Returning from a trip home, I went into a compartment of his train, before departure which was ten minutes and saw that there is no one else. This upset me, because in the evening I spoke yesterday on the phone with his girlfriend, and she told me how one went to a disco, there met a man and after the disco went to his home and cheated on me with him. The mood was terrible, I just do not stay in one place and go to one compartment alone, even with a stranger I would have been particularly difficult.
The announcer at the station announced that left five minutes before the departure of the train, and then draw in the compartment (in other words you can imagine) blond creation with angelic face, blond hair and blue eyes. Not very high, but very slender with awesome breasts. I almost rubbed his eyes with his hands, not believing that it happens, with it with me. Angelic voice is creating said:
Hello my name is Yana.
In response, I could only say: Yura me. And I immediately thought that the name Yana I have linked sexiest Association. She asked:
I can still close my mouth open in surprise and helped her put her travel bag under the seat?
Then I finally began to slowly come to life and be happy to fulfill her request. From it came the smell, able to drive me crazy, it was my favorite eau de toilette (Barbariz). At that moment the train started and the platform began to slowly float away from us into the distance. Since the beds were already straightened, we did not even have to do this. Came conductor, he checked our tickets and after he was gone, we were left alone with Jana.
I talked to felt that she was more and more begins to like me any nonsense about Jana. Most interestingly, and it was evident that she was pleased to communicate with me, and her eyes began to appear shiny. My bad mood somehow by itself has disappeared and I had a great desire to drink champagne. I asked Jan how it relates to this venture. Laughing she said that the only positive.
I went to the restaurant car and bought a bottle of champagne and fruits. Back in the coupe I saw that Ian had already changed clothes and was in a light silk robe, which, as it seemed to me, was so long that ends where it ended in a charming round ass. If we add to this that the cut on her robe was so deep that the chest almost bulged out, imagine my condition.
And she, seeing as I look at the neckline of her robe only very artfully smiled. I told her that perhaps also go and get changed. She told me that he could turn away, and if I'm not ashamed of her, you can change directly in the compartment. Ashamed of me and of course I had nothing to put on a t-shirt and shorts as she looked at the wall of the compartment.
Opening Champagne and spilling it into glasses, which I took from the conductor, I said that the fair will just drink the first toast to our friendship. She gladly accepted and so gradually it turned out that we had a drink with her the whole bottle.
On the radio it sounded nice slow song and I asked her to dance. We hugged her, huddled together and began to dance. At first, my hands were as it should be somewhere in the region of her shoulders, but because of the influence of champagne they have become gradually lowered. They first came to the waist and I began to stroke the beautiful curves of her body over the hips.
I could not in such a situation longer restrain myself and my hands themselves drawn to her ass. I got both hands to stroke her round elastic ass, and she looked into my eyes without words snapped me on the lips a long passionate kiss. I thought to myself, wow! After all, we were familiar with it only an hour. Naturally, shorts sticking out in front of me and continued kissing her and stroking her ass, I embarked pressed his member to the bottom of her stomach and began to rub them about it. The way she moves her ass, as if to help me, it was clear that everything that happens to her is also very pleasant and a great pleasure.
Under the influence of champagne I pried his arms, dropped to her knees and began to kiss her robe to push the cut centimeter by centimeter kissing her funky, poured like a rubber chest. Imagine her chest was completely naked! I became by turns very gently kiss the left, the right breast, stopping long nipples, which defiantly stuck. This delightful, perfect shaped breasts I've never met none of its former girls.
But as they say always want more. Without ceasing to literally suck in her chest, I began to untie the belt of her dressing gown. I untied it, she shrugged her shoulders, and he fell at her feet, and oh God, you will not believe it, she was without panties! I was looking clean-shaven pussy, which was already wet, Jana was excited so much.
Small sponge widened slightly climbed out, thought it was some kind of bizarre magic flower blossomed in front of me. I gently pushed her to the table, put it on him, spread her legs to the side and stared with a kiss in this magical flower. I sucked it, licking, thrust his tongue as much as possible into the depths of her narrow holes. Hole she was so narrow that even my tongue entered there with difficulty.
I had to force him to shove! She began to moan and say, yes, let us more please, just do not stop. But I did not think to stop everything happening just drove me crazy, I was ready for anything, as long as it enjoyed. She moaned and writhed under my tongue and loudly moaned that even began to scream with delight, and when I felt his fingers on her clit and began to gently caress his, her body shook like cramps and she nearly fell off the table, almost unconscious.
From her pussy in my mouth literally flowed flavorful spicy liquid, it was so much that I had licked her tongue to swallow it. Lick every last drop, I stood up and kissed her on the lips, one hand taking off his shorts. It was evident that she obviously likes the taste of herself on my lips, and she whispered:
Thank you my dear, I was so good, so I have not had sex.
Shorts fell at my feet, my protruding member of a number of burning from the strain resurfaced. She reached for him her little hand, held several times from the head to the ground and pulling me behind him held it to her wet pussy. Looking me straight in the eyes with their eyes full of happiness said:
Come to me, I want to feel your cudgel in soybeans and a small hole itself became, as it were to sit down on my cock his crack. It was so narrow that if it did not flow, as the latest bitch I think I could not even enter into it. I told her about it and she said that I was the second man in her life. Continuing to sit on the table she grabbed me with his feet and said: Please do not end quickly, I want a lot and for a long time. To say it's easy, and I continued to fuck her began to think about spare parts that I buy for my Mercedes.
Suddenly she stopped a little and said:
You know, I want to try in the ass, because I have such have never been! Slightly he pushed me, got up from the table, turned his back to me, bent over and spread her legs. She said:
Well, what are you waiting for, come on! What would you do in my place? Here I am about the same. I carefully licked her ass, well moistened with saliva hole itself, put his penis to the hole of her delicious ass and slowly began to press on it.
Instead of having to move away from me, on the contrary, it became a little fed toward me, apparently wanting to hurry to part with her virginity her ass. Her ass hole stretched a little bit ... my head slipped inside. Ian for a while froze from unexpected sensations, and then she became fed his ass to meet me.
Slowly, millimeter by millimeter my cock completely disappeared into her ass and I touched her pubis. I asked her:
Well, how does it feel?
She answered me that feeling complete strangers. Very strange feeling, but it seems like to feel my cock in her ass. Ah, if only all the girls have told us these words, prices would not they were!
Gradually, all the more and more I began to just fuck her in the ass, as just fucked in the pussy! She even became podmahivat me her ass and began to swing slap on my crotch. Oh, it was just super! What else can dream of any guy. With his left hand, I held her by the waist and put his right between her legs, I began to caress her pussy. At first I was fucking her pussy in a finger, and then added a second to it, and then worked up and lost his head began to thrust into the hole, and a third!
It seemed to me that her undeveloped pussy will not stand it, but it's also just lost my head and become even more ass to sit down on my cock and pussy on three of my fingers! Through the thin partition I enjoy his penis with your fingers! Apparently the sperm, which is already in my throbbing in my head took the remnants of my mind and I was not realizing what I was doing began to thrust into her pussy the fourth finger and thumb together with his cock in the ass! Apparently this was the last straw.
She breathed deeply, she began to shake it zeshetalas and suddenly she then went limp and slipped out of my penis and fingers fell to the floor. ! I was shocked! He began to shake her by the shoulders and slam down his cheeks.
Gradually she began to slowly come to life and her bleary eyes cleared a little. She asked me:
Yura, what happened to me?
I say:
Well, you she wanted anal sex, here you got him!
But I do not think that everything will be like this. Do not worry, all are alive, healthy and like I said in my happy. And then at least you finished? What came, I thought I will have to stop the crane to pluck and doctors look for when you fainted. Please Cum in my mouth, I want to learn all the same, at least once in life, what is the sperm taste.
Standing in front of me on her lap, she took my fallen from everything that happened cock in her mouth and began to play with him as with an interesting toy, licking and sucking it and helping to handle yourself. Member of instantly stood up, I put my hand on her head and began to just fuck her in the mouth with his cock. It took just a moment, and I felt that I'm going to explode. I began to cum in her mouth without ceasing to fuck.
When her throat hit a powerful jet of my sperm, she momentarily paused in surprise, and then began to swallow it, obviously getting pleasure from it. I suck my cock out every last drop she got up and said:
I guess I just now realized what real sex, thank you Yuri!
I did not know that it is possible to respond to these words, hugged her tightly pressed to cebe and bit her lips in a long passionate kiss

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Here come the new day and hour of the meeting came. It was morning. Many people were still sleeping in warm beds, others stood up, but continued to wallow in the warmth and comfort. But alas, I had to go to his mistress as the choice I did not have. Eh + had plans to go for a walk around the city, go to the premiere of the new movie, comedy, buy a book and relax. But his plans are ruined by SMS Nastya:
" Bitch, we are waiting for you in half an hour Katya. Late - you will be punished. Mrs.".
Lucky I heard the sound of SMS and read it immediately. Whip up washed, for breakfast, got dressed and went to Kate. Well, nevertheless, we are classmates, and not far from each other live.
