. I press my back to him, kiss him in the neck, biting the lobe of his ear, the hand glides on his crotch.
- Wan.
- Yes? Something is wrong?
- Why me? What are you doing?
- I like you.
- But why me? There are so many girls (a little hurt, but stroking his pants).
- And I do not need slut. I need you, Princess!
I responded with one hand stroking his head, and the other to unbutton his pants and stroking his rebellious instrument. As a result, Ivan offers to him to retire. Of course, I agree! So we come to it, there's nobody. Without thinking, Ivan floods me to his room on the bed and jerk pulls off my stockings, then her skirt and T-shirt.
- Come on you yourself. Excite me!
I gently push him, knowing he stands in front of the chair and stares. Gently shaking her hips, I walk up to Ivan and begin to slowly unbutton his shirt. After each unbuttoned button, I caress his tongue pumped up torso. Snuggling pussy to his groin, I feel he is ready, but did not show it. Having got rid of his shirt, I turn to the trousers. Vanya has all off, his hand stroking my head, confused luxurious hair. I go down on my knees and unzips his pants, pants are falling down. Vanya steps over them and he takes off his pants. His huge cock eager to see me, it seems, is only to touch my lips to him, he immediately finish. I'm smiling, I get up and slowly take off her panties, then her bra. Two appetizing breast break free, rocking gently. Ivan can not stand him and crouches to the lips. He skillfully encircles tongue around the nipple, breast squeezes both hands, sucking it one by one, then the other nipple. From pleasure I recline your head back, close my eyes, I stroked Vanya's head and pressed it to her pretty face and start to moan. With one hand stroking Ivan and squeezes my breasts, nipples caressing mouth, and with his other hand sneaking to my pussy. His pen skillfully stroking the clitoris, then it comes down to mouth and tongue begins to caress my crotch. As a result, it is sweet and gentle, but quickly fucks me tongue. From pleasure I scream loudly than Vanya looking for some more. I'm coming soon and for a long time, then, realizing that Ivan is not completely satisfied, I push him to a chair. Ivan quickly realizes alignment case, plops down in a chair and puts his feet on the wider, to me it was more convenient. But since I'm doing a masterful blow, it is not desirable that it quickly ended after a couple of my movements. And I just sit down sharply on his penis. A couple of movements and he quickly finishes previously raised me. His sperm beat a flood on my body, I have pleasure just sat and hung Ivan in his arms!
He ends a long and stormy. But it was not enough and, without thinking twice, I started tempting spread his sperm on the body, paying great attention to all breast nipples. After half a minute Vanya was already unreal riser, and I am just delighted. I offered to make him a blowjob, to which he replied sharply aspirated my lips in his. When he straightened up and beckoned me with a finger, I crawled over to him on all fours, wagging his ass gracefully. Vanya could not stand, but was going to finish soon, that I was insanely happy. I crawled over to him, comfortably perched next to his beautiful dignity and set out to bring it to the madness. I gently took her mouth in the head of his penis and began to suck gently, enjoying and exciting. My tongue caressed the bridle, swallow the whole cock and again passed to the head. At this time, my hands caressed his testicles, squeezing them. Vanya simply fainted with pleasure, but I was not enough.
I, still caressing his magnificent member, puts wider legs, bulging ass and getting into position, like I fucked while I make trahatelnye movement, shaking his whole body back and forth. I was right, Vanya simply could not bear to see it, he began to moan passionately, I moaned in response, but did not let him finish, moving away. He raised and at the same time looked at me pleadingly. But I waited a little while to calm down, scooted to his foot, pressed her flowing and yearning pussy and began to fuck quickly and intensively his leg. At the same time, I podrachivala potselovyvala and his wonderful cock. Ivan could no longer tolerate, and began to flow violently. I just had time to catch his cock mouth and swallowed all his sperm at that with great pleasure. He contentedly ... patted me on the head and raised his hands. He twisted my arms, then abruptly but gently tossed on a soft bed and a long kiss. I was happy with it. Then he brought a bottle of champagne and cream. He covered my body cream, licked himself all, he washed me champagne, and then picked up by the ass and put on the table. Again he fucked me tongue. I strongly flowed and finished 2 times before he enjoyed me. Then he turned to me ass to him and abruptly entered. I caved in under the pressure of his pleasure. He became rude to fuck me, but gently stroking and patting my back. When he came to me, we fell onto the table. Catching his breath, he turned me to him and we long to break away from each other. More about half an hour we just lay on his bed, kissing and talking about everything.