After 20 minutes, after receiving the message, I was near her home. After two or three minutes, I called at the door. The doors opened and in the doorway stood Nastya.
- And here is the servant appeared.
- Good morning, Madam, - I said in response.
- On your knees, bitch.
I slowly and steadily rose to his knees, afraid that someone from the neighbors see me.
Nastya took me by the hair and shoved inside, closing the door.
- Well, let's bitch work, - with these words Nastia leg lifted in front of my face.
Realizing that he wants it, I began to kiss her. He kissed each finger on one leg, repeated the same thing with the other.
- Well. I think you start to understand what is and what is to learn. It's good - Lady smiled and walked into the room.
I took off my shoes, jacket and followed her, not getting fours. I crawled into the room I saw Kate. Looking at her, I admired and felt my friend vstvaet.
My Lady was sitting in a chair. One leg lay on the other, she was in shorts, shorts, transparent black bra and in the same color, which was illuminated through the chest and nipples were visible. A moment later, coming to himself, I crawled over to Kate and kissed her feet.
- Good morning, slave - Kate said with a smile.
- Good morning, my lady.
- Well, ready to serve us a bitch and fulfill our desires?
- Yes Milady. I'm glad to serve you and is ready to fulfill all your desires.
- We do not doubt it, - with scorn in his voice, said Nastya.
- We, or rather Nastia decided to do for you to promote and to give the right choice - Kate said with a playful smile.
- And the right to choose what, Madam? - I asked.
- We here have thought and have decided to give you the opportunity to choose: to be naked or with clothes? The truth is that we picked up.
A little thought, I certainly chose clothes. It would be better in something than to be naked in front of the girls.
- Thank you for your kindness, Madam, - I said and kissed legs Katie - I choose clothes.
- Are you sure you slave?
- Yes Milady.
- Great. - Nastya laughed. - Is it true you still need to stay naked, and only later - dressed. So go ahead, do not make us wait.
Lowered his gaze to the floor, I slowly began to undress. The first was a T-shirt, it was followed by socks, then jeans. I stayed in his shorts, which made its way through the standing member, though not large, but still prominent. True to remove pants I'm a little ashamed, even though he knew that anyway wanted. But here on the "help" Nastya came. Come to me, she got up and walked back. I thought she was going to hit, but no. It is in one movement down pants to the knees, in the next instant, took me by the hand scrotum.
I wanted to take her hand, but she saw it, and squeezed them. A wave of pain swept through the body, the plaintive moan of pain escaped from his throat. And I do not randomly sat down, and after already laid down. The truth turned out to be not in a favorable position: both on all fours, only the person on the floor, his hands between his legs. Only here Nastya was not going to let go and start playing with them. That squeezing, then releasing. Lifting his head, one of the lulls of torment, I noticed Katie opinion, which did not express any joy.
For a moment, even, it seemed, that she wants to stop Nastya, but perhaps I just imagined it. The truth is I could not finish the thought, as Ms. again squeezed the scrotum and another portion of the body of pain struck. In the eyes of tears. Then he went somewhere half a minute, and I thought that ordeal was over, but it was not there. First classmate squeezed testicles already exhausted, then let go of them and punched and released. Tears flowed spontaneously from his eyes, moaning in pain and broke again in a louder voice, almost rolling on the creek.
It took five minutes somewhere. I gradually came to himself. Gathering his strength, I stood up, though still holding his hand between the legs. One happy, the pain had almost receded. After a few moments, the pain finally passed. I took off my pants and put them in the corner where lay the rest of my clothes. When finished with this, he got to his knees and began to wait for orders.
A minute or two girls looked at me, his views will drive me to paint. And what is most offensive, under the glances of embarrassment and embarrassment, a member began to relax and shrink in size. What caused the girls laugh.
- Rab, let's crawl court and lick the legs to us.
I dutifully crawled to Nastya and began to kiss her feet, first only fingers and then sucking fingers, licking their lips and caressing tongue. This was done with each finger on one leg, then the other. After Nastya gave me lick foot. I mentally thanked her, she washed her feet, and has not left it for me. For this was not just lick them disgusting, how could. So it went somewhere probably half an hour. Once he moved to the legs of Katie. Their naked kind I have just got my friend to the firing condition, causing laughter Nastya, though Kate is ignored.
Yet Katya's legs were more tidy, and smelled of them pleasant. Here, too, he repeated with legs Lady had previously done with the second legs Lady. True, this time I enjoyed it, so I kissed and caressed Lady feet longer than before the infusion. At one point, when he kissed legs, I looked up and saw that Kate smiles. True fearing punishment, I immediately looked down, but was sure that Mrs. noticed. After petting feet, Katya went to the kitchen to drink tea, and her daughter refused and said that the game is still a slave.
When Kate left the room, Nastya came to me and told me to lie on your back. I dutifully complied with this. After Anastasia took off her panties and slipped them to me right under his nose. Unpleasant smell of bitter immediately hit in the nose, and I once again noted that the present is not very much and cares about herself, unlike Katie, but the rumor I did not say anything. Otherwise, he could get.
Considering that I have breathed, Mrs. threw her panties to the side and sat on my chest and neck so that her pussy was to just above my mouth, but without taking him. Then he ordered to open his mouth.
A moment later I heard the sound and felt in her mouth flowed something warm and bitter. After perhaps ten seconds, it stopped staining. What I was extremely happy, though she was someone else taste discharge was given to the mouth, and felt on his face. But Madame did not allow me to wipe them. Then she sat down on my face, so that would have been on top of her pussy over my mouth and ordered to lick. First, slow movements, I licked the remaining urine, then began to caress her mistress. Circular motion on pussy, small game with Clitheroe, then again circular movements inside the entrance, the clitoris.
This went on for some time. Then Nastia began to moan softly, do the movements back and forth, trying to spread on my tongue so as a member. After a minute or two Mrs. finished in my mouth, sat a little more in this position, giving me time to lick everything to pussy was clean. And he stood.
- Well, bitch. Not bad lick. It will be necessary for you to give more practice.
- I am glad to serve you, Madam.
Then Nastia wore shorts and went to the kitchen to Katya. I lay on the floor, and taking advantage of the moment, povytaskivali couple hairs out of his mouth after the infusion.
... After five minutes, maybe even ten, entered the room of my Mistress. From their type I have just got my friend Nastya was dressed in red stockings, which are fastened to the belt, red, bright thong, red bra and red studs; Kate also wore black underwear, but without stockings, albeit in black leather boots knee-high heels. They came up to me, I kissed it out of habit feet.
True, this time I kissed her fingers Nasty only shoe and Katie, but apparently satisfied their desires. Kate was left standing still, watching me, and her daughter took her hair and dragged her to the bed. Then ordered to lie down on it and push the arms and legs, I dutifully did. After I heard the clicks and my hands were handcuffed, the same thing happened to his feet. I tried to move, but eventually realized that I could only move the body to the side. Trying to escape from the handcuffs, I realized that this is not a child's toy, but real or just made qualitatively.
Then Mrs. shoved me gag in her mouth, later, not a pleasant taste, I realized that it was her panties. Being in this "free" situation, I realized that nothing good I did not expect.
But a moment later I felt someone hit the palm of Lords me on the ass. Then again, and again. With each stroke the pain became more palpable and tangible, but they cease, as I understand it, is not going to. After ten minutes they stopped and went into the kitchen. I lay on the bed. Ass burned like fire, but pleased that the window in the room was open and rare breath of wind on a little cooled the pain.
After perhaps ten minutes the pain was gone, and only occasionally tingled in priests. But then I returned to my classmates and I was prepared.
- Bitch, and we have a surprise for you, - said Nastya, and at the same time I heard the sound of cutting air and got hit than in the buttock area.
After a moment, again and again. The kick is retaken not often, but it was more painful than was the hand. Plus it was given also the fact that she had previously been punished. Noticing that the Mistress are not there, but a little far away from me - I came to the conclusion that they punished me whip or belt. But more it was like a whip.
Two minutes lasted this punishment. Once, Mrs. stopped, and I relaxed again, though the pain was strong and did not hasten to take place.
- I think today he had had enough, Nastya.
- So be it. I do not care, Katya. Only it is necessary to disinfect his ass.
- Perhaps you are right, Anastasia.
- And even if not, all the same.
I really did not understand, about what they were saying, but one knew for sure - nothing good I do not shine.
A minute later, Nastia returned and came to me. Few stood, and then put her hand on my ass. A moment later, I published a painful groan. And if not for the gag, then I think it would be heard far away. Popa just baked as if it burned with fire, or leaned against the red-hot metal. But it was much easier. Just Nastya decided to wash my ass with alcohol. And apparently, there was a happy.
I do not arbitrarily tears flowed from his eyes, but the Hostess was spit on them. For greater effect, Nastya twice more washed the wound and together with Kate left the room, leaving me in such a position with burning buttocks.
After a time I heard Nastya and Katya said goodbye and left.
A minute later, Kate returned to the room. She wore a simple, unlike the previous one. Approaching me, it freed me from the handcuffs, though warned that I would not sit on the ass. However, I myself already knew. After she was allowed to go to the bathroom and wash. When I came back from there, Madam said to me enough for today, and I can go home.