Then we took together in the shower, using oral sex, and he walked me home.
It was just amazing sex.
That's my story.

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In following my shift at the prison for a long, like a school, a bus with windows zareshetchatymi brought a new batch of prisoners. There were four - two whites and two Hispanics. Dr. Zach and I started to re-inspection standard procedure pribyvshih.Pervym business shift supervisor guards Steve gave them handsome medallions with numbers on chains and forced guys to wear them on the neck. Then they were stripped, thoroughly probe all joints and in turn led up to the table where the doctor is located Zack, guiding my actions and filling medkarty.Ya dipped his finger into a large jar of grease and put your hand in latex glove between male buttocks. My hard finger ruthlessly pressed inwards and then bent to keep moaning and staggering from the first sensations of pain and nerve prisoner. With the other hand I am confident feeling the first scrotum with testicles dangling helplessly, then the member who ALL had already stood, almost without steaming from the strain. Admiring swaying splendor, I pulled off the skin of the head, opening her purple splendor, squeezed, forcing open. When his turn comes to Latinos, they twitch, wanting to shrink back, but only in vain bulge their asses, even deeper nasazhivayas my palets.Tak they were all in turn, looks to the protection of the eyes: red with shame, with downcast eyes, a stranger finger in the ass and sticking out a member of the hot pulsating golovkoy.Zatem Dr. Zack took from the table the white plastic cups and told me to take the guys cum on the analysis. The guards brought a couple parney- young dark-haired Latino named Enrique and tight bald tattooed guy named Pete. Again I got a little bit of grease and began to drive the hands by their brilliant, shiny members. Boys first attempted to pull away, but the guards chained prudently raised their hands to the special metal pipe and grins watching my manipulyatsiyami.Ya began to masturbate, furtively peeking at kids, they grew bolder soon began to incite each other, releasing salty jokes, soon sunk and to taboo ... flew the first clumps of sperm bald, filling prudently outstretched me a jar, and frantically obkonchalsya standing in front of the guard. I was amused by looking at the face became grim guard, was moved forward, stop forgetting to masturbate Latinos and he immediately let the whole stream, once in the chest with his foreman and proceed with the remains of my bank to poloviny.Prodelav same simple operation with two other prisoners: high Latinos lean Andy and just a great strongly hairy husky Gary, I put on the table analyzes Dr. Zack. They were then transferred to the corner of the room, equipped with a mini-shower and after fixing his hands and feet with thick straps provide for the following procedure. I inserted into the anus of a hose with a thick head with a pump, and the lock rings hidden in it, open water and inside Man strong stream gushing water, but then earned a pump, pumping out all back, and then again and again and again ... When the insides prisoners were cleaned and washed, they were released from the belts and they all gathered again at the doctor's table. Here they had to climb on a table covered with a piece of rubberized canvas, be there on all fours, and then bend down his shoulders as low as possible, leaving only hang up your zad.Vot first of the guys took "pose a deer drinking"Its two sides held the guards. I went back and began to smear the anus Man thick white grease, and then brought him into the two fingers and a laugh and a joke Guard, began to massage his prostate. The boy moaned, groaned, tried to straighten, but the hand Relentless security chief relentlessly pressed his head to the oilcloth table. Once a member of the Man dripped secret, I framed under it a test tube and, after waiting a few seconds, beckoned next ... Then, Dr. Zack portable tattoo machine for a few seconds made them all tattoos: under the armpits - personal number, blood group . In addition, our manipulations were completed, and the guards took the prisoners into the shower. I quickly removed and, together with the doctor went into the corridor, heading towards our ofisa.Prohodya past the cameras, we are again met the chief of security, who with a satisfied grin looked away zareshetchatyh boxes. I distinctly heard the muffled sounds. Coming closer, I saw a fascinating picture: the two guards, dressed only in a shirt unbuttoned uniform, vigorously fucked two prisoners. I knew them - they were bald and Pete Latino Enrique, which apparently so the guards