Dressed and ready to leave, I kissed Katie feet and thanked kindness to me.
After returning home, I received a text message from the Lady, in which she wrote that I would do a cold compress to the affected area. If you want to get rid of the pain. Without hesitation, I did. The effect was positive, and I am grateful to her mistress.
It held a regular meeting with my classmates. Well, I had no choice but to wait and prepare for the next meeting.
The opinions and impressions to write [email protected]

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He tied her to a bed sheet. Legs, pre them apart and tied separately. Now it could not fuck just lazy or snickering. And there in that house was not found. All twenty men gathered at the bachelor party were strong, active, and most importantly - excited.
The owner started the first. He demonstratively took out his pants his dignity and showed him tied girl and slowly began to enter.
She jerked from the first touch and tried to avoid typing. But not particularly tied pobuntuesh and host member yet entered into the fold. The girl moaned.
- Nothing, nothing, be patient! - Rude owner said and continued.
A few minutes later he had finished, he pulled out a member and wiped his hands on her and one of her breasts girl. On the inner side of the thigh, where just left member, left hanging a few drops of sperm.
- Who is next? - I asked the host, putting a member in place and buttoning his pants.
- Yes, I probably! - One of the pillars around the bed guests took off his pants, got the girl and began to shove a member of her mouth. She tried to resist, but nothing worked, was tied tightly. She had to put up and take it into his mouth.
At the same time another guest took up the vagina of the girl. He stuck his finger inside and began to twirl them there. And then I succeeded him as a member.
When the two guests had finished - each in his favorite place - have taken up the following. One engaged in the vagina, mouth the other, and the third began to masturbate on the face ...
Half an hour later the girl was our body bathed in sperm, which writhed three, and waiting for their turn next left, some for the second time.
Cum flowing river. The girl's face was hidden behind a mask drying sperm. Both eyes were covered for the most edge, so the more of them she did not open. On the sheet was a large wet spot under the vagina. Hair tangled and matted.
When he had finished the last of wishing, the owner invited everyone to the table. Food ran down lightly clad waitresses, but they have very few people pay attention. Toast, followed by the second, third: Heated drinking men began to remember that the girl is still tied, and could be repeated! The waitresses were pretty suddenly, and they began to provide favors.
In short, a half hour almost all have sex. Someone with a pliable waitresses, someone associated with Girl Two guests prefer to lock yourself in the bathroom, and after a while there came the sound of men's love.
At midnight, the owner went to the girl, untied her and led her to the bathroom. He helped form the water and wash away the sperm.
- Well? How was it? - he asked.
- Awesome! - She whispered. - It's a feeling of helplessness ... You feel that you now rape and do nothing can not ... Awesome .. I finished, probably thirty times!. I never in my life did not feel anything like that ... It's wonderful you got it! ..
- I'm on the video took off, then we will see together.
- The video ??! Oh! .. You Well my bunny! How cool! .. And what is that in your pants? Wow, what a great! Can I kiss him? You do these stupid pants do not interfere? I - prevent ...

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It happened with my old friend Dasha. She is smart, sensible and unexpected things quite capable. At least I thought so. One day, one of our next holidays, I do not remember what, we sat with her for a bottle of cognac. Drunk was not enough, and that unleashed the language Dasha. She told me a story that I was somewhat taken aback. Of course, it is then when sober, made me promise that I will not tell anyone about this. I kept it a secret until recently not received from her permission to publish his adventures. She even added a few details. Well, in general, and the story itself.
The first of May is not just a holiday for all gardeners and proletarians. This robust design and the ability to relax the students, most unleashed and fun part of the population. Dasha was in my third year of university and was already seasoned in the student's life. To go on holidays to their parents and did not want her to stay in a hostel. There remains a little and, of course, all decided to come together to celebrate the meeting.
purchases were made of food and alcohol. The campaign selected a fun and interesting. Little girls and boys were almost equally, with a small margin of the male part. There were mostly students of the second and third year. The celebration went on as usual usual, in which the male half had time to nalakatsya state is not standing. Female half drank moderately, but only slightly behind the men.
Without knowing why, Dasha got drunk. Before dizziness to flicker in his eyes, and so on. She, too, had no idea what it did, but it was fun and interesting. Her classmate Sergei entire festival showed her attentions. Dasha was nice and she flirted with him, occasionally allowing himself to kiss the cheek, the neck, the ear. Such behavior is even a little excited Sergei Dasha and she decided for myself that if he wants a closer follow-up, she would not refuse him.
Dasha came out a couple of times with Sergey on the stairs to smoke for the company. In one of these outputs, Sergei pulled her to him, hugged his waist, and they kissed for five minutes. They naturally prevented, and they went back, but Sergei stopped halfway. He winked at her, he drew Dasha in the other direction, and they were at the door of the room of Sergei.
"Well done - thought Dasha - Now no one will notice our absence, and in the evening we just do not give privacy". the abdomen was hot and this wave has spread through the body, banging softly somewhere in the back of the head.
Opening the door, they had slipped into the room. Sergei immediately window curtain, making a pleasant twilight of the room. Dasha stood in the middle of the room and did not know what to do. Approached Sergei softly and gently put his arm around her, and his hands slid on the hot girl's body. Dasha literally floated in his hands. Excitation and drunk is not allowed to accurately assess the situation.
She did not even notice that was only in her bra and panties. Sergei pulled away from her and one movement pushed the mattress on the floor with the laundry. Get comfortable flat bed, completely devoid of drawbacks creaking bed. Dasha herself removed the remnants of clothes and lay down with pleasure on an improvised bed. Legs already badly kept, and his head was spinning a little.
She watched as he stripped Sergei and anthropometric data of its pleasantly surprised. Member Serega was medium length, but quite thick. Dasha she reached out, grabbed his hand and held it once enjoyed by his palm. He became a member of the trunk to swell more, and got out the head outside Manila. Dasha licked her tongue and sent into the depths of his mouth.
Member immediately cracked in all its glory, and swollen head occupied all the available space in the mouth. Yes Sergei gun was powerful and thick. Dasha licked the tip of the trunk and members, until Sergei did not stop her. Realizing all perfectly she lay down on the mattress, and Sergei himself between her legs. Language Man quickly moved in Dashi treasure, causing her moans of pleasure.
Bringing to the boil Dasha state, Sergei went to her and gently penetrated inside. Barrel size perfectly suited to the size of the vagina, occupying all available space. Movement inside Dasha forced to bend and groan even louder. She felt slipping between his lips, and in the hole, and this led her to an indescribable joy. Sergei is so skillfully and carefully moved it, that soon Dasha experienced a strong orgasm. She began to feel even more trunk movement until the overvoltage is not thrown her out of reality.
When she regained consciousness, a member continued to move in it, but the character and style changed. Dasha opened her eyes a little bit and it turned out to face Andrew, Sergei neighbor across the room. "So, I think use"- She thought. But the rebel forces and there was no fight. Andrew slowly and gently tossed it, Dasha closed her eyes and gave herself up to the will of men. She did not even have any question, and whether the boys use condoms. But they were gentlemen - then in the morning she found a whole pile of used gum.
In just a few moments before orgasm Dasha felt twitching member. Orgasm and Andrew spurred her orgasm. While she was recovering, he came out of it. She was not even surprised when she entered a busy trunk again. Naturally, in a third room was resident. Artem moved it sharper and faster. Its trunk was thinner, so it became to get to the depths of the body of Dashi.
To enhance the pleasure she raised her legs up, wrapped around the body of her lover. He several times changed the position of her body. The half-open eyes, Dasha saw other participants orgy, who sat nearby and watched. Intercourse was over in a pose on all fours, and when Artem was poured out, Dasha fell to the mattress. So she lay for a while, until her body began to stroke his hands.
She turned back and affection continued for four hands. It allowed them all. She again put on the knees and back someone came in pussy. Like it was Andrew, and she put her lips to the head of another member. In size it was Sergei. "Falling, falling down"- I thought Dasha, grabbing mouth head. So they drove it for a while, and then reversed. Captured mouth member brought her the smell and taste of her pussy. It was tart and slightly acidic.
Then she remembered happening with difficulty. She constantly shifted from posture to posture. Penetrating the two together, then one by one. Her condition could be described as the highest degree of pleasure, just reduces the surge of boat orgasm. Dasha is very poorly aware of the reality that has allowed someone from the guys pave the way in her ass.
It is only a slight pain touched her consciousness. The trunk has penetrated into the gut, got there and quickly made himself at home. Dasha put it under the pillow, and her hip was a little easier. Then we fuck it up again in various combinations. It has caused some inconvenience, when the guys went immediately into the two holes between the legs. Her body clamped between two sweaty male bodies, and it became difficult to breathe. Guys can be seen, too, was uncomfortable, so it turned around the axis of the body.
Now it has become easier. She lay on her back with an inserted member in the ass, and went down into the vagina actively moved member. Such intercourse did not cause her great delight, and so guys soon stopped this experiment. However, as she knew, they each tried, and in different holes. The body is tired and Dasha looked like a rubber doll for fun.