punished for his sperm splashed formu.Lysy Pete raucous sounds of sucking black cock guard who actively moved them, stretching to the limit the lips of the prisoner. Latinos Enrique at the time mumbling something unintelligible, bend cancer and holding hands on the edge of the bunk bed - in his ass planted a delightful piston guard Julio. I felt a pleasant tingling needles excitation, my anus started to decline strongly and sweetly whining in anticipation of the upcoming stykovki.Povernuvshis and looked behind me, I saw Dr. Zack and security chief, already half naked and shrinkable each other excited members. Coming to the camera, we went inside and I quickly threw off his clothes knelt in front of the doctor and his partner, slowly sucking their hot members in turn. Zack took hanging on a belt at the security chief baton and bending, drove it into my anus. I felt like my neck pressed against the doctor member swells more and now feeling squeezed inside me is a monster, pushing and squeezing everything in its path, I felt quite unearthly psychological pleasure of knowing lascivious sexual intimacy and pure physical udovolstviya.Hulio, throwing to the ground a few blankets with bed chamber, he turned pretty sweaty Latino Enrique on his back, lifted his feet high. Zack at the time did the same operation with me, without removing it from my ass thrust there batons and deploying me so that the other end of the rubber sticks ran into the anus lying Latino. Push down on the shoulders of a Man, a security guard Julio planted it on the rubber rod, like a count. Baton simultaneously crammed different ends of our anus, buttocks is not closed. The head of security at the time snapped handcuffs around the base of our members, that did not give any of us to slip with batons. Clamping-ring members immediately swelled and hardened. Dr. Zack bent down and began furiously sucking members of the queue. The security chief put his hand between our buttocks and, grasping the stick, I began to drive her back and forth, both of us ebya srazu.My moaning - Enrique of sweet pain, and I'm from an acute pleasure. After playing, the chief stood up and, without letting go of the hands of the middle of the clubs, tried to lift her, at the same time lifting of the ass, and both of us. At some point I felt that I hang on my anus and began to slide, but the handcuffs fetter my genitals kept me strong and pulled back without wrenching penis and scrotum holding the chain between the testicles to the perineum. Unable to withstand such stimulation I husky groan shot sperm fountain, devastating my balls. My example was followed by Enrique abundantly later on your zhivot.Osvobodiv us, the security chief doctor bent and almost dry threw him his cock ... but Zack just groaned. His insides, bursting with incredibly healthy eldoy, leaped from an orgasm, vibrated from the weight of the crude that was part of it. The doctor felt great, with what incomparable pleasure, it is a great feeling of fullness, like an avalanche slowly creeps into his insides, made him shudder pour his sperm concrete floor. Feeling convulsive contraction of the anus Zack on his penis, head of security with a groan began to pour into the doctor has accumulated in his hot sperm eggs. After filling in all the inside of Zac, hot juices trickle began to trickle out of the stretched purple-crimson anus doctor. And I could not resist and began to lick them from below, tongue tickling the base all the way to hell vsazhennogo member and hairy balls nachalnika.V this point Pete bald, lying on his stomach in a circular motion and stimulated scurrying in his guard-zade Negro members, began to finish. Negro, jerk pulled out his cock, turned it and drove in Pete's mouth, having spread his very throat so that the jet of sperm hit the sky Man, guard abruptly pulled rookie head to him, forcing bury his face in his crotch and swallow sperm, and then completely lick poluobmyagshy purple dick ...
To be continued...
Continued: The prison probation. Part 3

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This weekend we decided to spend on the beach of the Moscow River. Tilt the closeness of the big city, his vanity, nervousness. Leaving as much as possible away from the city and find the beach, surrounded by forest, but has next to him everything to spend in peace for two days, we decided to drop anchor here. Plenty nakupavshis sunbathing and before dinner, my wife and I went to the coastal cafe, and saw only one free table, went to him. It was a hot summer day, and we would like to drink a cold beer and a bite of something. After placing the order, we waited, watching the fun in the river near a rest.