Sensing a change in its state of the guys decided to finish. The apotheosis of their orgies intercourse was simultaneous in all three holes. But this style of Dasha suddenly liked, she experienced the strongest orgasm of the evening and completely disabled. The impression of an orgasm was so strong, that even now, when it is remembered Dasha triple intercourse, she has appeared in the language of the taste of strawberries. Taste, which condoms have been processed.
Somewhere in the middle of the night, she suddenly woke up. Her ... crimped on both sides of the two men's bodies. Two strong and tired of these coveted male body. They seem to protect it and covered its power. Embracing some of the guys, Dasha happy fell asleep ...
The next morning, the morning of the holiday, it woke kisses boys. Sergei Artem gently kiss her naked body with his lips, while their hands explored her sensitive areas. Needless to say that such an awakening ended gentle and unhurried alternate intercourse with the two lovers, who were later joined by a third.
Then in the room there was a huge basin of warm water, in which the men gently bathed the perfect female body. Then Dasha wiped with a towel, put in some dimensionless shirt and fed a delicious breakfast. No way guys are not expressed to her his disdain for what happened during the night. On the contrary, they did everything they could to please her desires. When Dasha decided to dress in her, the guys immediately found her clothes and politely left the room.
It was then Dasha and noticed on one of the cabinets a whole pile of used condoms and imbued with sympathy for his unexpected night lovers. Outside the room, she ran into them in the hallway. Sergey offered together to spend this holiday weekend, which was accepted with gratitude Dasha.
Well after spending a day and work up enough, Dasha again invited into the room boys. This invitation was unobtrusive and very delicate. Dasha was well aware that she was invited not only to listen to stories and songs, but did not find the strength to refuse. Naturally pleasant evening ended no less enjoyable night sex. Guys were tireless and inventive. Of course it was again tested triple penetration, which gave a whole lot of fun all the lovers.
The next day it was over as suddenly as it began. Dasha was carried to her room, and this one has never learned. Sama Dasha still remembers this unusual case is very rare and always blushes for his behavior. But, my question is, not whether she wants to do it again, she replied in the affirmative embarrassed ...

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Hot Summer. Railway station. I walk along the platform. The sandals high heels. In light white dress on tanned body. In the summer I do not like wearing underwear and looking closer, you can see how through it a little bit rayed my neatly shaved pubis and a young firm breasts.
I walk past you, catch your eye and froze for a moment, I feel as nice was the abdomen. I went to the cafe to drink cold water, sit near the bar, you come with me and sit side by side, as if accidentally touching my knee. My vagina becomes wet, and his gentle lips adhere to the dress.
I get up and go to the toilet, you walk behind me, close the door. Remove from the shoulder straps of my dress and fondle my breasts, slowly since the beginning of her fingers and then his lips and his tongue. Then sadish me on the table of the tile next to the sink, threw my legs over his hips, my body is curved to meet you and you will dramatically enter into me, begin to move rhythmically, and then slowly rose slightly touching the head of my swollen labia.
Then you put me on the floor and turns to himself, and his body to bend over forward, so that my buttocks touch your elastic member. You gently and deeply you go into my tender ass and move smoothly, your fingers caress the clitoris and in turn included in the hole between the jaws, then one, then two, then three. Swollen nipples, and his chest was covered with a fine tremor from contact with cold tiled table. The moisture spreads on my feet, you start to turn the vagina and ass. My body breaks the wild ecstasy frequently interrupted breathing. We end at the same time ...

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She was on the broken sidewalk, slowly fingering strong shapely legs. A brief navy blue skirt tightly stretched across her thighs. Barely concealed from prying eyes firm, slightly rounded buttocks, it is at the same time clearly delineated the perfection of forms and all the intricacies passed alluring, screaming, crying out to the animal instincts of grace. Under the thin pink T-shirt, in time with certain rhythmic clatter of heels, trembling chest two small elastic mounds, each of which was topped with small pink nipples.
The girl walked along the old, long Lata road. There was not a single living soul. Only sometimes wiped out time and hundreds of thousands of rubber tires asphalt was rolled next rattletrap, laden tired vacationers and uncomplicated field equipment. A little noisy in the side under the hot breath of wind sprawling copse gradually eat up the remains of an abandoned park.
On the surface of lakes littered with waste management ripples, momentarily blurring the oblong gap-toothed reflection of the month that huge bitten apple hanging over the darkening horizon. Irina was the name of our heroine, slowly plodded on, dotted with cracks and potholes, once paved path, with his tanned shoulder on a small ladies' backpack. Slightly bowed her head, she, with a strange, almost childlike amazement at the faces viewed roadside landscape, to give a clear post-industrial flavor. I considered so keen not to notice how near her car stopped. It was not one of those rattletrap that darted here every half hour. Near Irene stopped not cheap inomarochka with obvious of being a sports car. The driver was a neat-looking young man. Clean-shaven face was smiling more hischnovato. Perhaps this expression gave him a little skrivlenny nose. From under the smooth dark eyebrows at Irina appraising glances couple playful gray eye. In addition, the smile still showed two rows of perfect white teeth and terribly cute little dimples in her cheeks thin. She simply could not keep himself from answering smile.
"Bored?" - The stranger's voice sounded in unison with the early twilight fills the silence, the rustle of leaves in the roadside copse.
"Imagine - No!" - Irishka again, cocked her head and smiled playfully guy.
"Well, how? You're all alone. Here, not a living soul, only of local drunks, and so ... And I'm pretty sure ... and what's your name? "
"Iirina" - handed the girl still smiling.
"So, Irina, I am absolutely, one can say, I'm sure that we are with you along the way. Do you mind if I'll drop you? "
Ira paused in thought. Expensive car, an unknown man - the plot is standard to a disgrace. Half of all the newspaper tales about rape on the roads start with something like this. And each of them is not completely clear about what still thinks the victim, sitting in a random ride to. About what? Yes, about the same thing, think about what our heroine, approaching helpfully open the door and sat down on the expensive leather seats. Or not? Well, we'll see.
The machine gracefully lavrirovala between potholes, making his way to the highway. Nikita did not stop even for a second, entertaining companion funny stories from the life of his many friends, stories about funny incidents at work, or simply fresh anecdotes. Irina laughed heartily, the guy started to like her.
"By the way" - said Nikita, removing on highway - "Here, on the way there is a wonderful cafe. Best barbecue in the area. We can, as they say, noting our casual acquaintance - I'm buying. "
Ira did not mind treats and reckoned a few kilometers on the highway, Nikita famously turned down podzarosshuyu betonku weeds. A few minutes later they entered the forest. The road came to an end. Nikita stopped the car and switched off the engine.
He furtively looked at Irina. Face Man Show all the same hischnovatuyu smile.
"In the words of one of my partner," - he said, answering the unspoken question, frozen at the girl's face - "I would like to receive more tangible guarantees". Nikita slowly and surely put his hand on his knee to Irina. Not finding explicit resistance, he ran his hand up the leg of a girl lifting up the fabric of the skirt. Seen somewhat surprised Nikita. As it turned out, the girl was not wearing underwear. Lifted her up to the hips, a dark blue cloth skirt opened his eyes naked crotch and neatly shaved pubis. Subsequent events surprised Nikita, as their awareness, more and more. The belief that it was he who controls the situation suddenly shaken by a strong blow to the jaw. Catching aggressor surprise, Irina struck again and again. The final blow after Knocked Man and he fell helplessly into the driver's seat.
When he awoke, Nikita felt in his neck buried something cold and sharp. Opening his eyes, he realized that it was a fine sharpened knitting needle. He himself was in the cabin of their own car. His hands were bound with something behind his back. Nikita lying along the front row seats, so that his head was resting on his knees, Irina, and his legs and lower torso are located on the driver's seat. Irina needle removed from the Man of the neck, but Nikita immediately felt with horror as it slowly comes into his left ear. When the point has reached the eardrum, his head pierced a sharp pain. He screamed.
"Quiet. Do not rock the boat, asshole "- Ira led spoke from the ear to the centimeter.
"Ssuka ..." - I breathed a guy and then crouched by a new "attack".
"Relax a freak. Today I'm buying "- with these words Ira threw his right leg on the dashboard, and lifting his head Nikita hair, he poked his face right between her legs -" Lick thing but do not dare to boil the pot, and that the spoke will sit. "
Nikita realized the hopelessness of his situation, he began to work diligently language Irkin caressing the clitoris. A few minutes later she richly finished him in the face. Wiping liquid residues of his hair, she pulled the needle out of the ear, and climbed into the driver's seat. Nikita started to move, but she sat down on his feet and ran his hands in his pants trousers. Moments later she, feeling his penis, squeezed head. Nikita howled in pain, but that did not stop Irene. She pulled off his pants and pulled out a member of the Man born. After working for a time by hand, until a member has not acquired the maximum size, she began poking needle into the opened urethra. Nikita noisily protested.