- You allow to sit down to your table? There always busy. - Next to our table was a couple that looked a little older we age. A slender woman was elegant in a closed bathing suit, and hairy-looking man tall and strong.
- Oh sure. - The wife agreed, smiling at them. It was obvious that they liked her immediately.
- It's great here. - The woman turned to her. My name is Kate, her husband Leonid, or easier to Leon.
- We like it here, too, although we are the first time. You live somewhere nearby?
- Yes. We got close to the house.
Women quickly found a common language and have fun cooing and discussing everything in the world. Leon ordered the waiter food and too lively entered into the conversation, connecting me. I immediately liked these people, they were friendly and pleasant. We ate together, striking glasses, drank acquaintance, joked, and seemed to have been long known. When our meal came to an end almost Katya asked if we've been married?
- Yes, for nine years - said his wife.
- And that each of you first marriage?
- Of course. And unless there should be some?
- Not at all. If the couple trust each other if they feel the pleasure of the partner above her, then of course the marriage will be long and happy.
- And how do you feel about the swing? E. Change partners between couples?
- Yes, we have not thought yet - the wife looked at me.
- I read that it helps people uncover new facets of sex, it increases their sexual experience and allows you to translate the fantasy into reality. But we really do not think about it - I was trying to show erudition.
- We would like to invite you to try. I think you'll like. But even if you do not like it, you can always refuse. We are organizers of a private club swingers of 23 pairs and spend every Sunday afternoon, meeting with us in the house. Well, I hope you understand what we are doing there. Do you want to join us tomorrow? You've been very pleased. And your pair looks very sexy. Do you agree?
- I do not know - I said, looking at his wife, and he saw in her eyes a little spark of fear and interest.
- Well, you think, and we leave you for today. That number of our cell phone - Leon handed me his business card - Have a nice day.
- Well, what do you think about this? - I asked my wife when we were alone.
- You're stunned, or what?
- Yes, I do, that you do not know? Look how interesting turns in your eyes.
The remaining half of the day though we did not show each other what we think, but think about the same. I inspected the beach and tried to see our new friends, but they seemed gone. Throughout the night, lying to rent a house, we both did not sleep a wink, cool, but were afraid to show it to each other, and only in the morning, his wife, her head resting on my chest, whispered:
- Should we try? If it is bad, ever omit the issue.
- I would also like to try. But you do not consider it cheating? I promise, if you meet a man meet you, I'm happy. I love you and want you to be good. And then, I thought, our trachea have become self-colored.
- Darling, you're lovely. I will pray that tomorrow you could realize all their fantasies. And maybe tomorrow you will get two girls? Or three or four? I remember that you told me once. I will pray for you tomorrow.
- So that? Let's try?
- Come on. - And his wife fell asleep on my shoulder.
We got up very late, had breakfast and went to the beach. We swam and sunbathed. Had never spoken about what happened yesterday, we seemed about anything not agreed. Going into the 13-00 for lunch in a cafe, I could not stand, first suggested handing a cell phone to his wife:
- Maybe you'll call?
- You are a man. And besides, there is recorded Lёnin phone. You want me to negotiate with the man?
- I agree. - I reluctantly began to dial. While the number is dialed, I asked his wife: - And maybe it is not necessary? Although let's try again.
- Leonid hello. Why, thought it not called? No, why? Well, yes, this is the first time for us. Of course, we hope for your help. Yes, we are not afraid of that at us will laugh, we even give you a head start. - I winked smiling wife. - How to reach you? Yeah, I know. Where is it? Of course, it is better if you podedesh and show the way. In what time? Well, we'll be there in five. - Summing up, I said to his wife - no way back.
- You're my only hero! - She hugged and kissed me.
We swam a little more, then took a shower. I shaved carefully, knowing how to enjoy women during cunnilingus smooth cheeks man, and my wife asked me to her shaved pussy. Above that, I worked for about forty minutes, being careful not to hurt her or anything and at the same time to make absolutely smooth pubis, leaving it an elegant triangle of her red-haired hair. Under the light summer shirt and shorts, I put on his swimming trunks thong that my wife felt very sexy, and his wife under a short skirt and a fitting topic, a new colorful swimsuit with shorts such a size that it is still afraid to wear them to the beach. In her long and shapely legs, she wore a beautiful long-heeled sandals made of transparent plastic.
We arrived at the specified intersection and began to wait. Leonid appeared on his big Mercedes exactly at the appointed time, and asked to follow him, went ahead, leading the way. After passing twenty kilometers, we turned down a narrow road into the forest. It was pretty thick. In the woods we drove about two kilometers. Leaving on a lit clearing, we saw a big house with a high fence. At the site a large number of fairly expensive cars stood in front of the house. Released hostess greeted us with a smile.
- All were gathered together. We are waiting for you only. Come on.
She led us into the living room, which has already gathered a large number of very beautiful and sexy dressed people, about our age. They sat and stood, they were drinking champagne and talking, they joked and laughed. Looking around the room look, I saw many pairs of eyes looking at us with interest and good humor. One of the women discreetly for all sent me a kiss and winked.
- Attention please! I want to introduce you to our newcomers. Remember that they are today for the first time, and help them. I hope you'll like them. - Calling our names, Kate said that with the other we will learn in the process.
- They like me already. - Cried the young man. And a few people laughed.
- Well, gentlemen, - Katya continued, - why waste time? Let's go on with our clearing and betray the hobby.
Away from the noise started to leave the living room. Someone went into the yard, someone began to disperse through the rooms. Katya asked us to follow her. She took us to a room on the second floor. Entering, we saw a small room with a large bed in the middle.
- Here you can change clothes and put himself in the way you want. Well, for example, to dress sexy, or make up. You can just take it to your room and leave their stuff here, although we have no one steals. I think ... that you've seen what our audience? Or, for example, you can remove the sexual tension here, if you can not do it with others.
- With others? - Interrogative wife said.
- We were not warned you yesterday. We do not just swing the club. First, we practiced privacy and mixing only steam, but then realized that the universal group sex best that can be in bed. You choose who you want at any time, you see how others do it. Do you like it, I'm sure. Well? Do not be shy. Undress. Can first to swimsuits, and then discard them. In short, I'm waiting for you in the yard.
When Kate came out, I told my wife that I was not scared, stripped, left in the trunks.
- No way back. - My wife and slipped off her everything remained only in a bathing suit and sandals. She knew that in them she looks very sexy, and did not remove them even during copulation.
We went out into the yard, holding a pen, like schoolboys. The yard was a vast area, enclosed by tall fence, so that from the outside could not see anything, except that with the helicopter. In the center of the site was a shallow pool with blue clear water. On the one hand, to the swimming pool is adjacent to dense lawn grass lawn. On the other hand, to the swimming pool bordered area, lined with paving slabs on which the bar tables and umbrellas. Near them was a bar and several refrigerators. It could at any time to come and pour yourself alone any drink.
On the grass I have started an orgy. There was a large part of the guests slowly begin sex. Basically, all were naked. But there were others, such as girls in sexy lingerie, stockings with coarse and fine mesh on the high shoes, or like a man, hung with chains and leather straps. At the bar I saw a few dildos of various sizes. In general, sexual looseness here was absolute.
People are out and out of the house and joined located on the lawn and swimming in the pool.
- Come here yet.
My wife pointed out to me on the table located close to the pool, and we came up to him and sat down, staring insolently, as people on the grass having sex. In general, these pairs were. But we noticed, and three groups of three, or even one group, in which one could count four person, with all were female. Wife, shooting eyes, pointed me to two, and to see that it is men fucking each other, I realized that here everything is possible.
Sometimes people change partners, the transition across the lawn. In fact, apart from the tables we sat another couple, but, judging by a man under the table crotch caressing the girl, and she rolled her eyes and groaned, I realized that they are no strangers here. Not far away, on the edge of the pool, I sat athletic guy, and a woman of about forty, being in the water, made him a blowjob. When the man violently ended her mouth, she's swallowed, and licked his lips and pulled him to her. Man, showering us splashing, laughing, fell into the water.