"Are you going to twitch, you bastard?" The boy shook his head. His eyes filled with tears. "That molodchinka" - Ira led spoke of the member and, turning a guy on his stomach, his bared almost nude pale pink ass. After releasing a couple of resounding slaps, she pulled out from the back seat and a backpack had broken a good five minutes, took out a medium-sized pink falloimmitator. Just a couple of minutes it took to enter it into the anus Nikita. The guy is not twitching, as promised, but the anus it seems for the first time subjected to such a serious attack. After entering in the end the way the phallus, Irina began rhythmically move them back and forth, while masturbating with his left hand. The cabin filled with the sound of her ragged breathing loud in half with a quiet grunt of Nikita. Ira finished right on the leather driver's seat, then she pulled out falloimmitator Nikitin anus and put him back in the driver's seat, she moved to her. I really wanted to smoke. She pulled out of the backpack pack of cigarettes, a lighter but gone. She decided to look in the glove compartment. Opened and ...
Among raznosortnyh detail in a large glove box compartment was black blued stalyukoy sung crime reports "teteshnik". Nearby lay a full clip to it. Charge it, Irina weighed in his hand "discovery" and then effortlessly placed the muzzle to the protruding member of Nikita. ... The guy cringed. Ira laughed and leaned back. Then she noticed that the glove box open, scattered among the junk out there, something flashed. Digging, Ira took out a gold wedding ring. Nikita, seeing the ring, silently looked away.
"About how! Yes, we are married! Congratulations!"
She zipped the backpack and jumped into the back seat. From there she cut the tape, is contracted by Nikita hands and allowed him to put on pants. This gun-il took off guard and is located behind the driver's seat, put her trunk in the back seat.
"Well, the hero-lover, and now have gone." - He said Irina laughing
"Where?" - Grimly muttered Nikita.
"How much?!?! Home! To my wife! "

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From the bath of the day, after a bath, and the case it was not long. Lena and her family lived still, and went to the bathhouse way, just drinking tea after the bath-house, sometimes indulged with his mother than something stronger. Lena 32 it remained almost the same, stretched out his chest a little bit, but it became more Zhirkov. Antoshka went to school, learned so much myself, bonehead, Lena after work had more to do with them lessons. Mom after time not to do, and began to wash baby house itself, we just rubbed him back so much so on the little things. Although my mother sometimes closely, with interest watched the baby house in the bath when he rubbed himself pisun, I squinted at her clit began to rise, the nipples sticking out and she hand lozhila between the legs and quietly masturbate himself, looking at me and watching her grandson. Once the truth, and I wanted to do that, too, and my mother.
My mother worked on Saturday for a day, I decided that we should not postpone the bathhouse and we Antoshka went to bathe together, rubbing his son's back, turning it decided to wash thoroughly. Lather it all, I began to wash pisun, he did not react at first did not like, looked around, then pisun began to revive, and slowly get up Antoshka looked down then at me, I pretended that my and do not pay attention to him and he calmed down and it became as pokryahtyvat as then. But I think to myself, a fig yourself I like it, pisun stood up and turned into huёk, I became a soapy hand to masturbate on the sly, and then I took and gently prick, having his palm on zalupke, Antoshka, even as it sat some of my soaping. I myself have long start, nipples protruding, swollen clit, pussy in the fire. Unfolding Antoshka to him before, I spread her legs wider and pressed him to her. When he touched my huёk economy, I like an electric shock, soaping ass son, I slipped my hand between my mother took us for huёk, and looked at Antoshka, he looked to the bottom and puffed, somehow I was niposebe and I stopped. Then I became a son to wash as usual huёk weakened and opal. Returning from the bath began to drink tea, Antoshka ate and slept an hour. I washed the dishes, drank wine, took a cucumber from the refrigerator, heated in water and cucumber dryuchit themselves as either finished 3 times, went to his or slept on the couch in the kitchen. It was a week after the case with my mother.
And then as time went on I forgot and did not even think about what happened. Now Antoshka became an adult, 11 years, sleeping on a sliding seat as well in our room, in the bath to clean himself, the truth is still with us, but shy. I noticed that sometimes it starts in the bath somehow stare at me and my mother, with turns and covers himself washcloth between his legs, then growing up, everything starts to understand and be interested in the female sex, it's time to send one to the bath.
The next Saturday, after a bath in the evening, after tea, my mother and I drank their wine Saturday, it looked kind of melodrama. My mother and I were dressed symbolically, transparent nightgowns, lingerie we have put the heat in the summer and even after a bath so that all shone. So, in the telly went bed scene I noticed Antoshka, he somehow uncomfortably, he was sitting on the floor at my feet, his head whirled, looks at me, looks at his mother, then the scene was over, I stood up and said that he went to sleep , covering himself underbelly somehow sideways walked into our room. I was interested in.
Mom or ignoring drank wine and watched telly absorbed by the film. He finished his glass, I got up and slowly walked into our room with the baby house, my mother asked blankly, where are you, I said that in the cream she myknula. When he reached the door, I quietly listened outside the door heard a quiet and measured creaking chair, and still be heard faintly familiar chug. Antoshka Fingering. I stand as a spy and listen, my heart thumped, hands went to his chest and pussy, I lifted her skirt and began to rub himself. The very same bent his ear to the door trying not to miss any sound, in three minutes scratches become more rhythmic and more often, and for a place pant heard muffled postanyvaniya then a sharp, single, strong squeak fade again, and then a deep breath, finished. I stood and continued to listen to trying to catch something else, but my mother coughing brought me out of his stupor. Adjusting nightie I opened the door instantly Antoshka zadёrnul blanket, I went to the table took the cream, leaving his son said, he was asleep in a hoarse voice replied, I fall asleep, I closed the door and returned to the kitchen.
Mom still just sipping wine and watching the film, I sat down on the seat poured herself sipped wine, put glass and watched a film spreading hand cream. Half an hour later the film was over, half asleep mother trudged to bed, I removed the empty bottle 2, drank the remains of his glass brushed her teeth, cut down light, telly and went to her. Opening the door, I went quietly to the couch, turned on the bedside lamp looked at Antoshka, he slept just as if one hand is on his chest quietly rising covering one nipple, the other covers the precipitate of aberrant cowards pisun, stop now do not pisun Now pituh, legs bent at the knees and divorced apart. I watched with some sort of lust for her son and thought, and can be repeated, as it 5 years ago, he still sleeps in the same firm, and the bathhouse gives extra fatigue and masturbate before going to sleep so soundly asleep.
Carefully stepping up to his feet, I stroked gently his knee, he did not react fast asleep. Turning patted him on the head, then put his hand on the open chest, nipples changed, become bigger and darker and never fell as before, but a little stuck. Finger, I gently began to rotate around the nipple he hardened and became like a bead, I bent down and kissed his nipples twisted her tongue around this delicate beads, and then I just suck it became also gently suck, release the nipple, I stared at his son. Antoshka asleep, his mouth was half open and I thought, as if to put into his mouth his chest he would suck, because breast sucking long Antoshka barely weaned, he's still not so increased and should remain the same children's reaction. Quietly I took the strap off the shoulder shirt pulled out and freed my saggy breasts, the nipple on it for a long time stuck out, my hands were shaking, I began to knead the breast milk when there were squeezing drops of milk, I gently leaned over Antoshkin face, chest hung like a sack. With one hand holding onto the back of the chair, the other directing boob, as the baby house when I was little, I touched the nipple lower lip son, at first he did not react, I began to drive the nipple on his lips a little shoving it into his mouth. Raindrops hit in the mouth on the tongue, Antoshka began moving his lips, as if tasting the drops of milk, and sucking the nipple, I even shuddered from the movement of his lips. I leaned forward over the hand stuffing Antoshka boob in his mouth, and he was as a child was the stick, I thought, and smiled a leech, so I called him when he sucked sisyu small. Antoshka sold, sucking as much as possible tits in his mouth And he is also nibbled just like before but I was pleasantly horror as releasing the chest, I opёrlas a second chair lifting her head up while I enjoyed my Antoshka sucks.
From such a pleasure I opened my mouth, and I think only of exhaled air in short bursts, bliss. How Antoshka I sucked, I do not remember how, I jerked something and tit fell out and I knew it, because I want to pituh dignity. After checking whether the baby house sleeping and making sure that sleep deep, moved lower, softly and gently took the hand of his son lying on the groin and put bent on his stomach, looked up at him, sleeping can act briefs strayed so pituh and eggs are completely open what me and necessary. At this time, I immediately thought of the grease, but not cream, lifted up the hem of her nightgown, I squatted down, spreading his legs wider to the hole opened wider began to masturbate himself squeezing out juice of my pussy. I stirred up perfectly from me flowed quite liberally, with one hand I masturbate clit pussy under the palm held up that accumulates ... smeared on pituh son. It turned out pretty liberally think enough climbing looked at Antoshka he slept, but closed his mouth and nose as though caught scent of my selections fragrance of my love was in the room. I wanted him to me lutshe felt damp and held his hand to his nose and lips gently smeared under the nose Antoshka took a deep breath and let it out with a groan, I was frightened and drew back his hand froze. No sleep as much spirit captures. Returning to the cock I was surprised he was more the truth has not yet risen but became really bigger and thicker, further spitting into the palm pituh he took his hand and began to smear grease on a cock.