We have watched with interest the proceedings and did not know how to join. We do not even notice how close to us were Leon and Katya. They're putting on the table four glasses, and sat next offered a drink. Since they were completely naked, I finally saw how great Leonid was a member. Now it was red, probably more recently worked in someone. He was lying on his hip and was directed toward my wife. Iskosya She looked at him, his eyes showed that too surprised by its size. I also really liked the haircut pubic Katya. Neatly stacked thick curly hairs formed a beautiful mop, thinly shaved around the edges. I do love it when a woman has a great head of hair between her legs. Reaching out, I stroked it extravagance.
- So what do you think?
- Wow.
- Why do not you join?
- So it is necessary first to have a drink.
- Well, for a start. - And clinked their glasses, drank together.
- You guys do not hesitate. - Said Katya
- You have a very beautiful swimsuit. - Leon looked at my wife.
- Thank you.
- Come to buy up?
I saw the questioning look of his wife, and, realizing that she asked permission approved with a nod. Leon also noticing my nod, quickly grabbed his wife in his arms and carried her to the pool. She portraying the resistance began to talk down, but soon moved to laughter. Kate, when we were together, boldly launched into my swimming trunks hand and groped member, looked admiringly.
- ABOUT! So you're ready. - And moving melt, he said, looking at a rearing member. - What will he handsome! Come quickly take off the heat.
She pulled off my covering the matter, and, taking me by the hand, led him to meet friends. I walked behind her with a protruding member and thought that all staring at me. However, no one paid any attention to me, and if they pay, then with some interest, but not a smile. Looking around the clearing and saw what she wanted, Kate took me to a couple fucked.
- Go ahead. - She pushed me towards him.
The guy lying on the grass, fucked in the ass girl who sat with her back to him and her head thrown back with long hair, falling on his face and rolled her moaning with pleasure with every jolt. Her beautiful breasts ended with large nipples. He sat down between their legs, I immediately put the dick in pussy girl. She looked up and saw me and smiled.
- Go on. - She whispered, and I began to pick up the rhythm of a member of a Man, a Woman moving.
Picking up the pace, will drive a member of the full length and hit the eggs on the egg guy, I felt that she was close to orgasm. She stood up and hugged me with one hand on her neck and the other hand in the chest, invited me to suck it. As soon as I licked a couple of times hardened nipple, she shook in orgasm stormy.
- You're cool - she, stopping to shake, kissed me on the lips. - Get up, I tell you now also do well.
She took my cock in her mouth, she began to lick, suck it. She wanker, clutching the egg. However, it is also a sit up on the guy, still sidev ass on it. I was already strongly excited, so I started to cum, cum pouring into the mouth of the girl, which she eagerly swallowed. According to a strong cry, I realized that the guy is also finished.
I stood and came to himself, and the guys I knew got up, went to the bar. Suddenly, I heard the voices of passing girls:
- Oh! Newbie. I want it!
- I like it too.
With both sides clung to me two girls of different sizes and smiled at me. I pressed them to her, put his arm around the waist, and began alternately kissing each. More plump, came behind me, and embracing her belly, started kissing my back. A thin a little kiss on the lips and began to descend and kiss my breasts, nipples, navel.
When she was standing on her knees in front of her and hung member said:
- Now we put you, sweetie.
It took palm of the skin, it began to move along the trunk, at the same time gently licking tongue smooth surface of the head. Absorb it completely, it sucked much. Then move your head, not parting lips. Member has been in a combat situation, and the girl went and everything went showering caresses my dignity. Another girl, to the rear, too, sat down and parted the halves of my priests, began to lick the hole on it. These licking me and liked me so aroused that I was afraid to come, he pushed her head between her legs, thus showing what I want, what would they both suck my dick. The girls then take turns, then together to lick and suck the head, swallowed the eggs, tickled their nails. When their tongues met, and they were made to play with his. They kissed passionately, then hitting member, taken to lick it again.