Antoshka excited, his cock rose attracted to her stomach grew by a dick, already stood out is not too noticeable wreaths, eggs and pubis were bald, and he was not as dark as that of adult men, but it was a long dick in the form of 11 cm, thickness 2.5 . I became podrachivat Antoshka, while not forgetting to look whether the child sleeps, gradually zaluplyaya dick head and baring her completely opened up to me the same kind of pale prick certainly become larger and thicker but it was the same as that covered with white bloom, and stood out a little blue. I gently masturbate playing with his index finger prick. Baby house at the beginning of the nozzles, then began to groan, from holes in his prick seemed to drop of lubricant masturbate with one hand, a finger of the other hand I smeared this drop of grease it was viscous and transparent I has covered his lips and under the nose of it excited me even more. I just accelerated the pace and squeezed dick Antoshka little stronger, dick masturbate over the entire length, I admired him. Dick was a direct dickhead slightly thicker to the touch soft and pleasantly warm, I wish I had it in her pussy.
Meanwhile Antoshka began to help me in a dream, he instinctively fed to meet my hand, I quickened the pace before reaching the base so as not to touch the bottom of the stomach and not to wake up his son. I am very tensed as the son in the anticipation of something enormous and long-awaited hand slid over dick exactly champing slime I masturbate dick greater bending back from the stomach putting him prick up. Antoshka in short bursts to help me, I am fully bent dick up dickhead suffused with blood and become red and swollen even more son became a moan I too tensed, clenched her teeth and stared at the prick. Antoshka raised his ass up stopped podmahivat and began to finish a groaning releasing the air through the nose, out of a hole in the foreskin departure jet up to a meter or more as I folded dick up and probably by inertia almost the entire semen fell on my head, the second jet on below I flew and landed on the sheets.
Move the arm just above, I became like a prick podrachivat more and twisting it to fly semen I did not give Antoshka finished abundantly whole arm full dick was in the sperm and egg elapsed Antoshka relax and let go in the chair. Releasing dick I put a hand in the semen to the face breathed, smelled oddly and pleasantly salty taste I licked and licked her finger beckoning me and began to suck the second hand masturbate my pussy I began to understand. And then I thought, why the finger has the same dick pulling your finger, standing in front of his son on his knees and face close to his son dick. Dick lay fallen but not shrunk pubic covered in semen, taking his hand held up and licked nice and took all the dick in her mouth and began to suck his cum swallowing the whole dick sucked holding his hand again and licked the eggs dick in her mouth before this dickhead. While I sucked him masturbate himself Antoshka dick started to rise again, the giant I thought. Dick nice, smooth tongue I move around, sucking prick and sucked again, he rose to his full height. Antoshka groaned again and started to push up the butt, I hastened enjoying sucking by a dick and rubbing her clit. Antoshka raised his ass up and began to finish, the first jet hit hard I began to thrust his tongue into the hole on the prick he groaned, the sperm was not much I still sucked or spilling a drop when dick began to fall released his breath.
She looked at Antoshka he slept again with his mouth open. Getting up slowly, I stepped into a puddle of pussy fucking nalilos okay then. When he reached the couch and took a tube of cream from the table, I lay on my back, bent legs and spreading them apart to the limit of a tube stuck in the pussy I began to fuck myself imagining that instead tube dick Antoshka I even moaned ending of me spilled a puddle of juices. Catching his breath, I stood up, took off his shirt and put on a clean old wiped myself went to Anton of looked at him, there did not cleaned so well sucked, wiped them with a sheet on which he was then half the sperm from my juices and went to sleep under the couch throwing his shirt.
In the morning I was awakened by the creaking of chairs, Antoshka went to the toilet otdёrnuv cowards who could not hide a morning riser, he trudged pee raising his head, I looked at the clock the seventh floor in the morning, too early with his head on the pillow, I was going to sleep again. Antoshka returning some reason did not lay down, and I felt his eyes on her, opening one eye that was covered by the edge of the pillow, and he could not see what I see, I saw only the legs and body to the navel son standing near the couch. I did not see but he obviously looked at me. At night I sleep under the covers, and the morning sun in the window and the room hot and inadvertently pulling off the blanket, and as sleep in a nightie I did not pay attention to such trifles. But now I'm lying on my stomach right leg bent and tucked up the left and pulled slightly to the side assigned ass sticking up and get all the pussy open, even as it twisted and his shirt rode up probably in the extreme. What Antoshka was seen myself I could only imagine his reaction but he liked it. I watched as the baby house reached into his pants and began to pull your dick out there.
My heart pounded as much as I thought jumped out today see it Fingering feel flowed, he must see ah damn. Antoshka went quietly to the chair, I thought really changed his mind to masturbate when he began to approach the chair has become completely visible, he looked at my charms are not taking his eyes and lay down a blanket closing. Damn that does not see, he looked at me and then rose slowly blanket that releases the movement stopped and raised his head, he glanced down at his feet probably hurt the blanket and he threw it to the side. So far lutshe him and I know better, he again turned his head glared in May back, left hand gently stroking his dick, he gets up, as it were before the action heats it zaluplyaya enjoying the view of my ass and pussy.
Antoshka brought his other hand to his face looked up and spat in her lubrication means once jerked off until calluses I thought carefully to avoid spilling of palm donёs drooling dick up and took hold of it smearing grease on the trunk. Having completed all the preparations he grabbed dick squeezing it until the redness began to prick rhythmically stroking chair was to issue the corresponding sound dickhead then vanished in a fist is a red hat. I was thrilled and flowed a stream Antoshka was still looking at me only slightly closed his eyes in pleasure apparently. The pace has accelerated somewhat, was seen as the bounce eggs slapping uttering sounds, this pant joined his son and still sucking sound apparently smeared thoroughly. Masturbate it for about five minutes, I was thrilled with such a kind and sounds. Antoshka strained groaning ceased hand began to walk quickly but not dick around and almost one prick which became swollen and burgundy. Eggs are not slapped apparently tightened to the base, the son raised his ass hand froze and there was the sound of a sharp exhalation with the departure of the first jet, no less than a meter upwards, then a brief movement fist and again exhale, the jet is true for less than the remaining four times followed by the same exhalations but sperm flew and flowed. Antoshka relaxed but his hand remained on dick rested a quarter of a minute resting, he was breathing heavily restored the breath of all and stares at me. Then, as it became to squeeze the last drop of dick from base to prick with a force compressing member ... two fingers at the same time when the fingers were on the prick he exhaled air with the force as in konchaniya, and he twitched.
Having finished their procedures Antoshka raised his head looked around, picked up the end of the blanket obtёr stomach, chest, face, the fig itself had shot, I thought, then wiped his dick prick him and began to rub prick while tugging again and looked again at me, turned away hiding and through minute snorted. I looked up to God all bare ass sticking out defiantly, pussy too clearly distinguished turning, I looked at the spot natekla from me. Correcting hair I felt a crust, but they damn night Antoshka shot sperm forgot to wipe me. Turning back the hands crept to pussy began to rub the clitoris poking fingers in the hole, I saw his eyes closed dick son as he shoots sperm, there is little fingers took cream tube with champ came when I started to masturbate sounds too reminiscent indecent squelch. Concha quickly and rapidly, falling asleep thought will have to be washed again and change the bedding, with both falling asleep with a smile.
To be continued...
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As usual Dennis went to work at the plant. The work was not easy, but the salary-stable, in general to life lacked. At work with all Dennis had normal relations, that was only one-envious drunkard Max. He did almost nothing to work with his wife divorced and constantly drank.
Once Max got from his superiors (again for no work done), so much so that the salary cut almost in half. Previously, Denis was covering it, and this time refused - tired of constantly bail out negligent Rabotnicki. Max then terribly angry, and in his head he has matured cunning plan.
During the week the work was in the second shift (finished late at night). And at the end of the day everyone went. At the factory there were only Denis (he finish the work) and Max. He waited for the right moment, to realize our plans.
Denis completed the job and went to the shower. He stood under the jets of warm water, which is nice to caress the body after an exhausting day at work. Behind the scenes he was approached by Max - "Well, we were alone. Now you'll be sorry that refused to help me! " He was drunk as usual. With these words he struck Denis kicked in the stomach, from which he fell bent on a wet floor. Max counting on that.
"Now you will be the main factory fagot! Tomorrow everyone will know that you're no longer a virgin on the point! We you the whole gang will be to fuck! " - Max said with a laugh, poured on the anus Denis liquid soap and abruptly introduced to a member of his ass. Dennis cried out in pain and surprise. He desperately struggled and resisted, but the slippery floor and weight Max did not let him do this.
Meanwhile, Max fucked it with full force, driving a deep count Denis in the ass, trying to make it as painfully as possible. He had it for a long time. Denis began to trickle out of her ass and drops of blood falling to the floor, but he felt nothing. He thought of only one thing - "Is this happening to me? For what it's me? When will this torture? " Max abundantly Denis finished in the ass, then decided that Denis has not yet been sufficiently humiliated and pushed his penis into her mouth Denis. A member was covered in semen and a little dirty from the secretions of Denis, but resistance was useless. And Denis Max began to suck dick. It was disgusting to swallow someone else's dirty dick, he did it for the first time and very clumsily. "There is nothing you can not do, slut factory! And now you have a point to be working! I personally will do you the most eggs every day planting. " - Max laughed in exasperation. He was satisfied with his revenge.
Having finished Denis's face he decided to make his farewell "gift". Max took a pre-prepared dildos planed wood and drove Denis bleeding in the ass. "With this toy now you will go every day his entire shift. " - Max said goodbye to Dennis and kicked with such force that he passed out.
When he awoke 20 minutes later Denis struggled to his feet and pulled out of suffered dildos ass. On the floor flowed sperm mixed with blood. "Is this bastard broke my ass, really is not a dream! "- Horrified Denis- " What a disgrace! As I show up at work tomorrow? It will become the property of the plant is now! But Max does not stop and continue to harass me. Finally, as now I will look into the eyes of his girlfriend, I tell her? What a freak made me God, I'm now the real fagot! " He sat on the floor and wept. His ass ached terribly.
The next day, Dennis found the strength to come to work only to write a letter of resignation. Max that day in the factory was not. He went to the next bout.
After 2 weeks, he was dismissed under Article ...

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I want to tell a story that happened about a month ago.
My wife and I were invited old friends at a birthday party. They lived in another, quite a large city. We have always been nice for them to come, for several reasons, first of all, they were very nice, good people with the same entourage of friends and relatives, and secondly, their company was pretty relaxed in behavior, they, we, and most of my wife Inna, could afford more than in his social circle, because the atmosphere in their home is allowed, and all happened in another city, where we could not find one and take all not as much as at home.
A little about us, we are at 33 years old, married for 12 years. Ina very beautiful girl. Growth 165, breast size 2, very little ass. Despite the birth of 2-children, she looked great, was very slender and well-groomed, a permanent visiting beautician, beauty salons and solariums gave positive results. Inna has always paid much attention to the man she loved to flirt, but always knew the measure of their hobbies, because He was brought up in severity. Only the last few years, it has very little emancipated, he began dressing more open and sexually. I love her very much and always wanted to make her happy and free. But in sex, it was a very notorious. When a couple of years ago, I offered her sex MZHM, wishing thereby to diversify a little bit of our lives, and to please her, she made a scandal, saying that it does not expect any of this from me, lest I forget, and no longer looked like.
Our friends called Andrei and Irina. Only they Inna could relax to the fullest.
Well, it was a preface, let's also our story.
Learning that we are invited to a birthday Andrew, Ina immediately began searching for the dress. She wanted to look sexy, a little defiantly, besides Irina warned that we will go to a nightclub, "so that the dress is not strong, you will be a surprise." A few days later she came with new clothes. Dressing up a new outfit, I was confused, the dress was at first very simple, even a little conservative, brown satin, expanding towards the bottom, below the knee, with large folds on the chest and open neck and hands in zade clear brown chiffon open back. But when she came to him in the hall, lit by bright lights - I understood why Ina chose it. The dress was made of light satin, and only in the light, I saw that it was translucent, highlighting and emphasizing the slender legs, firm buttocks of his wife, to the light was visible even elastic stockings and navel ring. Inna was gorgeous! Along with the dress she bought a black and brown linen with embroidery and body stockings with the same brown embroidery. Hmm, it does not yet expect a surprise waiting for her at a party!
Upon arrival, we were told by friends that we go to a strip club the night, but there's not a normal program, tonight called Miss Orgasm! All men's eyes lit up, and my Inna became startled to find me a look.
- Inna, what are you so scared? You look so cool! - Ira tried to calm her down.
- I tried to like you! But it is not expected. - Coquettishly he replied Ina.
I must say that all the girls were dressed very smartly, by my standards, not for night strip club. Around 19:00 we were sitting at the tables. The club was not crowded, our company - 20 people (10 couples), and about 25-40 people. The room was not large, round to the stage in the center. We took probably somewhere in a third of all tables assembled bunch.
About 2-3 hours we just ate and drank, talked to toast the birthday and danced. In the center on the dance floor when Inna danced under bright spotlights - her body was in full view, Andrey and Irina always made her compliments. Forgot to tell you about Irina, 30 years old girl, as slender and very well maintained, it forms more voluminous than that of Inna, 3-4 chest size, height 176, long legs.
Approximately 23-00 when they were all drunk, the program began. Initially, female striptease, then the girls came out guys. Around 1 am, when the hall there was not a sober visitor, and visitors of what is more important, the fun began. Strippers boys dragged the girls out of the hall in the center and in the dance trying to undress them. With someone managed to remove only a blouse, with someone else, and a skirt with a bra, someone completely stripped. The rules were simple, wins the girl who will not stop strippers anything, allowed everything, and that is all - it was known perhaps only to the organizers of the show. One of the conditions - the contestants were to remain in the form in which left the stage before the end of competition.
The first of our company dragged into the center of Lenk. She was blonde, our years, in a short skirt and a blouse with a large cut on his chest chic probably 4-5 size. She is very beautiful played up to the guys, helping them to free themselves from unnecessary things. She squirmed in their hands that caressed her body. Lenka they were able to breed to his shorts, which she never gave them relieve itself. Next on the stage was Irina, her beautiful evening dress flew down with her in the first minute presentation and saw all that Ira came today for the evening only in dress and stockings, underwear on it was not.
The guys played with it yet 10 minutes, then putting it on the floor and climbs licking her all over, then sitting down covering her face with a towel, so that all remained a mystery what she was doing! Ira stop them when they parted her legs and began to twist her body around the room showing her shaved pussy. Ira sat back down at the table completely naked. Andrew immediately became her extol what it bold and beautiful. After drinking a couple of glasses still on everyone began to wonder who the next of our table pulled onto the stage. Inna sat quietly excited and vspugannaya.
- Inca, let you! You show them that is capable of! I should not have stopped! - Exclaimed nude Irina.
- Yes Irchik! You should not have gone! Come on you to BIS, was invited to the center again! You have to win! - Said her husband Andrew.
- No guys, I'm certainly capable of much, but I did not interrupt Irku! She's beautiful and brave! - Inna suddenly said, - Yes, and Serge will not allow me.
- And I do not mind! We must all show that our table very strong and beautiful! - I replied.
Meanwhile, the scene brought a girl is not from our company. She was charming, dressed modestly, very pretty face. On stage, she always tried to resist guys, holding his clothes, but, and it was only for form's sake, and it was already pretty drunk, all her efforts were unsuccessful. The three boys quickly undressed her by shouting and slamming room. Her young man standing near the stage and shouted with joy and encouraged it. She was beautiful. Tanned body looked just amazing. Strippers began to perform with her the same trick as with Irkoy, spread her legs and began to scroll it so on stage, and then, perhaps to even more make it one of the guys began to fondle her crotch, strongly wetting it with his saliva.
She was on edge, it could be seen in her eyes, which were half open. One of the guys took a small rubber phallus, bent her knees and brought him into her pussy in one swift motion. The girl screamed and ostoronilas. It is as though awakened. She pulled herself out of the rubber member, stood up and sat back down under cover of a table. Hall gave a standing ovation! Lead has announced that there are two candidates for the prize, it is our Irina and this girl, but to end the contest remains a few minutes, and maybe someone else will be able to beat them.
How Ina did not try to hide himself, lowering his eyes, one of the strippers walking around the room in search of a new victim, saw her, it's probably Andrei showed him to the Innu, as he just craved it. Approaching her, he hugged her and kissed her on the lips. Inna, from what he saw and drunk, was already very excited. She stood up, hugged a stripper ... turned around, looked at me and Andrew said: - Well, if you want it - get !, and went. - It's a gift for you Andrei! - She cried even turning around. Her dress was barely noticeable under the spotlights on the stage. Two guys hugging her and dancing, lifted and removed the dress. Ina continued to dance in stockings and lingerie without embarrassment. Then it flew off with her bra. She continued her dance, not closing. Man's hand in the dance climbed into her panties, fumbling there, this man announced to the audience that it is time, the girl all wet and thirsty continue. Inna was frightened once a foreign hand in his shorts, began to clamp the legs and cover his hand, but our table was elated, we all shouted and shouted: "Bunny come on!".
Inna tried to hand hold panties, but the second stripper approached her with Zadi and abruptly pulled off her panties. Inna was put on the stage and began to caress her body. Nipples my wife were standing upright, which indicates a strong excitation. Her paw 3 pairs of men's hands, it looked like at least 40-50 people. I have a factory is not a joke, I was ready for everything and yelling cheering her, probably the loudest. She closed her legs and strained, not allowing access to her pussy. But under the pressure of 3 healthy, beautiful and nearly naked men (they were only tied towels), she had to give way to them. One of the men stuck his knee between her legs and threw her leg over his shoulder, the other sat down on her face, covering her crotch and her mouth with a towel, we could only guess what she was doing.