Remembering that I'm here with my wife, I suddenly decided to look for her. Seeing her standing ... like fuck cancer two adult man from behind and in the mouth, fifteen meters away from me, I was already fascinated by the spectacle. For the first time in front of me fucking my wife, two, and even without me, and, judging by the fact that there was no Leonid I understood among them that she had already changed several partners. She accidentally turned his head, saw me watching her and waved a pen. Maybe she wanted to shout something, but her mouth was busy with a huge phallus, fuck her, she did not want to let loose and have fun fyrchala. I was happy that my wife is good, and winked at her.
It was my turn to please the girls, and I lay down on the grass back down. Plump, pussy sat on my rampant arms and slim my face. Her pussy was very mokrenkaya and smooth. I parted the lips sex and deeply entered into the vagina tongue began to lick the inside of them girls. Lips, find the clitoris, sucking it, delivering a girl unearthly delights. Sometimes she would sit up, and I tip my rough language driven by the hole of her ass, she is also very nravilos.Derzhas hips second girl, I fucked her with his member flushed, I felt inside the vagina, it is trying hard to squeeze it. Our publishing pussy sucking sounds gratified each other. Girls sitting on me, kissing passionately, they alternately kissed and licked each other's nipples, they caressed their bodies, they become acquainted persons concerned with his reeds and played them.
I'm adding to my tongue, and a member of the two middle fingers, put them in the ass of his mistresses, and violently fucked in all their holes. When I'm tired of lying below, I got up, and, putting the girls against each other in position 69 and entering the one or the other side potrahival each of them, as they brought themselves oral lesbian caresses. Having said that, I want to finish, asked the girls to stand up. Began to masturbate in their mouths of open, sitting in front of me on my knees, I filled their faces a huge amount of semen, which they happily licked and swallowed, taking then kiss each other.
- You are super! Bring us something cold. - Said plump.
I went to the bar. On the way, he passed everywhere copulating couples, I saw a position that I liked much. Man holding girl on weight, and his feet up on his shoulders, licking her pussy and the girl hanging upside down in the air sucked his dick. "-I Hope to try it sometime. " - I thought.
Taking from the refrigerator three bottles of cold beer and a dildo, I returned to the place. My girls certainly was not there. Looking around the lawn, I saw one standing, kissed a man, and the other sitting between men take turns sucking their members.
- Man, you come to me?
Hearing this, I turned my head and saw a stone's throw from himself kneeling woman of thirty-five, moved apart legs and wag before me booty.
- Of course. What do you think?
I was surprised to find that my dick is, I'm not thinking long spat upon a tremendous hole in her anus. Smeared on her saliva, I deeply drove his friend to hungry ass. The woman was very fond of anal sex, I realized for the sighs that she began to publish until I increasing the tempo and amplitude fucked her ass. When, not coming out of her ass, and I still put her in the pussy dildo she came writhing and jerking convulsions orgasm. After her tremors stopped, I stuck his cock, and she lay on her back and invited to fuck her between her breasts, which I gladly did, putting a dick between her large breasts and soft.
Looking up, I saw passing close to Kate, who with an approving gesture, gave me a kiss, and I said to her smile. Meanwhile, a member of which the woman clasped holding hands on the chest, has worked. His head appeared and disappeared between the huge soft buns. The woman tried to lick the head, and sometimes she did it.
I had finished showering his face and chest female sperm spray. I smeared it with his own hands, and lay down next to the woman resting while trying to lick her nipples breasts. I enjoyed the taste and smell of his sperm mixed with mine and her then. Suddenly I felt my dick, someone much sucks. It was a powerful passionately as if trying to suck not only the remnants of sperm, but my insides. I head down I found my guy is situated between the legs, skillfully sucking and drochaschego my dignity. I'm not even scared, though sex with a man I basically still was disgusted, but on the contrary was excited, and put forth his hand, and took in his hand standing boyfriend. I like the feeling burned in the hand of another member, but I quickly got used, began to masturbate him.
- Boys, fuck me. - The woman was not appeased.