At this time, the girl in some thong approached the audience and asked who of the men wants to go on stage. I pushed Andrey his side, and he blinked. Andrew quickly looked at the smiling wife Irina and raised his hand. All this happened under the old good music Gorky Park, Ina did not hear it. Andrew brought to the stage, stripped him of all but cowards and offered to take a seat at the stripper and widely spaced legs bent at the knees of my wife. He sat down, ran his hand over the crotch of Ina and showed everyone how wet his hand. Hall again clapped and zalikoval. He was massaging the clitoris and Inna tried to enter as deeply as possible into her finger, then two, he lifted her legs high in the top of the finger and began to push through in the ass of my wife.
At that time, Ina has probably not understand what is happening. Never in her life had she felt caresses once 3-4 pairs of men's arms as she later told me she just forgot where and with whom she is in, beat her endless orgasm, which she could hardly restrain cries. One of the strippers brought Andrew a box with different sex toys. Looking at her, he immediately took the anal plug stuck in her vagina Ina and then put his ass to. Slowly but firmly he began to press upon him, thrusting slowly in the ass of my wife's favorite. Ina subsided, as the whole room, waiting. When the plug is in the ass zaskolznula Inna moaned loudly, it engulfed the strongest orgasm. Everyone applauded. The same girl has spent Andrey at our table, and lifted up his hands Innu strippers, raised high above the loud applause of the audience, carried around the stage and sat down at our table.
Inna 10-15 minutes sitting with his head down on my shoulder, saying nothing. She had not even heard that Hall continued clapping and shouting. Leading announced that the clear winner of today's show is Inna! She gave all the same box, of which Andrew took out a butt plug. It was about 2 or 3 nights. All continued to drink and have fun. Although the competition and ended, no one even thought to wear clothes removed, all felt liberated. All except Inna, after a while she went to the office, dress, after all that has happened Ina felt uncomfortable, and anal tube was still in it and interfered by irritating tortured flesh. Arriving at the table, my wife uttered the toast by saying thank you for all the pleasure, especially Andrew, who so tried.
All drank again and we started to gather. To spend the night we went to the apartment of Andrew and Ina. It is not difficult to guess that no one particularly wanted to sleep and was not going to, all wanted to continue. But that is another story.
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- Linda-chan, you have strong arms?
I looked at Yumi and could not understand why she asked me.
- I do not know. What?
- There will be competition, and we need people in the support group. You could help us, but you will keep the flags, so it is necessary that you have a strong hand.
- Nooo, I can not.
- And if I tell you that you will get a reward that's it?
With that, she pulled out a disc with the movie clip Inju Gemnu 2! Long time I could not believe it. She took out the disc for the week before the rental!
- From where did you get it?
- You see there is written the name of the company? - She asked, pointing at the logo. - My daddy works there. And he took me to this disc.
- Wow you dad ... - I'm confused.
- So this is for you. Do you need him?
- Yes ... But I do not think I can ...
- Do not worry, now we have to check this, - she said, and in a strange giggle.
I was somehow not on itself.
- Do not worry you so! - She smiled. - You do not even like it.
With that, she spun on the spot, like a joyful and very easily and quickly removed her panties. I even marveled at the ease with which she did, if she had rehearsed it for years. But why did she do it?
She put down her panties and asked:
- Can you hold me?
- I do not know ... - I said, estimating its weight.
Without waiting for the results, she came to me and unexpectedly tumbled in such a way that I have not even had time to figure out how she was suddenly in her arms.
- Grab me! - She said playfully, and at this time ran into me.
I'm a little frightened by surprise and grabbed her eyes shut. And when I opened my eyes, I realized that her pussy right before my eyes! I held it in position 69, but I am more and stood on their feet!
- I shall drop you! - I said helplessly.
- And you keep better - she giggled.
Suddenly, I realized that it is quite easy. But her pussy in front of my eyes would not let me rest. What it all up to?
- What are you doing?
- Checking you. Hold me tight.
- And why she has removed her panties?
- May you not be bored!
Suddenly she put her pen between my legs and spread them with force. Startled, I put them to stay. And she continued. First, I lifted my skirt and then pulled down her panties to her knees.
- What are you doing? - Dissatisfied and concerned I asked.
- Checking you.
I felt her hair on the inside of the thighs - her little head was now between my legs.
- Linda-chan smells so good ... - Yumi said with relish and tongue touched my lips.
She playfully began to lick my lips, not even trying to stretch them. She just licked my pussy like ice cream, his hands wrapped around my legs and ass.
- Stop it! - I demanded very unhappy I am.
However, Yumi did not stop.
- Linda-chan is so tasty here.
She licked me and I was in such a idiotic situation and did not know what to do. I wanted to somehow shut down, but was afraid to drop it. I stood there and did not know what to do, and her pussy in front of my face as if teasing me. After a few minutes, she shone on the love juice, and I felt her scent. This scent I've always liked, but Yumi smelled like something special. I tried to understand what was in her smell has this, but not as she could not. In the meantime, she licked and licked me.
- Yumi-chan, stop! - I begged weakening voice.
- Linda-chan a delicious love juice ... so I like it!
I felt that my body gives up a guileless affection Yumi. My legs began to weaken, for it ran a nice bit.
- Linda-chan so mokrenkaya here ...
- Yumi-chan ... I beg you ... - I said very weakly.
But Yumi did not stop. Her pussy loomed in front of my face, her love juice in small drops slid over the pubis and the ass, a little juice has been on my shirt. Not knowing what to do, I wanted to bite her right behind the pussy, but the strength I had left.
In the meantime, she has her fingers stretched my pussy and slid her tongue between my lips. She licked every crease in my pussy, drink my wine. At one point, she began to delay and suck my lips so that I was ready to get crazy.
And I gave up. Darkened eyes, I looked at her pussy and kissed her. I saw her the juice, sucking her lips.
- Linda-chan ... - she suddenly held out passionately. - There ... Balls. Pull them ...
Having said that, it is back to my cave. And I noticed a thread, which is lying on her crotch. As I did not notice it right away? With difficulty by reaching her, I took her teeth and tugged.
Yumi groaned, continuing to kiss me. I pulled the first ball, but he still did not want to get out. But finally her lips parted, and the ball slipped out of her. I released the thread and grabbed the ball with his lips. He was in her love juice and I was ready to swallow him. I pulled, and from it reluctantly slipped the second ball.
And she did not stop to caress me. Moving balls brought her pleasure, but it does not distract and now moved to my clit. Her nimble tongue at first, as if teasing, again touched me there, and then began to pull at the clitoris fast as a hummingbird.
From her caress my pussy start wetted with renewed vigor. I felt the love juice flowing down my legs. I moaned, trying to pull the third ball. It seems that my slowness brought her great pleasure. But finally the fourth ball slipped out of it and it's a beautiful necklace fell to the floor.
Now I could caress her freely. From below came the pleasant gurgle from fondling Yumi I was extremely good, and I clung to her pussy. Her love juice was very pleasant to the taste, and wet pussy was very tender and hot. I was pleased to caress her soft sponge. They are swollen, but there were so soft that I particularly sensitive slid his tongue over them.
Finally, I gently parted them and slid between them to her wet cave. She was so wet that every movement of my tongue was given resounding squelch. I am deeply immersed in her pussy, licking it, sucking, saw her as the love juice of exquisite cup. And she only caressed me even faster.
But at last she began to break away from my pussy to take a breath. But instead of her breasts escaped sweet moans.
- Linda-chan ... I'm so good ... - she moaned.
I tried to catch every movement of her tongue. Each movement brought her to me with what incomparable pleasure. Each movement was heard throughout the body heat. My pussy was burning and flowed with such force that I almost burned myself in this fire.
I held her struggling and now never would neither released. But my legs were weak with pleasure. But I held on. Even through the clothes, I felt it. To touch her I was so pleased that I we are almost merged.
I could no longer hold back. Giving her will, I pulled away from her and moaned the whole breast. I felt so good that I just stood there moaning, rocking on a wave of pleasure.
- Yumi-chan ... Do not stop, sweet ... I love you ...
Once again, I clung to it. It was so hot that its pleasant heat burned my face.
- Linda-chan ... - she moaned. - I'm ...
- Wait for me ... - I moaned. - I'm also ... ... Come Together ...
- Linda-chan ... I'm sorry ... I ... I'm coming ... - she reached out and gripped her orgasm.
She shivered, huddled in the waves of orgasm. She moaned and with all his soul and his body pressed against me. Not controlling herself, she grabbed my ass ... and her fingers slid into me.
Her moans and it was the last straw, and I raced away on the waves of orgasm. In the heat of passion I moaned hard, pressing her face to her pussy. I hugged her, squeezing her legs down. Concha she shook her head, and this game is it between my legs lifted me on the top of a new orgasm.
I was so good that when the wave of orgasm passed, on my lips was a happy smile. But I have almost no strength left, my legs barely held, and Yumi also deftly landed on the floor and sat on it. I took an awkward step and, entangled in shorts, it fell right into his arms.
- That's such a fun, Linda-chan ... - Yumi whispered and kissed me.
So we sat. She hugged me, adhere to, and our lips have merged in a gentle kiss.
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