I lay down on his back and the woman sat on my dick recordkeeping and rested his hands on my chest. Now its huge balls hanging right in front of my face. I began to lick and suck them. And the guy in the meantime, on his knees, put in the ass woman developed and began to peck her. We did not try to pick up the pace, by the fact that a woman stopped us, she began to play our instruments, uttering at the same time sucking sounds and screaming loudly.
We jumped quite a long time in that position. Man stopped the woman. He came out of her priests, and put a hole in my head of his penis. I had tried to wriggle out, but as he was pinned to the ground more women did not even budge. A man felt this sharply pressed, plunged his spear almost the entire length. ABOUT! Goodbye my virginity priests. I was a bit hurt, and she saw how distorted my face, kissed and comforted me. The pain began to pass, and I felt I started to work hard cock in my ass. It gradually softened, and I have been pleased by the new sensation for me. The woman again zaelozila me, tryas her clitoris against my hairy crotch.
The first man had finished filling out my warm liquid. He stood up, and without saying anything, left, and I luxuriated for a long time, from the pleasurable sensations of pain departs from the priests. We finished with a woman about the same time, or rather I came into it, and it is finished by this, too. We rested a bit, caught his breath. Then, sitting on the grass stood up. I printed out two beers and we are drinking, began to consider and discuss what is happening around us. The woman, who had, as I understand a lot of experience, sometimes commenting on every pose, advised as it is more convenient to mate and sometimes called me names and occupations orgy participants. When we rested and had almost finished their beer, ran up to me girl, and asked:
- Why are you sitting here? Let's go with us into the water.
Grabbing my hand, she tried to lift me from the grass.
- Do not be shy. Run. - A woman put her hand under my ass, and pushed and helped the girl raise me.
We are holding hands, ran and splashed in the pool, showering him sitting on the edge of the spray. After emerging, the first thing I saw was sitting not far from my wife. Opёrshis back and her head thrown back, she received oral sex from one of the girls with whom I have already had sex. " - How good that she is well " - I thought, and was immediately hailed, confronted me in the water Girl
- Come to me as soon as possible.
She was sitting on the edge of the pool and wide legs apart, masturbating her pussy.
- Swim sweetheart. Now your pussy learns how gentle and persistent is my language.
She grinned, and pretty soon enjoyed the kisses with which I began to study her genitals.
If describe in detail everything that happened that night, do not have enough paper. Briefly I will only say that we have tried everything imaginable and unimaginable types of sex. You understand what imagination can wander in the minds of so many people.
Gradually, the guests began to leave the meadow and slowly disperse without saying goodbye. We were the last time and it was already past midnight. I sat naked on the bed in the room ... the hosts provided us. My wife is already dressed, and, preening, putting the finishing touches of makeup. And I'm still sitting exhausted. My ass was burning as if it was visited by hundred phalluses. Yes, perhaps there is now so much and visited. And exhausted dick dangling between his legs. In the mouth, mingled smells of thousands of foreign secretions, semen, sweat, urine. Nose recalled many new odors.
Catherine came in.
- Yes, it is felt today you walked to glory! Sorry, but I could not catch you anywhere. As you guys? All were from you in a huge delight.
She came to me, and sat at the feet kissed member.
- Wow, what pisyun! What trudyazhka! Next time I'll otymeyu properly.
Kate helped me stand up, and together with his wife they put me. I gradually came to himself. Looking at the satisfied face of his wife, I knew that it was good today.
- You come to us again. Time you already know. Do not forget that you are all very much. - Already at the entrance, watching us with her husband, said Katya.
- We are also satisfied. - She smiled wife.
We went on night road in the woods.
- How do you? - He asked his wife.
- Never mind. - Exhausted I replied.
- Something is wrong.
- Why, durёha. I just fucked. - Clinging to the side of the road, I stopped the car.
- You're not jealous.
- You're what? Would you know how happy I watched you fuck other favorite. I just baldel when heard your moans through the roar. Today I realized that your fun is the main thing for me.
- True true?
- Of course! - I pulled her to his wife, and we voluptuously kissed.
We went to the night Moscow. I'm trying not to fall asleep, watching the road, and his wife, with her head resting on my shoulder, and gently snoring contentedly.

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